The Girl's Eyes Are Blood Red!

In order to earn more money, many taxi drivers will drive customers at night, and Gao Chen is no exception. Gao Chen is a 10-year-old taxi driver. He seldom drives late at night, but these days, Gao Chen Chen's mother was hospitalized due to a cerebral hemorrhage. In order to make more money, he would drive all night. There are many taboos about driving late at night, and there is even a story about encountering ghosts while driving late at night, which is widely spread among drivers. Gao Chen is a very open-minded person. He has only one sentence when it comes to ghosts: Believe it or not. . It is precisely because of this mentality that he has been insisting on driving all night.

That night, Gao Chen was driving. When he reached the Anxin Bridge, a girl stopped his car. He found that the girl was wearing a white dress, her hair was covered, and she was walking crookedly. Gao Chen was a little surprised, because she rarely Someone stopped a car on this Anxin bridge, and the person who stopped the car was actually a thin girl. This Anxin Bridge is also one of the taboos for drivers, because anyone who drives on this Anxin Bridge at night will be infected with some dirty things, and will die within a month, so this Anxin Bridge also has another name: Anxi Bridge .

"Little girl, where are you going?" Gao Chen asked. "Go to No. 44, Ping'an Street." The girl's voice came out somewhat mechanically. If the girl was not sitting next to Gao Chen, just listening to the voice, he might think it was made by a computer.

Gao Chen's driving skills are very good, and he arrived at No. 44 Ping'an Street in a short while. This is the girl who said, "I forgot to bring money. The front is my home. You wait at the door, and I will withdraw the money." Gao Chen agreed. Well, there are many such customers, so it's not surprising that through the headlights, Gao Chen saw the girl walking crookedly into an old-fashioned apartment building. After a long time, Gao Chen didn't see the girl coming out, so he got impatient, so he also got out of the car and approached the apartment building, suddenly he saw an old man in red standing downstairs in the apartment building. Did Xu Tian die? , so I went to ask him: "Grandpa, do you know a girl who is wearing a white skirt and walking crookedly?" "Yes, she lives in Donghu on the third floor, but you should be careful, there are very few people living in this house." I'm afraid it's something dirty too . The red ending is Xu Tian dead , you'd better not get involved." The old man's voice was cold, but it made Gao Chen tremble all over.

Gao Chen walked to the east door on the third floor, and looked through the peephole in front of the door with the help of the faint light of the voice-activated light in the corridor, but he found that the inside was blood red. Gao Chen was very puzzled, so he went downstairs and asked the old man: "Old man, I can't see anything but blood red." The old man smiled coldly, "Hmph, I forgot to tell you, that girl's eyes are blood red."

(to be continued…)

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