The Corpse Was Dug Up But Was Blessed By A Mysterious Old Man. The Children And Grandchildren Made A Comeback And Became Successful In Their Studies. The Supernatural Events Behind It Are Creepy.

This ghost story opens in an extremely plain but meaningful way. By describing the scene of the bones being dug out during construction, the discussion of supernatural events is cleverly introduced. This method of incorporating supernatural elements into the supernatural events in the real world not only gives the story a strong sense of reality, but also makes the supernatural events more mysterious and fascinating. The characterization in the story is very vivid, especially the old man who pads the bones. His tolerance and wisdom are impressive. Not only was he not frightened by the discovery of the bones, but he treated them with respect and understanding. This kind of humanistic care makes people feel warm. His image makes the story full of warmth and touching, and also makes the story have a deeper value of thinking. In terms of plot design, the story starts with the discovery of the bones, gradually unfolds the description of supernatural events, and finally climaxes with the two scholars' success in the imperial examination. It is not only dramatic, but also gives the story a strong sense of ups and downs. The dream element in the story adds a layer of mystery to the story, making people curious about supernatural phenomena. This story deeply moved me, not only because of its wonderful plot design, but also because of the humanistic care and understanding of life and death it conveys. In this story, life and death are no longer absolute opposites, but a process of mutual blending and mutual understanding. This respect for life and understanding of the supernatural events in the world deeply moved me. At the same time, this story also made me think about our real world. For those things that we cannot understand, can we treat them with an attitude of respect and understanding like the old man in the story? In general, this ghost story left a deep impression on me with its unique plot design, vivid characters, and deep understanding of life and death. It is not only an exploration of supernatural phenomena, but also a journey of understanding life.

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