Silent Rain Ghost Dragon [Yellow Skin Tomb]

I took the dragon talisman from Lao Yangpi and looked at it carefully. Fatty and Ding Sitian also looked over curiously for a long time, but they didn't know what it was. The dragon talisman was made of bronze. It wasn't exquisitely crafted, but it was very strange in shape, very different from the dragon shape people are familiar with now. It was 20 centimeters long, with five claws, and a natural look with a twisted head and a wagging tail. There were no eyes on the dragon head, and it was also a blind dragon. The emerald green part of the copper could reflect the human flesh and bones. It felt light and fluttering in the hand like a piece of cardboard. It was probably an antique from thousands of years ago.

I asked Old Sheepskin, "This dragon talisman seems to be very old. Where did you get it from? Is it related to the Turtle Bone Cave in the Hundred Eyes Cave?"

Ruo Yangpi looked at the bronze dragon talisman with his cloudy eyes and said that this thing was the funerary object he picked up from the copper coffin of Huang Pizi, and it was a burial object of Huang Daxian. At that time, everyone had escaped death in the Golden Well, and when they walked back, they were still in shock. No one noticed that Lao Yangpi had taken advantage of the situation and touched a funerary object in the copper coffin.

Old Sheepskin learned about the existence of such an eyeless dragon talisman from an old shaman. Shamanism on the grasslands had almost disappeared before liberation, and its status was mostly replaced by lamas. Only in the deep mountains and valleys of Greater Khingan Range were there some shamans. One of the old shamans was a descendant of Yuanjiao believers. He knew some secrets, but he didn't know that this thing was hidden in the copper coffin of Wong Tai Sin. He just mentioned it in words. When Old Sheepskin came out of the golden well, he accidentally saw the dragon talisman fall from the copper coffin to the ground, so he took it back.

So what exactly is this strange eyeless bronze dragon? Legend has it that it was found by the Yuan Cult from the countless turtle skeletons buried in the Hundred Eyes Cave. Its exact origin is unknown, but it is very likely that it was brought to land from the sea by the giant turtles. In the Qingwu Feng Shui, it is also impossible to explain whether there was a "turtle sleeping place" first and then "turtle sleeping", or whether there was a "turtle sleeping place" first and then "turtle sleeping place". There are indeed Feng Shui auspicious places such as turtle burials and lying cows in the world, but no one can tell whether this treasure cave was formed with the help of the fairy air brought from the sea by the turtle skeletons.

It is precisely because countless giant turtles were buried in the Hundred Eyes Cave that the corpses of the old turtles that lived for thousands of years condensed the residual sea air in their lifetime, so there is a spectacle of ghosts in the ghost market at the bottom of the cave. It is said that there is a dragon fire burning on the seabed. This Yin fire is completely different from the fire on the ground. It will not be extinguished when it encounters water. The brightness and temperature are extremely high, and it can melt copper and iron. In the sea area where these old turtles live, the thousand-year-old turtle shells are connected to the Yin essence. There is often turbulent dragon fire and sea air on the seabed, so the invisible hot wind like ghost fire contained in the turtle shell is likely to come from this. In Buddhist scriptures, it is called "burning wind", which is the Yin wind blowing out of hell. No matter what this "burning wind" touches, it will turn into eternal nothingness as long as it touches anything with blood, flesh and fat.

These things were mentioned in the Russian's suicide note, but unfortunately the details were not very detailed. Moreover, there is no feng shui terminology in Russian, and some terms are transliterated. Fortunately, Lao Yangpi and I each know a little bit, so we can roughly figure out the situation. However, each of us has a different understanding. Lao Yangpi is stubborn and believes that the "burning wind" is the transformation of a demon dragon. It is exactly the same as the saying circulated in the Yuanjiao. They all believe that it is the resentful soul of an evil dragon that came out of the Hundred Eyes Cave to devour people and animals. This view that has existed since ancient times is probably closely related to the dragon symbol found in the giant turtle's skeleton. Although no one knows its origin, it is easy to make people preconceived. Therefore, when the Wong Tai Sin Tomb was built, this blind dragon mark was engraved on the stone bricks of the Golden Well.

At that time, I didn't believe in the existence of ghost dragons in the world, but I had no reason to refute it. I only knew that the "Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Feng Shui Secret Technique" expounded the theory of Feng Shui Qingwu Dragon Veins, and discussed the three major dragon veins of the south, north, and center. The underwater dragon fire was unique to the southern dragon, and the dragon fire energy was actually condensed from the sea air. However, this fell into the category of the four olds, and apart from flipping through it a few times out of boredom, I had never really studied it carefully and had no idea of ​​its deep meaning.

In the end, we really couldn't come to any conclusion. No one could convince the other. Moreover, in the scope of academic discussion, it is not convenient to force Lao Yangpi to believe in the truth that I think is the truth. In short, once the golden well under the turtle sleeping in Baiyan Cave is destroyed, the feng shui of this place will be completely broken. The "burning wind" that harms the herdsmen has lost its source and will probably never appear near the mountain pass again. Then all the suffering we have suffered this time is worth it.

I returned the copper talisman to Old Sheepskin and asked him what was the point of keeping the Four Olds since he didn't know what it was used for. I didn't know what was so strange about the copper dragon without eyes. Besides, this thing had been in the copper coffin with the old weasel for many years. It had been in the dark for a long time and was soaked in the stench of corpses. It was probably a bad omen to put it next to a living person.

But Old Sheepskin was determined not to throw it away. He kept it in his arms, hiding it close to his skin. It seemed that he had an inseparable fate with Wong Tai Sin's spirit-calling box in this life, as his brother Yang Erdan also died in it. He had to keep a thought in mind as an explanation to himself, and he asked us not to publicize the matter.

I agreed to Old Sheepskin's request, and then everyone started to discuss how to leave Baiyan Cave, and they worked out a set of excuses so that they could shirk responsibility when they returned to the pasture. It was getting late, and there were a lot of wild rats in the area around the Baiyan Cave Pass, and a large number of crickets and poisonous insects appeared at night, so we had to wait until dawn before leaving.

However, plans cannot keep up with changes. The next morning, just after dawn, a large group of people arrived at Baiyan Cave. It turned out that Chief Ni failed to conceal the incident. The Revolutionary Committee of the Banner heard that many cattle were lost in the pastoral area, so a group of educated youth and herdsmen chased them in the direction of the Mongolian Desert. There had been no news for two days. The Revolutionary Committee did not dare to neglect it, thinking that a new trend of class struggle had been discovered. In addition, the situation on the border was tense at the time, so vigilance had to be high. So they requested support from the border guards overnight. A company of cavalry, led by the herdsmen, searched for Baiyan Cave.

The four of us, including Lao Yangpi and I, were strictly examined and explained the problems. Fortunately, we were prepared in advance and had a unified caliber. It was not that we deliberately deceived the organization, but there were some facts that we could not tell the truth. If we told the organization truthfully, it would definitely escalate the situation. So we just insisted that we did not catch up with the herd of cattle, got lost in this Hundred Eyes Cave, and were attacked by wild beasts and trapped here waiting for rescue. Then I improvised and exaggerated how Fatty and I, in the case of Lao Yangpi and Ding Sitian injured and unconscious, in order to support the world revolution, under the guidance of the invincible Mao Zedong Thought, carried forward the spirit of not fearing hardship and not fearing death, and used the Japanese devils' crematorium to capture a golden-scaled anaconda alive. The bones of this guy are more valuable than platinum, but we are not greedy for credit at all. This should all be attributed to the correct leadership of the Revolutionary Committee.

The Revolutionary Committee originally wanted to establish this pastoral area as an advanced model of "grasping revolution and promoting production, supporting agriculture and animal husbandry to learn from Dazhai". Fortunately, the educated youth and herdsmen worked together to catch a golden-scaled boa constrictor, which was considered to have recovered a major loss. The loss could offset the merits, so they tried their best to suppress the matter. After the investigation, they only criticized and educated everyone, asking us to always remember to fight against selfishness and criticize revisionism, to ask for instructions in the morning and report in the evening, and to carry out criticism and self-criticism regularly. The rest of the things were not investigated in depth. However, the Kangxi sword that Lao Yangpi had hidden was discovered by someone. We hesitated and said that it was picked up nearby, so it was confiscated on the spot. Next, the various relics in the Baiba Baiyan Cave were sealed and destroyed. As for these matters, we have no right to ask about or interfere.

We were then sent to the hospital in the flag for treatment. Fortunately, we didn't have any broken bones, only flesh wounds. Fatty and I had originally planned to have some fun on the grassland, but we didn't expect so many accidents to happen. When we thought it was all over, the matter of Baiyan Cave was far from over.

After leaving the hospital, we went to visit Lao Yangpi in his yurt. He was also seriously injured, but Lao Yangpi refused to go to the hospital. He said that he was scared when he saw the white sheets in the hospital, so he just rested at home. His son and daughter-in-law were both honest and loyal herdsmen, and they took good care of Lao Yangpi at home.

After Lao Yangpi returned to the pasture, Mo Yu Guilong's condition seemed to have worsened all of a sudden. He lay down and coughed all day. When he learned that Fatty, Ding Sitian and I had returned from the hospital, he struggled to get up and talk to us.

I once heard my father say that in the rural area of ​​Moyu Guilong in Shaanxi, the old farmers never consulted a doctor. When they had a fever, they would smash a big bowl and use the sharp corner of the broken bowl to cut their foreheads and let out blood, which was considered a cure. But now the people have long been in charge, and those folk remedies are old calendars from a previous life. How can they be used now? So I persuaded Fatty that this would not work. Maybe he had injured his internal organs, so he had to go to the hospital for a check-up. The people's hospital is dedicated to treating the people. It is determined to serve the proletariat on the line of the Cultural Revolution. It is not a Japanese devil's research institute that specializes in dissecting living people. What is there to be afraid of?

Ding Sitian also asked Lao Yangpi to go to the hospital for a check-up as soon as possible, hoping that he would get better soon. She wanted to listen to his Qinqiang and Matouqin in the future. Lying at home and avoiding medical treatment would only make his condition worse.

Old Sheepskin refused to go, hiding in a dark corner of the yurt and just coughing. His son said that he did not allow any light to be on in the yurt since he came back. He was afraid of both light and fire. He didn't know what was wrong with him. The educated youth were well-educated, so did they know what disease he had?

I only have a junior high school education, so I don't have much cultural level. But it seems that the condition is very serious. If he is not sent to the hospital, his life will be in danger. But the old man is too stubborn and it doesn't work to force him. I had to let Ding Sitian persuade him again and adopt the strategy of winning his heart.

Unexpectedly, Old Sheepskin suddenly sat up as if he had a last breath, called the three of us educated youth and his son and daughter-in-law to come over, and spoke to everyone in the dark yurt. He said he knew very well what was wrong with him, that he had offended Wong Tai Sin, and that as soon as he closed his eyes, he would see Wong Tai Sin coming to take his life, and he would definitely not survive the night.

Ding Sitian and I all thought that Old Sheepskin was sick and confused. Even Old Sheepskin's son and daughter-in-law were puzzled. But Old Sheepskin continued, "I should have died decades ago. I'm lucky to be alive now. But after I die, I'm afraid that Wong Tai Sin will not forgive you. Not only will the educated youth be unlucky, but even my descendants will be wiped out. Fortunately, I learned a trick from an old shaman to deal with the yellow-skinned people. As long as you can do what I tell you after I die, everything will be fine in the future. Otherwise, you will be killed by the yellow-skinned people sooner or later. I've suffered a lifetime. I don't have many relatives but only one son. It's not easy to leave some blood behind. I beg you educated youth kids not to ruin this. Don't let my old Sheepskin family be wiped out."

Old Sheepskin threatened to commit suicide by biting his tongue. We were totally unprepared for this situation. Old Sheepskin was an old hand, and there were many things he knew but never told us. After experiencing the disaster in Baiyan Cave, Fatty and I came to believe that some things in the world could not be explained by common sense. We couldn't help but become suspicious. Could it be that those yellow-skinned people were not extinct yet? When I thought of those old weasels who could read people's minds, even I trembled in my heart. If they really targeted us, we would be in the open and the enemy would be in the dark, and it would be hard to guard against them. This would be a very tricky matter.

Old Sheepskin's son is both honest and filial. He inherited Old Sheepskin's greatest characteristic, which is cowardice and fear of things. Moreover, he was born before liberation, and his mother died early. Old Sheepskin raised him single-handedly. He did not grow up in an environment of love and care, and he has serious superstitious ideas. When he heard what his father said, he was so scared that he almost wet his pants, and asked Old Sheepskin hurriedly what to do.

Old Sheepskin sighed and said an extremely weird method: "After I die tonight, there will be yellow-skinned people coming to my house to wail for me. You must do this and that, this and that…"

Old Sheepskin said that he had learned a method to deal with the yellow-skinned beasts from an old shaman. The yellow-skinned beasts must not be provoked, no matter whether you save them or kill them, once you catch up with them, all the yellow-skinned beasts in the mountains will entangle you, and you will not be able to escape even if you run to the ends of the earth.

If a person offended Wong Tai Sin during his lifetime, there is only one way to offset the sin and protect his family and descendants so that they don't have to suffer. However, this method is extremely weird. After the person dies, a pit of eight feet deep must be dug in the house immediately. Then the person must strip off all his clothes and be buried head down in the pit. After the burial, the body must be kept secret for seven days and seven nights. After the seventh day, the body can be dug out and buried according to the customs and rules, and officially buried.

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