Strange Footsteps In The Fog: The Haunted Wall In The Suburbs Of Beijing

In this ghost story, the author skillfully uses the combination of reality and surrealism to integrate supernatural events into daily life, making the plot more fascinating. The story takes place in the suburbs of Beijing, such a familiar yet unfamiliar environment, which adds a mysterious color to the story. The author's description of the scene is very delicate, making people feel as if they are in it and feel the loneliness and fear. In terms of character creation, the protagonist of the story is an ordinary student, and his experience is empathetic. When facing unknown things, his fear and helplessness are vividly expressed, allowing readers to fully resonate with him. The appearance of the mysterious character in the story, a foot, adds a lot to the story. The appearance of this mysterious character not only solves the protagonist's dilemma, but also adds a sense of suspense to the story. The plot design of the story is also very clever. From the protagonist's daily schooling, to the encounter in the foggy day, to the experience of ghost wall, and finally the drowning in the canal, the whole story is progressive and exciting. Especially in the part of the ghost wall, the protagonist suddenly saw a foot appear in confusion and bewilderment. This sudden turn makes people shudder. This story resonates deeply with me. It reminds me of the unknown and fear in our lives. In the face of these fears, we often feel helpless, but we have to face them bravely. The same is true for the protagonist in the story. After experiencing a series of fears, he finally chose to face life bravely. This courage and persistence deeply moved me. In general, this ghost story has done an excellent job in plot design, atmosphere creation, and character creation. It is both professional and full of literary beauty. This story made me feel fear while also making me think about the unknown and brave in life. I believe that this is the charm of this story.

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