The Strange Encounter Of Male Nurse Xiao Liang

I am a male nurse. My name is Liang Xiaogu. My colleagues who have studied medicine all know that human organs, one of the structures of bones is cancellous bone. There is a structure in the cancellous bone, called trabeculae. My name is a coincidence that my last name is Liang. My parents are both medical workers, so they also hope that I will work in this industry, and named me after the tissue structure in the human organs… Since I entered the medical school, my name has become a word known to everyone, trabeculae… Liang Xiaogu… Hey, and then the classmates around me just call me Xiaoliang… After saying so much, I think the trabeculae and my name are all in my mind.

I am a male nurse. My name is Liang Xiaogu. My colleagues who have studied medicine all know that human organs, one of the structures of bones is cancellous bone, and there is a structure inside the cancellous bone, called trabeculae. My name is a coincidence because my last name is Liang. My parents are both medical workers, so they also hope that I will work in this industry, and named me the tissue structure in the human organs…

My name has become a word known to everyone since I entered the medical school, Gu Xiaoliang… Liang Xiaogu… Hey, and then the classmates around me just call me Xiaoliang…

After saying so much, probably all you have in your mind are trabecular bones and my name.

Well, from this moment on, let me tell you about some of the strange encounters I’ve had in this industry.

At the beginning of the internship semester, when I entered the hospital, I was not yet a nurse. Some people may wonder, is there such a profession as male nurses? I answered with certainty: Yes! What is their main job? Answer: Patient care work.

The hospital is very large, and I was confused about the direction in the first half month. But as time went by, and later I became a regular employee, I would go back and forth to many places every time. Now I can find the corresponding department even with my eyes closed.

There are very few male nurses on night shift in the hospital. Most of the nurses are female. There are only a few to a dozen female nurses among the thousands of nurses in the entire hospital, so I can get off work in the afternoon.

The work in the hospital is very busy. I am either giving patients injections or taking temperatures and keeping records. Even the time for meals has been gradually shortened from one hour to ten minutes, which is still quite rushed. As a result, many of my colleagues have developed stomach problems.

That day I promised my colleague Xiaoxue that I would switch shifts with her so that she would have time to go on a blind date, so I was still busy in the hospital late at night. To be honest, I thought the hospital was very scary at night, but it was not as scary as I imagined. Ghosts and monsters are all imagined by people's brains, which makes people believe that there are ghosts and gods in the world, so they are afraid.

There was only another colleague, Anna, and I in the nurses' duty room. She was holding her cell phone and chatting with someone.

At this time, a little boy with a bandage around his neck walked towards me. He was about 1.2 meters tall and wore a blue and white striped hospital gown. He was holding something in his hand, which he kept holding tightly as he walked.

I was a little confused. At this hour, the patient should have rested. Which parent was so careless as to let his child run out alone? As a staff member on duty, I certainly couldn't just stand by and watch. If anything went wrong, we, the night shift staff, would be responsible!

I turned my head to look at Anna, she was still playing with her phone. I thought, forget it, it's not a big deal anyway , letting her take a break like this will also show my manliness! As I watched the child gradually walk into the platform, I immediately stood up and walked over.

"Little boy, why aren't you sleeping in the ward so late?" I squatted in front of him and spoke as softly as possible. The child just stared at me, silent, with a pair of round eyes that seemed to be in a trance, and I didn't know what he was thinking.

Without saying a word, he turned around and left! I thought to myself, this won't do. As a night shift nurse, I can't make any mistakes at night. What if this child does something big and I'm not aware of it? Wouldn't that be a dereliction of duty? I might even be fired!

Well, I don't deny that I do have a very vivid imagination. What big things can a child do?

But no matter what, I have this obligation. As a medical worker, I should help and care for patients in the hospital with the concept of doing everything possible for the patients' well-being.

So without saying hello to Anna, I followed the kid and left the duty room.

However, I didn't know where he was going. I kept calling him but he just walked forward as if he didn't hear me. He seemed to be attracted by a magnet and didn't even look back.

At night, the hospital was quiet, and all the patients had fallen asleep. Only a small number of medical staff were on duty. Because it was late at night, the hospital corridor was dark except for one or two lights in the duty room and the words on the screen of the sign. I was used to this kind of working environment. My mind had long been conquered by my profession. Ghosts and gods, believe in them or not. Besides, I was upright and did what I did. There was nothing much to think about.

I am very curious now, is this child deaf and mute? He didn't answer me when I asked him face to face just now. Could it be that he can't hear or can't speak? Or both?

While I was thinking about these questions, the child turned a corner and disappeared! I quickened my pace and ran over to look around, but there was not even a mosquito around! Not to mention the child, I began to doubt whether I was seeing things because of my old eyesight! The corridors on both sides were at least 100 meters long, and there was a wall in front. It was incredible that he disappeared in the blink of an eye!

Could it be that this kid has fast legs?

No, no, absolutely not, unless he brought a rocket…

But because I am a responsible medical worker, I can't just deal with it hastily because of my own guess, so I plan to check both ends. It would be unacceptable if I failed to do my duty due to my carelessness.

Just as I walked to the left to explore, I heard some laughter from behind!

I stopped walking with a shiver. I felt my ears trembled a few times as if they were trying to figure out what was happening behind me. My brain felt like it was electrocuted, and I froze in place, not daring to move.

But my curiosity made me impatient and I wanted to see what happened. Why was I so startled? In the hospital, it was possible that it was a child making a fuss, but this kind of laughter was not only piercing, but also like a gust of wind blowing past my head. I think anyone present would be startled!

But when I turned around, there was nothing but a long, dark corridor in front of me, like a giant python trying to swallow me up, which made me feel terrified all over again. I could feel the coolness coming from every corner, which gave me goose bumps…

When I decided to take a step forward, an unexpected and unbelievable scene appeared: a stretcher-type cart with a blood bag hanging on it was hurriedly pushed in from the corridor where I just came out. A short person, who looked like a child, was lying on the cart. Several medical staff in white coats were retreating to the operating room in front of them steadily and quickly. A lady with curly hair followed the cart, but I couldn't see the expressions of those people. The most frightening thing was that I couldn't see their faces at all, let alone their expressions! Everything was blurry… I couldn't hear any sound, and I actually watched them walk into the dark corridor in front of me, and then disappeared without a trace!

I slapped my face. Was this just another hallucination?!

It hurts when I pinch it… But, no, no, this is not scientific!

How can I, a medical worker equipped with modern scientific and medical technology, believe in such a ridiculous thing as the existence of souls in the world?

To use an unmedical term, I walked forward "with courage" and my heart almost "rose to my throat."

In this hospital corridor, except for the first few times when I was timid, now I started to have psychological effects. Maybe my imagination is too strong. A bunch of messy pictures appeared in my mind immediately to scare myself…

But in fact, there was really nothing, no so-called doctors, carts, patients… everything was so peaceful and harmonious.

Not long after that incident, I was on duty again, but it was not the night shift, but the day shift. Although it was the day shift, the working environment was not much different from the night shift. Relatively speaking, it was more thrilling than the night shift!

This was my first time going to that place, the place that all new medical workers are curious and afraid of – the morgue.

Why do I say that? Because if you study medicine and don't come into contact with corpses once or twice, you can't be called a medical worker. The corpse is a "channel" for us to get closer to the deeper knowledge of the human body, which allows us to understand more about the human body, so as to develop solutions and benefit future generations. Speaking of curiosity, there is also fear, that is, the most terrifying stories in the hospital often come from the morgue. Why do I say that? What is the morgue? In layman's terms, it is a place where dead bodies are piled up. In medicine, it is the place where the remains of the dead are placed.

I am going to such a place. What for? To place new bodies.

My job in the hospital is nothing more than running around all day, looking at the various expressions of patients, saying the same things to them, and doing the same things. This sometimes gives me a headache. I have to run around all day and do those things like a robot. Some people may be curious, why did you choose this industry? Isn't it asking for trouble? My answer is: No, it is our honor to fight for people's health, because in this way, more people will be free from the clutches of illness, and we will see more beautiful things happen. And those innocent smiles like children are the greatest comfort for our hard work!

I came to work early as usual. There was nothing special in the hospital today, so the nurses on duty stood by the consultation counter in front of the duty room door, except for the usual ward rounds and sorting out the patient's record sheet and medical order sheet. Our profession requires seriousness and rigor, and we cannot tolerate any mistakes, because we are dealing with diseases. If we make a mistake, a life will be lost. Therefore, nurses are absolutely not allowed to sit during work. Even if there is nothing to do at the moment, they must be cautious every minute to respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

Suddenly, a person came out from the elevator entrance in the corridor and walked towards the nurses' station with steady and brisk steps.

I took a closer look and found that it was my mentor when I first came to the hospital for internship. He is an experienced nurse with high qualifications. When I was just starting out and didn't know anything, my mentor taught me a lot, so that I was later recognized by the hospital and stayed as a formal employee. In addition to my parents, the person I am most grateful to is my mentor.

"Xiao Liang, get ready. I'll go with you to pick up the body later." The master's words were like a thunderbolt, shocking me so much that I was burnt on the outside and tender on the inside.

"Picking up the body?!" I couldn't help but be shocked. How could it be my turn to do this?

"Well, this is a rare opportunity, you can learn a lot, I have finally left you such an opportunity, you must not refuse it!" The master is a man of his word, plus how can I miss this opportunity to practice in person? I was lucky enough to see cadaver specimens once or twice in school, but this time it was different, it was a fresh body! Maybe everyone will be afraid to say this, don't get me wrong, here I will make a distinction, cadaver specimens refer to human bodies immersed in formalin, and fresh bodies are people who have no signs of life for no more than 24 hours. Some people may ask, what's the big deal about picking up and dropping off a body, being able to dissect is amazing, I am not ashamed to say that generally, without the ability to reach advanced technology, it is impossible to waste a human body for a "rookie" like me to dissect, every human body that contributes to medicine is very precious and worthy of respect, in line with the ideal of contributing a little strength to the living, so that medical researchers can create more medical solutions that are beneficial to the human body based on this limited learning opportunity.

So I say that I am lucky to be able to do this. I am very satisfied just to learn how to do it and expand my "short-sighted" vision, because I have decided to devote myself to medicine after my death, so that researchers can work hard to benefit people!

Okay, I won’t say so much…

I followed the master to the handover area, filled out a few forms, and then went to the basement of another building to take the elevator. I was a little excited and a little scared, but when I thought about it, I could personally pick up and deliver the body, and I could also brag in front of other female nurses and make them all amazed. I almost laughed out loud… As a human being, it is inevitable that vanity will play a role…

When I got to the bottom floor, I followed the master closely and walked through a long dark corridor. Then I saw three words that made my heart skip a beat – morgue!

The master went aside and changed into his operating clothes. I followed his example and entered the room after changing my clothes.

The cold air inside made me chatter with my teeth and curl my hands in my arms. The master laughed at me and said, "You kid, you followed me and refused to leave your post in the middle of the night after get off work in winter, but now you are like a shrimp in this temperature?" I thought, it's true, I am almost like a boiled shrimp…

I saw the master looking for names in the rows and columns of a notebook, and suddenly he stopped next to a line of names with a lot of words filled in.

"Huang Shang? This name is so domineering! But since ancient times, emperors have not lived long. Why choose such a homophonic name? Do you want to show off or make a mistake…" But when I said this, the master immediately threw away the pen and notebook in his hand and covered my mouth, and looked around at the large aluminum alloy freezer in panic. I thought, what's wrong? Did I say something wrong? But there is no one around except the two of us. Is he afraid that someone will listen? This is not ancient times. It is an unintentional mistake to say such a thing. Don't look at me so seriously…

"You kid! Are you trying to kill yourself? How can you talk like that! You should be respectful in front of the dead, don't say things that you shouldn't! And don't call the dead's name!" The master tried his best to lower his voice, but I could still see the blue veins on his forehead. He looked very angry and worried.

I frowned and asked the master in confusion: "Master, why can't we call the name of the deceased?" Putting aside my fault, I was curious why we were not allowed to call the name of the deceased?

The master sighed and let go of my hand: "Forget it, forget it. Since things have come to this, let's just let it go. I'll also tell you about it." As he said that, he picked up the pen and notebook on the ground and placed them next to the cart that had been prepared long ago. He also turned around and opened the drawer of the large freezer. This opened it and scared me. What was frozen inside was not anything else, but a corpse!

I froze on the spot. Seeing how frightened I was, the master spoke to me seriously, "Why are you still standing there? Come on, help me. I didn't ask you to come here to be stunned!"

I quickly helped and turned over the shroud to check. What I saw scared me to death! That child! The strange child I saw not long ago during the night shift! Oh… Could it be that the child was also involved in the rescue process… What I saw was not an illusion!

I stared at the body again. Yes, it was that child! The child I saw a while ago!

The master didn't say much. After checking the name and information, he wrapped the body with the sheet again. I stopped being dazed and came to my senses to help, lifting the body onto the cart.

After my master and I had sorted out all the formalities, we pushed the child's body to the recipient and then returned it to the family. During this time, I kept thinking, is there really a soul in this world?

The morgue corridor on the lower floor was chilly, as if it was air-conditioned, and it made my hair shiver…

Finally, I saw the light in this long passage, and handed it over to another department for packing and rechecking. The master and several staff members went to the computer to sort out the files. I didn't know what to do there. After all, it was my first time, and I was obviously a little stiff. At this time, a staff member with a slightly different outfit came in and asked me to open the shroud for him to check. I thought to myself that the checks were really strict! There are so many procedures for picking up and sending a body. In order to show my technical level, I carefully opened the list with professional skills…

The master and the others had all gone out at this time, and I didn't ask anything. The person in front of me should be my senior brother, he had a serious demeanor.

He recorded some of the texts. I was still concentrating on studying. In fact, it was because I didn’t dare to look directly at the corpse…

"Okay," he said, and went out. I was the only one left in the room with a dead body. Anyone would be terrified! Next, I had to wrap him up again… one layer inside, one layer outside… strips of cloth… wrap the feet first… then the knees… then the abdomen… and finally the neck… At that moment, I seemed to see something!

His stiff eyelids suddenly opened…

Nurse Xiao Liang

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