The Paper Curse Under The Colorful Bird: The Fantasy Journey Of A Female Hero In The Southern Song Dynasty To Save Her Husband

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During the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty, on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, when all places were bustling, the Ding family was also busy. Mrs. Ding had a difficult delivery, and even the best midwife in the city was unable to deliver the baby. Mr. Ding cried to heaven and earth for help, but to no avail. By chance, an old nun passed by, and she used some magic to help Mrs. Ding give birth to a baby girl. The baby girl cried loudly, and everyone in the town seemed to hear it. This earth-shaking cry also attracted a big bird, which dragged a long colorful tail and circled over the Ding family's house. Onlookers pointed at the big bird and called it Phoenix! The baby girl was later named Ding Fenghuang.

When Ding Fenghuang was three years old, the Ding family was wiped out. It was probably because Mr. Ding had made enemies in business. The Ding family was burned to ashes in a fire. Mr. Ding unfortunately died in the fire. Ding Fenghuang was with her maid Xiaomei at the time and luckily escaped. Xiaomei secretly took Ding Fenghuang to her hometown in the countryside because she was afraid that the Ding family's enemies would come to find her.

Xiaomei's home is at the foot of Tianning Mountain, a remote town. However, you can go directly to Nansong City by taking a small path from the outer city through Tianning Mountain. Once, Xiaomei accidentally saved a merchant who was bitten by a poisonous snake. The merchant thanked Xiaomei with a double-heart jade pendant. Xiaomei liked the jade pendant and hung it around Ding Fenghuang's neck.

Later, Xiaomei took Ding Fenghuang to the Guanyin Temple to burn incense. The Guanyin Temple was always very lively. Xiaomei wanted to worship Buddha but was afraid that Ding Fenghuang would get lost, so she drew a circle under the elm tree with black charcoal for her to stand. When Xiaomei got out of the crowd of people burning incense, she found a couple standing next to Ding Fenghuang, who were pinching the double heart jade pendant hanging on Fenghuang's neck with their hands, as if asking where the jade pendant came from. Xiaomei recognized that this person was the one she had rescued from being bitten by a snake. This person's surname was Wei, and he was a jeweler. Because his wife had not been pregnant for a long time, he came to the Guanyin Temple to ask for the immortal sign. After learning the whole story, Mrs. Wei liked Ding Fenghuang very much, so she adopted Ding Fenghuang.

Ding Fenghuang changed her name to Fengyi and became the daughter of the Wei family, and she enjoyed wealth and glory without a doubt.

More than ten years passed in a blink of an eye. Fengyi was very eager to study, so she disguised herself as a man and studied in an academy founded by the great educator Zhu Xi. She has always been Zhu Xi's favorite student.

Behind the academy, there is a very steep cliff called Yunjian Cliff. On the Double Ninth Festival, Fengyi had no books to read, so she bypassed the people who were picking dogwood and went up Yunjian Cliff alone. Standing on the top of the cliff, she looked down at the people of the world and suddenly felt peaceful. Unexpectedly, a strong wind suddenly blew up from the bottom of Yunjian Cliff. Fengyi quickly lay still, but heard a scream. It turned out that the cliff wind had wrapped a big bird. The wings of the big bird were broken into pieces and lost their direction in the whirlwind. The situation was critical, and an old nun appeared out of nowhere. The old nun flicked her wrist, and the fairy whisk on her hand stretched out thousands of whisks and went straight into the rich ghost in the wind bag. The whisk dragged the big bird out of the wind, which was very thrilling. This bird is not called Phoenix, but Stone Chicken, which is raised by the old nun. It was the one that appeared over Ding's house more than ten years ago. The old nun came to Yunjian Cliff today to find a herb. The Stone Chicken could identify this herb, so she searched on the cliff. Unexpectedly, there would be this hurricane, which almost took its life.

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By chance, the old nun saw that Fengyi was very smart, so while using the stone chicken to heal her wounds, she taught Fengyi a magical skill. What the old nun taught was not complicated. She gave Fengyi a pair of clever scissors, which was used to cut out a paper shackle. After the old nun demonstrated how the paper shackle worked, she found it had its own magical powers. Fengyi understood what she meant and thanked the old nun!

Fengyi learned to cut paper shackles and enjoyed it. Soon, something happened. Because the Jin Kingdom repeatedly invaded the border, it sent spies to sneak into the Southern Song city secretly, waiting for an opportunity to steal military intelligence. The spy was a girl, who once mixed in the brothels and brothels, and obtained military intelligence by seducing the pillow talk of senior military officials. Later, the army strictly prohibited non-commissioned officers from going out to seek pleasure, and sent soldiers to start checking the brothels one by one. Unfortunately, the Jin Kingdom's enchantress disappeared like the wind. But I don't know who heard the rumor that the enchantress had disguised herself as a scholar and was hiding in the Wanjuan Book Building of the academy.

There was no Jin Dynasty beauty in Wanjuan Book House. Instead, the investigation revealed a woman dressed as a man, Feng Yi. At that time, Feng Yi took off her green hat, and her long hair fell down like a waterfall, looking like a fairy.

When the soldier leader Shi Yifei saw this, he thought it was just right for a demon girl. He ordered the soldiers to tie Feng Yi up. After this incident, the fact that Feng Yi was dressed as a man was leaked, and it was impossible for her to study at the academy again.

Shi Yifei went to the Wei family to apologize several times in person, and after a few visits, he developed a crush on Fengyi. Soon, he offered a generous gift to marry into the Wei family, and Fengyi agreed with a smile. After marrying, the couple loved each other very much.

It was midsummer, and there was a large pond in the Shi family's courtyard. At night, frogs would croak everywhere. Normally, Mrs. Shi would enjoy listening to the frogs, but she had recently fallen ill. The doctor had advised her not to live in a noisy environment, but she was kind and could not bear to kill any living creatures. She had no choice but to be disturbed by the frogs' croaking.

Rich ghost happy family_Rich ghost_What does rich ghost Mei Yi mean

That night, Fengyi went to the room of Old Lady Shi to talk. The maid Jubao accidentally mentioned that the frog sounds disturbed the old lady's peace, and Fengyi smiled to her mother-in-law and said, "Little frog, I have my own way."

After Fengyi returned to the house, she had an idea. She lit the lamp and wrote a "Sacrificial Article to Frogs". The article was amazingly written. Then she asked Jubao to catch a bag of mosquitoes and flies as sacrifices, go to Qingtang to recite the "Sacrificial Article to Frogs", and then burn it. She gave the frogs three days to move out of Qingtang and sing somewhere else.

After listening to Fengyi's explanation, Jubao secretly laughed in his heart. How could this frog understand reason? Why should he recite a sacrificial text to a frog and then burn it after reciting it? So he took the initiative to deal with it carelessly, crumpled up the sacrificial text and threw it away.

The next night, the frogs in the pond not only did not stop croaking, but croaked even more happily. Fengyi called Jubao over and said to her, "The old lady needs to recuperate, so respecting the elderly comes first. Go and persuade them to leave the pond tomorrow. Otherwise, I will punish them severely!" Seeing Fengyi's seriousness, Jubao felt uncomfortable and even laughed at it. She went out of the room to play and be lazy. She always thought that the lady was talking nonsense.

On the third night, the frogs were still making noises, and the old lady smiled and said to Fengyi, "Don't take it too seriously." It turned out that Jubao had secretly told the old lady about Fengyi's plan, and the old lady just laughed it off.

Fengyi couldn't stand it any longer, so she took out her scissors and cut many paper shackles. She told Jubao to scatter all the white paper shackles in Qingtang and told the frogs to move out of Qingtang within three days. If they still didn't obey, they would be punished by being shackled. When Jubao heard this, she felt gloomy in her heart. Could it be that the lady was crazy? But this time, she obeyed the order. When they arrived at Qingtang, they threw all the paper shackles that Fengyi had worked hard to cut all night into Qingtang. Qingtang was quiet all night, and there was no frog sound at all.

Rich ghost happy family_Rich ghost_What does rich ghost Mei Yi mean

The next morning, Shi Yifei passed by Qingtang and shouted for help. Jubao ran there first and was stunned. It turned out that there were many frogs in Qingtang, with paper shackles on their necks, floating to the surface with their white bellies turned upside down. They looked very pitiful. Fengyi also came and felt sad. The dead frogs all had their eyes open, as if they had been wronged. She asked Jubao in detail about the process of reading the sacrificial text. This time, Jubao honestly said that she did not do what Fengyi said. Fengyi shook her head and blamed Jubao for ruining things. She sent everyone away and muttered to herself by the Qingtang for a long time. Since then, no more frog sounds could be heard in Qingtang, and the old lady's illness was soon cured. However, there was a strange phenomenon. White-necked frogs appeared in Qingtang outside Shi's house. It was as if they were carrying paper shackles, which was really weird.

Fengyi gave birth to a baby boy the following year, but due to the constant war, Shi Yifei rarely had the opportunity to return home for a reunion.

Soon, the Jin army besieged Zhuding City of the Southern Song Dynasty. The battle was fierce and ended with the fall of Zhuding City. Shi Yifei was imprisoned in Zhuding City by the Jin army leader Na Yantuo. Shi Yifei was tortured but still faced death. Na Yantuo was so angry that he wanted to chop Shi Yifei off.

Bad news spreads far and wide. When Feng Yi heard the news that her husband was about to be beheaded at home, she immediately mounted her warhorse and rushed to Zhuding City alone.

In a blink of an eye, Fengyi arrived outside Zhuding City. The territory of the Southern Song Dynasty was ruled by the Jin soldiers. Fengyi sat on the horse with a chill in his heart. The Jin soldiers were showing off their might on the top of the city. How could he sneak into Zhuding City?

Fengyi turned into a woman holding a pipa and half covering her face. She sat on a horse and played the pipa. The sound was so fierce that it made people's blood boil. Jin Bingjia stopped her from her horse. Jin Bingyi confiscated her pipa and played it as a toy. The pipa was trembling and almost broke. Fortunately, at this time, a Jin Bing general came out to patrol the city. Seeing Fengyi's beautiful appearance, he took her to him and looked at her from left to right. Fengyi's face flushed and she knelt down and said, "General, please have mercy. I am an artist who wanders around. It's only because my senior brother died in the war that I wandered here. Please give me a meal." After that, she grabbed the pipa and played it lightly. The Jin Bing general had already seen stars in his eyes. He pulled out a gold medal from his waist and ordered Jin Bingjia to send Fengyi to the Marshal's Mansion.

Rich ghost happy family_Rich ghost_What does rich ghost Mei Yi mean

After the fierce battle in Zhuding City, everything has changed. Fengyi walks in the bleak streets of Zhuding, thinking of a plan to save her husband.

It was really a place of wine, meat and revelry, with music and singing every night. The Jin barbarians seized the castle of the Southern Song Dynasty and built a high platform for pleasure.

When Na Yantuo heard that a prostitute had been captured, he dismissed the dancers and summoned the prostitute to come in. Feng Yi was extremely charming when she entered the stage. Na Yantuo could not have imagined that there was such a beautiful woman in the Southern Song Dynasty, comparable to the Jin Dynasty's enchantress.

After the song was finished, Fengyi put down her pipa and said, "The general is so majestic, and I have a little trick to help you cheer yourself up!" Yantuo put down his wine glass and said, "Okay, okay, are you going to do a striptease?" This made the generals spit out their wine.

Feng Yi took out a white paper yoke from her bosom and demonstrated: "Look, General, this is just a paper yoke. If you see someone you don't like, give him this paper yoke, and I will play a trick on him!"

When Yantuo heard this, he thought there was something to be learned, so he pointed to a general with a hooked nose and said, "Give it to General Zola, and see how you can trick him!" The hooked nose was not afraid, and took the paper shackle with a fake smile. The paper shackle was only the length of the middle finger and the width of the thumb, with a hole in the middle, which represented the head, and two small holes on the left and right, which represented the left and right wrists.

Rich ghost happy family_Rich ghost_What does rich ghost Mei Yi mean

Fengyi pulled a piece of black cloth over and covered the hooked nose with it. When the cloth was removed, everyone saw that a real wooden yoke was put around the hooked nose's neck, with his hands clasped in the holes of the yoke. His face was as pale as death, like someone in a deep prison. This brief change made Yantuo laugh uncontrollably. The hooked nose begged, "This is a vicious move. Please, General, please remove it!" Only then did Yantuo stop laughing and ordered the yoke to be removed.

The black cloth was put on and then pulled down, and everyone looked at the hooked nose again. The shackles on the neck had been removed, which was amazing.

The magical paper shackles attracted much discussion among the Jin soldiers, who all wanted to see the Southern Song woman Fengyi perform magic tricks on the spot. Unfortunately, Fengyi was imprisoned by the general at the banquet table, so they had no chance to see it. The Jin soldiers guarding the city could only talk about the art of paper shackles with their eyes wide open.

The sun was scorching hot at the time, and the Jin soldiers could not open their eyes. Suddenly, a huge shadow blocked the sunlight. The Jin soldiers looked up and saw a large bird flying over Zhuding City. The bird was colorful and had a long tail. The bird was circling over Zhuding City and the Jin soldiers stared at it. Suddenly, the bird flapped its wings vigorously, and the Jin soldiers felt like it was snowing. Many white and light things fell from the wings of the bird. At first, the Jin soldiers thought they were bird fluff, but when they picked them up, they found that they were exquisitely cut paper shackles. They were amazed and each of them played with a paper shackle in his hand.

That night, Na Yantuo stayed with Fengyi. When he was undressing, something strange happened. He couldn't take off his clothes, so he asked Fengyi to help him. When Fengyi's hand touched Na Yantuo's neck, Na Yantuo felt a heavy weight on his neck. It turned out that there was a wooden yoke on his neck. He tried to take it with his hands, but his hands were stuck in the holes of the yoke. Fengyi picked up a bench and smashed it on the back of Na Yantuo's head, and Na Yantuo fainted.

After leaving the general's camp, Fengyi saw the Jin soldiers standing guard outdoors under the bright moonlight, all with wooden expressions and carrying a yoke. All the Jin soldiers were under her paper yoke curse and could not move.

The big bird in the daytime was cut out of colorful paper by Feng Yi. She hid the paper shackle she had cut out in the feathers of the big bird. If the Jin soldiers got the paper shackle, they would be cursed by Feng Yi. However, the curse of the paper shackle did not last too long.

Fengyi immediately rescued her husband Shi Yifei from prison. Shi Yifei couldn't believe that his wife bravely broke into the rich ghost of Zhuding City by relying on the magic she learned from the old nun. The two rode out of the gate of Zhuding City quickly, and saw that the moon in the sky suddenly darkened, and a dark cloud covered the moon. When the dark cloud dissipated, the Jin soldiers in Zhuding City woke up and found that they were all wearing a paper yoke around their necks. When they pulled it, white paper fragments flew everywhere.

Shi Yifei has already left Zhuding City…

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