The Secret Of Sweet Potato Porridge: The Terrifying Experience Of The Rural Medical Team

This ghost story "Fourth Grandma" has shown unique highlights in plot design, atmosphere creation and character creation, which is impressive. First of all, in terms of plot design, the story is based on the real ghost story of the medical team's visit to the countryside, and gradually leads to the mysterious identity of the fourth grandma and the bizarre death of her son and daughter-in-law. Through the personal experience of the medical team members, the truth is gradually revealed, making the plot more compact and fascinating. The suspense elements and horror atmosphere in the story are intertwined, so that readers always keep nervous and excited during the reading process. Secondly, in terms of atmosphere creation, the author cleverly uses language and description to create a terrifying and tense atmosphere. For example, the graves near the fourth grandma's house, the dark houses and the weird crying mentioned in the story all make readers feel a sense of uneasiness and fear. The description of these details makes the story more vivid and real, making readers feel as if they are in it. Finally, in terms of character creation, the main characters in the story, such as the fourth grandma and Zheng Jie, are portrayed vividly. The image of the fourth grandma is a mysterious and tragic character, and her experience and inner pain are expressed through detailed descriptions. Sister Zheng is a complex character, and her timidity and guilty conscience are reflected in her behavior and dialogue. The shaping of these characters makes the story richer and deeper. In addition, the story also involves some social issues, such as burial policies and human trafficking, which make the story not just a simple ghost story, but a deeper level of thinking and enlightenment. In general, this ghost story "Grandma Four" has performed well in plot design, atmosphere creation and character shaping. It not only brings readers a tense and exciting reading experience, but also triggers thinking about social issues. This is a ghost story that is both professional and full of literary beauty.

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