Part 4: Soul Sacrifice (Part 2) Chapter 45

As soon as he entered the mourning hall, Gu Xinghan saw that no one was around and immediately jumped to the glass coffin where the body was placed and prepared to open the coffin lid. If he really blamed himself, he had the ability to stab him to the eighteenth level of hell with a sword. There is a folk saying that if the coffin lid is not closed tightly, the soul will overflow and cannot be guided by the messenger of the underworld to reach the other side and enter reincarnation. He can only become a wandering ghost. Zhang Zhenhong had been dead for only half a day, and his face was still lifelike. Gu Xinghan and Yu Chuanbo couldn't help but scream "Ah" when they saw it. … Continue readingPart 4: Soul Sacrifice (Part 2) Chapter 45