The Banyan Tree At The Gate Online Reading

The most terrifying ghost story in history in an ordinary mountain village in the northeast. Rongshu Village is unique because of the big banyan tree at the entrance of the village. This ancient big banyan tree is not only the symbol of the village, but also the source of mystery in the hearts of the villagers. As a result, Rongshu Village has become a well-known "ghost village". Its stories are circulated among the villagers like ghosts, adding a bit of mystery. The plot design in the story is clever. Through the legends of Rongshu Village and the personal experiences of the villagers, a world full of suspense and horror atmosphere is constructed. The hanged ghost under the banyan tree, the crying sound at night, and the red-clothed female ghost under the banyan tree, these elements together create a creepy scene, which makes people feel awe for Rongshu Village. In terms of atmosphere creation, the author cleverly uses the natural environment, character psychology and folk legends to make the story reveal a terrifying atmosphere in the details. The coolness under the banyan tree forms a sharp contrast with the darkness of the night, deepening the horror of the story. At the same time, the psychological activities of the characters are also portrayed very delicately, so that readers can deeply feel their fear and uneasiness. In terms of character creation, the villagers and personal experiencers in the story have their own characteristics. They were either afraid, curious, or helpless, but they all had different fates because of the banyan tree. In particular, the image of the female ghost in red, through a simple description, left a deep impression on the readers and became a highlight of the story. In terms of emotional resonance, the horror elements and folk taboos in the story resonated with readers. Many readers may have experienced similar horror experiences in their lives, or have heard of similar folk legends, which makes the story closer to reality and easy to resonate with readers. In general, this story performs quite well in plot design, atmosphere creation, character creation, etc. It is not only a ghost story, but also a discussion about fear, legend and fate. In terms of literary beauty, the story presents readers with a world full of horror and mystery through delicate descriptions and vivid narrations, which makes people marvel at it.

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