The Preface To The Lanting Poems Collected By A Dead Friend

"Hey, Senior Brother, don't talk nonsense without evidence! This is not a joke. Zhang Guozhong was confused when he heard this. Why did he drag Master Ma Sijia into this…

"I'm not talking nonsense, you're bringing me here!" Old Liu said innocently, "Guozhong, do you think if we keep investigating, will we find our own people in prison?"

"Impossible! Master Ma would never do such a thing!" Zhang Guozhong shook his head. "You know our master. Not to mention his brother, even if his biological father defected to the enemy, he would not acknowledge him. Since he calls Master Ma his biological brother every time he mentions him, then there must be nothing wrong! … Hey… Senior Brother, give me the Iron Cutter!"

"Huh? What do you mean by cutting iron?" Old Liu was stunned.

"The iron-cutting sword you picked up from Bashan!" Zhang Guozhong frowned, "I was thinking of going out to investigate this matter in the next two days. My sword is too big and I'm afraid it will be inconvenient to take the train!" Zhang Guozhong's grandfather suffered an unjust accusation during the Cultural Revolution. Zhang Guozhong knows this feeling best. After all, he is also a headmaster. If he doesn't clear his ancestor's name, he will probably not be able to sleep well…

In order to make it easier to communicate with Old Liu, Zhang Guozhong experienced the first real big loss in his life the next day. At the instigation of Zhang Guoyi, he drove straight to the Nanjing Road Telecom Building and bought two Motorola "big brothers" at a price of more than 20,000 yuan each (although he spent more than 200,000 yuan on Santana at that time, it was a car after all, such a big thing. Now these two little gadgets cost nearly 60,000 yuan. It is obviously disproportionate, and Zhang Guozhong really feels uncomfortable spending this money…), Zhang Guoyi had just equipped it a few days ago, and kept introducing this most advanced communication tool to Zhang Guozhong, in more detail than the salesperson, "Brother, let me tell you. This thing is no worse than the one with an antenna carried by the Eighth Route Army in the movie. It can be connected to the top of Mount Tai. I just tried it a few days ago!… They call it an analog digital network! Internationally advanced technology! (Actually it is called an analog network, Zhang Guoyi created a digital one himself, and he felt it was quite advanced)"

Where does the saying "My friend dies, but I won't die" come from_My friend dies, but I won't die_My friend dies

"What kind of land is this?" Zhang Guozhong took the mobile phone in his hand and turned it over and over. "It's so small, 20,000 yuan bills stacked together are bigger than it. Is this thing okay…?"

"Brother, don't be so rustic. This is called Motorola, imported from Germany. It's a world-famous brand, connected to the national network! This is called keeping pace with the international standards!" Zhang Guoyi said as he took out his own and gestured to Zhang Guozhong.

"Sir, this is from the United States…" the young waiter next to me kept correcting me…

Of course. Zhang Yicheng was indispensable in this kind of thing. Although children could not use mobile phones, they could still buy a pager. Motorola pager could send messages anytime and anywhere. Although it was not as expensive as a mobile phone, it was still more than 3,000 yuan. Zhang Yicheng was in line with international standards…

"I'm telling you. I bought it for you, but we have to make three rules! First, you can't tell your mother how much this thing costs! Mine is five thousand! Yours is five hundred! Do you hear me? Second, you can't tell your mother that I bought two of these phones! Third, you can't show off your thing to your classmates at school! Do you hear me?" Zhang Guozhong held up the pager and made a series of demands to Zhang Yicheng, "I'm telling you, if you dare to tell the truth to your mother, I'll show you how I'll deal with you!"

Where does the saying "My friend dies, but I won't die" come from_My friend dies

"Hey, brother, don't teach the child to tell lies?" Zhang Guoyi's sense of justice broke out at this time.

"Okay! Okay! No problem! No problem! Dad, don't you trust me?" Zhang Yicheng's mouth was grinning to the back of his head. Not to mention the three rules, even if there were thirty million rules, he would agree to them all… (In fact, Zhang Yicheng was not stupid. Even if Zhang Guozhong didn't ask, he knew the first two. If he told them when he got home, he would be cut off from his own escape route. Although the son commands the mother when the father is not around, it is basically a dream to expect that money-loving mother to buy him something worth three thousand yuan. But the third rule is pure nonsense. If he doesn't go to school to show off to his classmates, where can he show off…?)

Two days later…

After taking great pains to calm Li Erya down, Zhang Guozhong, who had just stayed at home for ten days, packed up his things and headed straight for Wudang Mountain.

After getting off the long-distance bus in Shiyan, the first thing Zhang Guozhong did was to go straight to the Fuzhen Temple in Wudang Mountain, but the result was not very optimistic . Although there were some clues, it was still confusing.

Where does the saying "My friend dies, but I won't die" come from_My friend dies

Fortunately, the Fuzhen Temple still retained its orthodoxy at this time, but most Taoists were not very clear about what happened during the Anti-Japanese War. The abbot was not in the temple at this time, and Zhang Guozhong was received by a Taoist priest named Chen Guang. After learning that Zhang Guozhong was a disciple of Ma Chunyi, he did reveal some of the events of the past, but the clues were still very few.

According to Taoist Master Chen Guang's recollection, it was around 1941, but the exact month was not very clear. Taoist Master Chen Guang was still a little Taoist boy at that time. In his memory, Master Yun Lingzi, Master Ma Sijia of Maoshan, several disciples, and Grandmaster Shen Zhenren once had a secret conversation together, which lasted only about ten minutes. After that, these people hurried down the mountain. At that time, there was a little confusion. One of Master Ma Sijia's disciples seemed very strange. Judging from his walking posture and behavior, he obviously did not look like a Taoist. Even his greetings and chanting of Buddhist names were very unprofessional. He just wore a Taoist robe to meet his dead Taoist friends . Outsiders could not see this. Taoist Master Chen Guang did not care at first, but later he thought about it carefully and found it a bit strange.

A few days after these people came, Master Shen went out to travel, and came back more than two months later. However, none of these disciples and grandchildren saw Master Shen himself. They only heard from their uncles that he had returned and was in seclusion. Less than a month later, the master said he was going to travel again, this time for a shorter time, and came back in a month, but he was not seen again, and he was still in seclusion. This cycle repeated for about five or six times. The longest time he went out was two months, and the shortest was half a month. After the last time he came back, he still didn't see him. Later, he directly said that the master had passed away, and he didn't see him until the end. He and other brothers felt strange, but no one dared to ask about it. Especially after the second uncle, Master Fang Chuyun, succeeded the position of the headmaster. He emphasized that everyone should keep their mouths shut about this matter, otherwise it would be a disaster to destroy the sect. This scared the disciples and grandchildren below, and no one dared to say anything, let alone ask. According to Master Fang's legacy, this matter could not be talked about. But Taoist Master Chen Guang saw that Zhang Guozhong was from Maoshan, and that his master's series of strange things were somewhat related to Maoshan Sect, so he told Zhang Guozhong everything he knew (no wonder Sun Ting didn't find these clues. If it were an outsider, Taoist Master Chen Guang would not have told these things either). However, when Guozhong asked about Harada Yukikuro, Taoist Master Chen Guang shook his head and said he didn't know. Originally, Zhang Guozhong wanted to wait for the host to come back before asking, but according to Taoist Master Chen Guang, the host at this time, Taoist Master Chenxing, was his senior brother, and he knew almost the same as himself…

Besides. Zhang Guozhong also learned that although Yun Lingzi was later accused of being a traitor, Fuzhen Temple neither refuted nor agreed. What was even more strange was that Fuzhen Temple never removed Yun Lingzi's name. It was said that this was also the secret training of Master Shen before his ascension. Although Yun Lingzi was later scolded by the outside world, he still secretly retained the title of Master Shen Fangzhuo's disciple within Fuzhen Temple. It was not known whether Master Shen was protecting his son or there was another hidden reason. This matter had always been kept secret from the outside world. It seemed that the jade pendant for the head of Maoshan that Master Ma left to Zhang Guozhong was indeed very useful…

"Actually, I have some evidence on hand. It may be helpful to clear Senior Yun Lingzi's name, but it's a pity that I didn't bring it this time. One day, I will definitely travel to famous mountains and rivers and do my best to clear Senior Yun Lingzi's name!" In order to thank Taoist Chen Guang for providing clues, Zhang Guozhong also wanted to do something within his means, but he didn't say anything definite. Not bringing evidence was just an excuse. Although Old Liu believed that Yun Lingzi was not the traitor, Zhang Guozhong believed in evidence even more. Although Sakurai Shozo's personal bodyguard witnessed Yun Lingzi's martyrdom, it was also possible that it was a self-torture trick. So Zhang Guozhong was going to wait until the truth of the current matter was revealed before he would start to clear Yun Lingzi's name.

Where does the saying "My friend dies, but I won't die" come from_My friend dies

That night, Zhang Guozhong stayed at Fuzhen Temple. He wanted to call Old Liu to ask about the situation there, and to try out whether this new mobile phone could really work on the top of a mountain as Zhang Guoyi said. However, he stood in the courtyard and changed several angles but there was no response. It seemed that it could work on the top of Mount Tai, but not on Mount Wudang…

The next day, Zhang Guozhong returned to Shiyan. This precious phone could finally be used, but Old Liu did not bring any valuable clues. According to the Taoist friends at Qianyuan Temple of Maoshan, Master Ma Sijia took three disciples and said they would go on a journey and never came back. Before leaving, they told them that Qianyuan Temple would no longer be the main temple of Maoshan Sect. Later, they entrusted Master Hou Zihou of Zhengyi Sect to take over Qianyuan Temple, and all disciples and grandchildren converted to Zhengyi Sect. The master had mentioned this matter before. From the master's expression, it was obvious that he knew the reason, but he just wouldn't say it. This time, except for some vague clues brought back by Zhang Guozhong, Old Liu's trip was basically in vain. "What was it all for?" Zhang Guozhong felt very uncomfortable. "Master, master, I'm your disciple. I've taken over two positions of headmaster. Do you have any secrets that are worth hiding from me?"

After returning to Tianjin, Zhang Guozhong held on to the last glimmer of hope and went to Baiyun Temple (one of the three major ancestral temples of Quanzhen) again. After hearing that he was the second disciple of Master Ma Chunyi and had been taught the position of the head master by Ma Chunyi himself, the then host Master Sun Xiaode was of course extremely polite, which made Zhang Guozhong quite embarrassed. However, despite his politeness, Master Sun also failed to provide any valuable clues. Regarding Harada Yukikuro, Master Sun also shook his head and said he didn't know. (It seems that this person is much less well-known in China than Yokomichi Keiji… He wasted tens of thousands of dollars on communication tools, but in the end, it was all in vain. Zhang Guozhong was so depressed that he was instigated by his prodigal brother…)

Time passed day by day, and there was no news from Sun Ting. Zhang Guozhong could only dig out the few tattered books left by his master. Although he had read them countless times before, he had to give it a try now. Few people knew this dusty secret back then. How easy would it be to find out after so many years?

On this day, Zhang Guozhong was tired of flipping through books, so he was watching "A Native of Beijing in New York" in the living room with Li Erya. Suddenly, Zhang Yichen ran out from the inner room and insisted on watching "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" on the big TV in the living room. He snatched the remote control from Li Erya.

Where does the saying "My friend dies, but I won't die" come from_My friend dies

"You unlucky child, what's so good about that video with people grimacing and shouting?" Li Erya was enjoying it.

"I don't care! How old are you? Why are you still watching TV? Hurry up and find a place to practice Tai Chi…" Zhang Guozhong is never at home, and Zhang Yichen spoils Li Erya.

Just as Zhang Yicheng was using the remote control to change the channel, a news program flashed by. At this moment of the picture, Zhang Guozhong's eyes immediately straightened, "Quick! Switch back! The channel that was broadcasting the news just now! Change it to me!"…


Note: Quanzhen Sect

Since the Ming Dynasty, Quanzhen Sect lost the support of the ruling class and gradually split into many small sects to carry out independent activities. The orthodox sect is the "Seven True Sects". They are the Longmen Sect of Qiu Chuji, the Suishan Sect of Liu Chuxuan, the Nanwu Sect of Tan Chuduan, the Yuxian Sect of Ma Yu, the Yishan Sect of Wang Chuyi, the Huashan Sect of Hao Datong, and the Qingjing Sect of Sun Buer. Among them, the Longmen Sect is the most powerful and has more records. Little is known about the other six sects. In the early Qing Dynasty, the Longmen Sect was revived by Wang Changyue and became more prosperous than the other sects. In addition to the seven direct Quanzhen sects, there are also branches passed down by Zhang Sanfeng in the early Ming Dynasty, the Inner Alchemy East Sect passed down by Lu Xixing during the Wanli period, and the Inner Alchemy West Sect passed down by Li Xiyue during the Jiaqing and Daoguang periods of the Qing Dynasty. They are all side branches of Quanzhen Taoism. The above sects multiplied and differentiated into more small sects during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. According to the "General Book of the Sects of the True Sects", there are 86 sects.

These small sects often claim to be the authentic Quanzhen sect. The Quanzhen sect led by Master Ma is the Seven True Sect of Qiu Chuji. The reason why Master Ma is in Tongtian Temple instead of Baiyun Temple is entirely due to some historical reasons.

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