Part 4: Soul Sacrifice (Part 1) Chapter 43

Unfortunately, to her disappointment, the head shook slightly and said, "No, that sentence was not said to Dad, but to the principal."

"What?" Lin Yuanyin was stunned for a long while before she realized that this principal was not that principal: "Ah…what happened to him?"

"He hasn't given up the delusion of controlling that thing, and he's still opposing Dad's plan." Yang Cong couldn't help but ask, "Did he succeed in opposing it?" He regretted the moment he said it, and felt like an idiot.

Sure enough, he replied calmly: "No, he was killed by that thing."

Lin Yuanyin pondered and said, "So your father doesn't know what that thing is?"

"I came here to rescue you not just to tell you about the shameful past."

Lin Yuanyin looked up suddenly: "What's that for?"

The head shook its dry and hard head: "Because you are the ones who truly help each other, and for the re-sealing of this legend!!"

"What?!" Yang Cong couldn't believe his ears. "You finally escaped and now you want us to seal your body again and let you suffer again?"

The pair of eyes that had been somewhat assimilated into reptiles emitted a resolute light that only humans could have: "But only in this way can the world be peaceful! I have become like this and I don't care about anything!" Then she turned to Lin Yuanyin and said, "You are a psychic medium, aren't you? My father said that if it is a psychic medium, this formation can be easily activated. You tore down this formation and you made this big mistake. You must take responsibility and you must set up this formation again."

"Impossible!" Yang Cong answered first, "Are you kidding? Xiaojing, you are so kind that people feel sorry for you. You don't deserve to suffer. Moreover, even though Yuanyin is a spiritual medium, she won't use this vicious formation. Do you want her to sink into hell and never reincarnate? There must be other ways!"

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A line of cool water quietly crossed the sky: "I promise…"

"What? Lin Yuanyin you…" Yang Cong was completely stunned.

Lin Yuanyin was smiling, but to Yang Cong, it seemed like she was just forcing a smile: "Yang Cong, there is no other way. You and I knew it from the beginning except to reseal it. If you insist on me being the sinner, I won't refuse. Compared to the pain Xiao Jing has suffered, what does it matter even if I am sinful and perish?"

Yang Chong was so shocked that he couldn't utter a word: "You…"

Lin Yuanyin wiped away her tears and said, "I did want to seal the legend from the beginning. Only by resealing it can I destroy that thing. Even if Xiaojing doesn't want to, I will force her to do it. You can call me mean and shameless as much as you want, but reason tells me what to choose when you have to use the wrong of this thing to redeem the right of that thing."

Yang Cong stopped talking and just squatted down, wrapped her arms around her head and hid inside to cry deeply. How could she blame Lin Yuanyin? What reason did she have to blame Lin Yuanyin? This girl who was a hundred times stronger than herself even thought about giving up her life and her and Xingchen's happiness just to preserve the secret of the true body of the ninth classroom – just like her sister. She was sad that the legend of the ninth classroom taught her too many helplessness that ordinary people might never encounter in their lifetime. She chose to go against the legend in order to stop people from getting hurt, but the final result was that she hurt others to kill the legend. She couldn't tell who was right and who was wrong. Now she could only believe in Lin Yuanyin's choice. Because Lin Yuanyin had always been more sober than her.

Seeing that Yang Cong did not stop her, Lin Yuanyin turned around and said, "Then tell me how to activate the sealing formation?"

"There are four special stone tablets in this forest of tablets. The last character on the third vertical line is painted red. After finding these four stone tablets, compare the characters on the copper plate in your hand to find the location of the word 'king' in the middle. Re-establish an inverted triangle there. Then come back here and I will tell you how to activate the formation."

Lin Yuanyin asked curiously, "Is the copper piece used for this? No wonder the principal left it for us on purpose."

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The snake curled up softly and said, "You guys go and get ready. The sooner the better to avoid any unnecessary trouble." As he was about to leave by riding the wind , what would be the ending of the conspiracy of ghost love ?

"Wait a minute," Lin Yuanyin hurriedly called her and then hesitated for a moment before softly saying, "Nothing, I just wanted to ask if it felt painful when you were in the formation?"

This is inevitable. If it weren't for this horrible pain, she wouldn't be in such an ugly state now. Lin Yuanyin just simply hoped that these little bits of care could alleviate the loneliness this girl has suffered for many years.

But to her surprise, "No, I am very happy." The dirty head turned around and showed the style of another world.

The chess game was still going on slowly and the elder couldn't tell how many rounds he had lost to Xingchen. He was suddenly a little scared of Xingchen's wisdom, which was beyond his expectations and made him feel even more insecure. He expected Xingchen to get impatient and ask him to go back, but he didn't expect that Xingchen would get more and more interested in playing and had no intention of stopping.

Just as he was getting annoyed, a subordinate hurried over and whispered a few words in his ear. The elder's face immediately changed. He was about to get angry and raised his head to meet Xingchen's inquiring gaze. He was startled and quickly suppressed his anger, saying, "What do you mean? If you have something to report to the master, what's the point of telling me?"

The man stared at Xingchen in a daze for a while before he came to his senses and knelt down and kowtowed to Xingchen, saying, "I'm so damned. I report to my master… Just now a spy from the magic world ran over but we chased him away. Unfortunately, we didn't catch him."

Xingchen would not listen to his nonsense and did not say anything, but continued to focus on the chessboard. The atmosphere was very awkward for a while, and finally the elder's fury broke the deadlock: "Take this disrespectful guy out and give him fifty lashes."

Xing Chen watched the man being dragged out with ghosts howling and wolves howling, thinking that I had dragged this old guy away for long enough, so I should let him go. I went to see how Lin Yuanyin was doing and said to the elder, "If the elder has something to deal with, you can leave first."

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The poor elder had been waiting for this sentence for a long time, so he didn't even bother to say anything polite and just said "Thank you, my lord" and quickly slipped away.

"Assholes! Both your factions failed in dealing with a girl who knows no magic? What are you doing here for nothing? Do you want an old man like me to do it myself?" The anxious elder started yelling angrily before he could even enter the hidden palace or whether there were spies sent by Xingchen outside the door.

A bunch of old people in the hall were all coming to greet them anxiously. An old woman screamed, "Could it be that the master is interfering with his spiritual power?"

The elder said angrily, "It's impossible. I'm right in front of him. If he interfered, how could I not notice it? Someone, are there not even a single person left? Tell me what's going on?"

A servant ran in tremblingly and knelt down, saying, "I don't know either. I just heard from the people who followed behind that one group was led into the building and never came out again. Someone saw them doing a strange dance in the corridor and they probably went into the ninth classroom. Another group once communicated with us that they had captured Lin Yuanyin and would execute him soon. But when our people got there, they found only half of the bodies of our companions. Lin Yuanyin, who committed suicide, and Yang Cong, who suddenly came back, were missing. The spies from Mount Wutai reported that Wu Gangying had just come down the mountain and it was impossible for him to come back in such a short time. It is not clear who saved them at the moment."

The elder was slightly stunned and remained silent for a long while. He sighed and sat on the throne and said, "I wonder where such a master came from? He can't be someone from the magic world, and he can't be the master. Who could it be?"

The old woman screamed, "If you had known this, why didn't you kill Lin Yuanyin earlier? That way, the secret of the ninth classroom wouldn't be exposed."

The elder said, "It was my fault. I didn't expect her to be so powerful. At the beginning, we agreed to let the master explore the secret alone so that he would be distracted and not notice the plan we secretly implemented. Although he is extremely smart, he will definitely not find it. Who would have thought that a psychic medium would suddenly join in and put the secret of the ninth classroom in jeopardy."

An old man said, "I still don't understand. No matter how powerful Elder Lin Yuanyin is, she is just a psychic medium. How can she do anything to that thing?"

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The elder said, "Do you know why that damned traitor was able to seal the ninth classroom in the first place? That's because he was so cruel and unscrupulous that he sacrificed the lives of several of his companions as the price of blood sacrifice. But the spiritual medium is different. It is a body blessed by the divine world and can communicate with the underworld. As long as she masters the formation, it will be easy to make a barrier between the two worlds to seal the legend. Now that thing needs to be bloodthirsty for a while. If it is sealed by her like this, all the previous efforts will be wasted. Not only that, I am more worried that once it is sealed, people from the magic world will flock to it. If they get that thing, the world will be in chaos."

For a moment, the hall fell into an unbearable silence. After a long while, the elder slowly said, "We should always think of the worst. Although we don't know who rescued Lin Yuanyin, we can be sure that the rescuer must know the whole story and maybe even our entire conspiracy. Since the situation has become so urgent, I have no choice but to do it myself."

As soon as he said this, everyone exclaimed: "The elders are going to do it personally? How can that be possible? If the master finds out, we will be completely separated from him. With the master's current power, it would be tantamount to seeking death for us to compete with him. Anyway, Lin Yuanyin may not know how to implement the formation now."

The elder said with a pale face, "But no one dares to guarantee that she doesn't know now, right? This matter has consumed the energy of several generations of our clan. We can't take such a big risk. Moreover…" At this point, the elder suddenly changed his expression and grinned grimly, "We will definitely break up with the Lord. Everyone here should be prepared, right?"

Everyone looked at each other in silence. Finally, a skinny old man trembled and said, "I have a very unrighteous question that no one dares to ask me, so I'll ask it first. What I mean is, what if the master threatens our matter? What should we do?"

The elder said woodenly: "I have thought about this situation a long time ago. You have been with me for so long, you should believe that I know that people will do anything to achieve their goals. Besides, this is not a matter of treason. After all, he is not our real master!"

On the other hand, Lin Yuanyin and Yang Chong went back to see Uncle Liang first. They both couldn't bear to tell him the truth, let alone mention that his daughter was still alive. Lin Yuanyin made up a lie that she had roughly known the true location of the ninth classroom through the guidance of an expert, and she also saw the soul of his daughter, saying that she was living well down there and was waiting to be reincarnated as a human being again, etc. Uncle Liang shed tears sadly after hearing this.

Lin Yuanyin finally forced a smile and said, "Uncle, this may not be a bad ending. She was a kind girl. Although she died unjustly, she had no resentment. The underworld will treat her well. If her reincarnation is not from a royal family, she will definitely be rich and powerful." When she said this, she suddenly thought of that strange body, the rough snake scales, and the ugly head. Lin Yuanyin's nose felt sore and she quickly held it back.

Uncle Liang didn't notice anything unusual and sniffled for a while before saying, "Forget it. It's my fault as a father for not taking good care of her. In the next life, I hope she'll have competent parents who can take good care of her. So my trip here is complete and it's time for me to leave."

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Lin Yuanyin said softly, "That's right. Karma will always pay off, uncle. May you live a peaceful life."

She wished Uncle Liang would leave quickly because the answer to the ninth classroom would be revealed soon and there would inevitably be another massacre. She didn't want innocent lives to be involved.

Uncle Liang quietly went to pack his luggage. Yang Cong, who had been hiding in the house and couldn't bear to watch this scene, ran out and looked at Uncle Liang's slightly hunched figure and said unwillingly, "Are you really not going to tell him? Cheating is also a sin and he will go to hell, right? I feel that this is too unfair to the father and daughter. They are so close but cannot recognize each other. The greatest sorrow is to be heartbroken. He won't be able to live a comfortable life if he goes back like this."

Lin Yuanyin said: "God will forgive a white-hearted lie. If Uncle Liang knew about his daughter's current situation, he would be in great pain and even feel guilty for the rest of his life. Why bother? Living a numb life is better than living in pain."

Yang Chong said, "What about Xiao Jing? Isn't she too pitiful? She never enjoyed any love since she was a child. Although she found a boy she loved dearly in the end, the love was broken in a short time. Do you believe that the principal is sincere to her?"

Speaking of Xiao Jing, Lin Yuanyin's eyes turned red and she said, "She doesn't believe it, but there's no need to tell her. Xiao Jing is so innocent in believing in the truth of love in the world that even though she's been corrupted, she still maintains a high level of human conscience in her heart. If she knew the truth, I can't imagine what would happen."

As she spoke, Lin Yuanyin raised her head and looked at the flawless white clouds in the sky, lost in thought: "I have always believed that cause and effect exist in this world. There will definitely be retribution…"

After persuading Uncle Liang to leave, Lin Yuanyin and the others immediately began to rebuild the formation. However, when they returned to the campus stele forest, they unexpectedly found that there was an extra person inside: a strange old man who was slightly hunched but had a sharp gaze that could kill people, waiting there with a cane.

Yang Chong asked curiously, "Who is this? How come someone dares to come here for sightseeing after such a big incident?"

When Lin Yuanyin saw the old man, her whole body shook violently involuntarily: "You…you are the one who sent people to kill me?"

"What?" Yang Chong was shocked and turned around hurriedly, only to see the old man nodding with a smile.

Facing such a sharp question, this gentle old man could nod calmly and even smile. Yang Chong had goose bumps all over his body. He didn't know why, just looking at his eyes full of fish patterns was enough to make people feel chilled and terrified. This old man was definitely not an ordinary person. What was the ending of the conspiracy and ghost love ? This person was the elder. He tried every possible way to figure out who had such great ability to save Lin Yuanyin. Seeing that the date was approaching, in order to avoid Lin Yuanyin ruining the big thing, he finally decided to go out in person. Relying on his extremely high skills, he came alone without bringing anyone else to see if he could meet the master behind the scenes.

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