Volume 2: The Human-Pig Mystery Chapter 10: The Ghost In The Besieged City

Are there ghosts in this world?

The answer is yes, right at home.

The ghost is your wife or your husband.

Only people who have been married for many years can understand the following sentence:

Every night, you sleep with your ghost. You share the same bed but have different dreams. You ignore each other but can feel each other's presence.

All love stories are frozen in the happiest moment, but few people talk about the story after the end.

Zhang Qingjin and his wife met for the first time at a party at school. To celebrate Teacher's Day, the school prepared a party and almost all the new teachers attended. Zhang Qingjin sang a song, "You Are My Closest Love", and the dance began. The lights that night were orange, and even the edges of the velvet curtains were dyed gold. A woman was sitting in a corner where no one was paying attention. He walked over to her, stretched out his hand, and said, "Can I ask you to dance?"

She stood up timidly and said, I'm not very good at it.

Zhang Qingjin never thought that this woman would become his wife.

The next day, he wrote a poem, folded it into a paper crane and gave it to her. She replied with a paragraph, which we have transcribed in full below:

Man: I stretched out my hand and brought in the confusion of the night.

This is a simple move for me.

I spun her around, alternating between heaviness and lightness.

From the starting point to the starting point,

Perfume leaves a scent in the air,

Relax slowly and then approach quickly.

Woman: I stopped and opened my skirt.

This is a complex move for me.

He entangles me, blending flexibility and tenacity.

From reincarnation to reincarnation,

The body leaves a shadow on the ground,

Briefly separate and then gently hug each other.

After presenting the poem, they got married. The two teachers had a meager income and lived a shabby life at first. They set up stalls during winter and summer vacations and felt embarrassed when they met acquaintances. He always liked to buy pirated books because they were cheap. She liked a pair of high heels in the window, but the price was daunting. She only took a quick look every time she passed by the shoe store. They were frugal and accumulated little by little. Their lives gradually improved. A child was born and they lived a happy and trivial life.

Time is like an old tape recorder, which always produces some noise when fast-forwarding.

When the child was six years old, Zhang Qingjin bought his wife a pair of high heels, but his wife could no longer wear them. His wife suffered from femoral head necrosis, which is also known as immortal cancer. At first, she just felt unbearable pain in her thigh. After going to the hospital for examination, it was found that the bone had become honeycombed. From then on, she became disabled and had to use crutches to walk.

At night, in bed, she said to him, I'm sorry, I squandered the family's money.

He held his wife's hand tightly and said, "Even if I become paralyzed, I will not abandon you."

Zhang Qingjin eventually broke his promise. He talked less and less with his wife. Although his attitude was gentle, he could feel the slight change. His only way to relax after work was to chat online. He had more topics to talk about with strangers online. When his wife walked up behind him with great difficulty and brought him a cup of tea or a slice of watermelon, he would immediately close the chat window and act very annoying. His mobile phone was password-protected and set to silent mode. Sometimes, Zhang Qingjin would receive text messages at midnight, and sometimes, his wife would find a faint lipstick mark on his shirt.

Finally one day, he said to her, let's get a divorce. To be honest, I've fallen in love with another woman.

These words were like sharp knives piercing into the softest and most painful part of the wife's heart. The wife sat there, motionless, like a sculpture. She was surprisingly calm, but in fact, her heart had changed a lot.

There is a kind of love called letting go.

On the day of their divorce, it was raining and she didn't bring an umbrella, so he just left her like that, leaving her alone in the Civil Affairs Bureau.

They said nothing when they left.

She suddenly remembered that the place where they divorced was also the place where they registered their marriage.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. The corridor was filled with people going through marriage and divorce procedures. She was dazed and felt very tired. For some reason, she knocked on the door of a room. The staff inside looked at her in surprise.

She said, Hello… Can I cry here for a while?

No one can disappear without a trace. Even if this person leaves, he still lives in the memory of another person, appearing between two old walls, flashing on the sparkling lake, and there are always some broken things splashing in the dust, going farther and farther, becoming clearer and clearer. Just as only I know, the old furniture in the house is sprouting again, pear blossoms blooming in the corners of the cabinets, elm seeds on the backs of the chairs, and even the door that I go in and out every day has drooped willow leaves.

As we mentioned earlier, when the police visited, they implicitly revealed that Zhang Qingjin had an accident. His wife thought it was just a fire and wanted to go to the hospital to take care of him. This woman who wanted to serve her ex-husband at the bedside after the divorce probably explained the full meaning of the word "wife".

Lin Liuyue's father is a corrupt official, so she has lived a pampered life since childhood.

When she was a girl, she read several romantic novels written by Qiong Yao. Later, she loved to read Anne Baby's books. She liked to be optimistic when she had nothing to do. She stood in front of the window with her arms folded, feeling inexplicably sad. This sadness had a lot to do with the leaves falling and the flowers withering. Just like today's girls worship Korean stars, she was also obsessed with the Little Tigers and the Four Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong. Her room was covered with posters and her drawers were filled with old tapes. She often went to Hong Kong to watch concerts and felt that the autographs she asked for were sacred. Later, as she got older, the petty bourgeois woman became a middle-aged aunt. One day, she suddenly felt that those stars were just ordinary people, and they also looked hideous when they were constipated.

Before she was twenty-five, she had never eaten worldly food. Her stomach only digested butter, salad, Japanese cuisine, and Italian pasta. She didn't eat pig ears, lamb's trotters, fried dough sticks, pancakes, or even roast chicken.

Lin Liuyue's heart is always full of poetry and painting. When she is riding on a train, she can definitely see wheat fields and birch forests outside the window. When she is drinking rum in a bar, the paintings hanging on the wall must be Picasso's.

She didn't understand painting, but every time she went to Hong Kong to watch a concert, she would go to a gallery. The owner was a young and down-and-out painter. He wore gold-rimmed glasses, had a worried look in his eyes, and had oil paint on his jeans that could never be washed off. He was her first love, and they were in love for three years.

During those years, her father found a job for her in a public institution, but later committed suicide by taking medicine due to financial problems that led to investigation.

Lin Liuyue doesn't like this job. She doesn't want to go to work at all. She just wants to wander around the world wearing a white dress and carrying a guitar.

She said to her colleague very seriously: Wouldn't it be great to be a wandering singer?

Her colleagues, who were all older than her, asked from a practical point of view: So what do you eat and drink?

Colleague A said: Come to my house, there are toon shoots on my tree, and I will fry eggs for you.

Colleague B said: No matter how fragrant the perfume is, it can’t beat the smell of leek dumplings.

Colleague C said: The department store is having a promotion, the prices of everything are on drop, they are extremely cheap, even sanitary napkins are only ten yuan a pack.

Colleague Ding Chang: I love you, the snow in the northern part of the Saibei…

Lin Liuyue felt that her colleagues were vulgar and unbearable. She regretted why she did not work in a multinational company. Being a white-collar worker was much better than being a civil servant. She thought of getting married, marrying the painter, and settling in Hong Kong. However, most long-distance relationships end in failure. The last time she and her painter boyfriend met was in a small road full of sewage. She felt that breaking up should be at a pier with whistles or at a station with snow.

My boyfriend, a painter, said: I am going to develop my career in America. People there may appreciate my paintings more. You don’t have to wait for me.

Lin Liuyue said: I will wait for you, you will become a world-famous painter, just like Van Gogh, I want to go to your exhibition.

The painter boyfriend's leather boots stepped on the dirty water, and he walked away with big strides without looking back.

Lin Liuyue shouted to her boyfriend’s back: Come on, I want your name to shine like the stars!

During that time, Lin Liuyue found out that she was pregnant. Out of an undying love, she decided to give birth to the child.

She did so, somewhat influenced by a book called "Letter from a Strange Woman", which tells a heart-breaking love story. A man received a letter without a signature and address on his 41st birthday. The letter was from a dying woman. The story began 18 years ago, when the woman first met the man and fell in love with him at first sight. After a few nights of lingering, the man left for a foreign country. The woman became pregnant and gave birth to the child quietly. She spent her whole life in love with him, and wrote a letter to confess her love until she died.

Lin Liuyue thought so. Many years later, she appeared in a gallery in the New York art district with her child. The man she loved walked through the applauding crowd, traveled through time and space, and held her hand. She was so moved that she almost cried…

However, she had to return to reality. It was so difficult for an unmarried woman to raise a child of unknown origin. After thinking for a while, she decided to get married as soon as possible before her belly bulged. After her father committed suicide, the family's financial situation deteriorated. Her colleagues helped arrange a blind date and asked Lin Liuyue what kind of man she wanted to find.

Lin Liuyue said: Rich ones.

My colleague said: You finally came to terms with it.

Lin Liuyue and Zhuang Qin got married in a flash. On their second blind date, Lin Liuyue took the initiative to seduce Zhuang Qin to bed. Less than a month later, Lin Liuyue threw a clean sanitary napkin in front of Zhuang Qin and said coldly: I didn't have my period this month, I might be pregnant, you have to take responsibility.

On the wedding day, relatives and friends wanted to make a fuss in the bridal chamber about whether there were gods and ghosts in the world . Zhuang Qin smiled and stopped them and said, "Stop making a fuss, my wife is pregnant."

Friends and relatives said: This is a double happiness, you are the groom and the father.

Lin Liuyue planted a time bomb. It was not until more than ten years later that Zhuang Qin accidentally learned that his son was not his own flesh and blood. During a physical examination, Zhuang Qin saw that the child's blood type was A, but he and Lin Liuyue were both O. The doctor said that it was impossible for parents with O blood type to give birth to a child with A blood type. Zhuang Qin took Xiao Tieyu to the provincial hospital and quietly did a DNA test, which proved this. After learning the truth, he kept silent, but he had already started to kill in his heart. Lin Liuyue's extramarital affair and divorce accelerated his destruction.

The reason why Zhuang Qin killed his wife and son was because the child was not his child and his wife would soon no longer be his wife.

Chinese divorce can be called the Third World War. For more than a decade, the wife would mention the word divorce every time they quarreled, and they smashed everything in the house. This time, Lin Liuyue cheated on her husband and fell in love with a man again. She was desperate and risked everything for love. She broke up two families just to reunite them into one.

Zhuang Qin said: Divorce is fine, the child is yours, the money is mine, and you leave the house with nothing.

Lin Liuyue said: It's meaningless for you to do this. We have no feelings for each other anymore, so why bother? Let's just part ways in peace.

Zhuang Qin said: I'm not holding you back, just go ahead.

Lin Liuyue said: I want half of the money. This is the property division agreement. Can you at least leave some child support for our child?

Lin Liuyue felt that what she said was reasonable. She took out two printed agreements from her bag and took out a pen and put them on the table. Zhuang Qin sneered and tore up the agreement. He turned his head and thought to himself: Now you are still lying to me about our child. I am fucking cuckolded and have raised the child for others for more than ten years. It is good enough that I don’t ask you for child support, you bitch!

Due to disagreements over the division of property and the failed divorce, Lin Liuyue thought of eloping. She quietly went to the bank to make an appointment to withdraw money, wanting to take out all the money in the family, and then take her children and Zhang Qingjin away to a foreign land.

This also brought her fatal disaster.

The bank called Zhuang Qin to inquire, and Zhuang Qin only then learned about Lin Liuyue's appointment to withdraw money. He did not blame his wife or make a fuss, but spat viciously out of the window, thinking: You are unkind, don't blame me for being unjust.

He hated his wife for covering up for him for more than ten years, hated his wife for not only cheating on him but also wanting to elope with the money, and he hated his wife for leaving him empty-handed.

In fact, he has no sword to wield and no love to take away.

On the eve of the murder, he suddenly felt that he was extremely pitiful and that he was the victim.

Zhuang Qin made an elaborate plan for the murder. He rented a basement and lied that he wanted to turn it into a wine cellar. He bought a cutting machine from a flea market and a second-hand motorcycle as a tool for disposing of the body. He went to great lengths to create proof of his alibi so that the police would believe that he did not have time to commit the crime.

Half a year ago, an accomplice told Zhuang Qin that there was a decorator in the labor market who looked very similar to him.

Later, he saw the decorator in the labor market and was surprised that the two people were the same person in terms of age, height, weight, and tone of voice. This person became the key to the case, and the police were suspicious and excluded Zhuang Qin from the list of suspects.

During the time of the incident, the person attending the wine distribution conference in the provincial capital was not Zhuang Qin, but a substitute.

Zhuang Qin had the following conversation with a decorator: We look alike, so you pretend to be me and go to a trade fair.

The decorator said: Why?

Zhuang Qin said: I will give you money, I will give you one thousand yuan a day, and the exhibition may last for 4 or 5 days.

The decorator said: It’s a lot of money, what if someone finds out?

Zhuang Qin said: You change into my clothes, and we'll go to the barber shop and get the same hairstyle, and then you take my ID card.

The decorator said: This is not illegal, I will pretend to be you.

Zhuang Qin said: I'm going to tell you the truth. This is my secret. Don't worry. Actually, I suspect my wife has someone else outside. So, I took advantage of these few days to secretly investigate. She knew I was on a business trip and must have been dating that man. This time, I just want to catch them.

The decorator said meaningfully: Oh, in this case, you have to pay more, four days, give me 5,000 yuan, and I will help you.

There were no acquaintances at the exhibition, and they were all dealers from all over the country. The organizers could not tell the real from the fake. However, Bao Zhan found a flaw in the living habits. During the stay, the decorator used the landline in the hotel room to call home in order to save money. Bao Zhan also found the decorator by following the clues.

Everything is clear.

The reason why Zhuang Qin forced the mother and son to commit incest and turned Lin Liuyue and Xiao Tieyu into human pigs was not only out of hatred, but also because he thought: the more cruel he was, the less likely the police would suspect him. The police were also human beings and would think that it was impossible for a couple who lived together day and night to be so cruel. After the human pig case, he strangled Zhang Qingjin and placed the cutting machine in Zhang Qingjin's residence to frame him, deliberately confusing the police and making them think that Zhang Qingjin was the real murderer and committed suicide out of fear of crime.

The purpose of dumping the body in the toilet was to allow people to find it as soon as possible. After all, the decorator had only a few days to impersonate Zhuang Qin in the provincial capital.

Zhuang Qin asked Lin Liuyue, have you repented?

Lin Liuyue closed her eyes and replied: I don’t repent.

The cutting machine started to sound, and blood splattered everywhere…

Regarding marriage, an actress once said:

"I originally just wanted a hug, but accidentally gave it a kiss, and then you found out you needed a bed, an apartment, and a certificate… Only when you get divorced do you remember: you originally just wanted a hug."

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