New Liaozhai: Mist Lotus

After a while, I heard the sound of water again, gulls flew, and saw a painted boat breaking through the fog and approaching. Wearing a skirt, Bi Shenghe has a brighter face than hibiscus flowers. My concubine’s name is Wuhe. I dare to ask Mr. what to call her. ” Wu He said: “It’s not too late, my little sister will leave immediately. The next day and night, when Shengzheng was studying under the lamp, he suddenly heard the sound of a pipa, and Sheng rushed out to look at it, and the fog was over. Sheng asked urgently about the theft of medicine, Wuhe smiled lightly and said: “It’s done.” One day and night, Sheng suddenly heard the sound of a pipa outside the door, and rushed out, and saw a young maidservant in Tsing Yi standing outside the door with a pipa in her arms, which was not misty lotus. Everyone said that Sui Wuhe and his wife, who were born in water, became immortals through cultivation. So far, the frogs in Daming Lake have not croaked, and they are all descendants of Wuhe. … Continue readingNew Liaozhai: Mist Lotus