The Incident Of The Passing Of The Ghost Soldiers

Hi, everyone, do you still remember me? This time I will mainly talk about a question raised by a member of the Spiritual Society – Ghost Soldiers Passing by.

What is the "ghost soldiers passing by"? In fact, the scientific name of the "ghost soldiers passing by" is "ghost soldiers stepping into the territory", which means that a group of ghost soldiers (the number of them varies) go to escort some wronged souls, and they reveal their true form and are seen by people. However, everyone who sees the "ghost soldiers passing by" is…

Then someone will ask: What are the Yin soldiers? Yin soldiers are actually a group of evil spirits in the underworld, who are responsible for escorting the souls of people who have just died. Don't say I am superstitious. Since I saw the middle-aged scholar who took away my grandma and the evil man who took away my uncle, I can't help but believe it. Well, let me tell you about a friend of mine.

Whenever I think of this incident, I still regret it and feel guilty for the rest of my life. What exactly happened? Please read on.

Friends who are familiar with me must know where my grandmother lives. Yes, it is Wangcheng. It has brought me a lot of happiness and sadness. However, there is also a mysterious and exciting feeling… that is – about dirty things.

The summer of 1998 was so hot! It was summer vacation, so I stayed at my grandma's house. Even with the fan blowing directly at me, I still felt stuffy. After a while, my caller started to buzz. I picked it up and saw that it was Hao. What was this kid trying to do in such a hot day?

I called back immediately: "Hey, what are you thinking of doing?" I heard Hao on the other end of the phone laughing, "Going to New Era Internet Cafe?" "No, no! The computers are so slow, I'm not going." Hao laughed again: "I heard that they just got an air conditioner there today."

"GOODIDEAER!" I answered. When I arrived at the Internet cafe, Hao also arrived. We bought a few cans of cold beer, turned on the air conditioner, drank cold beer, and leisurely typed on the computer. It was really a great enjoyment on a hot day! !

Hao threw a Marlboro over and said, "Master, I heard that several people died in the river again, and the bodies just floated from upstream to downstream. Do you think the beer we drink is made from the water in that river?"

"Puff…" I spat out the beer that I had just drunk. "Damn it, you are looking for death!" When I thought that beer is the water used to soak corpses… I couldn't help but curse.

At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, I quickly closed all QQ and prepared to go home for "dinner". "Hey, kid, why haven't you gone home yet?" Hao replied: "Oh, me, I'm going to stay up all night."

"Then why not say 'Goodbye, Master'?" I said proudly . Is the ghost Bai useful ? Hao came up with a "Seventy-five Styles Modification", and I quickly dodged. "Okay, goodbye, Master!"

Why did Hao call me Master? There is a reason. Hao and I both love playing arcade games. In 1998, Wangcheng had only just released the "King of Fighting 1997", so few people knew how to play. I had already mastered the game when I was in Changsha, so whenever I used gorgeous and dazzling moves, a large group of people would come to watch. Hao was one of them. Soon, he worshipped me as his master. We were just joking about the master-disciple relationship. Usually, we were like brothers.

So he went to work all night, and I went back to Changsha the next day.

Unexpectedly, he fell into a coma. When he returned home from school that day, why was there a woman at home?

When the woman saw me, she fell to her knees and said, "Please, save Haohao, save my son!"

Her son? "You are…" I looked at the woman. She was in her 40s, dressed elegantly, and had an indescribable look on her face. She shouldn't be a mental patient, so I asked the question I had just asked.

"Oh, I'm Haohao's mother. It's like this. Haohao called home that day and said he wouldn't come back. He was in a daze the next morning when he got home, muttering, "They saw me. What should I do? The ghost soldiers saw me." He couldn't say anything when he was asked, and then he fainted. We invited several doctors, but none of them could find out what was wrong with him. Finally, the Chinese doctor said, "Maybe you've been entangled by an unclean thing." So I hired a sorcerer and spent more than 1,000 yuan. The sorcerer returned the money to me and said, "My magic power is limited. This thing is too powerful. You should seek help from someone else." The day before yesterday, Haohao suddenly woke up and said, "They've entangled me, they've entangled me. Only he can save me, only him, Master Zixiang." Then he fell into a coma again." The lady said this with sobs.

After saying this, the lady with a noble face actually kowtowed to me and said: "As long as I can save Haohao, no matter how much money it costs, it's fine."

How could I bear this? I quickly helped the woman up: "Let's talk it over." Tears had already fallen from the woman's eyes. She stared at me and said stubbornly: "I won't get up unless you agree."

Damn, so clichéd. How come the scenes that often appear on TV are happening to me now? "Auntie, I'll go with you, but I can't guarantee whether I can save her."

The lady then stopped crying and smiled. I asked my father to help me take a few days off, and then I left with the woman. The woman was very generous. She waved her hand and got a taxi from Changsha to Wangcheng.

When we arrived at Hao's house, the woman was about to pour me some water, but I had already poured myself a glass. "Auntie, I'm very casual. Hao is my good friend. I've been to his house countless times. It's just that, hey, you're not at home every time."

His nanny came out at once: "Is Mrs. Long back?" "Take me to Hao's room."

When I arrived at Hao's room, he was sleeping peacefully on the bed. Suddenly!!! I saw Hao's face twisted!!! He looked extremely distressed. "You guys go out first, quickly!" Faced with this sudden change, Hao's mother and nannies could only do what I said. Why should they go out? ? Women have strong yin energy!

After they went out, I used hypnosis to help Hao enter a coma mode, and after a while he suddenly sat up.

"Tell me—what—did—you—see—that day—"

Hao started to talk: I was surfing the Internet until 3 o'clock that day, and I was hungry, so I went to find something to eat. Where can I get food in the middle of the night? I didn't give up, and looked around. At this time, I saw a strange phenomenon: a group of people came from the east, about 6 people, and the weak light made it difficult to see their faces. When they came closer, I saw that they all had no expression on their faces. The one at the head was holding a small wooden stick with many small pieces of paper stuck on it (a mourning stick). The last person threw money and paper into the sky. I thought someone's old man had died. I went online again. About an hour later, I saw them again, so I left the Internet cafe to see what was going on.

At this time, there was a large group of people. In addition to the ones just now, there seemed to be more than a dozen people. They all had no expression. I suddenly thought of the unclean things that the master often talked about, so I looked carefully. I saw that the six people were holding iron chains, and the other end of the iron chain was tied to the dozen people who came later. What's going on? The more I thought about it, the more it looked like that kind of unclean thing. The more I thought about it, the more scared I became. I wanted to run, but I accidentally bumped into something. The one holding the small wooden stick slowly glanced at me. I saw that his eyes were green. When I was wondering why they were green, I knew nothing.

After Hao said this, I helped him to wake up from sleep again, and he continued to be unconscious. The next day, which was the sixth day after Hao encountered this strange thing, he woke up.

He was very excited when he saw me: "Master, I knew you would come and save me. Master, I saw the 'ghost soldiers passing by'. You said it was hard to see that time, but I saw it, haha!"

This kid didn't know that no one who saw the ghost soldiers passing by would survive. I asked him, "Do you know the consequences?" "Consequences?" "Death!" Before he could finish, I said the word that humans are most afraid to hear. "No… No way, I thought I was just a vegetable, so I asked the master to save me. Will I… die?"

"Master, I believe it, I really believe it, I, I want to join, I want to join, it's 20 yuan, I'll pay 200!! Join, join." After saying that, he fainted. When people are extremely scared, they will talk nonsense and incoherently. Hao must be scared.

Those guys will definitely come looking for Hao tomorrow, so I’ll help him then. I covered Hao with a thin blanket and walked out.

The next day (the seventh day after Hao touched that thing), I was still sitting next to him, and around ten o'clock, the sun hid without my knowledge, and the room suddenly became dark. I felt a heavy yin energy (you would naturally feel it if you touched it many times), so I quickly hid in the living room.

After a while, Hao was heard shouting in the room: "No! I won't go, I won't go, Master, Master, save me!"

I opened Hao's door gently like clearing a minefield, and unexpectedly there was a group of "people" inside, 1, 2, 3, exactly 6. The one standing closest to Hao was a tall guy, the one who scattered the paper money that Hao mentioned.

Hao cried, "No, I won't go. I didn't mean to see you. Please let me go. I beg you."

The tall man who scattered the paper money turned around, and the six "people" consulted with each other with their eyes, and the one holding the mourning stick came out. He danced a strange dance, but the rhythm was very fast…

"Collecting souls?" I've heard from the elders that this is how ghosts collect souls. Once someone sees the dance they perform, they will involuntarily follow it, and they can easily collect the soul of that person. Seeing Hao's eyes becoming more and more dull…

If I don’t charge now, when will I? When I was about to charge out, I thought of what the book said about the passing of the ghost soldiers – "a sign of great misfortune, a disaster of blood and light". I became scared. While I was struggling with myself, the dance with the mourning stick was over. I waved the mourning stick in front of Hao, and the six people started to leave. I quickly hid behind the sofa.

The next day, Hao woke up and said to me very calmly: "Master, I don't blame you. Let's be master and apprentice again in the next life." After saying this, he died, and his death was unclear…

Many years have passed, but whenever I think of this, I still feel guilty. Every year on Hao's memorial day, I buy a bunch of fragrant chrysanthemums and light up three Marlboro cigarettes to wash away my guilt…

Note: It is true that ghost soldiers pass by. It usually happens after a major disaster. I heard from my relatives that it happened once after the Tangshan earthquake.

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