Yin-Yang Magical Skills [Qing Nang Corpse Clothes Part 2: Ghost Pot]

In front of the stone platform on the island in the middle of the lake, Taoist Master Xufeng determined that the door to the underground palace could not be opened. He explained, "We can only open this secret door after returning to the surface and purchasing a batch of tools."

"What tools do you need?" asked the Hakka nanny.

"Well, we need explosives, pneumatic drills and diesel air compressors." Taoist Master Xufeng replied.

"Mo Mo has already gone in, and his life or death is currently unknown. I'm afraid we don't have time to prepare these things." said the Hakka nanny, frowning.

"Nizi…" Youliang lay on the stone platform, pounding the bluestone slab with his hands, screaming in pain, tears dripping down his face.

Shen Caihua also climbed up the stone platform. Seeing Youliang's grief-stricken look, he comforted him and said, " Youliang , don't worry, let me try." After that, he raised his left index finger to the sky and chanted, "Om Om Ho, Nang Jie Shana Da Jia He Luo…" He used the ninth move of the "Lard Oil Magic Skill" "Heavenly Gate Opening". In a moment, his finger suddenly turned and pressed on the bluestone slab. The Shangyang acupoint at the tip of his index finger shot out a stream of Zhuyou Qi. The bluestone slab made a "chi chi" sound of tearing silk, and it actually "popped" and broke into small pieces.

Youliang cried with joy, and quickly cleaned up the broken stone slabs and threw down the stone platform.

Under the stone platform, Hakka nanny, Taoist Master Xufeng, Xiong Dahai, Guo Ruchang and others were shocked. They looked over and saw Shen Caihua cutting the bluestone slab with his fingers. They were stunned…

Two dark brown iron doors were exposed under the bluestone slabs, one of which had a circular groove, which was the keyhole for absorbing the copper thimble.

"Yes, this is the 'Double Yin-Yang Door', forged from fine steel with an exquisite structure. Even after more than 1,700 years, there is not a single rust at all." Taoist Xufeng exclaimed in amazement.

The Hakka nanny glanced at Shen Caihua and said nothing else. This child was simply a genius. Compared with him, the nanny felt a little inferior.

At this moment, Shen Caihua's index finger continued to press on the iron door forged from fine steel. No matter how he activated his Zhuyou Qi, the door remained motionless.

"No, the iron gate can't be opened." Shen Caihua said breathlessly with beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Cai Cai, there are a total of eighteen moves in Zhu You magic, which have the ability to reach heaven and earth. Do you know the others? You can try all of them." The Hakka nanny stretched out her hand to wipe the sweat from Shen Cai Cai's forehead and reminded him.

Shen Caihua looked at the nanny in confusion. His "lard magic" was used subconsciously and there was no logic. If he tried to think carefully, his mind would go blank.

"Is there any move that targets strange and lewd techniques or the nine kinds of skills?" the Hakka nanny asked enlighteningly.

"What are 'strange and lewd techniques and nine kinds of skills'?" Shen Caihua asked puzzledly.

Taoist Master Xufeng continued to explain, "The 'Nine Classes of Skills' are divided into upper, middle and lower classes. The upper nine classes are emperors, saints, hermits, officials, officials, child immortals, literati, warriors and merchants; the middle nine classes are candidates for the imperial examination, doctors, fortune tellers, painters, scholars, chess players, monks, Taoists and nuns; the lower nine classes are legal advisors, yamen runners, scale players, matchmakers, errand boys, witches, thieves, thieves and prostitutes. As for the 'strange and lewd skills', they refer to the craftsmen in ancient times in the carpentry, blacksmith and tailoring industries."

Shen Caihua still didn't understand what he heard.

"Oh, Cai, Cai, is there any unlocking skill in the Zhuyou Divine Art?" Dudu said anxiously. Shen Cai looked at the round keyhole on the iron door and pondered. A strange body dance slowly emerged in his mind… So he began to rub his stomach with one hand, as if to push the air in his stomach upwards. Finally, the air surged up and tangled in his throat, while he silently chanted: "Diao弖弙弚弜弝…弞弡弢彍折彏…"

While he kept mumbling, he put his other hand into his armpit and rubbed it back and forth. As he hadn't showered for a long time, a layer of dirt had accumulated on his body. He easily rubbed out a small ball of dirt and smeared it into the keyhole. Then he put his mouth close to it and burped, spraying it on it…

Shen Caihua himself didn't know that this was the eleventh move of Zhuyou Magical Art, "Stealing Beams and Substituting Pillars". It was truly unpredictable and unimaginable. It could be used to target different targets and exchange objects for "small transport" illusions at will, but it couldn't last long. When Guo Pu created this move, he was traveling on the post road. He was sweating profusely in the dog days of summer, and his body was itchy and dirty. So he rolled a ball of dirt and secretly exchanged a copper coin with a roadside vendor to buy a glass of water and wine.

With a "click" sound, the lock of the iron door opened instantly, and the two Yin-Yang doors flipped downwards. Shen Caihua and You Liang were lying on the iron door. No one was on guard, and they both fell into the dark stone cave. Then a cool white mist gushed out…

The Hakka nanny was startled and reached out to grab it, but still came up empty-handed.

"Little master…" Xiong Dahai grabbed the edge of the cave and called out anxiously.

Taoist Master Xufeng quickly took the flashlight and shone it downwards, but due to the fog, he could not see clearly what was going on inside the cave.

"Little…little talent…" Dudu shouted and flew into the cave.

Just as everyone was panicking, the iron door bounced back with a "bang" and was locked tightly again.

The Hakka nanny was so anxious that she gathered all her strength and slapped the iron door down. There was a dull thud, but the iron door remained motionless.

"Perhaps this is God's will…" The Hakka nanny sighed, turned around slowly, stared at Guo Ruchang and said, "Mr. Guo, I heard you say that anyone who inherits the 'Zhuyou Divine Art' can enter the underground palace without any danger, right?"

Guo Ruchang nodded and replied, "The teachings of our ancestors cannot be wrong."

"But this cave is bottomless. Even if you don't die from the fall, you can't get out…" Taoist Master Xufeng said in surprise.

Guo Ruchang smiled and said, "The successor of Zhu You does not need to come up."

"What do you mean?" the Hakka nanny asked in surprise.

"According to our ancestors' teachings, there is a secret passage inside the underground palace that leads back to the surface. Our ancestor Guo Pu set up the mechanism and left from there," Guo Ruchang explained.

"Alas, the great master has planned everything, and he really deserves to be the number one master of Yixue throughout the ages… Xiao Caihua is born with extraordinary talent, and is the true successor of Zhuyou. There must be God's will in the dark. After 1,700 years, the great master's wish has finally been fulfilled. Forget it, let's go back." The Hakka nanny sighed sadly.

"My benefactor, Dahai is willing to stay here for the rest of his life, until the young master comes back." Xiong Dahai said to the nanny with a firm gaze.

"No need. The Grandmaster had already arranged it. How could we have expected it?" The Hakka nanny shook her head and said, "Mr. Guo, where is the exit from the underground palace leading to the ground?"

"It is said to be in Xiyongqingyuan, Puzhou, Yongji." Guo Ruchang replied.

"Are you talking about Puzhou West Yongqingyuan? It was renamed Puji Temple during the Tang Dynasty when Wu Zetian was in power. It is also the place where Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying met in The West Chamber." Taoist Xufeng said in surprise.

"That's right." Guo Ruchang nodded.

"Okay, then we'll go to Puji Temple and wait for them," said the Hakka nanny.

"Mr. Guo, don't you want to go back to the ground?" Taoist Xufeng asked Guo Ruchang.

"You guys go now. My life is almost over and I'm used to the company of giant civet cats, ghost bats and bald-headed turtles. Besides, I haven't seen the sunlight for more than 200 years. I'll be blind if I go out." Guo Ruchang said dimly.

The Hakka nanny then said goodbye, took Xiong Dahai and Taoist Xufeng back to Fengling Temple along the same route, and headed straight for Yongji Puji Temple. Shen Caihua and Youliang fell like a free fall, and the suction tube also fell on a strong spider web. After bouncing a few times, they stabilized. The two people in the dark gradually came to their senses.

"What is this?" Youliang said as he touched the net-like object as thick as a matchstick under him.

"It's a spider web. Be careful, a big spider will attack us." Shen Caihua warned quietly.

"Little…little talent…" At this time, a beeping sound came from above, and then with a "click", the big parrot also hit the spider web.

"Dudu?" Shen Caihua asked in surprise.

"It's over, it's over, it's the spider…the spider web!" Dudu screamed in horror, remembering the time when he was almost eaten by the giant wolf spider.

"Don't be afraid, Dudu." Shen Caihua comforted it while raising his hands, ready to use the "Ghost Wall" to deal with the big spider in the dark at any time.

After observing for a while, no big spider was found, so everyone felt relieved.

"There is green fluorescence over there." Shen Caihua said.

"I, I'll go take a look…" Dudu flapped his wings and flew down the spider web. He flew back in a moment and said hurriedly, "There…there is a door over there."

"Youliang, can you jump down?" Shen Caihua asked.

Youliang lowered his head and saw the dark green pool of water below through the fluorescent light and shook his head.

Shen Caihua had an idea, and he farted in his crotch. He used his "lard light skill" and grabbed Youliang by the collar with one hand. He jumped off the spider web with a "whoosh" and landed diagonally on the stone bank beside the pool.

A fluorite door emitting a faint green light. Inside the door is a stone corridor. The stone walls on both sides are inlaid with uneven pieces of fluorite, like wall lamps, and the faint green light shines on the corridor.

"This is the underground palace!" Youliang ran towards the depths of the corridor, shouting, "Nizi… Nizi, where are you?"

Shen Caihua and Dudu hurriedly followed, and when they turned the side of the stone wall, a spacious stone hall appeared in front of them. A water surface of more than ten feet wide appeared before their eyes. Hot steam was bubbling in the dark water. It was an underground hot spring.

"Splash, splash…" With a series of splashes of water, eight monkey-like monsters jumped out of the hot spring. They were less than three feet tall, with disheveled hair, naked bodies, yellow-brown hair all over, round eyes, and dog-like protrusions on their noses, which were densely covered with small flesh-colored bumps. The top of their huge heads were sunken and filled with water.

"Ghost…" Youliang screamed.

"No, it's not a ghost, it's… a primate…animal." Dudu blinked and said affirmatively.

"Who are you?" the old kappa thought vigilantly.

"Who is talking?" Shen Caihua turned his head and glanced around, but didn't see anyone.

"I'm right in front of you." said the old kappa.

Shen Caihua looked at these "monkeys" in amazement, pointed at the old Kappa, and said, "Is that you? Can you talk in my head?"

The old Kappa nodded: "We are Kappas, and we can communicate with our minds."

"How old are they?" Kappa Laoliu asked his brothers.

"He's probably in his several dozen years old." The second Kappa replied.

"Look, that's a big rooster?" Lao Liu was quite surprised when he saw Dudu.

"No, that's a colorful magpie." The Kappa boss corrected.

"Nonsense! I… I am a big… big parrot from Brazil, South America." Dudu said angrily.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" the old kappa asked sternly with his mind.

"Have you ever seen a beautiful girl?" Youliang asked first.

The eldest and second oldest Kappa looked at each other and winked at each other.

"What do you want from her?" the boss asked warily.

"She is my daughter…" Youliang blurted out.

"Woman! She is your woman?" The second brother stared at Youliang in surprise, then glanced at the Kappa boss, and the two brothers understood each other.

With a "whoosh", the two Kappa brothers attacked at the same time, each grabbing one of Youliang's arms, and with a "swish" sound, they lifted him up and threw him into the spring…

Shen Caihua was greatly surprised. He raised his hand and threw the suction tube into the black spring water. Then he quickly stuffed two little fingers into his nostrils and chanted in his mouth: "Beasts, otters, macaques, badgers, oxen …

The kappas' bodies trembled and the hair on their necks stood up.

Especially the old Kappa couple. After more than 1,700 years, they once again heard the witchcraft incantation that once restrained them. For a moment, tears streamed down their cheeks.

"Master, please give me your orders…" The old kappa cried with joy and sobbed.

The suction tube stretched out its belly in the water and lifted Youliang up from below. At this moment, Youliang had already drunk a few mouthfuls of water and was lying on the suction tube, vomiting repeatedly.

"Has a girl ever been here?" Shen Caihua thought.

"Yes, master, she has entered the secret room in the underground palace and is looking for a secret passage to return to the ground." The old kappa answered respectfully.

"Where is the secret room? Take me there quickly." Shen Caihua suddenly became excited.

"It's right over there." said the old kappa, pointing to the other side.

Shen Caihua jumped onto the sucker and carried it to the other side. The kappas also swam over.

The stone door of the underground palace was tightly closed, with four verses engraved on it: That corpse, that corpse, has no body and no breath, what else can I ask for from the corpse? The ghost pot is praying.

Shen Caihua didn't recognize all of these words, so he sent out a thought and asked, "What do these words mean?"

The old kappa read it to him. Little Caihua shook his head, not understanding the meaning of the verse. But at this moment he could smell Mo Mo's scent and knew that she was inside the underground palace. His heart was pounding and he was extremely excited.

"Open the door." He said to the old kappa in a trembling voice.

The old kappa obeyed the order and stomped on the stone in front of the door. "Kalahala…" the door of the underground palace opened.

"Master, after one thousand seven hundred years, you are finally here. Our mission is accomplished. Can you lift the ban for us?" The old Kappa asked in a low voice in fear and panic.

"Restriction? How can I remove it?" Shen Caihua asked puzzledly.

"All the master needs to do is recite the forbidden spell backwards." The old kappa said to Shen Caihua with tears in his eyes.

Oh, it turns out that removing the ban of the spell is so simple… Shen Caihua didn't think much about the Yin-Yang magic , so he recited the "Beast Heart" witch spell upside down.

After the recitation, the Kappas burst into cheers. They were finally freed from the long-standing restraints and regained their freedom.

"Master, please go into the underground palace. There is a secret passage inside that can lead you back to the ground. We are leaving too." said the old Kappa.

"Where are you going?" Shen Caihua asked in surprise.

"We haven't seen mountains, forests, rivers, sun and moon for a long, long time. Children should go back to where our ancestors lived." The old kappa murmured with tears in his eyes.

Shen Caihua smiled indifferently, holding the suction cup in his hand, with a big parrot squatting on his shoulder, he stepped resolutely into the underground palace. Youliang followed closely behind him, and "Kala La…" the stone door of the underground palace closed.

Shen Caihua walked into the underground palace and found it empty. Looking carefully, he saw faint red bloodstains on the ground and was surprised.

"Something must have happened here." Shen Caihua said to himself.

"Nizi…Nizi…" Youliang was spinning in place as if he was possessed.

"Kala La…" The door of the underground palace opened again, and the old Kappa couple and their six brothers walked in quietly with their heads lowered.

"We also want to follow our master through the secret passage back to our hometown…" the old kappa stammered as he thought.

Shen Caihua said calmly: "Okay, where is the secret passage?"

The old Kappa looked around and said, "The old master left through this underground palace. We are forbidden from entering the underground palace. This secret passage…"

The Kappa brothers immediately started knocking and banging around searching, and the eldest stepped on a mechanism. With a "click…" sound, the stone wall suddenly opened, revealing the secret room.

"Yes… there is a secret, a secret room!" Dudu said excitedly.

There was nothing in the secret room except an old-fashioned wooden cart parked there. But everyone could immediately see the round hole in the stone dome, which was pitch black inside.

"Master, this must be the secret passage." The old kappa said affirmatively.

Shen Caihua glanced around. Where were the remains of Feng Hou and the ghost pot? There was only a broken wooden cart… However, his nose still smelled the fresh scent left by Mo Mo, which continued into the dark cave entrance.

"The girl must have come from this secret passage." said the old kappa.

"Nizi…I want to go up." Youliang jumped onto the compass car first and stretched out his hand to climb up, but he just couldn't reach it.

"Master, let's explore the way ahead." The old kappa led the kappa brothers into the secret passage one by one, and reached out to pull the anxious Youliang in.

Shen Caihua leaned on the compass car, thinking hard, this old man Guo and the big civet cat stayed in the navel for so many years to guard the "ghost pot", could it be that this secret room is empty? If not, there is only one possibility, that Mo Mo took away the so-called "ghost pot"…

Dudu spread its wings and flew into the cave, "Cai, Cai, come on…" it kept calling out.

Shen Caihua is still immersed in meditation…

At this moment, his pocket suddenly moved slightly, and a small head quietly poked out from the opening of the pocket. The spirit fetus took advantage of Caihua's inattention and quietly crawled out, jumped onto the compass car, and quickly picked up a handful of the remains of "Feng Hou" that had turned to dust, and then returned to the pocket without anyone noticing. Shen Caihua, who was already lost in thought, did not notice all this.

"Here we go." Shen Caihua sighed, and with the suction tube he jumped into the secret passage, following the kappas into the depths of the secret passage…

(End of Part 2)

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