Yin-Yang Ghost Art [Wrath Of The West Hunan]

The group of thieves led a large number of roosters into the mountains to rob tombs. Roosters and centipedes are natural enemies. The centipedes of all sizes in the ancient tomb tried to hide desperately at first, but later they couldn't stand the noise of the roosters crowing, so they went out to fight for their lives and die together. However, they fell into the trap of the mountain movers' restraint. The only ones who survived were the six-winged centipede and some frightened centipede cubs.

Most of the centipedes in Pingshan have died. The three-inch centipede hiding in the pile of corpses in Danjing was frightened by the crowing of chickens in the mountains. It was jumping around aimlessly in and out of the eyes, noses, ears and mouths of the dried corpses, refusing to have a moment of peace. It happened to drill into the mouth of the partridge whistle who was faking his death.

Although Partridge Whistle was extremely brave and intelligent, he would surely die in the Dan Well if he disturbed the six-winged centipede that could not be killed or smashed. But if he let the little centipede swim into his mouth, he would just wait for death. He had no choice but to steel himself and wait for the centipede to crawl to the edge of his mouth. As soon as its two tentacles touched his tongue, he raised his head slightly, opened his teeth and bit it, and actually bit the more than three-inch long centipede in half.

The strength of the partridge whistle was just right, and the bite was silent, with only a light "click" sound. However, the centipede head that was bitten off, although separated from the body, did not die immediately. It struggled twice in his mouth, and its palate, teeth and tentacles were all opened, and then it stopped moving.

Partridge Whistle felt the tip of his tongue and gums go numb, and knew that the centipede had spewed out poison before dying. Although the centipede had not bitten through his mouth, the poison was not enough to melt his flesh and blood, but it was not a good idea to hold the poison in his mouth. He quickly turned his head and spat out the centipede's head and a mouthful of thick blood into the pile of bones. However, the numbness between his tongue and mouth had not disappeared, and he was secretly frightened. He must have been poisoned.

The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Art_Introduction to the characters of Yin Yang Ghost Art_Yin Yang Ghost Art

Unexpectedly, the slight noise made by the partridge whistle startled the six-winged centipede. It was rubbing the wounds on its body in the pile of medicinal gypsum. Who knows what kind of rare ingredients those medicinal powders are, which have the miraculous effect of stopping bleeding and promoting tissue growth. The centipede was seen shaking its claws and wings and flipping its body, rubbing the medicinal powder all over its body, and the sieve-like wounds on its body healed and solidified immediately. It seemed to have noticed the movement in the Danjing, and suddenly twisted its body, and its palate tentacles shook wildly, and then it moved its claws and crawled over the pile of dead bodies.

Partridge Whistle was worrying about being poisoned by a centipede when he suddenly heard a six-winged centipede crawling towards him from the corner. He thought to himself that this was really the case of "thick frost hits the rootless grass, and disaster only hits the blessed young people". Hua Ling and the old foreigner had both died in Pingshan, and he didn't expect that he would be doomed now. It turned out that the Taoist monk who moved mountains was dead here!

But Partridge Whistle soon calmed down. He held his breath and practiced Yin-Yang Ghost Magic . In his hand, he gently touched a dead person's arm bone. One end of the arm bone was broken and it was quite sharp, just enough to be used as a thorny bone spike. He made up his mind that since he was faking his death, he would fake it to the end. If the six-winged centipede really turned it out from the pile of dead bodies, he would stab this arm bone into its forehead even if he had to die.

Partridge Whistle was determined to die, lying motionless in the pile of corpses. He took a peek and saw the big centipede moving on the heaving pile of coffins, and actually running to the other side of the well. He was moved and thought to himself, "What weird thing is it doing? Now I have to stay the same in the face of all changes, and watch it coldly to see what it wants to do, and then do something about it."

But the centipede crawled to a painted and gold-inlaid lacquer coffin, and suddenly stopped, curled up, opened its mouth, and moved towards the lacquer coffin like a savage. The more he looked, the more he was amazed. With the help of the star-like light on the wall of the well, he could see that the large lacquer coffin was still painted with several graceful women in ancient costumes, who were playing the pipa, qin and flute in the palace with auspicious clouds. They seemed to be fairies from heaven, not from the human world.

Introduction to the characters of Yin Yang Ghost Art_The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Art_Yin Yang Ghost Art

In ancient times, coffins were often painted with pictures of fairies inlaid with gold and colorful patterns, which were used to express the final destination of the deceased in the coffin. It is unknown which dynasty or generation this lacquer coffin was made by. The fairies' expressions are lifelike, and the artistic conception of the painting is particularly vivid. When you see it, you can't help but feel like you are listening to the heavenly music in the fairy palace.

The six-winged centipede circled and swam in front of the lacquer coffin for several times, refusing to leave for a long time, as if worshiping the fairy in the painting. Suddenly, a red pill the size of a longan came out of the centipede's mouth. It was bright red like blood and was faintly surrounded by a halo. The centipede spat it out and sucked it in again, repeating the same motion over and over again.

When Queqiao Shao suddenly saw the centipede exhaling red pills, he was also very surprised. He also smelled a strange fragrance from the Danjing, which made him feel a little scared. It turned out that the six-winged centipede had indeed healed its external injuries, so it exhaled the inner pill to heal its internal injuries. No matter what kind of creature it is, when the inner pill is formed in the body and exhaled in the mountains, it will only be at the time when the midnight and noon intersect and the yin and yang are clear.

Partridge Whistle knew in his heart that everything in this world is a destiny of the Tao, with the two poles of yin and yang. It is the so-called creation. Yin and yang are the same principle. No matter what living thing it is, if it is born, it must die. Only the gods that exist in the illusory legends can realize the Tao and completely transcend the cycle of life and death.

No matter human or other creatures, once born into this world, they are bound to suffer from the pains of birth, aging, sickness and death. Therefore, since ancient times, there have been many people who have abandoned their families and relatives and spent their entire lives seeking immortality and refining elixirs, just to ascend to heaven, become immortals, live forever, and coexist with the heaven, earth, sun and moon. This idea may be out of fear of the cruel laws of nature.

The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Art_Yin Yang Ghost Art_Introduction to the characters of Yin Yang Ghost Art

In fact, it is not only humans who have this fear. The rest of the creatures in the world are also greedy for life and afraid of death. They try to see through the secrets of heaven and achieve the great way. Over the past thousands of years, the methods that these creatures have sought for longevity are nothing more than the inner and outer elixirs. The outer elixir is made by smelting medicine, mercury, gold and stone, while the inner elixir is more mysterious. There are yin and yang collection and replenishment, as well as refining qi and breathing.

Just talking about the path of Qi refining, it is actually to cultivate the inner elixir in the body by absorbing and exhaling the essence of the sun and the moon. There are so many methods, too numerous to count, and too complicated and mysterious to describe in detail. However, most of them are just bluffs. No matter what kind of creature in the world, it is impossible to achieve anything without encountering extremely special opportunities.

On the contrary, stupid animals such as cattle, horses, pigs and sheep often produce stones such as bezoar and dog treasure that are close to the inner elixir without knowing it, just because they are far less distracting than other creatures. However, it is precisely because they are stupid that they are not aware of the elixir in their bodies, and they are not good at breathing and practicing, so in the end, all of them are taken advantage of by the butchers who slaughter pigs and sheep. When butchering a donkey, if the butcher picks up bezoar and donkey treasure from the internal organs of the animal and sells them to those who buy medicinal materials, he can make a fortune from it.

Since the Qin and Han Dynasties, there has been a school of inner alchemy that builds the Kanli. Both men and women practice it. In fact, it is based on the principle of "cows produce yellow, dogs produce treasure". This set of alchemy believes that the reason why all living things in the world cannot escape birth, aging, illness and death is because there is a tendon knot in the body that controls the life span. By swallowing and exhaling the essence of the sun and the moon, this tendon can be transformed into a true gallbladder. When the form is perfected, it can escape the cycle of life and death and become a Daluo Jinxian. This breathing qigong has been passed down for thousands of years, and there are indeed very few people who have practiced it. In the end, they can form a blood pill in their dantian, but they still die when they are supposed to die, and it seems that no one has lived for a hundred years. It is hard to say whether they become immortals after death.

Who would have thought that the six-winged centipede had been hiding in the Dan Palace's medicine well for many years, and after swallowing the remaining elixir heads in the underground palace, it had actually refined an inner elixir that looked like a red pill. Judging from its movements and Yin-Yang ghost techniques , it seemed that it wanted to breathe in and out in the Dan Palace several times, gathering enough energy before going out to fight the Angry Chicken.

Yin Yang Ghost Art_Introduction to the characters of Yin Yang Ghost Art_The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Art

Partridge Whistle's mind suddenly moved, and he thought: "This red pill is the life of the six-winged centipede. All its energy is concentrated in it. Now is the time to seize it. Why not risk my life to take the pill? Otherwise, it will swallow the red pill back and there is no telling when it will spit it out. If I don't smash it to pieces by then, it will definitely be killed."

Partridge Whistle felt the tip of his tongue gradually losing its feeling, and knew that if he hesitated for a moment, the poison would surely attack his heart, and then he would have to watch the six-winged centipede fly up to the Danjing. So without thinking any more, he saw the right moment, and when the centipede turned its back and spit out the red pill, he quickly pushed away the mummy covering him, jumped out of the pile of dead bodies, and kicked a skull at the six-winged centipede.

This move was a diversion. The skull he kicked out flew over the six-winged centipede's head with a whoosh, and hit the wall of the well and broke into pieces. The sudden movement really frightened the big centipede so much that its whole body trembled, and its Dan Qi was cut off. The red pill that was sucked in the air immediately fell on the black coffin lid and spun around.

Partridge Whistle kicked out the skull with a throw and his body bounced out immediately, as fast as if he was not touching the ground. When the centipede pill fell to the ground, he had already rushed to it with a few jumps. Before the red pill could roll off the coffin, he bent down and grabbed it in his hand.

The six-winged centipede regarded the pill as its life, but after being seriously injured, it also became a frightened bird. It was frightened by the skull hitting the wall of the well, and it dropped the red pill on the ground. It quickly bent its waist and turned its head, wanting to absorb the red pill into its body immediately. But in such a short moment, the inner pill was stolen. It was so anxious that it went crazy, and its claws and whiskers moved all over its body, and it pounced on the partridge whistle.

Yin Yang Ghost Art_Introduction to the characters of Yin Yang Ghost Art_The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Art

As soon as Partridge Whistle leaned over and grabbed the red pill, he did not stop for a moment and continued to run forward by inertia, while lifting the coffin lid on the ground backwards to block the six-winged centipede.

By the time the centipede had opened the lid of the rotten coffin, Partridge Whistle had already circled halfway in the well and was running diagonally towards the bronze alchemy furnace in the middle of the well. He knew that no matter how fast he was, it would be difficult to deal with the six-winged centipede in the deep well, so he had to find a place to avoid its attack. The centipede would not survive for more than a moment if it lost its inner elixir, and when it looked around while running, it saw that the only perfect place for it was the alchemy furnace.

Partridge Whistle had no time to look back to see where the centipede behind him had chased him to. He held his breath and headed straight for the alchemy furnace. One step was six feet, two steps were twelve feet, and with a swaying body, he leaped in front of the furnace in a few steps. He then stretched out his legs like a splitter and performed a Kuixing kick, using the strength of his feet to open a gap in the lid of the bronze alchemy furnace, which weighed more than 200 pounds, that was just enough for one person to fit in. He then flipped sideways in the air and rolled into the furnace through the gap in the lid.

Suddenly, the lid of the copper furnace fell with a bang, and then the six-winged centipede pounced on the bronze furnace, making a dull sound. All this happened in a flash. Partridge Whistle turned over and hid in the furnace. Before his body hit the bottom and hit the furnace wall, he heard the furnace above his head closing, and at the same time, he heard the sound of the centipede chasing and hitting the furnace.

The bronze furnace was particularly noisy, with a sound like a bronze bell banging, buzzing back and forth in his ears. Partridge Whistle hurriedly opened his mouth to cover his ears, and then he heard the centipedes scratching the copper skin outside the furnace, making a series of noisy and crackling noises. No matter how tightly he covered his ears, the dense sound seemed to be unstoppable and drilled into his head.

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