Yin-Yang Magical Skills [Qing Nang Corpse Clothes Part 3: The Broken Eye]

Youliang was startled when he heard this. This beautiful prison warden Nangong called herself "old man". Could it be that she was the old eunuch Gangtie from the Ming Dynasty?

At this time, Nangong spoke again: "Old woman, do you know what is on the top of your head?"

The Hakka nanny's messy long gray hair floated on the fishy water. She stared at Nangong with resentful eyes without saying a word.

"It's called 'Living Master'. It is the only remaining drop of Yuan Yang that I had retrograded into my Dantian before I entered the palace. It took six hundred years of gestation and incubation before it broke out of the cocoon. Now it has seized your Baihui point. With just one order, it will devour your brain and marrow. By then, you will become a walking corpse." Nangong said coldly.

The old woman simply closed her eyes and ignored it.

"Alas, you old woman are about to be buried, but you are still so stubborn. If I inherit the 'Zhu You Sheng Gong', I will definitely carry it forward. If Guo Pu knew about it, he would be so happy." Nangong saw that the Hakka nanny seemed to ignore him, so he changed the subject and sneered twice, "Old woman, don't think that I can't do anything to you. Now your apprentice has been imprisoned in Qincheng Prison. It will be much easier to get the 'Zhu You Sheng Gong' from this little kid named Shen Caihua."

The old woman who was soaking in the water looked up in surprise when she heard this, and her stunned expression was clearly seen by Nangong.

"Shen Caihua? This is impossible," the old woman murmured.

"I never lie. Zhu Hansheng, Shen Caihua and a little girl named Momo broke into Qincheng Prison at night. Now they have been captured and are being held in the cell in Building A." Nangong looked at the old woman and said proudly.

The old woman's eyes were confused, and she muttered nervously: "What are they doing in the capital?"

"Of course I came to look for you, but all I saw was a walking corpse. It's really a pity."

The old woman's eyes suddenly became sharp, and she said word by word: "Little Talent will avenge me, old eunuch, just wait."

Nangong chuckled when he heard this: "Old woman, the 'Living Master' has been starving for a long time, let him taste some of your brain first."

The big maggot seemed to have sensed its master's intention, and a look of delight and greed appeared in its blood-red eye.

At this moment, the sound of alarm bells could be heard intermittently coming into the water dungeon. Nangong's face tightened, thinking that something big must have happened on the ground.

"Old woman, I'm going to leave for a while. If you don't tell me when I come back, you'll have to endure a life worse than death." Nangong snorted and hurried up the stone steps. With a bang, he locked the iron door again, and the dungeon fell into darkness.

Youliang leaned sideways and struggled to squeeze into the crack in the collapsed wall.

"Who?" The old woman's surprised voice came from the darkness.

"Are you a Hakka nanny?" Youliang asked quietly.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Youliang. I came from Blue Moon Valley with Doctor Zhu, Shen Caihua and Nizi." Youliang replied. Although it was pitch black in the dungeon, he could still see the surrounding scenery clearly with his Yin Eyes.

The Hakka nanny was silent for a while, then asked half-doubtfully, "So where are Zhu Hansheng and Shen Caihua now?"

"We went to Qincheng Prison last night but were discovered and arrested and locked up. But it doesn't matter. They dug a hole in the ground and escaped into the heating trench," Youliang told her.

"Then how did you find this place? Why didn't they come?" asked the Hakka nanny vigilantly.

"It's a long story, let me rescue you first." Youliang reached out to pull her.

"Wait a minute, tell me why Hansheng came to the capital?" The Hakka nanny obviously did not completely trust him.

Youliang heard her doubts, so he told her the truth: "Hansheng came to the capital to find the senior because he needed 'Hanqing' to treat a patient. He gave the last Hanqing pill he had to Master Jia."

"Master Jia? What happened to him?"

"Perforated intestine, at Tabarin Temple."

The Hakka nanny said "hmm", and her tone had obviously softened.

"Forget it, you can't save the old woman. This old eunuch used the 'living master' to control the old woman's meridians. Now her body and limbs can't move, not to mention she is in the water." The Hakka nanny's voice sounded extremely sad and helpless.

Youliang had already put down the Yin-Yang Magic Kung Fu in his backpack, then he gritted his teeth and jumped into the water.

"No!" the Hakka nanny cried out urgently.

It was too late. With a "splash" sound, Youliang jumped into the black and smelly sewage in an instant and reached out to support the Hakka nanny.

"Alas, child, the water is full of 'living masters' larvae. They will immediately drill into any hole in the body," the Hakka nanny sighed sadly.

Youliang was horrified when he heard this, and then he felt an itch all over his body. It seemed that something was wriggling in his belly button, anus and urethra, trying to drill in.

However, at this moment, the old Yin energy hidden in his eight extraordinary meridians reacted instinctively, and extremely cold air escaped from the pores of his whole body. Those 'living master' larvae that were desperately trying to drill into his body were instantly frozen, and the itching sensation was greatly reduced.

The gas in the water formed bubbles around Youliang, and his body floated up. Without further ado, Youliang put his arm around the nanny's waist and used the other hand to perform the "Dream Palm". With a "splash", he jumped out of the water and landed on the bluestone steps.

"Child, the old woman has been subdued and all her martial arts skills have been lost. The 'living master' above your head may gnaw at your bones and marrow at any time. You'd better run for your life. If that old eunuch comes back, it will be too late." The Hakka nanny said, panting while dripping wet.

Youliang knew very well that the situation was urgent. Looking at this lonely, helpless and tortured old woman, a sense of chivalrous spirit to help the needy arose spontaneously.

"Senior, there is a place where we can hide from the old eunuch, and it can also make the living master lose his function." Youliang said, without caring whether the Hakka nanny was willing or not, and reached out to untie the backpack and took out the scroll of "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture".

Last time, he easily got out of the painting with the "Eating Needle" Qi, so he should be able to get in as well. If he hides the Hakka nanny in the scroll and takes her away, not only can the "living master" maggot lose its ability in the void, but he can also avoid the old eunuch. Thinking of this, he quickly untied the laces, spread out the "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture" on the steps, and then without saying a word, grabbed the Hakka nanny and took her to the painting.

A bright moon is still hanging in the same place in the night sky. The ancient city of Dunhuang is hidden in the faint moonlight, quiet and lonely.

With a "thump", the two fell onto the soft yellow sand of the Gobi Desert.

The Hakka nanny looked around in astonishment, shook her head, and was so surprised that she couldn't speak.

Youliang was secretly surprised. Last time he went out from the ancient well in the ruins, but now he came in from the air over the Gobi Desert. Recalling how embarrassed Huang Laoyan was when he drilled into the sand, he thought that it was because the "Shi Ke Needle" in his body had greatly increased its power after the fusion of yin and yang, and it had even surpassed that thousand-year-old nightmare.

"Huh?" the Hakka nanny exclaimed in surprise.

Youliang looked carefully upon hearing this. The "living master" perched on the Hakka nanny's head stared with a terrified eye, and his eyes were full of anxiety and confusion. The originally blood-red pupil gradually faded and became turbid, just like cataracts. The two long tentacles embedded in the Baihui acupoint also curled up little by little and finally detached from the scalp.

Youliang reached out and grabbed the fleshy and disgusting big white maggot, threw it to the ground, then stepped forward and kicked it a few times, stomping it into the dry yellow sand.

Countless white maggots slowly emerged from the wet long-sleeved front-opening jacket, red twill waistcoat, and black shading cloth skirt of the Hakka nanny. They had a single eye on their round heads and a long tail behind their slimy bodies. They fell to the ground with a "crackling" sound like tadpoles, and then swam vigorously in the yellow sand, moving closer to the "live master".

A few maggots were also found on Youliang's body, but they had already frozen solid and looked dead.

"Where is this? What's going on?" The Hakka nanny was dumbfounded, looking confused.

"We are in the "Dunhuang Nightmare Map", a void set up by Zhang Daoling. All worldly skills and supernatural powers will be lost here. Senior, there is no need to worry about this disgusting big bug anymore. Even the old eunuch will not be able to find this place." Youliang explained.

"Master Zhang from Mount Longhu?" the Hakka nanny asked in surprise.

Youliang nodded.

The Hakka nanny stretched her muscles for a while, but then she became worried again: "How are we going to get out?"

"Don't worry, senior. Now that we've come in, we can get out. But I have to go back to the dungeon to put away the scroll first, otherwise the old eunuch will find out." Youliang said.

The Hakka nanny looked at the one-eyed young man and nodded in trust.

"Please rest here, senior. I'll be back soon." After saying this, Youliang took a deep breath, condensed the Shi Ke needle energy in his body into his arms, jumped up like diving, and then dived into the yellow sand of the Gobi Desert under his feet.

In an instant, his vision went dark and Youliang bumped his head on the bluestone steps in the dungeon. He gasped in pain and felt dizzy, almost falling into the water.

He stood up while rubbing his forehead. At this moment, the sound of an iron door opening came from the corridor. Oh no, the old eunuch is back.

Youliang hurriedly rolled up the scroll and stuffed it into his backpack and put it on his back. Then he climbed inside by grabbing the collapsed crack with both hands.

"Stop! Want to run?" The cold voice of Warden Nangong came from behind.

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