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Is it okay to live in a house where someone has died? There are actually many houses where people have died. Some people mind, while some people don’t care at all.

"What's that smell!" Li Feng threw his suitcase to the ground, covered his mouth and nose with his left hand, squinted his eyes and fanned himself with his right hand. It seems that he is seriously dissatisfied with the school's dormitory change system. "Okay, stop complaining and get to work." Dormitory head Wang Bo threw a rag to Li Feng. Inside the dormitory, Chen Zhuo and Gao Xu were already busy. "Why is there a smell of burnt garbage in this room? It's so disgusting." Li Feng still couldn't stop complaining, and at this time Wang Bo had already cleaned up his desk. "Indeed, if you didn't tell me, I wouldn't have reacted to what the smell was." Gao Xu smelled the room carefully. "Forget it, I'll go downstairs to buy some air freshener later. There's nothing I can do." Chen Zhuo is often a person with more ideas. After several people cleaned up the dormitory, they went out for lunch. During this time, Li Feng kept complaining about the environment of the dormitory, but there was nothing he could do. After all, he had to listen to the school.

"It's much more comfortable, how nice." Li Feng seemed to be very satisfied with the air freshener that Chen Zhuo bought. He stretched and prepared to take a nap. After Chen Zhuo sprayed the air freshener, he went to play games, Wang Bo was going to go out to play tennis, and Gao Xu turned on the computer to watch TV series. "Oh my god, Brother Xu, can't you put out your cigarette? It's not easy for me to sleep." Li Feng complained and opened his eyes, but the sound was so small that it didn't disturb Gao Xu who was wearing headphones to watch TV series. Li Feng glanced at Gao Xu on the upper bunk opposite with resentment, but Gao Xu didn't smoke. "Xiao Zhuo started to learn to smoke?" Li Feng looked at Chen Zhuo who was playing games in a strange way. How to judge that someone had died in the house , but Chen Zhuo was just concentrating on playing dota and didn't show any signs of smoking. Li Feng felt strange, but didn't say anything. Maybe he was wrong, because after he woke up, he didn't smell the smell of smoke anymore.

Time soon came to the evening, and Gao Xu was the only one left in the dormitory. Li Feng went out to drink with friends, Chen Zhuo had an appointment with his girlfriend, and the dormitory head Wang Bo was very busy every day in the new semester because of the student union. Since there was no one in the dormitory, Gao Xu naturally took out a cigarette. Gao Xu was still a heavy smoker, and sometimes he would go to the next dormitory in the middle of the night to ask for cigarettes. "Alas," a sigh came from the dormitory, and Gao Xu was startled. He hurriedly looked around the dormitory, but there was no one. "It must be the dormitory next door. This old building has poor sound insulation." Gao Xu took a puff of cigarette and pressed the space bar, and the TV series continued to play. "Cough cough cough" The coughing sound almost scared Gao Xu off the upper bunk. He paused the play and listened carefully to the sounds around him, but there was no sound. Gao Xu crawled down the ladder, perhaps feeling too tired from watching TV series for an afternoon and hallucinating, so he opened the door and went to the next door to chat with someone.

How to tell if someone has died in a house_What does it mean if someone has died in a house_Is a house where someone has died a haunted house

"Oh my god!" Li Feng opened the door and rushed into the dormitory. The billowing smoke instantly made him lose his drunkenness. Gao Xu heard Li Feng's voice and was about to come back to tell Li Feng about what happened during the day, but a puff of smoke made him forget everything instantly. The fire was out. To be precise, there was no fire. The cigarette butt ignited the bed sheet. The strange thing was that the fire was not big, but there was a lot of smoke. After the dormitory head Wang Bo raised funds to give to the dormitory management, the matter was left as it was. No one said anything to Gao Xu. Everyone understood this kind of thing, and there was no benefit in saying more. It was just that Gao Xu clearly remembered that he put out the cigarette at that time.

Monday is a day that makes people feel disgusted, especially for Li Feng and the other three. Monday is the most disgusting day. One day of classes is really disgusting. Several people struggled to get up from the bed. "Li Feng…" When the teacher called Li Feng, Li Feng was still catching up on his sleep. Chen Zhuo next to him shook Li Feng gently. Li Feng stood up slowly. The people in their dormitory were used to this kind of thing. The strange thing was that Li Feng did not have the slightest intention of answering the question or feeling embarrassed. Instead, he was laughing, a mysterious laugh. "Li Feng!" The teacher raised his voice and scared Li Feng. Li Feng's behavior just now made everyone feel mysterious and funny.

The day's classes went by quickly, and soon it was night again. This night seemed very peaceful, and the four people, except Chen Zhuo, stayed in the dormitory. With the last lesson, the dormitory unanimously decided not to let Gao Xu smoke in bed. After a while, Chen Zhuo came back slowly after sending his girlfriend off. After walking downstairs to the dormitory, he realized that he had changed dormitories. "Alas, people are different and things have changed!" Chen Zhuo looked at the window of the previous dormitory with emotion, and then turned to look at the window of the current dormitory. "What is that?" Chen Zhuo hurried to the dormitory, because he saw a figure on the window of the dormitory, and that person was jumping off the building… When Chen Zhuo opened the door of the dormitory breathlessly, the three people were busy with their own things. No one was jumping off the building, and although the window was open, no one had touched the things on the windowsill. Chen Zhuo was about to tell everyone what he had just seen, but then he thought it was better to forget it, after all, it was unnecessary.

What does it mean if someone has died in a house_Is a house where someone has died a haunted house_How to tell if someone has died in a house

The lights were turned off, and everyone was ready to go to bed after washing up. At this time, Li Feng smelled a burnt smell again. "Oh my god, could it be that Brother Xu set the sheets on fire again?" Li Feng looked at Gao Xu's bed, and Gao Xu was sleeping soundly. There was nothing unusual with the others. But Li Feng felt that the smell of smoke was getting heavier, "Oh" Li Feng gasped fiercely. "Cough cough cough" Li Feng began to cough, but no one heard it. Li Feng felt that he could not breathe, little by little… The next day, Li Feng's body froze on the bed. There was no reason, he died suddenly of a heart attack, and the school was also trying to block the news. Gao Xu watched his roommate's body being carried out, and a subtle, weird smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. "Ah!" A scream scared Wang Bo. He judged from the sound that it was Gao Xu's, but Gao Xu did not react at all.

The entire dormitory 503 became depressed. The death of a roommate is indeed very painful. In order to escape, Chen Zhuo chose to date his girlfriend, while Wang Bo was busy and simply didn't want to go back. Gao Xu was watching a TV series in the dormitory. It happened that the speaker of the laptop was broken, so Gao Xu simply put on a headset and watched it attentively. The TV series got stuck and the sound became weird. "This school's broken network!" Gao Xu complained. The TV series could not be watched, so Gao Xu opened QQ. A message instantly made his face pale. It was sent by Li Feng. "Haha, are you okay?" Li Feng's simple greeting made Gao Xu panic. "Who are you? Don't do such a boring prank!" Gao Xu seemed a little angry. After all, his roommate died, and no one should make such a joke. After a while, a video request came over, "I want to see who you are!" Gao Xu accepted the request. Gao Xu was stunned. The person opposite was Li Feng! Suddenly the network got stuck, and Li Feng's face kept deforming, which looked extremely weird. After a while, Li Feng sent a photo. It was a group photo. A photo of Li Feng and three people. No, to be precise, it was four people, because they were holding another person's head and arm, and Li Feng was holding a leg! "Ah!" Gao Xu was scared, but no one was surprised, because the fire in the dormitory had already burned him. People died, and the dormitory manager couldn't cover it up no matter how brave he was. When the community committee took out a burnt heating rod from the fire, everything was easy to explain. At this time, Wang Bo was setting up the venue and hung up the phone. No one noticed the weird smile on his lips.

After Chen Zhuo learned everything, he hurried back to the dormitory. However, when he passed the club building, he heard Wang Bo's voice calling out. He turned around suddenly, but there was no one there. When he was about to run back to the dormitory, there was a "bang!" He looked back and saw a person's head, hands, feet and various organs scattered on the ground. That person was Wang Bo…

What does it mean if someone has died in a house_How to tell if someone has died in a house_Is a house where someone has died a haunted house

On the day of graduation, Chen Zhuo received an email. The sender was shown to be 503, and the email contained an unknown story.

Eight years ago, there were also four people in the dormitory, three of whom died in a fire. The cause of the fire was extremely absurd, it was just because of an unextinguished cigarette butt. The person who escaped was the one who went to the toilet after smoking in the middle of the night. When he came out after washing his hands with water, he found that the dormitory was already filled with smoke. After he rushed in, he did not choose to save people, but used a heating rod to create the illusion of illegal electricity fire. Because he also knew that it was impossible to save people. A month later, people found his body that was smashed to pieces downstairs. After that, 503 was blocked until Li Feng and others moved in because of the shortage of dormitories due to the expansion of enrollment…

At this moment, a photo of six people, no, seven people, suddenly appeared on the computer. The photo included his most familiar roommate and three strangers. They were smiling strangely, holding heads, hands, and feet in their hands. Upon closer inspection, they were all organs of one person. A closer look revealed that Wang Bo's body was also pieced together later… Chen Zhuo held the recommendation certificate for graduate school in his left hand, and touched the jade pendant that had been blessed in the temple in his right hand…

Author's message: An accident eight years ago, a tragedy for four people. Four people were foresighted, but three people made the same mistake. For a time, amulets became a necessity.

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