How To Find The Dead Water Level [Qing Nang Corpse Clothes Part 4: Gu Ren]

Professor Wu Deng stared at the "vitiligo" on his arm nervously. He saw the white nightmare gradually change color and finally show the signs of a young nightmare: blue, red, yellow, white and black, corresponding to the five elements.

Arya slowly retracted her Nightmare Light and breathed a sigh of relief. This was her first time identifying a species and she was quite nervous.

"Thank you, master, for your help." Professor Wu Deng bowed deeply to Arya with a humble attitude.

"No, don't do this…" Erya dodged quickly. She just wanted to live a good life with her husband and children. She didn't want to be a "master".

"Confucius said, 'The ruler should be a ruler, the minister should be a minister, the father should be a father, and the son should be a son', and 'The ruler is the leader of the ministers'. Now the master and Wu Deng are in a relationship of ruler and minister. How can you overstep your authority?" Professor Wu Deng said solemnly.

Youliang knew that nerds would become pedantic after reading too much, so he didn't care about the dead water level and asked, "Professor, you have severed your relationship with the Capital Nightmare and can no longer sense your whereabouts remotely. Where are you going?"

"First go to Baiwang Mountain, and then take your disciple Pingyuan to the wilderness outside the Great Wall. Of course, if Master Erya has any orders, Wudeng will definitely serve." Professor Wudeng replied.

"I'm fine." Erya said nonchalantly while holding the child.

Professor Wu Deng looked at the baby affectionately, murmuring, "Goodbye, Yong'er."

"His name is Yong'er?" Youliang asked in surprise.

Professor Wu Deng looked a little embarrassed: "This is a temporary name given to him, the 'yong' in the doctrine of the mean."

"Oh." I think with a conscience that "yong" means mediocre and cowardly, which is something my son doesn't want.

"Well, I'll take my leave then." Professor Wu Deng gave the child a last lingering look.

Youliang suddenly said, "Professor, there is a place with few people and convenient life. It is perfect for practicing incognito."


"Deep in the Wuling Mountains of Yuanling, Xiangxi, there is a hidden little village called 'Ganjiao Village'. My friend Luo Zhuzi lives there. You can go find him. In addition, if the Luo family father and son encounter any difficulties, you can also help them." Youliang said. In fact, he was still thinking about Zhuzi and Wu Fengjiao, whose corpse had turned into a cotton corpse, and he didn't know whether Chengjia had gotten married. In addition, whether the government had troubled them, after all, he had killed Luo Hongmao, the nephew of Director Tu of the Yuanling County Public Security Bureau.

"In that case, I will take Pingyuan with me to Xiangxi." Professor Wudeng asked for the address of Ganjiao Village in detail, then said goodbye to Youliang and his wife, turned around and left quietly.

"The professor is actually not a bad person." Youliang said to himself as he watched his receding back.

He glanced at the bank of the Yangtze River. The lonely old man was still standing silently in the river breeze, looking very sad.

Youliang walked up alone and said softly, "Professor Huang, you haven't left yet."

"The stars turn and the years flow, and I have lived in the universe for eighty years.

Recalling my childhood days seems like yesterday, the joys and sorrows are still vivid in my mind.

My parents worked so hard to raise me, and their hard work as workers and farmers is enough to praise.

I feel ashamed that I have done little to help the world, and I try my best to serve the public.

When I was young, I was so arrogant that I looked down on others. After reading thousands of books, I felt conceited.

I have never learned to write like this, but I am so excited that I write like a dragon.

Dong Huguan, a man of integrity in Wenshan, still keeps his mouth shut about Yuanyuan's thoughts.

I always shed tears out of genuine concern for my country, not out of arrogance or groundless accusations.

The mad student has a way to contribute money, and he studies hard to achieve success in the evening breeze.

Such virtues and culture can be swept away, and such talents and skills must be accepted by the loyal.

I know the rivers and streams of life like the back of my hand, and I recall the hard work by burying my head in the green lamp.

He always seeks benefits from the Yangtze River, but cannot bear to cry for Yu's achievements facing the Yellow River.

Why should I be afraid of offending a scale if I have a plan? I am dying and offering my jade to you, which is my lifelong ambition.

This body is not worth five goat skins, I would rather save the people of Qin, Yu and Ji.

I want to go to the palace to pick up the remaining things, but I am approaching old age and am still slow.

"Just as the dragon grows old but still remains industrious, Ma Jiao Wu Tou is willing to create new ideas…" Huang Wanli chanted softly with tears in his eyes.

Although Youliang did not understand the meaning of Professor Huang's poem, he could truly feel the sorrow and pain in his heart.

"Professor Huang, during the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty, King Li Yin of Shu, Sun Simiao, Li Chunfeng and others discussed the 'Water Dragon Slash' at Dujiangyan. Did they want to cut the Yangtze River in half?" Youliang said thoughtfully.

"Oh, is this true?" Huang Wanli was slightly surprised when he heard this.

"Well, how do we calculate the dead water level ?" Youliang nodded. "This is what Chu Suiliang's Water Dragon Breaks the Situation Picture shows."

“Where is this picture now?”

"In my hand."

"Can I take a look?" Huang Wanli asked.

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"It's not very convenient now. I will personally send it to your home after returning to Beijing." Youliang said. It was not easy for him to enter and leave the "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture" at will under the watchful eyes of the public.

"Well, go to Tsinghua and ask anyone about Professor Huang Wanli's home. They will know it."

"Well, I'm leaving then."

"Young man, what's your name?" Huang Wanli shouted at Youliang's back.

"My name is Youliang." An intermittent voice came with the river wind.

A few days later, Professor Wudeng arrived at Baiwang Mountain exhausted.

He had been in seclusion in Feiwu Cave for decades, but the impact of the past half month was not as great as it was for him. It was simply thrilling. For the first time, he developed feelings for a young baby, which was unimaginable before. He even began to doubt Confucius' statement in "The Analects" that "only women and villains are difficult to raise." Although Yong'er kept defecating and peeing, it didn't smell bad at all, but rather had a kind of friendly feeling. For many years, the heavy stone of the "Yanyun Mark" that had always weighed on him was finally lifted off. Although it was replaced by Li Erya's childhood nightmare mark, he was sure that Youliang and his wife were kind-hearted and would never do anything that was against the will of heaven.

"Pingyuan, I'm back." As soon as he stepped into the falling stone cave, he couldn't wait to shout.

"Master…" Pingyuan exclaimed in surprise, "You seem very happy."

"That's right," Professor Wu Deng laughed, "Pack your things, tomorrow you and I will leave Bowang Mountain and head to Xiangxi."

"Master, why are we going to Xiangxi?" Pingyuan asked in surprise.

"Well, let's go to Wuling Mountain to practice." Professor Wudeng said and farted, calling the armored troops who had accompanied him for decades.

With a rustling sound, hundreds of dung beetles poured out from the holes in the stone cave. After being separated for more than ten days, they smelled the familiar scent again and were all extremely happy.

Professor Wu Deng lifted his gown, squatted down and excreted a few golden dung balls, then watched them scramble for food with a smile.

"They already have sufficient righteousness in their bodies, so we must take it away with us." Professor Wu Deng said to himself.

"Master, taking dung beetles to western Hunan?" Pingyuan found it difficult to understand.

"Well, I'm thinking that we can train them into Confucian Gu worms, gentle and elegant, able to maneuver and make decisions with reason, completely different from those evil poisonous Gu in Miaojiang."

"Is it really possible?" Pingyuan expressed doubt.

"Of course you can. All things have spiritual energy. A blood-sucking louse can transform into a human form. They are also insects, so why can't a dung beetle do the same?" Professor Wu Deng was full of confidence.

The two had a hearty meal that night and packed up their luggage and set off early the next morning.

Professor Wudeng emptied his suitcase and put just enough space for all the dung beetles that fell into the water. He then packed the clothes and other items into a big bag and carried them together with the suitcase on a shoulder pole from Pingyuan, all the way down the Baiwang Mountain.

"Yong'er, sooner or later, we will meet again." Professor Wudeng took a last lingering look at Baiwang Mountain and turned to leave.

After returning to the capital, Youliang and his wife lived peacefully at home for several days. No one came to disturb them, and they took care of their children every day, enjoying themselves very much.

That night, Youliang took out the scroll of "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture" and spread it flat on the bed. The couple leaned over to take a closer look under the light.

In the Gobi Desert, there are many corpse worms playing and frolicking on the yellow sand dunes, giant toads hopping around, and groups of black crickets as big as rapeseed flying in the air, bringing vitality to the originally lifeless scene.

A lonely figure was wandering under the gate of the ancient city, looking up at the bright moon from time to time, appearing extremely lonely and bored. It was Ge Laoyan.

Youliang leaped into the painting, crossed the sand dunes and came to the ancient city.

"Oh, you're finally here," Ge Laoyan begged as if he had seen a savior, "Youliang, I'm so suffocated being trapped here, please be kind and let me out."

"Where's the painting?" Youliang stretched out his hand.

"Alas…" Ge Laoyan sighed and took out the scroll of "Water Dragon Breaking the Situation" from his arms and handed it to him.

"I'm considering when to let you go. Well, maybe after a few days." Youliang smiled slightly, grabbed the scroll, plunged into the yellow sand and disappeared.

Ge Laoyan cried out of grievance.

After dawn, Youliang took the "Water Dragon Breaking the Situation Map" to Tsinghua University in Haidian and soon found out the address of Professor Huang Wanli.

When Huang Wanli saw Youliang, he smiled knowingly. This young man was trustworthy and loyal, which was truly rare.

When the Water Dragon Breaking the Situation Diagram was slowly unfolded on the table, Huang Wanli stared at it closely and sighed, "Yes, this is the oldest damless water conservancy project in the world, built by Li Bing and his son, the governor of Shu County in the Qin Dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago. Since then, the Chengdu Plain has become a 'land of abundance' with fertile fields covering thousands of miles and floods controlled by people."

"This old Taoist priest with an immortal look is Li Chunfeng. There is also the Medicine King Sun Simiao, the Great Luomo of the Bai tribe, and the official in the middle is the King of Shu Li Yin." Youliang said as he pointed out.

Huang Wanli pondered and said, "This painting has a simple and ancient style and truly reproduces the appearance of Dujiangyan during the Tang Dynasty. It is rare." He took out a magnifying glass from the drawer, held it in front of his eyes and observed it carefully.

"This 'King of Shu Li Yin' is holding a scroll that looks like a blueprint. There also seems to be writing on the cover, but it's not very clear…" Huang Wanli said.

Youliang took the magnifying glass and put it close to the picture. The scroll in Li Yin's hand did have writing on it, but it was blurred due to the age. He closed his left eye and looked at it with his Yin eye. Two ancient official script characters appeared before his eyes…

"Professor Huang, it's the word 'Fushan'," he said.

Huang Wanli was shocked when he heard this: "Are you sure?"

"Yes, it is the word 'Fushan'." Youliang was very sure.

Huang Wanli was silent for a long time, and finally he slowly said: "During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Emperor Wu of Liang, Xiao Yan, built a dam at the Fushan Gorge in today's Sihong County, Jiangsu Province to block the Huai River. He wanted to raise the water level upstream of the dam to submerge Shouyang City occupied by the Northern Wei army. This dam was called the 'Fushan Dam'. The Fushan Dam is more than 4,000 meters long, more than 90 meters high, 336 meters wide at the bottom, and 108 meters wide at the top. Compared with the planned Three Gorges Dam, the dam is 2,309 meters long, 181 meters high at the maximum, 15 meters wide at the top, and 124 meters wide at the bottom. The volume of the Fushan Dam is almost two and a half times that of the Three Gorges Dam. The construction of the Fushan Dam began in 514 AD and was completed two years later in 516 AD. As a result, a severe flood occurred in the Huai River in August of that year, and the dam spillway failed to discharge the flood in time, causing the dam to collapse. More than 10 billion cubic meters of flood water formed a huge wave several tens of meters high and rushed down, resulting in more than 100,000 people in Nanliang being drowned."

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