Who Is The Murderer Author: Chen Mingqiang

That night, Chen Bingda ordered Fang Butou to stay outside her house to see if he could find anything. When Luo Yuzhu saw Chen Bingda, she burst into tears: “My lord, my brother was killed! Chen Bingda originally thought that Luo Yuzhu came to report that someone was going to assassinate her. How did it turn out that her brother was killed?” Chen Bingda thought. Doubts abounded, why did this gangster commit murder three times here? After a while, Chen Bingda asked Chu Zuo to come to see him, and made inspection records. The butler’s words made Chen Bingda understand three points of the reason. The butler quickly said, my master He doesn’t know how to paint, but he likes to appreciate it. These few paintings were painted by a painter at home. … Continue readingWho Is The Murderer Author: Chen Mingqiang