Ghost Story Diva Clock

Preface to the story about the clock: The story about the clock: Five days later, Wang Hu came to the ancient clock village. Wang Hu came to the wall and carefully observed the clocks. Before he died, he cursed Chen Laoba’s name fiercely in his heart. The sky here is as blue as it was decades ago, the ground is as wide as it was decades ago, and the people are as pure as they were decades ago. For example, he remembered that he had been home for a whole day, more than 24 hours, and he hardly ever went out. If this old-fashioned clock was really normal, he should have heard it strike no less than 10 times, not like now In this way, it was only at 3 o’clock in the morning that I heard it ringing strangely for the first time. … Continue readingGhost Story Diva Clock