Yin Yang Ghost Art Chapter 21 Midnight Taxi

After talking so much, Shen Linfeng explained the pros and cons to me. He asked me to think about it carefully, and if I was willing to go, I would set off for Wushen Valley in a month.

After he finished speaking, I lay in bed and thought about it all night.

If I take this path, I will never have a stable life in the future. However, although this exciting life is dangerous, it is very tempting. Ordinary people start working from nine to five for a small house after graduating from college, working like robots. I may experience more in one day than they do in a year…

At dawn the next day, I found Shen Linfeng and told him that I agreed.

This decision seemed to be within Shen Linfeng's expectations. He took me to the second floor to take a shower and change clothes. At dusk , we once again came to the willow tree halfway up the mountain.

The familiar group of creatures on the willow trees were still waving in the wind, but I had seen the world and was no longer afraid of them.

Shen Linfeng dug out the small coffin and continued digging deeper. Not long after, I saw him pull out a small dagger from the roots of the willow tree.

The dagger was about twenty centimeters long, with pits and rust all over the handle, and the thick leather was also covered in dirt. It looked ordinary, even worn out.

But even though it was just a piece of scrap copper and iron, Shen Linfeng held it respectfully in his hands.

The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Arts_What is Yin Yang Ghost Arts_Yin Yang Ghost Arts

"Chen Liang, when I accepted you as my apprentice before, it was just a verbal agreement between us. It won't count without you bowing and kowtow. Now I want you to recognize Gu Yao as your master. In this life, you can only have him as your master. You can't accept anyone else."

Gu Yao? The evil cultivator Gu Yao that Shen Linfeng described so well?

I nodded and agreed to the Yin-Yang Ghost Art . Shen Linfeng said, "I can't remember where Gu Yao learned his skills from. I don't even know his sect, so there are no sect rules. It's not good to meddle in other people's business when he's alive. You can be a wicked person or a compassionate person. As long as you don't interfere with him, it doesn't matter.

But there are two points. First, you can't look down on people of the lowest class, especially prostitutes. If you meet a poor prostitute, you must help her, and if she is forced into prostitution, you must rescue her. Of course, nowadays, if you encounter abduction and trafficking, you have to do something about it, you know."

I responded, and Shen Linfeng continued, "Second, if you see corpses lying around in the wilderness, you must bury them. Even if they have rotted into a pool, you must dig a pit and bury them. It's best to burn some yellow paper to pray for the souls to be reborn. But you don't need to go to a mass grave to bury the dead, just bury the ones you come across.

These two points must be observed. You have to think carefully and then swear a solemn oath. If you promise but fail to do it, there will be divine punishment. "

I thought about it, these two requests don't seem to matter. I don't have any problem with prostitutes. If they are forced to do so, they are pitiful. If they can be saved, they should be saved. Burying the body is also a good deed. However, this evil cultivator's magic is so powerful, but he doesn't restrict future generations from using his magic to harm people. He only requires these two points. It's really interesting.

Yin Yang Ghost Arts_What is Yin Yang Ghost Arts_The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Arts

After careful consideration, I swore a solemn vow.

Shen Linfeng thrust the dagger in front of me. "He's been dead for many years. He's gone. You can just kowtow to his sword."

I have never kowtowed to anyone in my life, not even my father. But for some reason, the moment the dagger was stuck in the ground, I actually felt a sense of pressure, as if there was something standing in front of me. I had no power to resist it, and all I could do was to surrender to this power.

With respect, I knelt down three times before the dagger.

Strangely enough, the moment I finished bowing my head, the leather wrapped around the outside of the dagger suddenly opened. The broken sword was finally exposed to my eyes in its entirety. Strangely, both sides of the sword were blunt, without any edge at all. And the middle was hollowed out, and the hollowed-out part vaguely looked like a string of characters.

"This broken sword has been buried underground for a long time and has lost its spirituality. You can only use it after you sharpen it. Once the blade is sharpened, only you can use it. Anyone else who touches it will lose their Yang Qi and Yin De. There are some spells written by Gu Yao on this piece of leather. In the eyes of the monks, this piece of leather is more precious than a ton of gold and silver. You must keep it well and don't let anyone know."

I hurriedly put away the broken sword and the piece of leather, and together with Shen Linfeng, I buried the small coffin back in the pool of blood.

Yin Yang Ghost Arts_What is Yin Yang Ghost Arts_The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Arts

The coffin was gradually swallowed by blood. Shen Linfeng shook his head: "Chen Liang, I don't have the ability. You should quickly learn Gu Yao's skills and don't let this girl suffer anymore."

At that time, I didn't understand what Shen Linfeng meant, nor did I feel afraid. In fact, if I were smarter, I might understand that even Gu Yao couldn't save her daughter, so how could I help her? Maybe using the broken sword to guard her was the best choice.

Unfortunately, these 'possibilities' are just hypotheses after all.

From the moment I became his disciple, from the moment Bu Hua Gu set his eyes on me, and even from the moment Gu Yao wrote the key points of the technique on the leather, there was no turning back…

We were leaving for Wushen Valley in July, which was still a month away. Shen Linfeng said that Wushen Valley was dangerous, and even though I had two Ziyangs with me, I had to learn some skills to survive. So I spent every day in the shop studying the piece of leather that Gu Yao left behind.

The leather was about the size of two palms, and the words on it were extremely small, with tens of thousands of words densely packed on both sides. The writing was messy, and the sentences were very short, making it very difficult to read. I had a headache after reading it for two or three days.

Fortunately, I have Shen Linfeng by my side. He can explain some technical terms to me and translate those classical Chinese-like words into something I can understand.

What is Yin Yang Ghost Arts_Yin Yang Ghost Arts_The formulas of the ghost arts in Yin Yang Ghost Arts

As I continued to study and research, I began to discover that the leather recorded something that could be called metaphysics. It not only recorded ghosts and gods, but even some knowledge of astronomy and geography.

However, all this knowledge was recorded in a mess, with horizontal and vertical lines mixed together, and some of the handwriting was serious while others were sloppy. It didn't look like a secret book, but more like Gu Yao's casually written notes.

But maybe I really have a talent in this area. I can remember most of these obscure astronomical and geographical knowledge after reading them once. Even Shen Linfeng finds it a little incredible.

But I have trouble with the part about ghosts and gods.

The magic techniques related to ghosts and gods on leather can be divided into two types: one is to use tools, and the other is to use skills. Using tools means to achieve the goal by relying on external forces, just like using the power of guns and ammunition to hunt animals.

However, using magic is to use one's own power. This power will not perish when the tools are exhausted. It belongs to oneself and exists forever. In Gu Yao's records, this power is called "qi", or "qi". When a person is born, he is a mass of chaotic qi, which is divided into yin and yang, and condensed into three souls and seven spirits. Therefore, qi is the original power of human beings.

Everyone has this power, but only through practice can one sense it and use it well. Unfortunately, this is not a one-day job, especially since there is no one to guide me, it is even more difficult to sense this source of power.

Since I can't use magic, I can only use tools. Since the owner of this piece of leather is such a powerful cultivator, the magic he recorded should not be too bad.

After a few days, Shen Linfeng saw that I had learned almost everything, so he suggested taking me to a place with a lot of yin energy to practice. He had caused a lot of trouble to his old acquaintances at the crematorium last time, so he definitely couldn't go there, and had to find another place. I took this opportunity to go back to school.

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