The Terrifying Secret Of The Toilet: I Met A Ghost While Playing Mahjong And My Head Was Pressed Into The Toilet

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Preface: Last time, I published a story about Ni Kuang and Mr. Jin Yong playing mahjong and encountering ghosts. This article is also about playing mahjong, but with the toilet added. It is easy to encounter ghosts in the toilet or kitchen! Maybe these places are more damp! Especially the toilet, many novels or movies are played like this! There is a bloody head in the toilet smiling at you, or a hand sticking out of the toilet, or there is a ghost in the mirror of the toilet, and blood will flow out when the faucet is turned on. Anyway, there are too many ghost stories to write in the toilet, and the following article is also the same!

All three of them began to get impatient – Ah Tang had been in the bathroom for too long! Although they had played 32 rounds in a row and were all very tired, they had agreed to play at least 96 rounds during the holiday, and they had only played one-third of it. Moreover, the "battle" was fierce, with climaxes one after another. The chips were moved back and forth in front of the four of them, and it was hard to tell who would win or lose. After 32 rounds, they took a short break. Everyone was full of fighting spirit and wanted to get back into the "battlefield" immediately. However, Ah Tang stroked his stomach and said he had a stomachache, so he went to the bathroom.

Going to the toilet is a common thing. People have three urgent needs, and no one can avoid going to the toilet. But he has been in there for too long, at least twenty minutes! Three people sat at the mahjong table, rubbing and rubbing the mahjong tiles on the table, stacking and pushing them down, who knows how many times. One side of the mahjong table was empty, that was Atang's seat. Atang's opponent was the first to lose patience, so he grabbed a card and knocked it hard on the table, making a "pa pa" sound that sounded loud and harsh. He shouted loudly: "Ah Tang, don't stay in the toilet and don't come out. Three people are waiting for you." Atang's answer came from the toilet. The sound sounded a bit strange and muffled, as if he was doing something else while answering: "It will be ready soon, it will be ready soon!" The place where they played cards was a rather dilapidated four-story building. In the rapidly developing city, such old buildings are rare. The only future of such old buildings is to wait for demolition and reconstruction. This house was indeed to be demolished. It had four floors, and except for a grocery store on the ground floor, only on the third floor were four people playing cards. An elder of Atang was the tenant of this floor. Atang suggested: If you want to play cards, go to that floor. It is spacious and no one will disturb us. We can demolish it as we like. The other three people came and saw that it was indeed an ideal place to play cards, so they took the action of "long-term resistance".

Old buildings like that have a characteristic internal structure: the kitchen and toilet are at the other end. If the area is large, it is quite far away from the main hall! Because of this, although the three people thought Atang's voice was a bit strange, they always thought it came from more than ten meters away, and it was separated by the wooden door of the toilet, so they didn't care.

Movies of several ghost stories_movies ghost stories 1982_movies ghost stories online

Another three minutes later, Atang's opponent, who was very angry, shouted again: "Ah Tang, are you coming out?"

Atang's answer sounded a bit breathless: "I'm coming, I'm coming…" It sounded like he didn't finish his words, and then there was a sound of water. In the old-style toilet, the water tank was placed quite high, so the sound of water flushing was particularly loud. The man opposite groaned. He sat where he could see the corridor leading to the toilet. He stretched his neck and saw Atang staggering over, seeming to be panting.

Atang sat down, and the three people who had been waiting impatiently naturally started to act immediately. The steps of playing mahjong are fixed: shuffling the cards, stacking the cards, grabbing the cards… Everyone's attention is focused on the cards. Mahjong is a game that brings almost endless fun to the participants and can make the participants immerse themselves in it wholeheartedly.

So, no one could tell how long it had been since Atang came out of the toilet before someone noticed that his face looked wrong. The first person to notice was Atang's boss. Because Atang had been playing two cards in a row, he was hesitant and undecided about whether to play or not, so he looked at Atang. The mahjong light on the table was very low, so Atang's face looked particularly pale under the light. The boss was startled: "Tang, why do you look so bad? Are you okay?"

Movie ghost stories 1982_movies ghost stories online_movies of several ghost stories

With the lights on, it was even harder for the opponent to pay attention to Atang's face. He muttered, "After more than 30 rounds of playing cards, his face will be as pale as a few ghost stories in the movie . That's for sure!"

At this time, the next player looked at Atang and felt something was wrong, so he raised the light a little higher. The mahjong tiles they were playing on happened to be emerald green, and Atang's face was pale with a layer of pale green, which made people feel uncomfortable! The next player reached out and wanted to press Atang's forehead. It was a very natural move after seeing the symbol of someone else's physical discomfort. But Atang dodged and didn't let the next player's hand touch him.

The three of them stopped and looked at Atang. No one spoke. It was late at night and unusually quiet, so the sound of Atang swallowing his saliva was quite harsh. He looked back with a horrified expression while swallowing his saliva. Behind him was a corridor. At the end of the corridor were the kitchen and toilet. He had just been in the toilet for a long time and walked back from that corridor. There was no light in the corridor. It was narrow and dark, which looked very strange and chilly.

The opponent was a little impatient again: "Hurry up and play cards! It's almost dawn, don't scare yourself…"

Movies of several ghost stories_movies ghost stories online_movies ghost stories 1982

The people above and below him couldn't help swallowing their saliva. Atang looked back and suddenly said, "I'm not trying to scare you… If anyone needs to go to the toilet… it's best not to go… hold it in… or go downstairs…"

Atang's voice was trembling as he spoke, and it seemed that he was extremely afraid, so it was particularly frightening to hear. The three young men were just shocked, and then smiled disapprovingly: "What if we go there? What's inside?"

Atang's voice sounded even stranger: "There's a ghost! There's a ghost in that toilet!"

The other party laughed: "There is a ghost! Is it a male ghost or a female ghost?"

Movie ghost stories 1982_movies of several ghost stories_movies ghost stories online

Atang put his hands on the table, his fingers turned white, he grabbed a few cards in his hands, and the cards rubbed against each other, making a "click" sound. He said: "I can't tell whether it is a male or female ghost…" He answered very seriously: "As soon as it entered, it grabbed my neck." He put his hand on the back of his neck to demonstrate: "Then, with great force, it pressed my head down to the toilet, it was so scary… It's probably an old ghost!"

The three people wanted to laugh after hearing what they heard, but they couldn't laugh at all. Seeing how seriously Atang spoke and his face looked so scary, the three people felt a chill as if a mountain was pressing down on them.

After a long while, the other party said, "You are very good at scaring people. What? Psychological warfare? To scare us? Did you play the wrong card?"

Ah Tang said hurriedly: "No, it's true! It's true!"

Movie ghost stories online_movies ghost stories 1982_movies of several ghost stories

The other three people shouted in unison: "Stop talking nonsense and play cards! Play cards!"

At the beginning of the game, they seemed to have forgotten the short pause just now. It seemed that they were all concentrating on playing cards. But did they really forget it? After a few more rounds of cards, the opponent was the first to become restless and kept changing his sitting posture. Then, the previous and next players also had similar movements.

After another four laps, the three of them took a breath. They were obviously in a hurry to go to the toilet, but they all looked at Atang. Atang had a horrible and weird look on his face: "Don't go, there are ghosts in the toilet!"

The other party stood up first: "Let's go together." Atang waved his hand: "I've been there, you guys go!"

Although the other party, the one above and the one below were not afraid, they still felt a little scared. They squeezed forward in the corridor, pushed open the toilet door, and turned on the light. The three of them saw at the same time that there was a man with almost the entire upper body in the toilet. The water in the half toilet had completely submerged his head. The three of them were stunned for an unknown period of time before they had the strength to pull the man out – Ah Tang. He had been in the water for too long and his face was extremely pale. Ah Tang did not lie like in the ghost stories in the movies . There really was a ghost in the toilet, pressing his head against the toilet, and he could not resist! (End)

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