The Night Cat Demon: The Horror Legend Of The Village And The Fate Of Three Bandits

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"It's the middle of the night, be careful with candles~~" With the sound of gongs and gongs, the night watchman Wang Er walked slowly along the village street. Suddenly, a black thing jumped out from the tree in front of him, and Wang Er was scared. When the black shadow landed, it turned out to be a black cat. It raised its black eyes to look at Wang Er, and then quietly slipped into the darkness on the left. "Damn cat, next time I meet you, I will beat you hard with a stick!"

"That's Xiao Tan. She likes to jump around on trees and roofs. You can't catch her." A graceful figure walked out from where the black cat had just disappeared. Wang Er looked and saw that the girl was young and beautiful, with a petite figure and a melodious voice.

"Whose daughter are you? Why are you out here alone in the middle of the night?"

"I accompanied my parents to the market to buy things during the day, but we got separated by too many people. Now I have to walk back alone."

"Oh. How about I give you a ride? It's not safe for you to go back alone."

The girl hesitated for a moment, looking shy, and then nodded.

The next day, people found Wang Er's body not far from the village, with a hole on the top of his head. In the following months, more bodies were found like this one after another, and the county government was reported to investigate, but no results were found. After a long time, people guessed that this was not something that humans could do, and from then on, every time the sun went down, every household closed their doors and windows, and the streets were empty.

A gang of three robbers who were on the run were wanted in other counties and were forced to come here to hide. They fled regardless of time, crossing mountains and ridges, and rushed all the way here. It was dark when they arrived here, so they planned to stay at a farmer's house at the front entrance of the village. The light in the farmer's house was still on before they knocked on the door, but when they knocked, the light went out. The eldest of the three was furious: "It's obvious that we are not allowed to stay here! But I want to stay here anyway!" "Knock, knock, knock!" The first one knocked hard and shouted: "Open the door quickly! If you don't open the door, I will smash your door! You are so ungrateful, I have never heard of you…" Just as he was about to announce his name, the second one stopped him and said politely to the people inside through the door: "I'm sorry, my eldest brother is impatient, please don't bother with him. We are not bad people, don't worry, we are just in a hurry, and didn't expect it to get dark so soon, and there is no store to stay here, so we disturbed you. We don't ask for hot meals or anything, we have dry food with us, we just want to find a place to sleep. I hope you can understand us outsiders!"

The lights in the house came on, and after two coughs, an old man's voice came: "Strangers, it's not that I won't open the door for you, it's that I don't dare to! There are monsters here. I have never seen you before, so I don't know your details. You should listen to my advice and quickly find a place to hide."

"You stinky old man, you just don't want us to live here, but I'm going to argue with you today, I must live here!" The eldest brother was about to knock on the door again. The second and third brothers quickly stopped him, saying that a forced melon is not sweet, there are other families, we can live somewhere else. As they talked, they dragged the eldest brother to other families, but they didn't expect that every family was the same, no one opened the door. The eldest brother got angry: "This is all the fault of that old man, I will tear down his house now and teach him a lesson!" After saying that, he ran to the old man's residence angrily and was about to kick the door, but suddenly there was a "squeak" sound behind him, and a door opened as if from the darkness. A young girl flashed out from inside, smiling and said to them: "Everyone, although my place is small, I would like to lend it to you to rest for one night." Then he let them in.

Faced with the sudden invitation, the three looked at each other in shock. The second brother was the quickest to react: "Then obey your order." The three were about to go in when a violent cough suddenly sounded from the old man's room behind them. The eldest brother was furious and scolded the old man: "Are you jealous of others inviting us? If you cough again, I will stuff carbon into your throat!" The old man did not reply, but sighed heavily. The third brother muttered behind the eldest brother: "Strange, why didn't I see this room when I came here…", looked up and saw the eldest brother staring at him angrily, and immediately shut up and followed the second brother in.

The eldest brother went in and saw the middle door was wide open. The second and third brothers were already sitting at the dining table. There were two plates of food, three wine glasses, and a bottle of soju on the table. The girl was wearing a gray dress embroidered with white plum blossoms. Her face was as plump as a full moon, and her eyes were as bright as pearls. She gently poured the soju into three bowls, brought them to the three people and put them down one by one, saying, "My name is Miao'er. My parents are out and haven't returned yet. I saw that you have worked hard to come here, so I took the initiative to invite you to come here for the convenience of others. But I am alone at home, and there are rumors of monsters. I am scared, so this is also for my own convenience. So please don't be suspicious."

The eldest brother had been fascinated by her appearance, and his robber nature was revealed. He approached her to tease her and even wanted to touch her. Miao'er didn't seem to mind at all, and the second brother followed suit. Only the third brother didn't join in the fun. He had been traveling all day and his feet were sore. He just wanted to eat a full meal and go to bed early. He didn't have the mood to tease her, not to mention that he was staying at someone else's house, so he found an excuse to go out and go to bed first. As soon as he walked out, a small stone suddenly hit his head. It hurt so much that he saw stars in his eyes. He was about to yell and curse, but suddenly he saw a man standing on the building opposite, waving at him and motioning him to come over. Isn't this the old man who didn't let them stay overnight? What the hell is this old man doing? Thinking about it, he still walked to the door opposite.

The old man came down lightly, but did not open the door. Instead, he whispered to him through the door: "There is no house opposite me. You must have encountered a monster. Run for your lives." Then he hurried into the house and locked the door carefully. The third brother felt his scalp tingling and turned around to find the eldest and second brothers. They were still chatting and laughing with the girl. The third brother looked at the girl carefully. As expected, she was very charming. He stood beside and winked at the eldest and second brothers. The eldest brother was obsessed with the girl and did not even look at him. Although the second brother also loved women, he knew that he had something important to do when he saw the third brother's expression, so he said: "Brother, you eat first. The third brother and I will go out to sort out the things." He and the third brother went to the yard. The third brother repeated what the old man said to him to the second brother, and the second brother was immediately scared out of his wits. There was no more talking in the house, and suddenly there was a sucking sound, which was different from the sound of drinking. The two were curious and walked to the door together. The eldest brother's head was buried in the girl's chest. The girl lowered her head and hugged him. The candlelight flickered and it was not clear. When I looked again, the girl gently placed the eldest brother on the table, stretched out her tongue, licked each finger as if savoring a delicious food, then put her hand down and said to the two people outside the door: "Come in, it's so cold outside? Why are you staying outside?" After saying that, she smiled at them, and this smile was very sharp , revealing two sharp teeth on each side of her mouth. The second and third brothers were so scared that they screamed "Oh my God" and ran away. Just as they ran to the door, a black cat jumped down from the lintel and scratched the second brother's face. The second brother was startled and tripped over the threshold. He was caught by the girl who came after him. The girl lifted the second brother with one hand, raised her head and opened her mouth. The two fangs shone coldly under the moonlight, and looked extremely sharp. The second brother was so scared that he didn't even have the strength to shout. The girl smiled, lowered her head suddenly, and bit the second brother on the head.

The third child didn't care about the second child falling, he just ran forward desperately, without looking at the road, and fell into the stinking ditch with a splash. Although it was shallow enough not to drown, the water was fishy and smelled terrible, and he almost choked to death. He was entangled by the water plants at the bottom of the water and couldn't climb out. The third child heard movement in front of him, so he stopped struggling immediately, and threw himself into the stinking ditch, revealing a pair of terrified eyes and hiding under the water plants to see what was going on.

First, a black cat ran over quickly, sniffing the surroundings with its nose trembling. The third child was so scared that he dared not breathe. Then the girl came over and said, "Xiao Tan, where is the person?" The black cat "meowed" as a reply. The girl looked around and said, "He actually managed to run away. He is better than those two idiots. Forget it, I have eaten enough tonight. I will go to settle accounts with the old man tomorrow." After that, she fell to the ground and turned into a gray and white cat the size of a pig, with several inches of black hair on her ears, and a pair of round eyes flashing golden blade light in the dark night. Her nose still sniffed unwillingly for several times, and then she ran into the mountain behind the village with the black cat.

The third brother hid in the stinking ditch all night, and only cried for help when someone passed by at dawn. After being rescued by the villagers, he cried and told them about his experience last night. The villagers then realized that it was the cat demon who was harming people, hiding in the mountain behind the village. When the villagers heard that the cat demon was going to harm the old man that everyone knew tonight, they were furious. After all, many people in the village had been killed one after another, so they took hoes and shovels and went up the mountain together to catch the monster. It is said that there are more people and more courage. At first, they were so scared that they closed the door and dared not meddle in other people's affairs. Now they have become intolerable, which is also the result of the cat demon's many injustices. The villagers followed the direction pointed by the third brother and searched carefully along the way. Suddenly, a villager said, look, there is a cave here, and there is snoring coming out of it. Everyone stood together and discussed, took the guillotine used for farm work at home, lined up at the entrance of the cave, and then threw the lit torches wrapped in rags into the cave. Suddenly, the cave was filled with smoke and the smell was suffocating. The villagers stood in two rows to guard the entrance of the cave. Suddenly, two black shadows, one large and one small, jumped out from inside. When they were cut by the guillotine, they screamed "meow~". The villagers didn't care about anything. When they saw the black shadows, they immediately raised their tools and hit them. When they hit the guillotine below, they raised it and hit them again. I don't know how many times they hit them. The guillotine cut the body into several pieces. Each piece was covered with blood and flesh, and the blood soaked a large area of ​​the ground red. The villagers called the third brother to identify them. The third brother took a closer look and said, "This is the gray and white cat and the black cat I saw yesterday." The villagers felt that they were still not satisfied, so they built a fire, threw the body fragments in and burned them clean. Since then, there has been no more monsters harming people at night.

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