Taoist Southern School Yin And Yang Dual Cultivation [National Treasure Seal]

Master Ma didn't find anything. There was nothing but a flat farmland in front of him. After asking around, he found out that this area had been farmland since ancient times and no one had ever been buried there. But Captain Liu made a big discovery. The villagers who reported the news described the Taoist Southern School's practice of Yin and Yang , and the grave mound that Old Liu's team found was the "Clear Water Bureau" among the Three Evil Bureaus.

Captain Liu led more than 50 people to the north until they reached Dasi Town near Tianjin. They were divided into groups of 5, and each group was responsible for searching an area. After searching for a whole day, a villager finally found a slightly raised slope of earth. It did not look like a grave at first glance, but there was a large puddle of water next to the mound of earth. This feature convinced Master Ma that this was the location of the "Qingshui Bureau".

The Three Evils Bureau is an evil burial layout in the Jiangjiao religion. It is the most entry-level arrangement among the "many evil bureaus" of the Jiangjiao religion. It is copied according to the same principle. According to legend, there were also the Six Evils Bureau and the Fifteen Evils Bureau in the Yuan Dynasty. According to unofficial historical legends, the Seventy-Two Evils Bureau was used when Kublai Khan was buried. That was the highest level that the Jiangshu technique could achieve at that time.

Taoist Southern School of Yin and Yang Dual Cultivation_Taoism cultivates Yang God and Buddhism cultivates Yin God_Taoist Southern School of Yin and Yang Dual Cultivation

The Liu Chongde of the Ming Dynasty was at most the last successor of the art of exorcism, and he could not be compared with the masters of exorcism during the period of Emperor Shizu of Yuan Dynasty. According to Master Ma's speculation on the Taoist Southern School of Yin and Yang dual cultivation , this Liu Chongde simply found two ancient tombs that had existed for a long time, then dug them up, put in coffins, and transformed them into the Black Cloud Bureau and the Clear Water Bureau, and then determined the burial place of Zhao Le based on the locations of the two tombs. It was only because the "Red Fire Bureau" for Zhao Le's burial used the "Six Earth Fire" in Maoshan magic that it was recorded in "Maoshan Tuzhi".

The power of this modified Sansha Bureau is incomparable to the innate Sansha Bureau. Even though the power is much smaller, dozens of villagers who dug the graves still developed black sores. If it is an innate Sansha Bureau, what will be the consequences of digging it up? Zhang Guozhong no longer dared to think about it…

The core idea of ​​Taoism is to conform to the yin and yang order of the world. The idiom "acting on behalf of heaven" originates from the original purpose of Taoism.

Taoist Southern School of Yin and Yang Dual Cultivation_Taoism cultivates Yang God and Buddhism cultivates Yin God

After wiping his face, Master Ma squatted down beside the mound. "Guozhong, today the master wants to break this three evil situations. Go back and ask Captain Li to recruit all the laborers in Li Village. The more people the better. Bring the tools for digging pits. I want to borrow Yang."

“Master, if we really can’t do it, then forget it. Let him do his thing and we’ll do our own thing. Don’t interfere with other people’s business. Please don’t…” Zhang Guozhong was also panicked at this time. The so-called borrowing yang in Maoshan magic is a method of fighting with one’s back against the wall. It is a measure adopted by the caster when he has extremely little confidence. The description of the method of "borrowing yang" in "Maoshan Magic Records" is very simple, namely, "borrowing the yang of the crowd to balance the enemy’s yin. Yang can do it, but yin cannot follow and then it will collapse." In addition, it also explains the danger of borrowing yang, namely, "collapse to keep the body intact." Since the first generation head of Maoshan Sect in the Han Dynasty, Qiu Tongsheng, there have been a total of six generations of heads who have borrowed yang, but only two succeeded, and the other four either had their vitality destroyed or their tendons and veins broken.

"Your master has never done anything decent in his life, and he let this bunch of consumptive bastards burn down the Taoist temple passed down by our ancestors. If he backs down again this time, how can he face his ancestors…" Master Ma smoked his pipe and touched Zhang Guozhong's head, "You little bastard, two years ago that consumptive bastard was almost able to cultivate into Wanzong's true body (in Maoshan magic, the cultivation of evil spirits and beasts can be divided into "substitute body, phantom body, and true body, among which the true body is the highest realm. Evil spirits or beasts that have cultivated to phantom body or true body are very difficult to deal with, and the Qing Dynasty Jinshi in Li Daming has already cultivated into a true body, so he calls himself this seat"), but your master subdued him, didn't he?"

Taoist Southern School of Yin and Yang Dual Cultivation_Taoism cultivates Yang God and Buddhism cultivates Yin God

Zhang Guozhong had no choice but to go back to the village to call for help. He knew Master Ma's temper and knew that he never changed his decision.

When Zhang Guozhong went back to the village to call people, Master Ma was not idle either. He first asked everyone to use their hands (metal utensils cannot be used to break into a tomb, that is a taboo in tomb-diving. Using metal utensils will touch the "descent gate" and the power of the clear water bureau will be unleashed) to dig a half-foot wide ditch on the ground to draw out some of the water in the pool. This move is called "leaking evil" in Maoshan technique. Whenever there is water beside the tomb, it is a sign of great yin. Regardless of whether it is a descending bureau or not, water must be drawn to release the evil. This can ease the yin energy in the tomb and reduce the resentment of the tomb owner.

Secondly, Master Ma asked the villagers to gather nearby dry grass, branches and anything that could be used to start a fire to the "Gangyang Position" next to the tomb (every tomb must have six positions, namely "Gangyang Position, Suqian Position, Yunqi Position, Tanquan Position, Gaocha Position, Sanchang Position, among which Gangyang Position represents Yang Sheng, Suqian Position represents Yin Chang, Yunqi Position represents peace, Tanquan Position represents earth veins, Gaocha Position represents great-grandfather, Sanchang Position represents descendants")" and he used branches to draw an oversized "Xie Yin Fu" with a diameter of 30 meters with the tomb as the center.

Taoist Southern School of Yin and Yang Dual Cultivation_Taoism cultivates Yang God and Buddhism cultivates Yin God_Taoist Southern School of Yin and Yang Dual Cultivation

Although the registered labor force in Licun was not as large as that in Liujiadian, there were still about 50 or 60 of them. Taking advantage of the darkness, a large group of people came to Dasi Town to join the people in Liujiadian. Master Ma asked Zhang Guozhong to find a sharp knife and asked everyone to cut their fingers and bleed on the firewood pile. At first, some people did not cut their fingers. Captain Li and Captain Liu whispered a few words. Captain Liu said that the members of Liujiadian Brigade who cut their fingers would each get 5 work points, and those in Licun Brigade who cut their fingers would each get a bag of "green leaves". Then Captain Li added: In addition to a bag of green leaves, each member of Licun Brigade would get two more work points…

A raging fire lit up the night sky. This fire was much bigger than the last fire that burned a Qing Dynasty scholar. Strangely enough, as the fire burned, it suddenly died down, and Master Ma's pipe standing on the ground was about to fall over (due to limited conditions, Master Ma drew a sky-seeing talisman on his clothes with his blood, tore it off, put it on the pipe stem and stuck it directly in front of the grave).

"Add more firewood!" Master Ma shouted angrily. Several villagers took two or three hands and threw big bundles of dry grass into the fire. At this moment, Master Ma cut his middle finger with a knife again. This cut might be a bit too heavy. Blood was gushing out of Ma's middle finger. Zhang Guozhong hurriedly tore off a piece of clothes from his body to wrap it for his master. Master Ma took the cloth for the wound and threw it directly into the fire.

Taoist Southern School of Yin and Yang Dual Cultivation_Taoism cultivates Yang God and Buddhism cultivates Yin God

At this time, the flames made crackling sounds, and everyone seemed to faintly hear a "rumbling" sound, like tinnitus, as if it was heard, but also as if it was an illusion.

Among these hundreds of people, Master Ma is one of the few "boys", and his blood is the boy's eyebrow mentioned in the previous article (in Maoshan magic, the boy's eyebrow is pure yang, and the effects of cinnabar and red saltpeter are incomparable to those of the boy's eyebrow. The fire mixed with the boy's eyebrow is called "yang fire" or "true fire" in Maoshan magic, and it is the best way to "burn yin").

As the flames grew stronger, the pipe stopped swaying and stood straight on the ground. "Whoever is unmarried, roll it again!" Ma Zhenren shouted. At this moment, Captain Liu and Captain Li also shouted, "Dazhu, Shuangquan, Ercheng, Shugen, Sanxiaozi, roll it again, 5 work points!" At this time, several young villagers lined up in front of Zhang Guozhong. In fact, there were a few "fake boys" among these unmarried people, but it didn't matter. At most, they could just get some work points…

After a while, the rumbling sound became smaller and smaller, but the fire became bigger and bigger. "Dig for me!" Master Ma gave an order, and Zhang Guozhong took the lead. A group of strong young men saw that Mr. Zhang didn't care and started digging on the mound.

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