Some Connotative Ghost Stories: The Nightmare Of The Enclosed: When The Elevator Becomes A Ghost's Playground

In this ghost story, the author cleverly uses the elevator, a common scene in modern life, to weave an intriguing horror story. From the perspective of plot design, the story is based on the atmosphere in the elevator, gradually leading to the scene where the protagonist Xiao Wang and a group of seemingly normal female passengers take the elevator together. Through the delicate portrayal of Xiao Wang's psychological activities, the reader is brought into a horror space that is both realistic and surreal. The atmosphere in the story is very successful. The closed space of the elevator itself has a certain sense of oppression, and the author further strengthens this sense of oppression by describing Xiao Wang's psychological activities and the surrounding environment. When the reader follows Xiao Wang and notices the seven or eight female passengers in the elevator, the tension gradually escalates, especially after hearing their cold answers, the fear reaches its peak. In terms of character creation, Xiao Wang's image is vivid. He is both an ordinary urban white-collar worker and a young man full of fantasy. His psychological activities and fantasies make the story more colorful and allow readers to empathize. Although the image of the group of female passengers is not as plump as Xiao Wang, their cold expressions and behaviors add a lot to the story. In addition, there are some deep themes in the story. Such as the alienation between people in modern society, and the panic and selfishness of people in emergency situations. These themes make the story not just a simple horror story , but a work with profound connotations. In this story, I felt a deep emotional resonance. The conflict between Xiao Wang's fantasy and reality, and his final realization that he was surrounded by ghosts, reminded me of those moments in life that seemed normal but actually hid unknown secrets. This resonance made me have a strong interest in the story , and I was also shocked by the profound themes contained in the story. In general, this ghost story has performed well in plot design, atmosphere creation, and character creation, allowing people to feel the atmosphere of horror while reading, and think about the deep themes contained in it. This is an excellent work worth recommending.

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