The Source Of The Surname: Ghost House

As soon as the anesthetic took effect, the girl stopped twisting and moaning and lay quietly on the operating table. Xue Mobei raised the scalpel and slid it across her flat, snow-white abdomen. The assistant doctor skillfully pulled open the incision, and the complete intestinal tissue was revealed to everyone. There was an obvious wound at the junction of the rectum, and a black object as thick as a little finger poked out, flashing a cold metallic light under the light. Taking the scissors, Xue Mobei carefully cut a horizontal incision of about two centimeters on the wound. The nurse handed him the intestinal forceps, and he shook his head: "Tissue forceps." The black object was longer than expected, at least fifteen centimeters. When it was clamped out, Xue Mobei gently spit out.


After the anesthetic took effect, the girl stopped twisting and moaning and lay quietly on the operating table.

Xue Mobei raised the scalpel and slid it across her flat, snow-white abdomen. The assistant doctor skillfully pulled open the incision, and the complete intestinal tissue was revealed to everyone. There was an obvious wound at the junction of the rectum, and a black object as thick as a little finger poked out, flashing a cold metallic light under the light.

Taking the scissors, Xue Mobei carefully cut a two-centimeter horizontal incision on the wound. The nurse handed him the intestinal forceps, and he shook his head: "Tissue forceps."

The black object was longer than expected, at least 15 centimeters. After it was clamped out, Xue Mobei let out a sigh of relief. Although the next part of the work was troublesome, the most dangerous part was over.

After the operation, he sat in a chair in the lounge in a daze, completely unaware of the arrival of the head nurse.

"Doctor Xue, are you okay?" the head nurse asked with concern. "You don't look well. Are you too tired?"

A bitter smile appeared on Xue Mobei's face. When he left the operating room just now, he saw the nurses whispering to each other. Now even the head nurse was alarmed. But it was no wonder that they were surprised. This level of surgery should have been a piece of cake for him. As a rising star in the largest and best hospital in the city, he was so exhausted that it was inevitable to attract attention.

"Thank you, I'm fine." He stood up and stretched, "I'm a little disturbed by the reason why that girl was injured, that's all."

"I heard she was injured by a chair explosion."

Xue Mobei nodded. "It's the kind of chair that can be raised and lowered, with four rollers underneath. The screw pierced the rectum. If the force was stronger and other organs were damaged, his life would be in danger."

The head nurse sighed and said, "You said that the quality of products nowadays is terrible. Even chairs can explode. By the way, we have a lot of these chairs in our hospital. Are you worried about…"

Xue Mobei shook his head: "Are the patient's family members emotionally stable?"

"Don't mention it." The head nurse waved her right hand. "They went to settle accounts with the manufacturer and reportedly contacted reporters. That girl is really pitiful. She will take the college entrance examination next month and she will definitely not be able to participate."

"Which manufacturer produced it?" Xue Mobei asked casually.

"It's from Lion Soul Company. I didn't expect that such an old brand product would be unreliable." The head nurse said indignantly.

Xue Mobei's heart sank. The vague worry he had during the operation became a reality: his girlfriend Xia Sunan was an administrative supervisor in that company. If such an accident happened , it would be very troublesome. Although the screw in the victim's intestine was removed, he was still in danger of death due to excessive blood loss. If someone died, it would be even more difficult to find out the truth.

The more he thought about it, the more restless he became, so he hurried away on the pretext of going to the bathroom.

Xia Sunan's phone was always unreachable, and she must be worried. Every time he mentioned marriage to her, she always refused with the excuse that her career was at a critical stage. Xia Sunan often described to him the complicated interpersonal relationships in the company, claiming that many people were coveting her position, and she might be squeezed out if she was a little careless, so it was best to stay single.

Xue Mobei had just celebrated his 35th birthday. He was handsome and successful in his career. His parents urged him to get married more and more frequently, but in order to respect Xia Sunan's promise to get married within two years, he had no choice but to bear it.

Hoping that she could get through this crisis safely, Xue Mobei put the phone back into his pocket. However, if she was demoted or even fired because of this, she might accept the proposal… No, this idea was too selfish. He patted his forehead, forbidding himself to think further.

When I returned home in the evening, Xia Sunan had not come back and his phone was still turned off.

After changing his clothes, Xue Mobei went into the kitchen and started cooking. After such a serious accident, she would definitely get angry, so the dishes should be light. After making up his mind, he tied an apron and started to make Xia Sunan's favorite carrot meatball soup.

Suddenly there was a loud noise in the bedroom. Xue Mobei was startled and almost got his hand cut by a kitchen knife.

After turning off the gas stove and walking into the living room, Xue Mobei was horrified to find that the chair in front of the computer desk had changed shape: a hole as big as a bowl appeared on the seat, and brown sponges, like rolled-up muscles, protruded hideously from the blue coarse woven fabric. Black fragments were scattered everywhere, and a few larger ones even pierced into the wall.

Bright red liquid dripped from the ceiling. Xue Mobei looked up and saw a horrifying scene.

The calico cat that Xia Sunan raised was hanging from the ceiling like a half-deflated inflatable toy. No, to be more precise, it was nailed to the ceiling by a screw more than ten centimeters long. The blood was flowing out from the wound on the cat's belly.

The cat's head was deformed, and its eyes were wide open, as if it had never understood what had happened until its death. Its mouth was tilted, and it looked like it was giving Xue Mobei a strange smile.

Although Xue Mobei was already used to seeing blood and flesh, he still couldn't help but go into the bathroom to vomit.


It was already two o'clock in the morning when Xia Sunan came back. She closed the door gently, collapsed tiredly on the sofa, took out a blue-covered thread-bound book from her bag and started reading it, a smile gradually appearing at the corner of her mouth.

The Lion Soul Furniture Manufacturing Company where she works is a typical family business with a history of more than 300 years. It has been able to withstand the test of time, so it has its own unique features: in addition to the high quality and genuine materials, the most commendable thing about the furniture they produce is its durability. Furniture produced more than ten years ago, after wiping off the dust on the surface, is almost the same as new.

The boss, Mu Liren, is said to be the seventh generation heir of the ancestral craft. He is just over 50 years old and is smart and capable. Last year, he and his wife Fang Yu participated in a TV talk show. He told the host frankly: the market is huge, and he is not worried that the durability of the product will reduce sales. His words were plain, but he revealed his ambitious spirit.

The host curiously asked them what technology they used to make the furniture so durable. Mu Liren smiled but said nothing. His beautiful wife took over the conversation: "Sincerity, perseverance, and confidence."

The host tried to get her to talk about why other furniture manufacturers still haven't mastered the technology from hundreds of years ago. Fang Yu just brushed it off with the words "the blessing of our ancestors". When asked about the history of the Mu family, Mu Liren's face darkened. The host finally realized that this seemed to touch on business secrets and quickly changed the subject.

Xue Mobei could see that this couple were not ordinary people. It was not easy for Xia Sunan to become the sales manager in this company. Therefore, Xue Mobei fully supported his girlfriend's work and never complained.

"Go back to bed." Xue Mobei noticed the lights on in the living room and walked out in a daze, "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing." Xia Sunan quickly stuffed the book into her bag. "I'll wash up and go to bed."

Xue Mobei was a little puzzled because Xia Sunan had never made such a hasty move in front of him.

"Damn it! A bunch of troublesome guys came to the company today." Xia Sunan muttered as if to change the subject. "They insisted that the chairs we produced caused someone to be injured, and they insisted on seeing the boss to ask for an explanation. You know, our boss went to another place to expand the business a few months ago. He can't possibly come back just for such a small matter? Besides, we don't even know if the explosion was caused by their improper use."

Xia Sunan's words aroused Xue Mobei's disgust: "Our chair also exploded, and your cat was killed."

"What? Qiqi is dead?!" Xia Sunan jumped up, "Where is it?"

"I buried it." Xue Mobei signaled her not to make a fuss, "I didn't stay, so that you wouldn't be sad after seeing it."

"How can you act on your own?" Xia Sunan became angry. "Where are you buried? Take me there!"

Xue Mobei saw that she was really about to run out, so he quickly grabbed her arm and said, "I drove specially to bury it on a mountain near the sea. The environment is nice. What time is it now? I'll take you to see it tomorrow."

Xia Sunan struggled hard until Xue Mobei whispered to her sternly, telling her to stop messing around. Then she sat down again woodenly, muttering to herself, "How could a chair explode?"

"I was just about to ask you something!" Xue Mobei pointed at the wreckage of a chair next to the door. "This chair was produced by your company, right? You'd better take it with you tomorrow to have the cause checked out. The girl who was injured by the chair today happened to be my patient."

"What a coincidence?" Xia Sunan immediately perked up, "How is she?"

"He's saved his life. But even if he doesn't become disabled, the psychological trauma is inevitable, and it will take at least several years to recover."

"I know that with a miracle doctor like you, everything will be fine." Xia Sunan grabbed his arm and shook it, "Why are you still so gloomy and angry? Well, I shouldn't have lost my temper. I'm sorry."

"When you came back, you were angry about the cat first, and then you were worried about the company. Why didn't you consider me?" Xue Mobei said coldly, "Luckily, I wasn't the one sitting on the chair when it exploded, otherwise you would have been waiting to collect my body."

"Bah, you have a bad mouth!" Xia Sunan made a cute face, "Aren't you fine?"

Xue Mobei was about to say something when the phone rang. He picked up the receiver: "It's me… OK, I'll be right there."

"We have to go to the hospital again?" Xia Sunan frowned, "Are the doctors on duty just for show?"

"A chair exploded in an Internet cafe. The hospital is in a state of panic." Xue Mobei said as he put on his clothes. "Please pray that it's not another product of your company."

After arriving at the hospital, Xue Mobei found that the situation was more serious than he had imagined. Although only a chair exploded, the Internet cafe was crowded with people, and people around were injured to varying degrees. One network administrator was the most seriously injured. The metal fragments of the chair bracket went straight into his eyes and penetrated his brain. He was sent to the hospital without a heartbeat.

"It's so scary!" The network administrator's colleague was crying bitterly while sitting on a chair. There was a long cut on his forehead and the blood on his face had not been wiped clean. "If the fragment had not hit the monitor and changed direction, I would have died!"

The man sitting in the chair was seriously injured, with the screw entering from his hip and damaging his spleen. This was the man Xue Mobei was operating on.

After the operation, it was almost eight o'clock in the morning. Xue Mobei felt sore and weak all over, but he had no appetite. The reason was simple: the chair that exploded was a Lion Soul brand. The angry roar of the Internet cafe owner in the corridor of the hospital last night was still echoing in his ears. Human life was at stake, and Xia Sunan must be very worried.

He stood up involuntarily and planned to go see how the girl injured in the first explosion was recovering.

The girl lay on her side on the bed. She looked much better, completely different from the pale and distorted face she had when she was first sent to the hospital yesterday.

Xue Mobei asked a few questions as usual, and when he found that she was in a good mood, he changed the subject: "Can you tell me how you got injured?"

"I was sitting at the table doing homework when I heard a loud noise and passed out from the pain." The girl frowned slightly. "When I woke up, I found myself lying here."

"How long has that chair been used?"

"Not long, just over a month." The girl thought of something, "Doctor, when can I be discharged from the hospital? Will it affect my college entrance examination next month?"

"You need to rest and recover as soon as possible." Xue Mobei mumbled and turned to leave, but was stopped by the girl: "Doctor, my forehead is itchy, is it an allergy to the medicine?"

Xue Mobei walked over and leaned over to take a look. There were a few red spots faintly appearing on her forehead. He touched it with his hand and it was greasy. "It's not an allergy, it's probably acne. Don't worry."

“That’s weird, I’ve never had pimples before,” the girl muttered.


At three o'clock in the afternoon, Xue Mobei returned home and unexpectedly found Xia Sunan busy in the kitchen.

"Why are you back so early? Did you quit your job after winning the lottery?" He joked. "When was the last time I ate your cooking?"

"So sarcastic!" Xia Sunan rolled his eyes at him.

After the meal was served, Xia Sunan raised his glass first: "For your selfless support for my career, I toast to you."

"I have to say this beforehand. I can't guarantee that this meal won't be interrupted by a call from the hospital. Don't get upset if that happens."

"Am I that stingy?" Xia Sunan said cheerfully, "Hurry up and eat the food, and see if my cooking skills have deteriorated."

"You have to tell me what good news you have." Xue Mobei raised his chopsticks and put them down again, "Otherwise I won't feel at ease."

"Why are you so difficult to please!" Xia Sunan complained, "Well, let me tell you, the exploded chair has been inspected by all parties and confirmed to be a low-quality imitation. This has nothing to do with our company."

"You are such a good employee who loves the company like home." Xue Mobei sighed exaggeratedly, "I haven't seen you so excited even on my birthday."

"What do you know?" Xia Sunan took a sip of wine, looking very excited. "I solved this problem independently. I have already reported it to the boss. Although he didn't say anything, he must have known something. I also described the competitors for the position of vice president. Their performance in this incident is enough to make them leave early."

"Then congratulations in advance." Xue Mobei said calmly, "When you are promoted to vice president, you'd better change your trademark. I am really uncomfortable looking at that grinning lion."

This was true. Wei Mobei had always been somewhat repulsive to the Lion Soul furniture trademark. The lion head with wide eyes looked mighty and majestic to others, but he always felt that it was ferocious and had an indescribable sense of weirdness.

"What kind of reaction is this?" Xia Sunan put the wine glass heavily on the table, "Aren't you happy for me?"

"Of course I am happy, but I don't like you talking to me in that conspiratorial tone."

The two of them argued back and forth, almost turning the warm dinner into a heated debate. The phone rang at the right time, and after Xue Mobei put down the phone, his expression was complicated: "Another chair exploded."

"Just blow it up. It must be a replica. It has nothing to do with us." Xia Sunan said unhappily.

"The injured person this time is Fang Yu, your boss's wife. She specifically asked me to perform surgery on her."

Xia Sunan stood up suddenly, her panic evident in her words: "What? Is she… in danger of death?"

"I only found out after I went to the hospital." Xue Mobei snorted, "Do you really have to be so panicked?"

To his surprise, Xia Sunan did not retort, but hurriedly packed up his things and pulled Xue Mobei downstairs.

After arriving at the hospital, Xue Mobei found the dean rubbing his hands in the hall, his face full of anxiety. Seeing his figure , the dean ran over to him, "You are finally here, go and prepare for the operation!"

On the way to the disinfection room, the director kept reminding us that we must be careful and meticulous and not make any mistakes.

The dean and Mu Liren often interacted with each other, and everyone in the hospital knew about it. Some people saw him and Mu Liren having dinner together, and some people claimed that they had seen the two of them playing golf at a newly built golf course in the suburbs. When the dean heard the rumors, he denied them all, saying that they were just nodding acquaintances, but his reaction now proved that their friendship was not shallow.

Fang Yu was even prettier than she looked on TV. Although she looked pale, she still maintained a calm and elegant demeanor. She was lying on the operating table, and when she saw Xue Mobei come in, she raised her head and smiled.

Unlike the previous injured persons, Fang Yu's wound was on his abdomen. There was a walnut-sized blood hole above his belly button. The bloodstains on his belly had turned purple-red, and it seemed that he had been injured for quite some time.

"Why not use general anesthesia?" Xue Mobei asked the assistant doctor in a low voice, "…where is the anesthesiologist?"

"This is my request. Don't blame the anesthesiologist." Fang Yu said calmly, "Doctor Xue, please start."

"I'm sorry, I can't do the surgery without the anesthesiologist present and without discussing the anesthesia plan with me in advance." Xue Mobei refused. "I am also responsible for your life safety."

"Can you please ask the assistant doctor and the nurse to leave?" Although Fang Yu seemed to be negotiating, her tone was unquestionable. "I have something important to tell you."

Perhaps they all knew that this patient had a special relationship with the dean. Before Xue Mobei could say anything, the people in the operating room left, leaving Xue Mobei standing in front of the operating table, puzzled.

"If you have anything to say, just say it now." Xue Mobei said angrily, "Your injury cannot be delayed."

"You are the only one needed for this operation." Fang Yu showed a strange smile. "Strictly speaking, this is not an operation, but an autopsy."

Xue Mobei was stunned and stared at Fang Yu, wondering if he was hallucinating because of fatigue.

Fang Yu stretched out her right hand from under the sheet, holding a scalpel that was shining coldly in her skinny fingers. "I knew you couldn't do it, so I'll do the first cut myself."

Before Xue Mobei could come to his senses, Fang Yu swiftly cut a vertical cut on her stomach. By the time Xue Mobei grabbed her hand, the horizontal cut had also been completed.

The scalpel fell to the ground with a clang, and Xue Mobei stared in amazement at the blood gushing out from the cross-shaped incision. At the same time, the heartbeat monitor beside him issued a sharp alarm sound.


"In the past six months, our Aoxiang Group has revitalized the furniture market in our city! Our philosophy is to launch the most durable furniture at the most economical price! Most of the materials of our furniture are pure natural and pollution-free, and the quality is absolutely reliable!"

On the TV screen, a man in a suit and tie spoke with a voice as loud as a bell and spitting out saliva.

Purely natural and pollution-free… Doesn't corpse wax also meet this standard? Xia Sunan mentioned the last capital left by Mu Liren on the phone. She must have sold the formula of corpse wax to other furniture manufacturers!

Xue Mobei stared at the man on TV.

He looked very happy, but a few bright red pimples were faintly visible on his forehead.

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