Volume 2: The Haunted Elevator Chapter 9: Ten Ways To See Ghosts

The two night patrol security guards became the number one suspects, but the police did not have any evidence. The two security guards on duty lived in the basement of the building. Officer Zhou conducted a surprise inspection of the two security guards' dormitories on the pretext of checking fire safety facilities. However, no steel wire tools used for murder were found, only many books were found beside the beds.

The short security guard likes to read criminal investigation and mystery books.

The big guy likes to read supernatural and horror books.

These books were borrowed from publishing companies, and the editor of several of them was Wen Xiaowan.

The special case team re-analyzed the case. This case was strange and bizarre, but they could not find a breakthrough. Was something overlooked? They were sure that there was a mentally ill person in the building. Strange people would do strange things. Is this person related to the murderer?

The special case team decided to find this mysterious man, and the direction of investigation changed from searching for the murderer to searching for the mentally ill person in the building.

The elite have always been a high-risk group for mental illness.

Most of the company employees in this building have high academic qualifications, and their high IQ crimes also fit the characteristics of this elevator murder.

The police investigated the corner of the stairs where Xiaobian Zhong saw the candlelight, and found residual wax on the ground, which shows that the strange things Xiaobian Zhong experienced were real.

Su Mei questioned Editor Zhong again in the conference room of the publishing company, but this time she did not make any notes.

Su Mei: Xiao Zhong, I want to chat with you and gossip a little. Who do you think is crazy in your company?

Editor Zhong: I don’t like to say bad things about people behind their backs.

Su Mei: It’s just a chat. Nothing will be recorded. It’s just a quiet conversation between us two women.

Editor Zhong: That's right. I think my colleagues are all crazy. Our editor-in-chief is a recognized crazy person, and every colleague knows it. Our editor-in-chief has very smelly feet, which can kill people. He wears leather shoes in summer, which are so smelly. He thinks he is so handsome. He is fat and has big ears. By the way, he also uses women's cosmetics and speaks in a sissy way. I suspect that his sexual orientation is not normal. To be honest… I really don't like to say bad things about people behind their backs.

Su Mei: Is there anything else? Are there any abnormal people?

Editor Zhong: There is another one. I want to tell you, you must not say that I said it. Stand up and take a look. It is the fat girl sitting in the window grid. She has a bad temper. She is very stingy. She doesn't change her underwear for a month. She borrows other people's detergent to wash clothes. She rolls the toothpaste with a rolling pin after it is used up… These are nothing. The most crazy thing about her is that she is obsessed with flowers. She thinks that all men love her. She has a duck voice and speaks in a very coquettish way. She also speaks in a coquettish way in front of women. It's disgusting. She uses a knockoff phone and pretends to make a call. She deliberately tells us that this general manager is having dinner today and that general manager will come to pick her up tomorrow. If a colleague asks curiously, she will say mysteriously, guess it, anyway, the person I am dating is on the Hurun Rich List. She brags without limit. She buys a pair of new shoes and shows off for a long time. She likes to wear high heels and walks in a twisted way. It's that kind of exaggerated twist. Otherwise, I will call her over. You can take a closer look at her walking posture. What I said is absolutely correct.

Su Mei smiled slightly, interrupted her and asked: What about Wen Xiaowan’s boyfriend Yang Zi, has he done anything strange?

Editor Zhong started talking about Yang Zi and Wen Xiaowan again: Yang Zi is quite normal, except for being a playboy. Are there any men who are not playboys? No. All men are perverts, and those who are not perverts are cowards. His girlfriend, Wen Xiaowan, spent thousands of dollars to take a physiology and constellation interpretation class. Isn't this crazy?

Su Mei asked: When did it happen?

Editor Zhong answered: Before they broke up, Wen Xiaowan was a super jealous person, very jealous, and liked to study constellations. She was an Aries. I couldn't remember it originally, but she always liked to talk to me about it. Aries is the most jealous constellation, with a strong possessiveness and amazing jealousy. Once the jealousy of Aries is broken, it will definitely be earth-shattering. Her boyfriend Yang Zi is a Pisces, romantic and imaginative, and a little sentimental. When in love, he is stubborn for the good of the other party, but once disappointed, Pisces will never look back. Wen Xiaowan made a blacklist based on the constellations, not allowing her boyfriend to have relationships with women of certain constellations, worried that they would fall in love. On her boyfriend's birthday, all the gifts given by female colleagues were thrown into the trash by her. She not only secretly investigated her boyfriend's behavior, but also investigated female colleagues. She suspected that several female colleagues had an affair with her boyfriend, and she also suspected me. Don't you think this is crazy?

Su Mei: Have you ever done anything unusual?

Editor Zhong: What do you mean? I'm normal. I have a boyfriend who is also the president of an IT company. Wen Xiaowan is dead, so why should I care? In fact, I don't like to talk about these things… I'm going to get off work.

A building is like a sunflower. The employees in these office buildings work from nine to five, occupying a small grid, their hearts are full of sunshine, but they feel confused about life. The fast-paced lifestyle and huge work pressure show that they are not happy, and their colleagues are full of suspicion and slander.

Wen Xiaowan's income was not high, but it was strange that she spent several thousand yuan on a physiology and constellation interpretation course.

The special case team analyzed it and finally agreed with Su Mei's view – it was because of love, and love is always unreasonable. Wen Xiaowan loves Yang Zi, and she tries to understand her lover's heart in an incomprehensible way by studying the constellations.

The special case team discussed the case until late at night and they would not die . Su Mei made some new discoveries on the computer. She entered keywords to search and found that strange behaviors such as lighting candles, knocking bowls, and holding umbrellas in elevators were to attract ghosts!

Su Mei: Someone in this building is summoning ghosts.

Bao Zhan: Isn't this just mental illness? How can there be such a boring person?

Drawing a dragon: Ye Gong loves dragons, right? If a ghost really comes, won’t it scare the person who summoned the ghost to death?

Su Mei: Don't disbelieve me. I used to love reading horror novels and watching horror movies, which contain some methods of summoning ghosts. Some scientists even installed night vision cameras in old houses where murders had taken place and in haunted abandoned buildings, and then summoned ghosts to try to capture some supernatural phenomena.

Hualong: You are a policeman, not a little girl. You are interested in these weird things all the time.

Su Mei rolled her eyes and said, "What do you care?"

Su Mei collected and compiled the "Ten Ways to See Ghosts" that were circulating on the Internet. It is said that these ten methods can help you see ghosts.

1. Find a gloomy place, such as an empty dusty room or the corner of an old staircase. At three o'clock in the middle of the night, knock on a bowl. Keep knocking. When the ghost hears the sound of knocking on the bowl, it will quietly appear behind you.

2. At 3 a.m., put the prepared food at an empty crossroads, or at an intersection in a deserted field, preferably near a cemetery. Light two candles and passing ghosts will stop to eat.

3. At night, make sure there is no light in the corridor, go upstairs in the dark, and jump like a zombie when going up the stairs, with your arms straight and a blank expression on your face. Jump up one flight of stairs and then jump down. Repeat this process. When you feel gloomy to death, the ghost will appear and will most likely jump with you.

4. On a full-moon night, when the Big Dipper moves and the gates of hell open, lead a black cat into a mass grave, hang a bell around the black cat's neck, and then spread the black cat out. When the bell stops ringing, you will find a ghost where you can't find the black cat.

5. For people who live near the vegetable market, it is the best time to see ghosts when you are alone at home at night. You should prepare needles and thread. In the middle of the night, you can knock on the door from the outside. After a while, the ghost will knock on the door from the outside to find you. This kind of ghost is often a headless ghost, which is the soul of the wronged who was beheaded in the past. They need needles and thread to sew their heads and bodies together.

6. If you comb your hair in the mirror at night, after a long time, you will find that the person in the mirror is very strange, and eventually you will see a completely strange person; similarly, if you stare at a word for a long time, you will find that you seem to be unfamiliar with the word. That is because there are two "you" in real life.

7. This method requires a very important prop – the hair of a dead person. No matter how you get it, you can go to a funeral home or even go to a grave, as long as you have the hair of a dead person, put the hair next to your pillow, and you will not die if you do not sit on the dead person when you dream at night. You will dream about the appearance of the deceased before his death. If you wake up in the dream and open your eyes at midnight, there may be another person beside you, looking at you.

8. The most common place to see ghosts is the girls' dormitory, because it is full of girls and has a very strong yin energy. In school, the scariest place is not the morgue of the medical school, nor the overgrown cemetery behind the building, but the girls' dormitory. The way to see ghosts in the dormitory is to use a flashlight when there is a power outage. If the classmates are sleeping, do not wake them up. Shine the flashlight on the classmates' faces. The light should be dim. Also, the classmates cannot wake up at this time. Then observe carefully, and you will vaguely see a short-haired girl in pajamas crawling out from under the classmate's bed and standing in the corner. Do not shine the flashlight on her, or she will be gone.

9. When wearing black clothes and holding an umbrella in a closed space, such as an elevator or an old house with closed doors and windows, a dark red umbrella is preferred.

10. The ultimate way to see ghosts – death!

Hualong found it ridiculous and thought that these ghost-seeing methods were feudal superstitions. Even if someone really tried them, they would not succeed.

Professor Liang said: Why not give it a try?

Su Mei said: Uncle Liang, it's so late at night, you are not joking, right? I dare not try.

Professor Liang said: Since you are a member of the special case team, you should delete the word "terror" from your heart, because we are facing the most cruel and bloody major homicide case.

Hualong: I was never afraid, I just thought, is this effective?

Bao Zhan: This can also be considered a kind of crime imitation. If you want to understand the thoughts of a mentally ill person, it is best to become one yourself.

Professor Liang: That’s right. If you want to understand why that mysterious person summons ghosts and what his purpose is, it’s best to experience it yourself.

Bao Zhan chose the first method of seeing ghosts – knocking on the bowl.

Hualong chose the zombie jump. He was not afraid inside, but he thought it would be ridiculous if someone saw him jumping up and down the stairs with his arms stretched out. Thinking of this, he began to smile bitterly.

Su Mei’s condition was very serious, and her voice was a little trembling. “Uncle Liang, I really don’t want to go.”

Professor Liang didn't say anything, but just stretched out a finger and shook it.

Su Mei pouted, picked up an umbrella, and went out reluctantly. The corridor of the building was empty.

She walked to the elevator, bit her lip, and pressed the button.

Su Mei was wearing a black business suit, a white collar and a silk shirt. Her hair was as smooth as water. Her red high heels highlighted her tall and charming figure. Her black stockings made her look elegant and sexy.

The elevator came, Su Mei took a deep breath, opened her umbrella and walked into the elevator, going up to the top floor. During this process, her heart was pounding, nervous and terrified, but nothing weird happened in the elevator. She breathed a sigh of relief and planned to return to the first floor to complete her ghost-exorcism mission.

When the elevator door was about to close, a hand suddenly reached in and blocked the automatic door.

Su Mei was startled.

The security guard came in. He was wearing a suit and gloves and looked like he was going on a night patrol.

When Kudou saw Su Mei standing in the elevator holding an umbrella, he was stunned for a moment. He looked panicked and then walked into the elevator.

Neither of them spoke a word.

The elevator door closed quickly, and Su Mei became more careful because the security guard next to her was also a criminal suspect.

When the elevator reached the 18th floor, for some unknown reason, a malfunction occurred and the elevator car suddenly stopped. Su Mei stomped her feet and said "Oh no!". Then the lights went out and the elevator was pitch black. She could not see a thing.

Su Mei and the security guard were trapped in the gloomy elevator.

Su Mei asked anxiously: What's going on? Where is the elevator emergency call button? Do you have a flashlight?

The security guard replied nonchalantly: No, the emergency call is broken and useless.

Su Mei: What should we do then? How can we get out?

Security guard: Please wait patiently for the backup power supply to start.

Su Mei: How long will it take?

Security guard: It’s hard to say, beautiful policewoman, a few seconds, hehe, or maybe a few minutes, or even more than ten minutes.

There was a hint of obscenity in the security guard's laughter. Su Mei wanted to call for help, but then she remembered that this freight elevator had no coverage for mobile phone signals. She thought quickly and said: Police, of course we have guns, you'd better be honest.

Su Mei did not turn on her cell phone. She was worried that the security guard would see through the fluorescent light that she did not have a gun and might become malicious.

The security guard took out a lighter, lit a cigarette, glanced at Su Mei out of the corner of his eye, and saw through her plot.

The cigarette butt flickered, and the weak light reflected on the security guard's face red. The cigarette was quickly finished.

The elevator still stopped and returned to darkness, a darkness without any light. Su Mei was about to collapse. She huddled in the corner with her umbrella, at a loss. In the darkness, a hand suddenly touched her. She screamed in fear and shouted, "Don't touch me." The security guard stayed in another corner and said, "I didn't touch you." Su Mei remembered that she was still holding this umbrella that attracted ghosts. She trembled, closed the umbrella, and held it in her hand as a weapon.

The security guard's breathing began to quicken, with a very strange wheezing sound.

Su Mei was clearly aware that this perverted security guard wanted to rape her, but he was trying his best to restrain himself.

The security guard was panting like a cow and said: Do you want to do it?

Su Mei shouted: Get out of here.

She heard the security guard unbuckle his belt.

The security guard said in an excited tone: Help me, beautiful girl, little policewoman.

Su Mei: Get the hell out of here!

At this moment, the light in the elevator suddenly came on. Su Mei saw that the security guard had taken off his pants, his face was ferocious, and he was holding a hollow banana in his hand, stroking his penis quickly. The security guard's eyes were wide open. At the critical moment, he looked at the beauty in the elevator, thrust his body forward and screamed. Then, the perverted security guard turned around, turned his back to Su Mei and pulled up his pants. He said, "It feels so good. It's worth it to be detained for half a month to be able to cum for such a beautiful woman like you."

The elevator door opened, and this was the 18th floor.

The moment the door opened, Su Mei and the perverted security guard took a look at the corridor outside and screamed almost at the same time!

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