Dead Flies Author: Haunted House

After two or three days, he suddenly heard a few three or four-year-old children singing in front of him: "The blind man was blind and alone, and he ate so many dead flies." More than a year passed like this, and a yellow-eared puppy raised by the beggars suddenly fell ill and died. Mao Ji ordered the beggars to collect money to buy a small coffin at the market, and also bought small clothes to put on the dog and put it in the coffin. Then they chose a lucky grave behind the temple, and everyone buried the dog in the grave in mourning. … Continue readingDead Flies Author: Haunted House

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Later, the truth was revealed, the family was confiscated, the treasures were taken away, and the deer was exiled to the wild land of Changbai Mountain. It turned out that the jade mouse was actually a living creature, secretly eating its own kind. It was really a rare treasure. When the deer saw Quan Guanglin returning the jade mouse, he was so panicked that he waved his hands: "Forget it, the temple is poor and can't afford to support a rich god. That living ancestor eats and drinks well without blinking an eye, and in the end he ran away from home against his conscience. … Continue readingSource: Haunted House Story Network