Is Zhang Zhen Dead? Author: Haunted House

Is Zhang Zhen dead?_Is Zhang Zhen dead?_Is Zhang Zhen dead?

Overtime work for more than two months has completely drained every employee's body and mind. Fatigue has left two obvious circles on our appearance. Finally, this project is coming to an end. In order to reward everyone for their long-term hard work, the company decided to give everyone a holiday and travel together. The story begins at this critical juncture.

The bus was running on the road, and everyone was looking forward to it, because the boss had been reluctant to announce the destination and the tour program, saying that it would be more mysterious. For this reason, many colleagues did not participate in this activity. There were only less than ten people on the bus, and the empty car could not help but make people feel a little "cold".

I sat alone in the last row of seats. Because I am a novel fan, I hold books all day long, even when I sleep, I never let the books leave my side. Maybe because of my love for novels, I am often alone, so they call me a nerd. Recently, I fell in love with horror novels. Yes, I am reading a horror novel.

The person sitting in front of me is called Zhang Wen. He is an extreme QQ fan. He knows everything that is on QQ. Here we all call him Wenzi. Sitting with Wenzi is his best friend Ah De! There are also the boss and Ah Jie! Ah Jie is the boss's relative and doesn't interact with everyone. The boss is a fat man. He works rigorously at work and talks and laughs with his subordinates after get off work. He is a person who is easy to get along with. Finally, I have to mention the two girls on this trip, Yafei and Wu Na. Wu Na is recognized by everyone as a wizard. This is not just because her surname is Wu. She believes that there are ghosts and gods in the world and also believes in fate. If you don't believe it, you can see that she is now fortune-telling for this trip. Finally, there is Yafei. She is a typical workaholic. She is meticulous at work and is also a popular girl in life.

The car was still running on the road. The colleagues in the car kept asking the boss where to go. Finally, the boss could not stand the constant questioning and said embarrassedly: "Okay, okay, I'll tell you that we are going to a resort this time. It is surrounded by mountains and water, with birds everywhere. It is an ideal place to relieve fatigue. The place we stay is also a star-rated place…"

"Hey, boss, why don't we go to a barbecue tonight? What do you think?" Ah De asked first, attracting responses from everyone in the car.


Seeing that everyone was eager to win, the boss couldn't refuse. "Barbecue, that's fine, but we're pressed for time today. Why don't you come back tomorrow? You'll have more time to prepare and have more fun."

The boss is right, so our barbecue is scheduled for tomorrow night. Everyone is now discussing the barbecue program tomorrow night.

I said buy more spicy ones for more excitement…

No! When I go back, the red beans won't grow in the south, but on my face…

I think……

Everyone was arguing and I didn't join in. It wasn't because I was busy reading novels. I think that in addition to the leaders having the final say in activities, those girls who like to have fun can also play a crucial role. As for us little people with no power and influence, it's a treasure to have a chance to participate. Instead of participating in those meaningless discussions, I might as well read my novels.

The car has been driving for nearly four hours. It is now 2:00 in the afternoon. Everyone is a little impatient. The wizard is the first to speak: "Boss! How far is it? I am awake."

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone became alert, even I put down my beloved novel. In these four hours, I had already read half of the novel from the beginning, and my eyes were really tired.

"Oh. We should be here soon." The boss turned his words to the driver.

After a while, the driver finally managed to say, "There are still about 30 minutes left."

For half an hour, I looked out the car window. The scenery outside the window slowly receded, and forest fire warning signs passed by one after another.

Another hour passed. The car showed no sign of stopping, and my stomach was growling in protest even though I hadn't eaten lunch yet. Fortunately, everyone came prepared, with bread, soda, biscuits, and cakes.

Another hour passed. The car gradually stopped by the roadside. We've arrived! We've arrived. Everyone crowded in front of the car, but they never expected the driver to turn around and say something that almost made everyone faint: "Sorry! I… I seem to have taken the wrong road. When the boss asked about the time just now, there was a fork in the road. I should have turned left, but after walking so far, I felt that I had gone left. Sorry, I'll turn back right away. Don't worry, I'll be there as soon as possible."…Hahaha…"

All levels fainted…

The sky was gradually covered by darkness, and the light from the two headlights in front of the bus guided the way forward. Finally, with the help of the light from the bus's headlights, everyone saw five words "Valley Resort" on the sign standing by the road.

The car was going uphill, when suddenly, there was a loud noise outside the car. The car seemed to have hit something and stalled. The driver controlled the car, stopped it, and everyone followed the driver out.

Oh my god! Everyone was shocked. The car hit a jar that the villagers used to store the bones of their ancestors. In the countryside, people believe in resting in peace, so the skeletons that were buried in the ground after death and decayed for more than ten or twenty years were collected and placed in a large jar. The skeletons were crushed to pieces when the car drove past, but the head was not broken. It rolled beside the wheel, and its two eyes stared at everyone.

"Oh my god! How can I avoid crashing into something? It's really weird that I crashed into this thing." The driver said as he used his hands to push the fragments apart.

"Stop talking, don't talk about people during the day, don't talk about ghosts at night, let's get in the car and leave here!" The wizard's ghost story came up, but at this time and in this place, everyone's heart was not at ease, and they got on the car in a panic. Although everyone didn't say anything, I could clearly feel the dead and panicked faces in the car. It seemed that no matter how fast the car ran, it couldn't get rid of the shocking scene just now. This made me think of a phrase that often appears in horror novels: "ghosts are like the heart."

It seemed like a long time had passed, and the car finally stopped in front of a brightly lit hotel. My drowning heart also came to shore as I stepped into the brightly lit hotel.

The director of the hotel came out to greet us. He spoke standard Mandarin and warmly greeted us and took us to experience the services of this small hotel in the mountain village. Although this place is remote, as long as you walk into this hotel, the charming decorative chandeliers and gorgeous decorations will make you feel relaxed and happy.

Oh my god, they live in the same house, and of course the decoration inside is equally impressive, with a spacious space, a separate bathroom, and complete furniture . Is Zhang Zhen dead ? The most prominent features are the three luxurious beds.

At this time, Mosquito's phone rang. It was the boss who called and invited all employees to have dinner together in 30 minutes. After hanging up the phone, there was a carnival in the house, because before coming, there were rumors that someone in the company's artificial project was embezzled and the boss lost a lot of money, so it was rare for the boss to be so generous under such circumstances! Despite the praise, the three of us took turns to take three hot showers in these 30 minutes, and tidied our clothes before going to the banquet.

On the second day, we were exhausted from the crazy night, so we woke up very late. It was already past ten o'clock when we gathered. When we walked out of the hotel, the picturesque scenery outside came into view. We ran wildly and threw ourselves into the embrace of nature. The terrifying scene of last night had long been forgotten.

In the afternoon we prepared the materials and tools for the barbecue in the evening. In the evening, our hard work for the afternoon was finally rewarded. All kinds of barbecued foods were put into the grill one after another. The scene was full of joy, and flash lights captured this joyful gathering.

At nine o'clock in the evening, everyone was sitting together and chatting happily, but I was still reading a book. During the chat, everyone talked about my topic, and Ah De asked me, "Hey, aren't you afraid of reading horror novels?"

Before I could answer, everyone started talking about me.

"He won't be afraid, just kidding, haha…" Mosquito said in a mocking tone.

Of course I refused to admit it, thinking it was a sign of weakness, so I said arrogantly: "You must be saying I'm afraid! I won't be afraid if I dare to watch."

At this time, a voice came from the crowd: "Do you dare to go up the mountain for a walk now? We all think you dare not." After the words were spoken, there was a burst of laughter of approval.

Everyone looked at me with mocking eyes. If I didn't dare, I would undoubtedly not be able to raise my head in front of my colleagues from now on. My self-esteem told me that the mountain was set.

I left the team and walked slowly up the mountain alone. In the eyes of the team, I was just a nobody who could do nothing. The laughter just now seemed to say, you can do nothing, you are just an annoying nobody!

I coughed a few times to show my fear, and when I looked back, I could no longer see anyone. All that was left was a long, winding stone staircase. Well, let's hurry up and climb the mountain. If it's too late, it will be terrifying… horrible, maybe… Oh no! I tried my best to control my imagination and think positively, but now I can do whatever I want. My weak hands can't help but tremble, but the shaking is not obvious. I looked at my hands and suddenly my heart was startled. The picture on the cover of the horror novel was staring at me with its fangs bared. In panic, I threw my beloved novel into the valley and it didn't disappear. The stairs were higher than the other one. If it was during the day, it would be easy to climb, but now it was night, and the lush branches surrounded this long and narrow staircase tightly, like a dark tunnel. If there was a snake attacking in front of me, I would not know it at all, so I took every step carefully, and my sensory organs were all in a state of super high alert. It was like a road to death.

I walked very fast, but I didn't feel any heat or sweat. On the contrary, I felt a chill that penetrated my heart. Alas! There was a pavilion standing alone not far above. There was a man in the pavilion. His posture was a bit strange. He was not sitting, nor standing. Instead, he was leaning against a pillar. His body was straight and slanted. If I hadn't seen that he had hands and feet, I would have mistaken him for a bundle of sticks. Who would be standing there so late at night? It doesn't matter who he is, as long as he is a person. Hey! Friend! … Hey! "I shouted twice in a row, but there was no response from him. Could he be deaf? I gradually approached the pavilion and the man…

Hey! Hey friend… Strange, that person leaned against the non-human and ignored me. He barely moved his body. He looked like a scarecrow. I stepped onto the stone steps of the pavilion. Oh my god! I was shocked. What kind of person was that? It was a paper man with incense and extinguished candles beside it. My feet suddenly went weak and I took a few steps back. Suddenly, the paper man moved, and then moved again. In an instant, the paper man seemed to have some power and suddenly stood up straight. Then, there was a sudden "bang" sound. I fell down with him, took a few steps back, and accidentally stepped on the stone steps and fell to the ground.

"Ah…ghost!" I didn't pay attention to the pain of falling down at all. What I paid attention to was…running!

I ran madly towards the rocks on the mountain, but it was not easy to get away because my heart had been caught by the endless darkness. Running madly was just an action to vent the panic in my heart. No matter how fast I ran, there was always a footstep behind me; that voice seemed to be saying, "Leave your life behind, leave your life behind, leave your life behind…"

My whole body was soaked with sweat, but I didn't feel hot at all. Maybe this is the legendary cold sweat.

Finally, I ran onto another platform; I really couldn't run anymore, so I leaned my light body against a tree, thinking: Life and death are determined by fate, and wealth and honor are determined by God!

Is Zhang Zhen dead?_Is Zhang Zhen dead?_Is Zhang Zhen dead?

A long time passed before I gradually caught my breath. I was glad that I was still alive. I looked carefully and saw that there was a toilet in front of me. The shock just now almost made me pee. Now I was really anxious.

The toilet was pitch black and the sound of dripping water was creepy. I walked in cautiously, found a random urinal and urinated. It was so quiet here that I could almost hear my heartbeat, heartbeat… Suddenly, there seemed to be another heartbeat, and my heartbeat was getting faster and faster, as if it was racing with that heartbeat. At this time, I had a sudden urge to run out. I stepped up to complete the most important thing in the shortest time; I had just pulled up my pants and didn't wait to look back. Suddenly, a withered hand patted my shoulder. I jumped so hard that I almost flew up. When I looked back, I saw an old woman with disheveled hair. She was holding a candle in her hand, and her hand seemed to be suspended on her body. The waxy yellow hand looked like a mummy. He/she slowly raised the light to the top of his/her head, trying to see my face clearly, but it also revealed the wrinkles and pockmarked face on his/her face. I was shocked by his/her appearance, and he/she started to speak: "Young man! It's not right for you to come here in the middle of the night! And using the toilet costs money, how did you sneak in?"

It was then that I came to my senses. The old lady's work made me feel a little popular. "Oh! Old lady! Sorry, I didn't know it cost money and it was so late. I thought…

What do you think? The old woman suddenly emphasized: "Young man! If you don't want others to know, don't do it yourself."

"Sorry, sorry! I'll give you the money now." My heart went from panic to guilty, and I hurriedly took out a banknote and gave it to the old lady, not knowing how much money it was.

I never thought that the old woman would actually push back the money I had given her. She smiled and said, "Young man, I'm the toilet guard. My purpose of coming here is not to collect money, Aunt Ma. I just want to remind you not to ruin your lifelong happiness for temporary convenience and short-term happiness. I'm an old woman who can't speak. To use the words of you young people, it seems like you're losing the big picture for the small!"

Although her smile was very cold, the truth that Aunt Ma said was full of passion, and I could feel that her words were sincere and heartfelt.

After saying goodbye to Aunt Ma, I reluctantly returned to the mountain road. This time I had reached the top of the mountain. I could go down the mountain by passing through the passage in front of me called "Cherry Blossom Corridor".

This is a man-made corridor, usually used to shelter from the wind and rain. On both sides, there are all kinds of lifelike monsters carved with supernatural craftsmanship. Walking on it is like hanging a time bomb, and the walls are open and dancing as if they want to swallow me up at any time! Gradually, I changed from walking to jogging, and then from jogging to speeding up. Suddenly, in a flash, I seemed to see a skull rolling on the ground and flashing past me. Fortunately, I ran fast at that time, otherwise the consequences can be imagined.

Finally, I walked through the corridor that seemed longer than the Great Wall, and ran down the mountain.

There happened to be a magnetic card telephone not far down the mountain. I held the magnetic card in my hand and walked towards the phone. Alas! There was a person on the phone in the telephone booth. How could someone still be calling so late at night! After five minutes… I was getting a little impatient. I approached the person and told him with my actions that I wanted to make a call. Another three minutes passed… I couldn't wait any longer. I thought to myself, how could this person be so rude? It took so long to talk on the phone. I started to listen to what she said, but after two minutes, I only saw her mumbling into the microphone. It seemed like she was talking on the phone. The person was talking nonstop. If it was a phone call, it should be you talking one sentence at a time. What's even more strange is that the person didn't even have the most basic punctuation when speaking. I finally couldn't help it and shouted to him, "Friend, are you there? I have something urgent and I'll call you for a few minutes."

He ignored me the first time. When I called him the second time, he slowly turned his head, but his face was still facing downwards. He said, "Young man, you need to make a phone call. I'm talking to my wife. It's not easy for me to talk to my wife on the phone!"

"Oh! Where is your wife?" I asked casually.

Died half a year ago…

Before he could finish, I took two steps back in fright, stumbled to the ground, and felt completely powerless.

But then a ringtone rang from the person on the phone. It was the sound of the phone shutting down automatically due to low battery. This ringtone was very special. It was the sound Mosquito had recorded himself. Thinking of this, I was completely awake. The person in front of me was none other than Mosquito.

I was completely irritated and was about to go up and punch Mosquito to vent my anger, but then everyone jumped up from a corner not far away, laughing and blaming Mosquito for being exposed so quickly.

I was stunned. It turned out that the scam started from the moment I agreed to go up the mountain.

Mosquito took off the coat, pointed at the phone and said, "Hey, the battery of the phone is not working well. I just need to change my car to a new one, otherwise I will be reported to the police and lose money."

Depend on!……

Everyone blamed the mosquitoes, and finally, Ah De patted me on the shoulder and told me to sit down. But I wanted to know the whole story, even though I knew they were playing a trick on me. But the facts on the mountain were beyond human knowledge, so I said: The paper figures in the pavilion were made by you!

A burst of laughter… "Nerd! Don't you feel that there are ropes tied around the paper man? If you hadn't run fast at that time, I would have laughed out loud." Ah De laughed.

What about the skeletons in the cherry blossom corridor?

The laughter became more intense, and everyone said in unison: "Fool, it's just your imagination! It's just a stone."

Mosquito said happily: "See if you still dare to read ghost stories. I know you like listening to Zhang Zhen telling ghost stories. Let's make the same scene to scare you to death. Hahaha…"

After a while of laughter, I asked, "Could the girl in the toilet be Yafei? She really looks like her, haha…" I also laughed.

But at this moment, everyone stopped smiling. The wizard asked in surprise, "Nerd! Don't be ridiculous. How could you see a girl?"

"How could it not be true? How could what I saw with my own eyes be fake?" I was also surprised.

The boss stood up from the bench and said, "We clearly asked Ah Jie to go, how come it became a woman!"

"How could it be Ah Jie? The way Aunt Ma speaks and moves cannot possibly be Ah Jie. Am I seeing a ghost…" I was also anxious.

Everyone looked at each other. Hey! Where's Ah Jie? Ah Jie hasn't been here since then.

The air suddenly became very heavy, and all kinds of speculations filled everyone's mind.

"Ah Jie may have gone back to the hotel to rest." said the boss.

Everyone ran back to the hotel in doubt. It was already late and there was only an old man sitting at the door of the hotel, so I ran over and asked, "Old man! Excuse me, is there a guard called Auntie Ma in the toilet on your mountain?"

The old man looked up and glanced at us and said, "He died half a month ago. Who are you to him?"

I was so scared when I heard this, but I still tried to ask for clarification: "Uncle! We want to know about Aunt Ma's situation."

"Oh! Aunt Ma committed suicide half a month ago, and it was around this time that day. Aunt Ma committed suicide in the toilet on the mountain." I heard that she was caught dirty at the cash register, and her boss wanted to take her to see the authorities, but she refused and the next day she saw him hanged in the toilet.

At this time, we roughly understood, but everyone remained silent. We decided to go back tomorrow morning. But Ah Jie did not come back all night, so we could only wait until tomorrow to look for him…

The next day I woke up very early. I had trouble sleeping last night. I guess everyone felt the same way. Sure enough, when I walked out of the room, everyone walked towards the corridor without saying much.

We booked a car very early, leaving at 7 o'clock, and there are still 40 minutes left. This is the time to stay and look for Ah Jie.

It was still dark when we came out. The car had already stopped there waiting but the driver was nowhere to be seen. At this time, Ah Jie came out from the back of the car and waved to us with a smile on his face. Everyone walked over in surprise, "Ah Jie! Where did you go last night ? Did Zhang Zhen die ? We were so worried!" Ya Fei said.

Ah Jie didn't say anything, but just kept looking at us and smiling. After a long time, the driver came. "Hey, boss, how many people are there?" the driver asked.

"Seven people." The boss replied.

Everyone got on the bus one after another, except Ah Jie who was still standing there, smiling at us. "Ah Jie, hurry up and get on the bus, it's about to leave," I shouted from the window.

The driver glanced under the car and said, "Are you all here? I'm going to drive."

Everyone looked at the driver with understanding and said, "Isn't there another person?"

But when I looked back at Ah Jie again, he was already standing on a pavilion in the distance, smiling and waving at us. There was also a person standing next to him, that was "Aunt Ma".

Nearly a week had passed, and the truth about the corruption in the company a while ago was finally revealed. It was none other than the boss's relative, Ah Jie! Although those who knew about this didn't say anything, they all believed in their hearts that this was retribution.

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