The Legend Of The Eight Ghost Immortals Part 3: The Funeral Classroom Chapter 10

Zhang Jianfeng frowned and said, "Yes, could it be that she meant something else? And the most troublesome thing now is not that Wang Hongbin died on the seventh floor, Fang Tao also met Fang Ying on the seventh floor, which means that the axis of the entire mourning hall classroom is on the seventh floor. Legend has it that the reason for the resurrection is probably because there is a crack in the sealed barrier. But according to the information, the barrier is not on the seventh floor but at an unknown stone door. I was just wondering how the grievances between them can be connected and even merged into one?" Xiaolan said, "How do you know?" Zhang Jianfeng explained, "The soul-guiding lamp took away Wang Hongbin's soul and threatened to open the stone door. The grievance power in the mourning hall classroom is huge, but it has not been able to cause large-scale trouble like the collective jumping off the building that year. All signs show that the seal of the mourning hall classroom has not been completely unlocked. It cannot break through by its own strength and has to rely on other forces. Therefore, although it hates the red clothes on the island, it dare not hold it. I think this should be the reason why the mourning hall classroom is difficult to suppress-the grievance ghost is easy to descend but hard to find the foundation."

Xiaolan glanced at Zhang Jianfeng and said, "I didn't see you talking so much when I was lying on the hospital bed. How come you can talk so much here?" Zhang Jianfeng smiled and said, "It was just when I was reading the information that I suddenly figured it out. Now the funeral hall and classroom can be summarized into three major puzzles." Xiaolan smiled and said, "Actually, what I said is not a puzzle. By the way, there is a possibility that we can't ignore. Although Fang Wei placed the explosives, if there was a coincidence on that day, didn't Fang Ying die at the hands of Fang Wei?"

Xiaolan said it lightly, but Zhang Jianfeng was shocked and numb. Is it a coincidence? Coincidence? Just as he was about to ask, Xiaolan had already taken out the second file. On the cover of the file, it clearly read: "Red Clothes on the Lonely Island". Compared with the "Funeral Hall Classroom" file, it was really a world of difference. This one was only three pages long. Zhang Jianfeng took it and muttered: "What is so little recorded?"

The first one is the case investigation form at that time:

Name of deceased: Liang Hua Gender: Female Age: 20

Place of death: Old locust tree on the island in the center of East Lake of xx University

Cause of death: suicide by hanging

Cause of death: Unknown

Condition of corpse: severe asphyxiation, the top of the head was pierced by some kind of round sharp weapon, forming a perfect circle; the blood in the body was transported to the brain through the heart and bronchi at a rate of 100 ml per second, and the brain was intact.

Cause of bleeding: Unknown

Round sharp weapon: Unknown

Personal information: Unknown

Motive for suicide: Unknown

Case details: His biological three-year-old sister was strangled to death, her head was damaged, and her boyfriend was stabbed to death in the chest. It was confirmed that Liang Hua bought a dagger about three inches long before his death. The motive for buying the dagger is unknown. The two victims were handled separately.

Suspicion: The deceased was taking a "College Folk Song Course" and often looked up an old book in the library that had no cover. It contained a collection of mysterious folk songs from the school. One of the pages had detailed annotations written by the deceased. According to the deceased's classmates, the book was exactly what she held in her hand when she returned to the dormitory on her last night. Meaning of the song: Unknown

Zhang Jianfeng was dissatisfied and said, "Writing is the same as not writing so many 'unknown' questionnaires. I have written a thousand copies of this kind of questionnaire." Turning to the second page, it turned out to be a photocopy of the ballad. Although the printing level was low at that time, it was well preserved and still very clear. Five horses were drawn on the paper using geometric abstract methods. The circle represented the horse's head. The rectangle represented the body. Two diagonal lines of different lengths were added below to represent the horse running. The technique was very clumsy and the drawing was crooked. It was obviously drawn casually by a novice. The ballad below was also handwritten, but the handwriting was very beautiful: The horse races on the horse race ground, the golden tortoise must pass it to the third place.

No one is seen bringing incense, only the Eight Immortals returning from crossing the sea.

There are two words under "golden tortoise": "difficult to understand." The last sentence is circled and there are two more words next to it: "important." Below that are two lines of tiny characters. The writing style of these characters is different from the above, and it is obvious that they were written by the deceased: "Everyone in the world says that you must first pass the golden tortoise to the top scholar. Who knows that the opposite is the correct way."

Zhang Jianfeng looked at Xiaolan: "Do you understand what this means?" Xiaolan shook her head. Zhang Jianfeng said : "'Everyone in the world says that you must first pass the golden tortoise to the third place winner'. That's what the poem means. 'Do the opposite'. What's the opposite? Pass the third place winner to the golden tortoise?" Xiaolan couldn't help laughing any longer: "Don't guess. Since there is a painting, I think it is about specific things on the racecourse. You might as well take a look at what the last page says before you make your comments." Zhang Jianfeng followed his instructions and turned to the last page. It was a large color photo. Her thin lips were tightly pursed, her eyes revealed a resolute look, her oval face was slightly bent down, and the image of a fresh and pretty girl stood out in the photo.

Seeing Zhang Jianfeng just staring at the photo, Xiaolan poked him mercilessly and said, "Please don't expose your true nature in front of other girls. Fortunately, it was me who scared them away. But in my personal opinion, Fang Ying is ten thousand times prettier than Liang Hua. How come you didn't stare blankly?" Zhang Jianfeng cried out in pain and then came to his senses and explained, "It's not that I look at her in a very familiar way, as if I've seen her somewhere before." Xiaolan mocked, "If you like her, just like her. A man like you, don't you dare say it out loud?" While looking at the last file in the box, it said "The Sun Family's Massacre of Twelve Members". Xiaolan Just as Xiaolan was about to reach out to take it, Zhang Jianfeng suddenly turned his wrist and held her hand and said, "Why are you taking that file that has nothing to do with us?" Xiaolan said, "It took a lot of effort to open the box. It would be a waste if you don't take a look. Why are you so nervous?" Zhang Jianfeng said in a deep voice, "Don't touch it. The vengeful spirit in the box I mentioned is hiding in this file." Xiaolan shrank her hand in horror and looked at this last file in fear. The cover was covered with thick, fine dust and lay quietly at the bottom of the box. Only the words "The Sun family's family of twelve members was murdered" seemed particularly clear for some reason, as if announcing that this was an injustice that was beyond the reach of the world.

Xiaolan suddenly grabbed Zhang Jianfeng's hand tightly. Zhang Jianfeng screamed, "What are you doing?" Xiaolan stared at the box and said in a trembling voice, "I-I seem to hear someone in the file-talking."

Zhang Jianfeng could hardly believe it: "What? You can hear the words of the vengeful spirit? What did it say?" Xiaolan shook her head blankly: "It said a lot, but I couldn't understand a lot of it. It seemed to say that its existence was painful and the price it paid was too great–" "Snap" Zhang Jianfeng suddenly closed the box. Xiaolan was startled and then looked at Zhang Jianfeng in surprise. Zhang Jianfeng pushed the screw into the joint and said calmly: "All the vengeful ghosts stay in the world voluntarily. No one forces them. Similarly, if they want to enter reincarnation, they must rely on themselves and no one can help them. Pain is the price of the hatred in their hearts and is not worth pitying. You were just confused by the vengeful spirit."

Xiaolan was so scared that she dared not look at the box again. She turned around and saw that the two volumes of "Mourning Hall Classroom" and "Red Dress on the Lonely Island" were still on the table. She hurriedly grabbed Zhang Jianfeng and said, "I made a mistake, I made a mistake. These two volumes have not been put in yet." Zhang Jianfeng said, "No mistake, I want to take these two volumes out. Do you remember so much information?" Xiaolan asked in surprise, "Aren't you afraid that the director will find out?" Zhang Jianfeng smiled and said, "How can he find out if he doesn't even dare to enter this room? Put them in your schoolbag later and take them away without anyone noticing."

The police chief was relieved to see the two of them come out and asked, "How was it?" Xiaolan was about to answer when Zhang Jianfeng hurriedly said, "Fortunately, we only took a quick look and then those dirty things came out. Fortunately, we were quick to cover the box and put it back in its original state." The chief rubbed his hands and said, "It's all right, it's all right." Judging from his expression, he never wanted to go into that kind of haunted place again in his life.

When they got back to school, Xiaoqing had been waiting impatiently in Zhang Jianfeng's dormitory. When she saw the two of them coming back, she hurried over to ask, "How is it? Any new progress?" Xiaolan took out the two volumes of information from her schoolbag and showed them to Xiaoqing, "I was so exhausted from carrying it, but he was so cunning that he came with nothing and left with nothing." Zhang Jianfeng pouted and said, "It's not good for boys to carry schoolbags." Xiaolan replied bluntly, "Does it look good for girls to carry schoolbags?"

While the two were bickering, Xiaoqing quickly finished reading the two files, shook her head and sighed, "Two more stories of 'beauty and misfortune'. What do you think?" Xiaolan then told them the doubts she had found one by one. Xiaoqing tilted her head and thought for a while, then smiled and said, "These are certainly important, but in my opinion, you haven't caught the most fundamental doubts yet." Zhang Jianfeng was unconvinced and said, "What is it? I want to hear it." Xiaoqing said, "It is a coincidence that 'Mourning Classroom' and 'Red Dress on the Lonely Island' were resurrected at the same time; it is another coincidence that two grievances were generated together and caused violent friction on the isolated island; and the people involved in 'Mourning Classroom' were killed by 'Red Dress on the Lonely Island'. Too many coincidences are no longer coincidences when they come together. Don't you think that there should be no connection between 'Mourning Classroom' and 'Red Dress on the Lonely Island'?"

"Oh, right," Zhang Jianfeng stood up with a "whoosh" and walked around the dormitory anxiously twice, saying, "Now that you mention it, I remembered it again. Do you remember the senior brother I went to visit? Once I went to his place to play and inadvertently looked out the window and found that his dormitory was at an angle, and through the gap between the teaching building and the experimental building, I could just see the top of a classroom." Xiaolan was puzzled and said, "What does this mean?" Xiaoqing answered, "It means that when the 'funeral classroom' was causing trouble at night, his dormitory was within the range of resentment." Zhang Jianfeng played with the information in his hand and sighed, "The facts have been clear for a long time. Without the 'funeral classroom', there would be no 'Red Clothes on the Lonely Island'. The 'Red Clothes on the Lonely Island' is a tragedy derived from the 'funeral classroom'. The two generations of legends were actually the same thing. Liang Hua had discovered the secret of the 'funeral classroom' more than 20 years ago." After tossing and turning for several days, they came to such a shocking conclusion. The situation the three faced was more severe and bloody than any era when legends were flourishing. In an instant, the whole dormitory fell into dead silence.

After a while, Xiaolan broke the deadlock and said, "I still don't understand why Liang Hua had to wear red to commit suicide? Why did she kill her sister and boyfriend first? These actions cannot prove that her death was caused by hatred for the 'Funeral Classroom'." Zhang Jianfeng said, "Maybe she had some unspeakable secrets and had to do it." Xiaoqing said, "No need to guess, all the mysteries actually come down to one point. From the surface, it seems that the 'Funeral Classroom' has more information than the 'Red Dress on the Lonely Island', which seems to be easier to investigate, but in fact, the clues are complicated and messy, and the age is relatively old. The only puzzle of the 'Red Dress on the Lonely Island' is the painting and the ballad. Maybe the answer also includes information about the 'Funeral Classroom'. What I mean is to check the 'Red Dress on the Lonely Island' first." Zhang Jianfeng exclaimed, "She is worthy of being the Zhuge Liang among women. I fully agree. Let's act separately, Xiaoqing, you go to the Student Union and fight Visit Xiaolan to the library. "Xiaoqing hesitated and asked, "What about the 'Mourning Hall Classroom'?" Zhang Jianfeng pondered for a while and said, "Don't worry. The 'Mourning Hall Classroom' is busy fighting the 'Lonely Island Red Clothes'. Besides, its resentment is far less powerful than when it was prosperous. It shouldn't cause too much hindrance to our actions. I'm just afraid that they will kill people again. The more chaotic the situation is, the worse it will be for us. Once the school's yang energy drops to a certain low point, I'm afraid the time for the two legends to break through the shackles of magic will be shortened. Anyway, we just have to do it as soon as possible. "Xiaolan asked in confusion, "Wait! It seems like you have nothing to do?" Zhang Jianfeng glared at her and said, "Who said nothing? I'm going to Mount Zhongnan." Xiaoqing muttered on the side, "Going to Mount Zhongnan again? I don't know if you are really asking for advice or going to travel?" Zhang Jianfeng reflexively threw a cup out. Xiaolan shouted, "Don't learn from me!"

In the morning, Mount Zhongnan was covered by a thin veil, and all the greenery spread in all directions in the haze. Zhang Jianfeng enjoyed the scenery along the way and arrived at Quanzhen Temple early. The two young Taoist priests guarding the gate saw him coming and hurriedly greeted him and said, "Master predicted that the eldest brother would come last night, so he told me to wait in the courtyard for a while until the master came out of retreat before paying his respects." Zhang Jianfeng asked curiously, "What happened to the master today? He never meditates in the morning." The young Taoist priest said, "We don't know. After receiving a letter from Canada this morning, the master's face became uglier and he told the master to clean up the house and meditate."

Canada? Zhang Jianfeng was puzzled but did not dare to disobey his master's order. He wandered around the courtyard and watched the white cranes picking their feathers. He was bored when the door of the quiet room in the middle suddenly opened. An old voice came from inside and said, "Jianfeng, you are here? Come in and talk." Zhang Jianfeng hurried in and saw that the room was still filled with white smoke. Gu Xinghan's face was still a little pale. Zhang Jianfeng paid his respects to his master and took a glance. He saw a torn letter on the table. The third line on it was written in beautiful handwriting: "Personally from Chen Xinghan". Chen Xinghan seemed to be the lay name used by his master before he became a monk. He was thinking about it when he heard Gu Xinghan chanting, "I am wandering alone on the path in the bamboo garden. For whom did the cherry blossoms bloom in the past? The things of the past came to my mind and I couldn't help but feel a little upset. How are things going over there?"

Zhang Jianfeng wanted to hint at the letter, but Gu Xinghan blocked the topic quickly. He had to sit down on the futon and slowly told the story. At the end, he said, "My disciple is incompetent, but the problem is still very difficult." Gu Xinghan smiled and said, "Those two girls are really capable. They found the clues so quickly. As long as the mystery of the 'red dress on the lonely island' can be solved, the problem can be solved easily. How can it be difficult?" Zhang Jianfeng said, "Master, don't you think that such a complicated cause and effect relationship has a problem in itself in finding the key to the mystery so smoothly? Moreover, the method of subduing the soul-guiding lamp has not been found. Why the red-dressed female ghost has no body is a headache for my disciple." Gu Xinghan pondered and said, "All ghosts have bodies. Those without bodies are not called ghosts, nor can they be ghosts." Gu Xinghan recited the most authoritative principle of distinguishing whether it is a ghost or not in the magic world. Zhang Jianfeng couldn't help but feel moved when he heard it. He seemed to have a vague understanding in his heart. Just as he was thinking, there was a sudden noise outside, as if someone was fighting. The master and the disciple looked at each other with different colors.

Gu Xinghan always loved quietness and could not help but frowned and said, "Jianfeng, go out and take a look." As soon as he finished speaking, a loud voice came from outside, saying, "The Sixth Patriarch said: There is nothing originally, where can dust gather? If your mind is not at peace, it is useless to meditate for many days." Gu Xinghan hurriedly opened the door and greeted him with a smile, "Wuzhen, we haven't seen each other for more than ten years, right?" The person who came was Master Wuzhen. He saw Gu Xinghan wearing a cloud-like suit, a plain silk Taoist robe, and a star-moon crown on his head. His face was pale and his breath was weak. He had long lost the handsome demeanor of the past. He could not help but say sadly, "Why bother to come? I have let it go. They say that emotional injuries are worse than swordfights…" Gu Xinghan was quick to stuff an apple into Master Wuzhen's mouth. He was screaming "Mmmmm" and walked into the main room and said with a smile, "Old friends meet, it's not too late to reminisce after serving tea." While putting away the letter on the table, he glared at Zhang Jianfeng who was laughing beside him and said, "Why don't you pay your respects quickly?"

Master Wuzhen finally freed his hands to tear off the apple, but before he could even catch his breath, Gu Xinghan smiled and said, "Wuzhen, you didn't come here just to visit me, did you?" After Master Wuzhen's lesson with the apple, he dared not say anything nonsense. He laughed dryly and said, "I came here for your annoying disciple. The unique information about the soul-guiding lamp is only available in Mount Wutai. Who knew that when I got there, the fellow named He would actually refuse to see me, saying, 'I never see outsiders.' I said I was neither an outsider nor a guest, and we kept throwing bricks and tiles and making a noise for an hour. He couldn't stand it anymore, so he quickly asked his disciples to find out for me the legend of the Eight Immortals ." As he spoke, he pulled out a tattered thread-bound book from his arms and waved it triumphantly.

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