How To Find The Mysterious Water Drop At The Dead Water Level

American Orson got a treasure map, the location is in the dense jungle of Mexico, it is the ancient Mayan ruins. After going through untold hardships, he finally found the treasure.

It was a dark cave that seemed unfathomable. Orson threw a stone into the cave. Based on the time it took for the stone to hit the ground, he judged that the cave was five meters deep. Orson found a long vine nearby and tried to fall down. Unexpectedly, the vine broke at the entrance of the cave, and he fell to the bottom of the cave. Fortunately, he was not injured.

He did not find a treasure chest filled with rare treasures in the cave, but only a diamond embedded in a stone disc. The diamond was so big that it was shocking, and its value was enough to make him a billionaire. He was ecstatic. But he was happy for a while, and troubles followed: the vine rope broke, the cave wall was smooth and had no edges, and it was even more difficult for him to climb to the ground than to climb a mountain.

Orson had to face the reality. He still had two cans of sardines and a bag of beef jerky in his backpack. He also carried a water bottle with him. Although there was only half a bottle of water left, he was not worried about the water source because water dripped from the rock wall above the cave from time to time, seemingly without interruption. With water and food, he could survive for a while. The cave was extremely stuffy, and the only sound that accompanied him was the sound of dripping water, which hit the rocks on the ground one by one, slowly and steadily, with its inherent rhythm.

On the third day, the water in the kettle was gone, and the food was very little; water can be replenished by dripping from the cracks in the rocks, but food is non-renewable. Just when Orson was in despair, a gloomy voice suddenly came from not far away: "Friend, don't you want to escape?" Orson was immediately frightened: "Who are you? Are you a human or a ghost?" "Actually, you and I are not strangers. Haven't you been listening to my voice every moment these days?" Orson was stunned: "No way, except for the occasional bird calls, there is only the annoying sound of dripping water." "Am I really annoying?" Orson suddenly realized: "Could you be… this water drop?"

"You guessed it right, but I wasn't born a water drop. My name is Jerrick, and I'm British. Like you, I came to Mexico to look for treasure. Three years ago, I found a mysterious Mayan temple deep in the mountains. I cracked the code to enter the treasure hall and opened a stone door. Inside was magnificent and countless gold, silver and jewelry were displayed. I greedily grabbed the treasure and stuffed it into my bag. When I was about to leave the temple, I found that the stone door had been sealed. I tried my best but couldn't open it. Just when I was at my wits' end, I found a cowhide scroll on the shrine with a poem written in ancient Mayan language. I have studied Mayan language and can understand most of it. It roughly means that anyone who dares to enter the temple to steal treasures will be severely punished, but there is still a chance of self-salvation. The only way to escape was to rotate the head of the bronze lion next to the altar three times in a row, but his shape would change unexpectedly. I am an adventurous person, and I thought: Instead of waiting for death, I might as well try my luck, and maybe there will be unexpected gains. I tried to rotate the lion's head three times, and a miracle really happened. I felt my body become soft and transparent, and I turned into a stream of water. I really escaped, but I could never change back. I kept flowing between the rocks, but when it flowed to this area, the water flow gradually became smaller and finally turned into water drops. I just dripped water day by day, over and over again, monotonous and tasteless. One day, I got a revelation from the Mayan god that if I wanted to lift the curse, I had to rescue the first person trapped in the cave. "

"The person you are talking about is me, right? But you are just a small drop of water. How can you save me? This is a bit unrealistic." Orson said disdainfully. "Orson, have you noticed a change, that is, the water drop is getting bigger and bigger?" Orson looked around and saw that the water drop had indeed grown bigger. He suddenly understood. "The water will gradually fill up the cave, so you can rise to the cave entrance by the buoyancy of the water, and I can restore the original shape as long as I can keep the water level from dropping within an hour. But to complete this plan, you must put the diamond back to its original place, because there is an unfathomable dark hole under its original position. Since you took away the diamond, the cave has become a big funnel. Once the water flows down, it will flow away in vain, and neither you nor I will achieve our goals. Orson said unwillingly: "Wouldn't it be the same to block the dark hole with stones? Why do you have to use this diamond?" "There is a mysterious magic power hidden in the dark cave, which can easily blow away the blockage. Only the diamond can subdue this magic power, and it is absolutely irreplaceable."

Perhaps Orson felt that life was more important than wealth, so he finally took out the diamond and inserted it into the gap in the middle of the disc. The water drop suddenly grew larger and became a stream of water. The water gradually went from shallow to deep, gradually covering his knees and drowning his neck. Orson, relying on his good swimming ability , floated in the water without any effort. Jerick had everything planned out, except that he had never expected that Orson was once an excellent diver. When Orson saw that the water surface rose to a point within reach and the water flow was gradually decreasing, he suddenly dived into the water, took the diamond embedded in the disc, and then swam to the surface at the fastest speed. Because of his quick action, the water level did not drop much. He grabbed the vine rope hanging at the entrance of the cave, jumped up, and successfully jumped to the ground. He looked down and saw that the water flow in the cave rolled up a black vortex, roaring at him like a wild horse. If he came two seconds later, he would probably be caught in the vortex and buried under the water.

Orson returned to the United States and contacted a jeweler to sell the diamond. He became rich overnight. One day, he was taking the elevator alone to go out. When he reached the first floor, there was a power outage and the elevator door could not be opened. Orson had to stay in the elevator and wait for the power to be restored. At this moment, Jelik's gloomy voice suddenly came to his ears: "Orson, you have caused me so much pain, and you must pay for this." Orson was scared out of his wits: "Why are you here?" "To be precise, I am in your belly. Remember when you used a kettle to catch water drops to drink in the cave? Part of my body sneaked into your body at that time." "Let me go, I can give you all my wealth." Orson almost begged for mercy. "Okay, then I will come out of your body, please open your mouth."

Orson opened his mouth and a stream of water gushed out of it. He tried desperately to stop it, but his throat was like a spring, constantly gushing out water. The water in the elevator became more and more, finally covering Orson's head and then filling the entire elevator.

Five minutes later, the power was restored, the elevator door opened automatically, and a strong stream of water gushed out, carrying a corpse. Someone recognized the deceased as the nouveau riche Orson.

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