Mrs. Chen Appeals For Justice, The County Magistrate Encounters A Vengeful Ghost

What is the name of a ghost in a mirror? How to see a ghost with a mirror?

Mother cries out for injustice

Li Changqing is the deputy county chief in charge of public security and other departments. He is in his forties, but looks older. He has been a good official who cares about the people for three years. He is honest and incorruptible. These fine traditions of Communist Party members can be fully reflected in him. He is also very kind and has no airs. He often mingle with the common people. Therefore, if anyone in the county has difficulties or dissatisfaction, they will naturally think of him. Now, a female comrade has come to see our county chief.

The visitor was a retired employee of the county textile factory, named Zhang Guiling, but everyone called her Chen Sao. She was in her fifties and lived with her daughter Chen Ping. She was an honest and kind person. What could she do to the county magistrate? As soon as she entered the government compound, she shouted: "County Magistrate Li, you must redress the injustice for my poor daughter!" Upon hearing this, County Magistrate Li hurriedly walked out of his office and came to Chen Sao. Before he could say anything, Chen Sao knelt down and begged: "County Magistrate Li, you must stand up for the people!" The speaker burst into tears. County Magistrate Li hurriedly helped her up and said: "Old sister-in-law, what are you doing? If you have anything to say, just say it, and the government will definitely solve it for you!" As he spoke, he helped Chen Sao into his office, then poured her a glass of water and said: "Drink some water and talk slowly." Chen Sao wiped her tears, took a sip of the water, and began to speak:

"My daughter Chen Ping took over my shift after graduating from technical secondary school and joined the textile factory. She has been working there for three or four years. She has always been fine and has never caused any trouble. But last month, she moved into the factory's single dormitory and died inexplicably by the river not long after. I reported the case to the police, but they didn't even investigate and concluded that it was suicide, and then ignored it. County Magistrate Li, my daughter has been a lively and cheerful child since she was young, and her personality is also very strong. Even if the matter is very serious, she will not commit suicide." County Magistrate Li was furious when he heard this, and slammed the table hard, asking: "How long has this happened?" "It happened last week!" Mrs. Chen replied. "Hey, why didn't you tell me earlier?" County Magistrate Li asked again. Seeing County Magistrate Li's angry look, Chen's wife was also a little panicked, because no one had ever seen him lose his temper. She said carefully, "I've been here several times, but everyone said you went to the province to see a doctor." County Magistrate Li sighed, controlled his emotions, and then picked up the phone: "Please connect me to the County Public Security Bureau… Hello, is this Director Zhang? I already know about Chen Ping's matter in the textile factory. You should immediately send someone to investigate. If there is anything suspicious, immediately file a case for investigation." He put down the phone, and then comforted Chen's wife a few more words. Chen's wife really didn't know what to say now. She was so grateful that she just knelt down and kowtowed. County Magistrate Li arranged for someone to send Chen's wife away, and then lay down on the comfortable work chair, gently breathed a long sigh, and a smile inadvertently flashed across his face.

The County Magistrate Meets a Ghost

More than a month has passed since the incident, and everyone seems to be trying to forget about it. The Public Security Bureau seems to be no exception, because there has been no progress in the case. It seems that no one is investigating it. Because no one in the county believes that Chen Ping did not commit suicide except Mrs. Chen, the public security department is dragging it out. This dragged on until July. There is a saying in the county: July is the Ghost Festival. Anyone who died unjustly will turn into a ghost in mid-July to seek revenge. No one knows whether there are really ghosts, but a few years ago, there was indeed a person who had killed someone and died inexplicably in July. After many years, it was unexpected that something happened again this year, and it was even more unexpected that the person in trouble was County Magistrate Li.

In mid-July, County Magistrate Li went to celebrate the birthday of an old comrade-in-arms from the army. As they hadn't seen each other for many years, they naturally had to drink a few more cups and chatted for a long time. When they left, it was already past one in the morning. The old comrade-in-arms was a little worried: "Old Li, don't go back today. I'll call my sister-in-law, and you can sleep here with me. Let's have a few more cups." County Magistrate Li shook his head and pointed to his knees, insisting that he must go back. Seeing that he couldn't keep him, the comrade-in-arms joked: "Then you have to be careful. Today is the Ghost Festival on July 15th. Be careful not to be haunted by a female ghost and cry out for injustice." County Magistrate Li was also happy: "Don't worry, whether it's people or ghosts in our county, I will take care of anyone who has injustice!" Then he left.

He had drunk a lot today, so he didn't ride his bike. He just swayed on the road, enjoying the gentleness of the summer night. The evening breeze gently brushed his body, making him feel much more comfortable and clear-headed. With a clear mind, his eyes would naturally be brighter. He had already seen a person at the intersection ahead. It seemed to be a woman. He was amused by the way he saw ghosts in the mirror , because he was not a bad person and didn't have any hobbies, but he liked women very much – beautiful women. He would even go crazy for women. Is this true for every henpecked man? He now walked towards the woman.

When he approached the woman, he couldn't even cry. A person who was frightened would usually have his facial muscles stiff. How could he still cry? County Magistrate Li was now frightened. He was frightened. Because he saw a person who could never appear – Chen Ping. Wasn't Chen Ping dead? How could she be here? Even if she was Chen Ping, County Magistrate Li didn't know her. How could he know that it was Chen Ping? And how could he be frightened? County Magistrate Li stayed there, almost forgetting that he still had legs, and even forgot to run. It wasn't that he forgot, but that his legs seemed to have lost their proper function. How could a pair of legs that had long been soft run? His throat seemed to become dry, as if it was being pressed by a heart that was about to jump out. His Adam's apple kept twitching up and down. He couldn't utter a word. His eyes were wide open, staring at the woman in front of him. The fear in his eyes was beyond his description.

In front of him was a beautiful girl, dressed in red, which only made her pale face and empty eyes more obvious. She lowered her head and stared at County Magistrate Li who had already fallen to the ground. Suddenly a voice came out: "Don't you recognize me? I am Chen Ping, give me back my life!" It was like the voice of hell, extremely desolate, looming. There were only County Magistrate Li and her here, so Chen Ping must be her. Is she really Chen Ping? Is there really a ghost? He couldn't help but believe it. If she didn't die, it was impossible, because it was the county magistrate himself who killed her.

Late night attack

County Magistrate Li is good in everything except the word "lust". It's no wonder that he has a tigress at home, which makes him afraid to spend the night at his old friend's house. But he can't help but yearn for women outside, even crazy about them. That night, he was angry at home and ran away alone. In fact, he was not angry at all, but he was really going out to meet his lover. No one would have thought that County Magistrate Li would actually have a lover.

He stayed at his lover's place for a long time and drank a lot of wine, but his lover was sick during those days, so he failed to do so and had to leave with a lot of anger. When he came out, it was already very late. He lowered his head and was worried about his anger. Suddenly, someone bumped into him and scared him. He was about to get angry, but he swallowed the words when they were on his lips. Because his eyes lit up, in front of him was a very beautiful and gentle girl. She was wearing a red dress and a black bag on her shoulder. She looked dignified, but also a little naughty and cute. She looked very flustered because she knew that she bumped into the county magistrate. She lowered her head very low and kept saying "I'm sorry". But County Magistrate Li didn't listen to him at all. His eyes were straight, staring at the girl in front of him, saying "It's okay", but his hand was holding the girl's hand intentionally or unintentionally, as if he would never let go. The girl was even more flustered, and hurriedly pulled her hand out, saying "I'm sorry" several times and ran away.

County Magistrate Li stayed there, savoring the tenderness of those hands, and a faint unnatural smile slowly appeared on his face, as if he had thought of something. After lighting a cigarette, he slowly walked in the direction where the girl ran, following her at a leisurely pace, all the way to the single dormitory building of the textile factory.

This girl is Chen Ping, and she lives upstairs. This is a small building. Apart from her, there are almost no other people living there, and they are far apart. County Magistrate Li stood downstairs, looking upstairs, and soon saw a light coming out of a window on the third floor. He was ecstatic, strode upstairs, and knocked on the door. He knew that no one would refuse to open the door when the county magistrate knocked. Sure enough, after the person inside the door asked, he opened the door when he heard that it was County Magistrate Li. Chen Ping seemed very confused. How could she see ghosts in the mirror ? She didn't know why the county magistrate was looking for her so late at night? Could it be because he bumped into him just now? But she never thought that this county magistrate was a jackal. Not only did he tarnish her innocence, but he also took her life…sisterly love.

County Magistrate Li collapsed on the ground, looking at Chen Ping in front of him, completely desperate, convinced that he had indeed encountered a ghost, trembling all over, sweat had already soaked his whole body, oh, not just sweat, at least not the part in the crotch. Chen Ping shouted "Give me back my life, I died so miserably!" Slowly walked towards County Magistrate Li, County Magistrate Li only remembered the word "run" at this time, but how to run now, because Chen Ping had already rushed over, he rolled his eyes upwards, only felt that his eyes went black, and he knew nothing.

At dawn, many people who like to get up early went to the river to exercise. Suddenly, they found a person lying in the water by the river. When they got closer, they found that it was County Magistrate Li. His limbs were cut by a knife. They felt around and found that he was not dead. Someone rushed to the scene. Captain Zhuang of the Criminal Police Brigade led the public security officers to the scene quickly. When they sent County Magistrate Li to the ambulance, they found a videotape and a letter on him:

"…My name is Chen Li, and I am the twin sister of Chen Ping from the textile factory. This tape contains the story of how Li Changqing killed my sister. I once sent a tape to Director Song, but he withheld it and did not bring the criminal to justice. I was very angry, so I had to take revenge in my own way and make Li Changqing's evil deeds public so that no one would dare to cover up for him. I ask the government to redress the injustice for my sister…"

Does Chen Ping have a twin sister? Yes, but their parents divorced not long after they were born. Chen Li followed her father to England and grew up in England. Apart from her family, almost no one knew about it. Besides, after so many years, those who knew about it almost forgot about it. When the two knew that they had a twin sister, they were very happy. They corresponded with each other almost since they could write. Later, they thought that writing letters was too slow and inconvenient, so they started to talk on the phone, but the phone bill was too expensive. Finally, when the Internet entered Chinese families, the two began to chat online, almost every day for a long time. Although the two sisters have never met, they can tell what the other looks like just by looking in the mirror, and their feelings are also very deep. One day, Chen Li told her sister online that she had sent a pocket camera back from England, and asked her sister to record her mother, her and the mountains and rivers of her hometown and send it to her. Half a month later, Chen Ping really received a camera and was very happy. She went out with the camera early the next morning.

That day, Chen Ping took as many pictures of the county as she could. At night, she stood on a tall building and took some pictures of the night scene of the mountain city before going home. When she got home, she quickly turned on the video camera to record herself, but she hadn't thought of anything to say. As she had recorded too much during the day, the videotape was finished. She was in high spirits, so she had no choice but to go out and buy a tape. She picked up a small bag and went out.

It was already late when she came out. She went to many places and finally found a mall that was open all night to buy the tape. After leaving the mall, she hurried home and bumped into County Magistrate Li who was coming out of his lover's house. She returned home in a panic, patted her chest, calmed down, and went to change the new tape. Just as she turned on the camera, she heard someone knocking on the door. She carefully asked who was coming. When she heard it was County Magistrate Li, she was scared, but she still opened the door. When County Magistrate Li entered the door, he only had Chen Ping in his eyes. He didn't notice the small camera on the dressing table by the window, and the machine was still on. So all his evil deeds were recorded in that small videotape.

Afterwards, he strangled Chen Ping to death. He was the county magistrate. What would happen if the news got out? He picked up the body and prepared to throw it into the river to create the illusion that she had committed suicide. When he was carrying the body, Chen Ping's foot touched the camera and kicked it under the bed. When he came back to rearrange the scene, he naturally didn't find the camera. He thought he had done it perfectly and he was not afraid even if something went wrong because he promoted the police chief.

Chen Li waited at home for many days, but her sister didn't go online again. She became anxious, and sometimes her heart suddenly beat violently: "Has something happened to my sister?" This was a terrible guess, but the feeling became stronger and stronger in her heart. She hurriedly picked up the phone. When her mother told her on the phone that her sister had passed away, her heart was shocked. She cried at home for a day and flew back to her motherland the next day.

She came to her sister's dormitory and looked at her sister's belongings. When she saw a pair of shoes under the bed, she couldn't hold back and started crying. Her sister had also sent her a pair of shoes, and she was wearing them now. When she bent down to pick up the shoes, she suddenly found the camera. Her attention quickly shifted to the camera. She quickly picked it up and took out the tape, ran home, asked her mother to borrow a video camera from someone else's house, and locked herself in the room because she wanted to talk to her sister alone.

She looked at the TV, and gradually, sadness disappeared from her eyes, and anger filled them, as if she was about to burst into flames. She was so angry that she smashed the remote control in her hand into pieces, yelled a few times, pulled her hair, and shook her head desperately, unable to accept the facts on the TV. Finally, she calmed down and stared at the TV in a daze. She stayed like this for a long time before taking out the tape. She was about to go to the Public Security Bureau to report the case, but suddenly she thought of something: "He is the county magistrate. If he can't be prosecuted, it doesn't matter to me. At most, I can go to England. What if he seeks revenge on my mother?" So she copied the tape and took the other one to the post office. She mailed the tape to Director Song of the Public Security Bureau, but of course she didn't write her address and name. She didn't tell her mother about this either, for fear that she would not be able to bear the blow.

The stuff was sent out, but Li Changqing was still the county magistrate. The county was still very peaceful, and people had forgotten Chen Ping's death. Chen Li could no longer sit still. She was so angry that she almost went crazy. She didn't eat or sleep at home, but there was nothing she could do until that day when she heard the time on TV: "Good evening, everyone. Today is July 14, 2000…" July 14? Oh, didn't my sister tell me on the Internet that July 14 is the Ghost Festival? So a bold revenge plan slowly formed in her mind. She and her sister looked a lot like each other, and she put on makeup based on her sister's photo, and a living Chen Ping appeared.

After she subdued Li Changqing, she did not kill him. She thought that he had thrown her sister into the river, so she dragged him to the riverside and cut his tendons with a knife, so that he could not run away. Then she put the videotape and the letter in a plastic bag and tied them to his body before leaving. After returning, she packed her things and told her mother roughly what happened. When it was dawn, she took her mother to the UK. She also knew that her father in the UK had never remarried and often thought about her mother and sister.

The matter is over. Li Changqing was found guilty and sentenced to death. Director Song was found guilty of more than a dozen crimes including corruption, abuse of power for personal gain, and harboring criminals, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. The story of the female ghost's revenge soon spread throughout the county. Some said it was Chen Ping's ghost, while others said it was a god who came down to earth to seek justice. But whether it was a ghost or a human, the Public Security Bureau no longer pursued her. Wouldn't it be better to just treat it as a myth?

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