The Most Terrifying Haunted House In The World: Japan’s Jiki General Hospital

In an amusement park called Fujiji, there is a haunted house near Mount Fuji. Here is a whole building as a haunted house. The appearance of the haunted house is a dilapidated, desolate and trembling hospital. Unlike other haunted houses, there is no prescribed route, but visitors are allowed to walk freely throughout the hospital. The real meaning here is to be immersive, and the designer has spared no effort in setting up the terror mechanism. The goal is to scare your courage. In a group of people, he will scare the last person, so that the whole group will run faster. Come

On the way, there are still some sacks that move like they are filled with people,~~~~~


The funniest thing was that a man from Chongqing who was more than 1.8 meters tall ran out alone. He lost one of his shoes. After he came out, he sat at the door and kept panting. A ghost inside picked out his shoes. The guy looked at the ghost who was chasing him just now.

To be honest, at that time, I really closed my eyes and rushed, and I didn’t dare to look in the surrounding room~~ So I missed a lot of things, and friends who have been there, please make up for it~~


2. Well, it’s the best haunted house I’ve ever seen. The stuff inside is so realistic. But in the end, I was not afraid of the most terrifying haunted hospital in Japan , and said hello to them. A man had a heart attack and went out to first aid on the spot.

3. It is still creepy to think of that haunted house.


I remember that there was a medical department with us. Before going in, he said that he was from the medical department. A hospital must not be afraid, but he was not scared to shit.

I heard that this haunted house is often changed, is it true?


4. I would like to ask a question, for example, I was washed away, a person was placed on the order, and I have no courage to move forward, can I hold a scare staff and ask him to take me out? , don’t play anymore~~

Saidaiji City in Okayama Prefecture, Japan is a small town with only more than 6,000 inhabitants. The “Nude Festival” held here every year makes the town famous.



The Nude Festival, also known as the “Huiyang Festival”, is one of the three major “exotic festivals” in Japan. The participants are all male, they only wear traditional Japanese loincloths, and they are almost naked. The third week of February every year is the day when the nude festival is held, and the Saturday night event is the climax. On this day every year, nearly 10,000 men come to participate in the ceremony of naked scramble for “baomu”, and the visitors also countless.

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