Midnight Horror: The Curse Of The Zodiac Year? The Strange Experience Of A 24-Year-Old Youth

This ghost story unfolds in a plain and suspenseful style, telling a supernatural event that takes place in an urban setting. The plot design is clever, the atmosphere is properly created, and the character creation is vivid, fully demonstrating the author's imagination and narrative ability. In terms of plot design, the story takes the protagonist's daily life as the starting point, and gradually leads to the mysterious connection between the protagonist and his deceased friend Yang through a snooker match and an unexpected traffic accident. This gradual plot advancement makes the story full of suspense and stimulates readers' interest in reading. At the same time, the climax of the story, that is, the protagonist suddenly fainted in the toilet, and the subsequent nightmare and Yang's supernatural events in the world of death. , formed a strong emotional impact, making people worry about the fate of the protagonist. In terms of atmosphere creation, the author used delicate descriptions and vivid dialogues to bring readers into a world that is both familiar and unfamiliar. For example, the special time point of 12:30 midnight in the story and the sudden call for help in the middle of the road create a tense and terrifying atmosphere. The teasing and quarreling between the protagonist and his friends add a touch of life to the story, making it easier for readers to resonate. In character creation, the image of the protagonist is vivid. He has both the joy of winning and the heartache after losing, which reflects the truth of human nature. Although Yang, the character, does not appear much, the protagonist's memories and fears, as well as Yang's death, make this character full of mystery and sadness. This differentiated treatment of the characters makes the story more colorful. In addition, the protagonist and Yang were born in the same year and month, 7 days apart, both 24 years old. The setting of the birth year is both a hint of fate and a highlight of the protagonist's inner fear. This delicate emotional resonance makes the story more profound, and people can't help but feel worried about the fate of the protagonist during the reading process. In general, this ghost story successfully attracted the attention of readers with its unique plot design, tense atmosphere creation and distinctive character creation. At the same time, the emotional entanglement between the protagonist and his deceased friend Yang in the story, as well as the emotion about fate, make the story full of profound thinking. In the process of reading, I was deeply moved, not only by the suspense and horror in the story, but also by the human thinking and awe of fate contained in it.

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