If You Don't Die By Sitting, You Won't Die [Sand Sea 1: Ghostly Shadow In The Desert]

After Li Cu climbed half of his body out, he turned around to look for someone and saw a movable pulley assembly standing on the side of a truck. Before, he just thought it was a new commodity, but now he knew its use.

Although the truck bed was towed away, it was still very tiring to climb out of the sand pit by himself, so Li Cu turned around and asked for help. He thought it was human nature, since the other party had lifted the front of the truck, it must be necessary for him to give him a hand.

So he turned around and said to the person next to him: "Help me, brother."

Unexpectedly, Li Cu was greeted by a rifle, which hit him on the forehead. He almost fainted, and fell on the sand, swallowing a large mouthful of sand. In a daze, he felt that he was dragged out of the sand bucket, and then he felt someone began to search his body.

Li Cu thought that the public security was too bad these days, and there were robbers in the desert. Suddenly, he saw the other party's gun hanging in front of him. It seemed that the other party was still very proud of the butt of the gun he gave him, and he didn't expect that he could still resist. He reached out and grabbed the gun, using both hands to try to take the gun away.

The man reacted very quickly, and immediately grabbed the gun strap, and the two of them kept pulling and rolling together. The sand pile was completely unable to support their weight under such intense movement, and they both wanted to stand up to gain some advantages, but as soon as they tried to flip up, the sand pile immediately sank, and he was thrown to the ground again.

If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die

During the tumble, the wound on Li Cu's back split open again . He would not die unless he sat on it . The sand rolled into the wound, causing him to go crazy with pain. Because of this, his strength exploded extremely strongly in a short period of time. Although that person was much taller than him, he could not gain any advantage at all.

After fighting for many times amidst each other's roars, both of them finally fell into the lake. Li Cu pushed the man away with force, and the gun was thrown to somewhere with a "plop", far away from the man.

Then the man stood up from the lake, also panting. The two looked at each other, and under the moonlight, Li Cu found that the man's skin was extremely pale, as if he was not a young man, but an old man.

"Who are you?" Li Cu shouted at him. "Why are you attacking me? I'm just passing by!"

After panting for a while, the other party spoke in a strange language. Li Cu listened and found that it was a local dialect. If he listened to it as Mandarin, he would never understand it. However, if he guessed based on the pronunciation, he could infer the possible meaning.

If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die

The stranger seemed to be asking Li Cu: "Who are you?"

Li Cu thought to himself: "Why do you care who I am? It doesn't matter who I am. I am a stranded person. I was kidnapped here and was caught in the sand. You won't believe me even if I tell you, and you won't recognize me even if I tell you." But he thought, didn't he ask the same question just now?

For two people who are in fear, who the other person is is always the question they want to know most.

"I am a victim." Li Cu tried to calm himself down: "Beijinger, I am lost here, I am trapped here, there were originally three people, but now there is only one."

The man listened to Li Cu's words in a daze, and then said to him in Mandarin with an accent: "You are a victim. How did you get into trouble? Did you fall from a plane?"

If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die

"I can't explain it clearly." Li Cu scratched his head: "I said I came here by boat, do you believe me?"

The man looked at Li Cu for a long time without saying anything. He seemed to have figured out something and asked, "Did you really come from the surface of the desert? Not from the sand?"

"Lying to you is like a puppy."

"You are a puppy and you are of no use to me." The man still did not dare to approach Li Cu, but he relaxed a little. "Then let me ask you, what year is it now?" he asked.

Li Cu talked to him about the time.

If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die

The guy was stunned for a moment, and said dully, "My God, it's been almost twenty years. I've actually been in this damn place for twenty years."

Li Cu asked him: "Okay, uncle, now it's your turn to tell me, who are you?"

The man looked around, pointed at the truck, and said in a dull tone, "I'm driving." Then he pointed around.

Li Cu looked at his clothes and found that they were indeed the same as those on the mummies, but they were more tattered than those clothes, and there were many things hanging on his body.

"You're the one driving these cars, one of the drivers?"

If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die_If you don’t sit and die, you won’t die

A driver and a car soldier?

The man ignored Li Cu and just muttered to himself: "It's been twenty years."

Li Cu said, "Why didn't you die?" He felt it was impolite to ask this question.

The man looked a little confused and said, "Why should I die? As long as I know the rules here, I won't die. How can death be so easy?"

Li Cu felt that this person was a little crazy, as if there was something wrong with his brain. Suddenly, the person seemed to remember something, turned around and said to Li Cu: "How did you get in? By boat?"

Li Cu was about to answer him, saying that they had come here by a moving lake that was as common as a bus. Suddenly, the other person turned his head to the sand dunes on the side, as if listening to something. Li Cu wanted to speak, but the person immediately waved his hand and said to him, "Shh, don't say anything yet."

Li Cu was frightened by him and didn't dare to say anything. He just listened quietly. He heard nothing except the occasional friction sound of sand from the dunes collapsing and falling to the ground coming from a distance.

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