The Haunting: Three Lives In One House, Ghostly Shadows

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These houses were built around 1925. In this large courtyard, these houses are the right house, with a wooden frame structure, and the outermost one is a stilt house. People call it a haunted house. They talk about all kinds of ghosts, such as frightened ghosts, hanged ghosts, starved ghosts… It makes people tremble with fear. It is said that the locals were too scared to enter the house alone in broad daylight.

This house was originally built by a family surnamed Ou, and later bought by Tang Chaogui. After liberation, it was divided among Lin during the land reform. Later, a man named "Liu Banman" lived in it for a few years. Then it was vacant for a few years. The production team used it as public housing for meetings and it was given to educated youth who went to the countryside to live in. Finally, it was bought by the Wang family, a family living in the fields. It changed hands several times and left behind many scary legends.

Tang Chaogui was originally a poor man. In his early years, he rented the land of the wealthy Ou Dong family to cultivate. He paid the rent but had no money and lived a poor life. Later, he joined the ranks of porters. At that time, transportation was blocked. After carrying goods to Chongqing City, he bought the local shortages there. Over the years, he carried goods on his shoulders and back, and after a few years, he had money on hand.

After the death of the Ou family, his son spent his days in whoring and night gambling, so he sold his land and house. In two or three years, he went from a wealthy family to a poor family. Tang Chaogui bought land and the Ou family's house when he had money. He also hired long-term workers and rented part of the land to others for rent. He also became a wealthy family and an exploiter. A few years later, liberation came and Tang Chaogui became a landlord. He saw that the situation was not good, so he hung himself on the beam of the house with a rope one night and ended his life. After Tang Chaogui's death, his wife remarried and his son followed his mother to the house. The incense of the Tang family was cut off here. When Tang Chaogui bought the house, the Ou family had also spent nearly 20 years to build it. At that time, the house was considered well built. The yin and yang master said it was a blessed house, but there was no sign of blessing. After Tang Chaogui died, the land reform took place and the house was divided by Lin. Before liberation, Lin was a poor man who carried a pole and sold coal for the rich. He also rented the land of the Ou family and later the Tang family to farm. After the Lin family moved into the house, they often said that there were footsteps in the house at night. Lin had seen Tang Chaogui hanging from the beam with his tongue sticking out in his dreams many times, which was very scary. Lin's wife and children also said the same thing. The family lived in panic. After about a year or two, Lin was paralyzed in bed and died after several years of pain. Later, his wife ate white mud in the case of extreme food shortage. She couldn't defecate and her stomach was swollen like a drum. She ended her life in this house with a rope while groaning. After Lin's wife hanged herself, her children were afraid to enter the house. In addition, they were young, so they were adopted by people from afar. Since then, this house has been empty, and the production team used it for meetings. There was a "Liu Banman" in the village. He had a good family background. Because several generations were poor, he was very positive and became the village director. He used the wave of opposing feudal superstition to take the lead in cutting, axe-cutting, burning, and hammering the Bodhisattva statues that had been in the village temple for hundreds of years; he took the lead in digging up ancient tombs and smashing ancient monuments… Of course, he also believed that there were no ghosts in the house, and the spacious house was empty, so his family moved in and lived there for several years, and there was no ghost. But this year he was tied up and brought to the stage for criticism, saying that he was corrupt, and his official hat was taken off, and he was beaten half to death on the stage. "Liu Banman" returned to the house and ended his life with a rope. Since then, three people have been hanged in this house, and the wife of this director also died of illness in this house. She knelt in pain in this house to repent, begging the Bodhisattva for forgiveness, begging the ghosts and gods to spare her life, and scolding her husband for doing many evil things. The neighbors heard it and said it was retribution. She was just over 40 years old when she died.

From then on, the house was empty again. Some people said that there was a ghost in the house, and they talked about it with great excitement and fear. It is said that many people saw lights in the locked house at night; they heard the sound of pots and pans clattering, fighting, quarreling, and moaning from outside… A group of children came to play near the house, and the adults called them away, fearing that they were possessed by evil spirits. It is said that several children were playing near the house, and they insisted on looking at the legendary ghosts in the broken part of the house. Suddenly, the children shouted and ran. One child was too young to keep up with the older children, so he fell behind and cried. He got sick and died soon after returning home. This house was also lived in by young people from the city who came to receive re-education from poor and lower-middle peasants. Several young people did not believe in ghosts, and of course they did not tell any ghost stories to make the way . Later, they returned to the city, and the house was empty again.

In 1982, the farmers were forced to move out of the farms and all the collective housing was being dealt with. The Wang family was not afraid of ghosts . Their house was small, and their two sons were worried about finding wives. So they bought the house at a very cheap price and moved in. About five or six years later, the daughter of the Wang family had married and passed away. One of the sons of the Wang couple went out to work and disappeared for many years. Another son got a mental illness and died in less than two years. The lonely Wang couple lived in this house for nearly 20 years. They were over 70 years old and had a difficult life. Later, they went to a nursing home. The house was empty again.

Now this haunted house that has been talked about for decades is in tatters, most of it has collapsed, with only a few pillars left, rotten wood and fungi, left to the wind, rain and scorching sun. It is rare for a few people to come here to take a look. Weeds grow everywhere, sometimes birds make a few noises on the pillars, snakes and insects come in and out, and the big yard originally had 50 or 60 people living in it, but they all moved away, some bought houses in the town, and some built new houses on the highway. This place has been converted from farmland to forest for more than ten years, and trees have grown into a forest, which is very quiet.

The locals have talked about this haunted house for so many years, but now few people talk about it anymore. Those past events will be forgotten completely.

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