Wedding Dress Ghost Song [Horror Revival]

"Yang Jian, something is wrong. My paper figurine predicted that a dangerous spirit would appear there. Although it appeared for a short time, it was still detected. No one from the King's Organization was found at the scene."


Liu San's paper figurine detected some movements in Dahai City, and he told it out immediately without hesitation.

"Is it a supernatural event?" Yang Jian asked.

"Not really." Liu San shook his head and said, "If it is a supernatural event, then there must be evil spirits wandering around. I suggest going to take a look. Although this will waste some time, we can't give up on such a suspicious point. After all, the people from the King's Organization have not shown up from before to now. Maybe this will be a clue."

Yang Jian didn't say anything . He just came to the top floor of a nearby building, then opened his ghost eyes and looked in the direction Liu San said.

The ghost eyes peeked into the distance, ignoring the obstruction of the buildings.

He tried to see clearly what was unusual about the place Liu San mentioned.

I thought that this time I would be disturbed by the supernatural when I used the ghost eye to spy, but I didn't expect that the city in that direction was surprisingly quiet. Everything was very normal and there was no supernatural interference at all, as if the supernatural in the entire area had been cleared away by someone.

"No wonder Liu San felt it was abnormal. A terrible spirit suddenly appeared and then disappeared. Then not only could no one from the King's Organization be found, but even no trace of the evil spirit could be found. This seemingly normal situation is actually the biggest abnormality." Yang Jian felt that Liu San's suspicion was correct at this moment.

However, when he continued to spy with his ghost eyes, an unusual figure appeared in his sight.

She was a woman wearing a red cheongsam and high heels. She was humming a little tune and wandering aimlessly on the quiet streets in the early morning, leaving an enchanting back in Yang Jian's sight.

It seemed that the ghost's prying eyes caught the woman's attention.

The woman stopped, swayed her waist, turned her head and gave a charming smile.

"I thought you wouldn't come to Dahai City, but I didn't expect you to come anyway." Yang Jian said. The next moment.

The distance of reality was broken. Before Yang Jian finished speaking, he had already brought the remaining captains to Sister Hong.

Sister Hong glanced at all the captains, and finally her eyes stopped at He Yuelian who was wearing a red wedding dress. She looked at her for a long time, and then said to Yang Jian: "I just like the hustle and bustle. How could I not come to see such a fierce commotion here? But you are too late. I have already killed those people."

"Those people?" Yang Jian asked, "Who are you talking about?"

"A group of strangers, who looked like foreigners and were quite aggressive. I was just passing by to ask for directions, and they wanted to kill me. In the end, I had no choice but to fight with them. However, they were quite capable, and one of them actually escaped from me."

Sister Hong sighed quietly at this moment, thinking that she might be too old and not very well anymore, and that she had actually been slipped away by someone.

"You actually killed those remaining kings?" At this moment, Liu San, He Yiner, Li Leping and others looked at Sister Hong in surprise.

No wonder we couldn’t find any trace of the king before. It turned out that he had a fight with Sister Hong and was almost wiped out.

But how is this possible?

Even though the kings of the previous King's Organization suffered heavy losses, there are still many kings left, at least five or six, and Sister Hong is alone. Her strength may be good, but it is definitely not the best. How could she possibly wipe out the other side?

Is there any other helper?

Everyone was shocked and then suspicious. It was hard to believe that Sister Hong could do all this by herself.

Yang Jian on the side said nothing. He stared at Sister Hong because he knew in his heart what means Sister Hong used to kill those kings. After all, she represented a team of top ghost riders in the Republic of China. If she really used ruthless means, not to mention five or six kings, even the entire organization of kings would have to die.

But her personality is changeable, and Yang Jian is not sure what her stance is now.

Maybe Sister Hong will help me kill those kings today, or maybe one day she will be in a bad mood and cause trouble for the captain again.

To her, this modern city is just her playground, and the real her is still stuck in the era of the Republic of China.

"If the remaining king is really dead, then the war is over?" He Yin'er pondered for a moment, then slowly said this.

"End? Maybe, but things in the paranormal circle have become more complicated." Liu San said, "With so many people dead at once and the paranormal events out of control, the situation has gone in an uncontrollable direction. No one can predict what will happen next."

Yang Jian said, "This is a matter for the future, but I feel that this war is not over yet and is still going on. I have fought with some people from the King's Organization before, and they have had problems internally for a long time. Some of the Kings are not living people at all, but outright evil spirits."

"There are some evil spirits behind this war. Now that the King's Organization is gone, I'm afraid some of them will surface."

The other captains fell into deep thought upon hearing this.

Sister Hong smiled and said, "The future is yours, and you decide what it will be like. But Yang Jian, you owe me a lot of money now. When will you pay me back?"

Yang Jian had promised Sister Hong that he would give her twenty yuan if she killed a king.

Of course, that was not ordinary money, but extremely rare ghost money.

"I won't go back on my word. How many kings have you killed before?" Yang Jian asked.

"I didn't count carefully, but I think there are five." Sister Hong smiled and said, "So you owe me two hundred yuan, which is a large sum of money."

Two hundred yuan?

Yang Jian's face darkened. He didn't have much money in his hand, only 40 yuan. He had thought that Sister Hong could kill one or two kings at best, but he never expected that she could kill five in one breath.

“I don’t have that much money at the moment.”

Sister Hong smiled and said, "It's okay. I believe you won't default on your debt. You can keep the debt for now. I'll come to you when I'm free."

"I can use this to pay off my debt." Yang Jian said, and took out the old copper coin. This was originally the supernatural item in Sister Hong's hand.

"Please keep it. I don't need it anymore. Don't rush to pay me back now. There is still a lot of time in the future and you can save money slowly. With your ability, I believe you can save enough money in no time." Sister Hong smiled and rejected Yang Jian's idea of ​​using supernatural items to pay off debts.

Yang Jian could see that Sister Hong didn't want money, but wanted to use this excuse to harass him.

This is not good news.

Being entangled with such a person is a very dangerous thing.

Yang Jian said, "No matter what, you did help us solve a problem this time. Logically, I should thank you, but considering what happened to you before, I am still a little hesitant about you. I just hope that we can have the opportunity to cooperate in the future instead of targeting each other."

"Who can predict what will happen in the future? Well, let's end today's conversation here. I should go. There's nothing fun here anymore. I want to go to the next place." Sister Hong smiled slightly, then she turned around and continued to leave with her graceful steps.

Yang Jian did not stop her, but just watched her leave calmly.

"What a dangerous character." Liu San lowered his voice and said this after seeing Sister Hong leave.

"He's not the only dangerous person. There's also Zhang Xianguang." Yang Jian said in a deep voice; "He disappeared after killing several kings. He's probably left Dahai City now. After all, the deal between him and me is over. Now he's free from his restraints and can do whatever he wants."

"I hope he can behave himself in the future and not cause any more major problems, otherwise it will be another trouble."

"Now that things have been sorted out, the next step is to end it.

We still have a lot to do." Yang Jian then said.

There are no telling how many strange and dangerous things are lurking in Dahai City now. The captains will have to stay here for a while to deal with the problems that may arise.

But Yang Jian is right, this matter is not over yet.

Because on the sea not far from Dahai City, a thin layer of fog appeared again. In the fog, a crooked old ship was looming. On the deck of the ship, a terrifying figure was standing there motionless, as if looking in the direction of Dahai City.

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