The Death Cycle Of Liuli Village: The Doctor And The Unknown Horrible Truth

This ghost story uses the conversation between a busy doctor and a villager from Liuli Village as a clue, gradually unveiling the mystery of the strange car accident in Liuli Village. In terms of plot design, the author cleverly combines the car accident in real life with the strange legends told by the villagers, arousing the curiosity and tension of readers. Especially in the part where the experts conduct field investigations, it not only reasonably explains the cause of the car accident, but also retains the mysterious atmosphere of the story, making the whole story both realistic and terrifying as a ghost story should be. In terms of atmosphere creation, the author successfully creates a tense and depressing atmosphere by depicting the doctor's tired state, the chaos at the scene of the car accident, and the panic of the villagers. In particular, Liuli Village mentioned in the story is located at the junction of the two cities, with a complex environment, the superstitions and legends of the villagers, and the frequent occurrence of car accidents, which deepen the mystery and horror atmosphere of the story. In terms of character creation, the image of the doctor in the story is portrayed more vividly. He is tired and busy, but he still maintains a rational and scientific attitude when facing strange legends. The villagers represent a part of the superstitious people who believe in the legend of Liuli Village and even ask the government to perform rituals. This contrast makes the story more conflicting and enables readers to better understand the deep meaning behind the story during reading. This story made me feel a deep emotional resonance. It not only reveals people's fear and superstition of mysterious phenomena in real life, but also makes me think about the conflict between science and human nature. In the face of such unknown things, how should we stay rational and how should we face people's fear and superstition? This is the deep thinking that this story left me. Overall, this ghost story has performed well in plot design, atmosphere creation and character creation. It not only made me feel the atmosphere of horror, but also made me think about problems in real life. Its literary beauty lies in the ghost story horror short story . The author combines the horror atmosphere with real life in a plain narrative way, which makes people feel horror and think about life in the reading process.

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