"Mud Baby Omen" Spooky Horror Short Ghost Story

A cousin of a friend of mine is a preschool teacher. She has been beautiful since she was a child, and her temperament and appearance are no worse than that of a celebrity. Now she works in a private international kindergarten in the city that charges a lot of money. Those who can send their children to school are either rich or noble.

A while ago, the mother of a little girl in my cousin’s class passed away in a car accident. It’s really pitiful to say that this little girl is a single parent, and she lived with her mother since she was a child. The girl's mother is an executive of a foreign company, a typical career woman, very busy all day long, usually a nanny is responsible for picking up and dropping off the children, and the cousin has never seen this mother a few times.

The day of the accident was May 31 this year, which was still a Friday. As soon as I arrived in the class in the morning, the little girl couldn't wait to tell her cousin: "Teacher, tomorrow is Children's Day, and today my mother will come to pick me up from school!" The cousin was so infected that she couldn't help kissing her apple-like cheek.

When school was over in the evening, the children in the class were picked up by their parents one after another, and soon there was only the little girl left, sitting alone in the empty classroom. Seeing that lonely little figure, my cousin couldn't bear it, and walked over to her and said, "Niuniu, don't worry, mom must have some work to do, so she's delayed. How about I accompany you to play with clay for a while, Playing and waiting?"

The little girl happily agreed.

While swiping her phone, the cousin took care of the little girl playing with clay. Unknowingly, Xixiewa 's ghost came back to life, and she saw that it was past seven o'clock in the evening, and the little girl's mother still didn't come to pick her up.

The cousin stretched, stood up and moved her body, and was about to call the little girl's nanny. At this time, she found that the little girl was in tears, and she didn't know when she started crying. I saw that she made two clay figurines, one big and one small holding hands, out of clay. It was her and her mother at a glance.

Just as my cousin was about to coax the little girl, she saw her crush the head of the big clay figurine, crying in horror, "Mom has no head… Mom has no head… Here comes mother, here comes headless mother." Picking up Niuniu and going home…" My cousin felt like urinating in an instant, feeling like her hair was standing on end.

While panicking, the mobile phone she had been holding in her hand suddenly rang, and her cousin almost threw the mobile phone out of her hands in shock. After hurriedly picking up the call, it was the nanny of the little girl's family. The nanny cried in panic on the phone and said that the little girl's mother had a serious car accident on the way to pick her up. People are gone. She just came out of the hospital and was on her way to pick up her child…

It is often said that children under the age of six are open-eyed and can foresee and feel many strange things that adults cannot perceive. What's more, there is a strange and mysterious blood connection between close relatives, so it is not surprising that the little girl noticed something when her mother died in a car accident.

It’s just that her way of expressing it is really weird and frightening. It reminds me of a nursery rhyme “Mud Doll” that I always felt horrified when I heard it when I was a child. Her mother will always love her…"

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