Woman In Toilet

I remember a strange incident happened five years ago in the bathroom of a theater.

Women boiled children to death_How long did frog parasites cook to death_Woman boiled children to death because of playing mahjong

At that time, I made an appointment with a group of friends to go to the theater, so I chose the nearest X theater. This theater has a considerable calendar, but after a major renovation, it can still attract a large number of people to buy tickets and go to the theater to watch the theater. We went to help her on the Sunday after the renovation.

Dead child_How long does it take to cook a frog parasite to death

The decoration inside is really good, the neat and comfortable chairs are nice to sit on, and the air conditioner is cold enough. Maybe this reason made me suddenly feel urgent to urinate halfway through the movie. I hurriedly invited my friends to accompany me to the bathroom, but there was no One was willing to accompany me. Although he was a little scared in his heart, he couldn't bear it anymore, so he ran boldly from the dark seat to the toilet next to him. When I went in, I caught a glimpse of a woman squatting in the first toilet looking for something. Since I was really in a hurry, I used the last toilet without seeing what she was doing. After I was done, when I went out to wash my hands, I saw from the mirror that the woman behind me was still inside. Her hands grabbed some items from the trash can and sent them to her mouth. She seemed to be eating with gusto. , so I couldn’t see what she was eating. At this time, she suddenly turned to me and said, “It’s delicious.” There was still a little blood on her mouth, and when she grabbed the so-called food in her hand, It turned out to be sanitary napkins discarded by women. I yelled and ran out, and the horrible voice of "Do you want to try it!" came from my ears.

Friends outside and the audience looked at me with strange eyes. When I told them the horror scene I just saw, some bold audiences went into the toilet to check, but they couldn’t see any woman boiled the child to death. , I also suspected that my neurotic woman boiled the child to death , but I tried my best to explain, but they couldn't believe it. I was pale and was helped home by my friends, and I couldn't even finish watching the play.

Dead child_How long does it take to cook a frog parasite to death

After returning home, I was ill for a few days. I would never dare to go to that theater again, and I also heard that a woman fainted in that toilet for no reason and died on the way to the hospital. In the ambulance, the personnel heard her say one after another: "It's so…horrible,…so…dirty!" and kept repeating. It is not clear whether the horror she saw was the same as what I saw.

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