Ten Years Later, We Meet Again To Reveal The Mysterious Power Of The Mysterious Mirror

Seeing ghosts in the mirror_Seeing ghosts in the mirror_How to see ghosts with a mirror

"It's been more than 10 years, and we finally meet each other," Han Xu said happily to everyone.

"Yes, we haven't seen each other for more than ten years. Thank you Wu Ying for this time. If he or she hadn't moved, we really wouldn't have seen each other. I didn't expect that everyone ran so far back then, and now they are all in the provincial capital! ~"

"Liu Yan, you're the only one who talks too much. Look at you now, you haven't changed at all! Why hasn't Wu Ying come to pick us up yet? "

"Haha, Lao Zhu, what do you care about me? Just wait a little longer, why are you so anxious!~"


"Excuse me, are you Wu Ying's friends?"

"Hello, who are you? We are all Wu Ying's friends!" Feifei said to the visitor.

"Haha, sorry to bother you. I'm Wu Ying's husband. Xiaoying went to the mirror at the pier and asked me to pick you up! You can just call me Xiangyun! I'm so sorry, everyone!"

"Haha, it's nothing. We are all old friends. If it weren't for Wu Ying, we wouldn't know how long it would take for us to get together. You just mentioned the mirror that Wu Ying went to the dock for? Then just ask someone to deliver it. Why go to so much trouble?"

"Liu Yan, right? Wu Ying often talks about the things you studied when you were together. This time, the mirror is said to be a mirror within a mirror, and it's about how to use a mirror to see ghosts . It was found in the desert! Xiaoying said she wanted to get it herself, fearing that those people might break the mirror!"

Okay, let’s go!

Husband, I'm back!

Xiaoying, Liu Yan and the others are here, they are downstairs!

"Liu Yan, Feifei, Han Xu, Lao Zhu, you are all here."

"Haha, not bad, Wu Ying. I didn't expect you to be so awesome now." Old Zhu said as he looked at Wu Ying who was different from the past.

"Haha, Master, please don't talk about me. Compared with you, I am just a dwarf compared to a giant! This time I asked you to gather together just for this thing!" Wu Ying said while shaking the mirror in her hand!

As they spoke, a group of people gathered together and opened the box in Wu Ying's hand. Old Zhu and the others held their breath. When they saw the mirror in the box, Liu Yan couldn't help but shout, "It's true, it's true, it really exists, there really is a soul space in this world!"

Old Zhu slapped Liu Yan fiercely: What's wrong with you? Didn't we already know what the mirror in the mirror looks like? Why are you shouting about soul space?

Liu Yan looked at everyone and asked: "We saw that the unknown record said that the mirror in the mirror had an unknown power and described the appearance of the mirror, but didn't you check it later? Why was the mirror designed like this?"

No one spoke.

Liu Yan looked at Wu Ying and asked: How did you find the mirror?

It was discovered by archaeologists in the desert in the United States. Because it had characters printed on it that looked like ancient Chinese talismans, a friend of mine contacted me and asked me to take a look. I happened to have moved back so I notified you!

Lao Zhu, do we still have the records from that time?

It's gone. After we read it, the words on it disappeared. The next day, even the leather on which it was recorded disappeared.

Okay, okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. I know that thing won’t exist for long! Let me explain it to you!

When we saw the record of the mirror in the mirror, I was surprised. We also discussed the design of the mirror at that time. It was too much like the crystal skull in the Mayan heritage. It can be said that the crystal skull has a mirror in the eye socket. Later, when I went to Bermuda, I found this. Liu Yan took out a notebook made of something, and it was densely packed with modern text translations! Look here, Liu Yan opened the notebook and pointed to the pictures and texts on the notebook!

Oh my god, this is impossible . How can you see ghosts with a mirror ? This is a culture that is older than the Maya. Feifei exclaimed after seeing the translation.

Look, here is a spell below, which is used to open the door to space. If I am not mistaken, the real name of this mirror in the mirror should be called the Realm of Soul or the Realm of the Dead. This is what I just shouted that there really is a soul space!

Han Xu turned around and asked: Yan, you went to Bermuda, how did you get out, and how do you know these talismans?

Ah Xu, I don’t know about this. I was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. When I woke up two months later, I found myself in Myanmar. I found this record with me, and I recognized all the words on it. I was surprised after reading it. When I read it for the second time, I found that I didn’t recognize these words. Except for these talismans, I didn’t recognize other words. I marked out all the ones I could remember based on my memory. In addition, I also inexplicably learned French, Persian and my country’s oldest oracle bone script!

Ah, how is this possible, Liu Yan, you must be lying!

Wu Ying looked unconvinced! Seeing the confused faces of others, Liu Yan knew that no one would believe it, so he asked Wu Ying to look at the words on the record!

After Wu Ying took a look at it, she actually started reading it. When she finished, everyone was stunned! When Wu Ying looked at it again, she found that she couldn't understand it.

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