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At this moment, Qin Ge also walked up to Yuan Nie with a pistol in hand, aimed at Yuan Nie's head and fired another shot. This time Qin Ge had learned his lesson and concentrated all his strength on his wrist. With a flash of fire from the muzzle, a "red nitrate sandwich alloy bullet" shot into Yuan Nie's head with a puff. Yuan Nie held his big hand and shook it slightly, but did not let go.

"What? It's useless?" Qin Ge's expression changed instantly. He took a step forward and fired two more shots, but it still had no effect. To be honest, the power of this 12.7mm caliber bullet at close range is absolutely close to that of the machine gun on the plane. No matter whether it is a human or a ghost, it will definitely destroy it. It will penetrate the soft and explode the hard without any negotiation. I didn't expect that when facing a resentment covered by rags, it neither penetrated nor exploded. The gun was loaded with red saltpeter shrapnel. If you are not afraid of bullets, you must be afraid of red saltpeter, right?

"Hey…" Just as Qin Ge was busy changing bullets in his pistol, Big Hand Liu shouted loudly, and stood up straight, bringing the evildoer up with him. Then he fell on his back and pressed the evildoer under his body. "I let you hold me." Big Hand Liu raised his legs, as if he wanted to roll over and break free from the evildoer's arms, but he failed after several attempts.

"Come and try this." Old Liu raised the Seven Star Sword above his head, added some strength and thrust it downwards, nailing the sword directly into the evildoer's head. "Get in there." In desperation, Old Liu simply put all his body weight on the sword. The blade of the sword penetrated into the evildoer's head five or six inches, but the evildoer showed no intention of letting go.

"I'll do it." Zhang Guozhong didn't care about much anymore. He threw his sword to the ground and was about to move the evildoer's arm.

Just as he squatted down and hadn't yet stretched out his hand, he felt a gust of cold wind on his back, and his ankle was gripped tightly, followed by a plop and he fell flat on his face. "Master…" Zhang Guozhong didn't even have time to call out Old Liu's name, he felt the force on his ankle suddenly increase, and he was dragged backwards like a dead dog, "Jian, my senior brother Jian…" Zhang Guozhong shouted while struggling, and after just a few shouts he felt his body already in the water, and the water was getting deeper and deeper.

"Guozhong" Zhang Guozhong was dragged out at least two or three meters. Old Liu and Qin Ge just reacted. Everything happened too suddenly. When the two took out the flashlight and shone it in the direction of Zhang Guozhong's shouting, Zhang Guozhong had already entered the water. "Guozhong statue hugs the statue" Old Liu was still calm at this time. He picked up Zhang Guozhong's Qingtai sword from the ground and chased after him. Qin Ge fired a flare at the fastest speed. Under the strong light, Zhang Guozhong was almost dragged to death at this time. He heard Old Liu shouting and barely raised his head. He saw the statue passing by him, "Hmm…" Zhang Guozhong also fought hard. He gritted his teeth and stretched his arm to the side. He grabbed the statue's leg with his right hand. At the same time, he felt his whole body tightened at the moment of being pulled, and his spine was almost dislocated.

"Call for weapons" Old Liu's men arrived before the "dehydration bomb". A "dehydration bomb" made by Qin Ge flew over Zhang Guozhong's head and hit the resentment. With a splash, the "dehydration bomb" fell into the water and exploded. "My mother's surname is Qin. She even bought a processed product for such an important thing." Seeing that the dehydration bomb did not work, Old Liu drew his sword and chopped.

"The one who threw the safety away should pull the safety." At this moment, Qin Ge also rushed forward with a gun in hand. At this moment, the flare slowly fell into the water, and the cave was instantly dark again. Zhang Guozhong only felt two flashlights swaying around him, and then there were gunshots, as if Old Liu and Qin Ge were fighting desperately with the evil. What's more, this fight was really useful. The force on the ankle seemed to be a little smaller, and the body that was originally suspended in the air was actually touching the ground. "Damn it, no wonder even Zhang Sanfeng had to retreat to figure out how to cure these things…" Zhang Guozhong gritted his teeth and used another He supported himself on the ground with one leg and tried to grab the statue's arms with both hands, but the legs were too thick and it was slippery and difficult to grab. Just when Zhang Guozhong grabbed the statue's arms with one hand, he felt the force on his ankle suddenly increase. With a splash, the whole statue was pulled into the water. To be honest, Zhang Guozhong was also scared by the statue's fall. He quickly let go and curled up to avoid this disaster. The statue was almost a solid lump of iron, weighing at least a ton. If it fell on him, he would be in a photo before he even had to complain.

As for Old Liu and Qin Ge, they were also startled by the sudden sound of a thud beside them. While they were stunned, they saw Yuan Nie grab Zhang Guozhong and disappear into the darkness in an instant. It was impossible to catch up with him at the speed of a human.

"Guo Zhong Guo Zhong" Old Liu shouted twice into the cave but there was no response. At this time, Qin Ge fired another flare. Under the strong light, the two men were stunned on the spot. They saw that the evil spirits that had surrounded them in a fan shape just now had now formed a circle, less than ten meters away from the two men. A rough count showed that there were about five or six of them. The one facing the small entrance when they came in was "Zhao Jinzhou", the only one among the evil spirits whose body was not wrapped in linen.

"What should we do now?" Qin Ge handed over the gun to one hand and took out a homemade dehydration sheet. He flicked his thumb lightly, and with a snap, the safety ring fell into the water.

"Go back first and get Brother Liu out. I'll take the lead and you follow me." Old Liu's heart sank. He tremblingly held the Seven Star Sword horizontally, and suddenly stepped forward to stab Zhao Jinzhou. The skinless man jumped four or five feet high, crossed Old Liu's head and fell in front of Qin Ge. Qin Ge was mentally prepared. He swung his arm and threw it. The dehydrated sheet hit Zhao Jinzhou's chest squarely. There was a muffled bang, and the surroundings instantly became smoky. Zhao Jinzhou let out a roar and disappeared.

"It seems to be working," Qin Ge quickly covered his nose with his sleeve and shouted, "Mr. Liu, don't breathe." To be honest, phosphorus pentoxide is a strong industrial dehydrating agent and is very corrosive. "Dehydration" in chemistry refers to separating the hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms in a substance in a ratio of two to one to carbonize the substance, which is completely different from "water absorption". If a person inhales too much of this stuff, it is no different from drinking concentrated sulfuric acid. I'm afraid that the person will be finished without any resentment.

"It's useless," Old Liu covered his nose and cursed, "Damn it, it's all your processed stuff, it's not as good as the medicine bottle from Yicheng." Old Liu cursed as he ran back to the cave entrance, took out a piece of jade from the cloth bag and stuffed it into Big Hand Liu, "Brother Liu, use this to break it open, quickly…"

At this moment, Qin Ge also arrived and picked up the Qingtai sword that Zhang Guozhong had just thrown on the ground without saying a word. To be honest, in Qin Ge's mind, using this thing to deal with evil spirits is more effective than the mortar in his hand.

"Don't pick that up." Old Liu saw Qin Ge lowering his head and knew he was picking up the Qingtai Sword. In fact, ever since Zhang Guozhong was dragged away by the evil spirits, Old Liu suspected that it was because Zhang Guozhong was holding the sword. According to Old Liu's analysis, among the Eight Immortals Formation, if the formation vein controlled by Taoist Yan Shang was the most important vein, it must be the vein that suppressed Zhao Jinzhou, so Zhao Jinzhou's body would be afraid of the Qingtai Sword, but the other seven people might not be afraid. At this time in the cave, Zhao Jinzhou was obviously the leader of the evil spirits, and he must let the other evil spirits first kill the person holding the Qingtai Sword before he could go up.

But it was too late. Before Qin Ge could hold the sword steadily, he felt someone grabbing his ankle. Before he could react, he was pulled to the ground.

"Let me go." Qin Ge reacted quickly. Without saying a word, he turned over and fired two shots behind him, but it seemed to have no effect. "Mr. Liu" Qin Ge only felt that he was dragged into the water in a few seconds.

"Damn it!" Old Liu didn't have time to care about Qin Ge anymore. "Brother Liu, open it quickly!"

Speaking of this trick from the legend of the Eight Ghost Immortals , Old Liu hasn't used it for many years. This piece of jade is not an ordinary jade, but a "Su Yin". The so-called "Su Yin" is the carrier for reaching an agreement between humans and ghosts. All wronged souls must have grievances, and the purpose of "Su Yin" is to first summon the evil ghosts to help oneself, and promise to help the wronged souls to quell the grievances after the matter is accomplished.

Theoretically, the "Su Yin" is a one-time magic weapon. Each "Su Yin" can only seal one evil ghost. After using it once, no matter whether the caster helps the evil ghost to clear his grievances as promised, the "Su Yin" will become invalid. From ancient times to the present, this thing has always been considered a poison to quench thirst. It may attract evil ghosts and resentment to solve the immediate worries, but if the original promise is not followed and the resentment is not cleared in time, it is very likely to cause great trouble and will never be able to get rid of the dog-skin plaster. In ancient times, due to the abuse of "Su Yin", There are many Taoists who died because of the "Seal". In 1996, he used a "Seal of Su" in Egypt. After returning to China, he spent four and a half years to complete the follow-up matters by chance. He completely reincarnated the evil ghost who rushed to Elson's body and chopped off the Egyptian "human heir". If it weren't for the coincidence, I don't know how many years it would have taken. Therefore, Old Liu usually always has one "Seal of Su", but he tries not to use it if he can. But at this moment, he can't care about so much. If he thinks about it again, Zhang Guozhong and Qin Ge will be finished…

Big Hand Liu was struggling to free himself from the arms of the evildoer. When he saw Old Liu handed him a piece of jade, he took it without thinking. He followed Old Liu's instructions and broke it with his hands. His pupils dilated instantly, and the veins on his neck were more exposed than before. With a muffled groan, he broke the arms of the evildoer who was holding him, and jumped up high. Although the subsequent work of helping the evildoer to transcend after the "Su Yin" was very tricky, Old Liu was still very confident in controlling the situation in front of him. The strength and speed of a person being rushed by an evildoer had a lot to do with his normal physical fitness. A super tough guy like Big Hand Liu would be basically invincible if he was rushed by an evildoer. At least he could easily deal with all the evildoers he had encountered in the past, including the iron-locked corpse in the "Zhechi".

"The Heavenly Lord has descended upon me like a peak, overlooking the Five Mountains and gathering the Three Pure Ones. A hundred thousand heavenly soldiers obey my orders…" Old Liu held the Seven Star Sword in his hand horizontally and began to chant a spell. Theoretically speaking, this Big Hand Liu was rushed behind him and was almost the same as a troublemaker. He could speak and understand human language. After Old Liu finished chanting the spell, he gave an order, and Big Hand Liu could start working after receiving the order. But unexpectedly, this Big Hand Liu jumped behind Old Liu after being rushed, and then jumped up and down in the cave like a fly, howling from time to time. Before Old Liu could finish chanting the spell, he fell to the ground with a thud and was motionless.

"All the immortals come to the mortal world to call the immortal spirits, and the world is turbulent…" As he was reciting, Old Liu also felt that something was wrong. How could someone lie down before the decree was issued? "Brother Liu, brother Liu" Old Liu hurried forward to help Big Hand Liu up. It would have been better if he didn't help him. This help almost scared Old Liu to pee. He saw that Big Hand Liu's mouth turned white and he even spit white foam.

"What…what happened?" Old Liu was also panicked for a moment, and hurriedly took out the needle bag to give Big Hand Liu acupuncture. After two needles, Big Hand Liu slowly opened his eyes, and saw that the thing that had just been holding him seemed to be gone. He was quite happy, "Haha, not bad, Old Liu, your thing is really good? Where are they?"

"Damn it… What on earth is in this cave?" An inexplicable despair surged in Old Liu's heart. He crossed the sword with one hand and reached out to take out the compass from the cloth bag. He was stunned when he opened it. He saw that the compass needle was spinning 360 degrees like an electric fan. This situation had never happened when he encountered the iron-locked corpse in the "Zhechi"… It was obviously an intact "Suyin" and there was no mistake in his operation. However, the carefully selected evil ghosts and evildoers sealed on the "Suyin" actually left the body by themselves. "Could it be…'Xie Nie'?"

"Old Liu, what did you say? What's here?" Big Hand Liu picked up Qin Ge's flashlight from the ground and kept shining it around, but there seemed to be nothing.

"Xie Nie" Old Liu said tremblingly, "Brother Liu, you go up first"

The character "魙" originally means a legendary ghost. There is a saying in ancient China that "when a person dies, he becomes a ghost, and when a ghost dies, he becomes a 魙". People are afraid of ghosts, and ghosts are afraid of 魙. In other words, ghosts are afraid of "魙" to the same extent as people are afraid of "ghosts".

However, this is only a folk legend. In the theory of Taoism, "Xie Nie" is usually regarded as a form of evil ghosts after they have cultivated their "true body"*. In the book "Maoshan Evil Records", the explanation of "Xie Nie" is as follows: There are usually two ways for evil ghosts to cultivate immortality. One is to cultivate with a body, that is, to cultivate on the flesh, and the other is to cultivate without a body, that is, to cultivate in the form of soul without a flesh body. In comparison, the former is much more difficult and rarer than the latter, because the process of cultivating immortality, even for evil ghosts, takes hundreds of years, and in most cases, if there is no burial treatment like that of emperors and generals, it is difficult for the flesh body to remain as it is after burial. As a result, the body of "Xie Nie" can remain incorruptible for a long time (even if it is buried with the same treatment as emperors and generals, the body can only be said to be more prone to decay. Even the most carefully designed tomb will be destroyed by tomb robbers). The true body form of "Xie Nie" belongs to the rare "cultivation with body" type. Compared with the evil spirits who have not yet cultivated their true body, the body of "Xie Nie" can remain incorruptible in most environments, but the soul cannot leave the body, just like a living person. Most of the magic tools of wizards who deal with ghosts are ineffective against "Xie Nie", and its physical body combines the strength, speed and tenacity of evil spirits. Therefore, in Taoism, "Xie" does not mean that the ghost is "dead", but that the ghost has "become an immortal".

According to common sense, when evil spirits rush towards a person, there are only two situations in which they can leave the body on their own. One is that they undergo a ritual to eliminate the evil spirits, or they are forced out of the body by magic. Another possibility is that they encounter something more powerful and are scared away. The "Suyin" evil spirit that is rushing towards Dashou Liu's body is obviously not forced out by magic, but is scared away alive. The thing that scared it away is nothing more than the "Xie Nie" in the cave.

"Ah?" Big Hand Liu didn't quite understand. "Where are you going?"

"Climb up," Old Liu stood up and said, looking confused.

"What are you going to do?" Although Big Hand Liu was a little silly, he also understood some social conventions. Seeing Old Liu's expression, he was a little worried. "If I don't leave and you don't leave, I won't leave either."

"You go back first," Old Liu was confused for a moment, "I'll go back too, let's go back together…" Actually, Old Liu just wanted to pretend to go back and let Big Hand Liu climb up first, thinking it would be a pity if such a stupid brother died in this cave. Unexpectedly, he was scared back just after reaching the small cave entrance. He saw a person standing in the cave entrance. Judging from his height, he seemed to be a child. His eyes were shining in the flashlight, just like a cat. "Ah" Old Liu was so scared that he took two steps back and almost sat on the ground. He thought to himself, he was screwed. According to his intuition, the person who was "retaining" in the small cave entrance was probably more powerful than the one who pulled people in the cave…

"What's wrong?" Seeing that there seemed to be something in the hole, Big Hand Liu hurried forward and shone the flashlight into the hole. He was also frightened and screamed. Then he bent down and was about to drill into the hole to risk his life. As a result, he was pulled back by Old Liu, "Get back behind me, quickly."

"Ah?" Big Hand Liu didn't know what was going on, so he could only retreat behind Old Liu obediently.

"Damn it, I didn't check the almanac before going out…" Old Liu thought to himself that it was okay. He and Qin Ge had lived for so many years, it was enough. It was a pity for Zhang Guozhong and Big Hand Liu. Just as he was thinking about it, he saw the person in the cave actually started to walk inside. "Hurry up and step back," Old Liu used his hand to stop Big Hand Liu and hurriedly stepped back. After the person came out of the cave, Old Liu realized that the person who came in was actually a modern kid. He was wearing sportswear, hiking shoes, and a digital watch. He was obviously not the same kind as the "evil" in the cave.

“What the hell is going on…” Old Liu crossed the sword and took out the compass with one hand, and was stunned again when he saw it. The compass, which had been spinning wildly like an electric fan just now, was now motionless. The compass needle was pointing straight at the young man who had just entered the cave. “This…” To be honest, Old Liu had only seen this situation twice in his life. The first time was when Li Dong fiddled with the "Zhu You Shu" and the soul of a living person left his body not long ago, and the compass had this reaction. The other time was at this moment. Based on the experience of the "Zhu You Shu", the child in front of him should not be a grudge, but more like a soul that had left his body.

At this moment, the child started to walk straight into the cave. Old Liu hurriedly pulled Big Hand Liu to make way for the kid, "Who is he? What does he want to do?" Big Hand Liu was also stunned, as he had never seen this person before.

"Follow him." Old Liu held the Seven Star Sword horizontally, quickly picked up Zhang Guozhong's Juque Sword from the ground and stuffed it into Big Hand Liu's hand. "If there's anything else, use this to chop it, understand?"

"Hmm." Big Hand Liu took the Juque Sword and followed behind Old Liu in a fake manner. Not long after, he went into the water…


*魙: pronounced as zhān.

*True body: In Maoshan magic, the cultivation of immortals by evil spirits and beasts can be divided into three types: "substitute body, phantom body, and true body". Among them, the true body is the highest realm. The evil spirits or beasts that have cultivated to the phantom body or true body are very difficult to deal with.

*"The Book of Evils in Mount Maoshan": Written by Song Mengqing, the fourth-generation abbot of the Maoshan Sect, the book** lists and introduces in detail more than 1,100 kinds of beasts, evil spirits and other evil spirits in the world that are naturally hostile to humans. It is an important reference for later generations to perform rituals to suppress evil spirits.

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