How Can The Evil Ghost Jiangying Survive? [Horror Resurrection]

Yang Jian successfully obtained the supernatural power of the wishing ghost, and quickly used it to increase his own abilities.

He is now the law enforcement captain of the headquarters and the number one person in the domestic supernatural circle. While exploring supernatural events, he also needs to constantly improve his own strength. If he stops moving forward, he will soon be eliminated by the supernatural circle. After all, supernatural events are becoming more and more fierce, and sooner or later they will be completely out of control.

By that time, Yang Jian also hoped that he could stand up and stabilize the situation, even if it was only partially stable.

After midnight, Yang Jian did not move around the city anymore. He returned to Guanjiang Community and came to his room to rest.

Jiang Yan and Zhang Liqin could no longer bear it and fell asleep. Yang Jian did not make any noise, but quietly found a place to lie down, then closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

The next day, he got up very late, but so did everyone else. Yang Jian asked Jiang Yan and Zhang Liqin to record the wishing ghost incident last night, and then drove with them to Shangtong Building.

Even after the supernatural incident was over, he had no vacation and had to go to work when it was time to work.

"Yang Jian, I'm leaving today and going back to school." Miao Xiaoshan was waiting in Yang Jian's office early. After seeing Yang Jian, she was ready to say goodbye.

"When are you leaving?" Yang Jian was stunned for a moment, then asked. Miao Xiaoshan said, "The flight is this afternoon." Yang Jian said, "That's too much trouble. I'll take you there, and you'll be back soon."

"No need, it's too troublesome. I'd better take a plane." Miao Xiaoshan quickly refused, not wanting Yang Jian to use his supernatural powers.

"Well, this party is a bit bad. It's better to go back and study early. You can come to Dachang City again when you have holidays." Yang Jian said.

Miao Xiaoshan nodded. "Yang Jian, I should go too. After all, I am still the head of a city and cannot leave for too long. There are some situations over there that need me to deal with, and I cannot stay for long." At this time, Liu Qi also came over and said that he was also going to leave Dachang City today. "A city leader really cannot leave the city he is responsible for for a long time.

'" Yang Jian said;

"It's okay, let's get together next time when we are free. If you encounter any difficult supernatural incidents and need help, you can contact me."

"Of course, I won't hold on by myself. I still want to live two more years." Liu Qi said with a smile.

Time passed quickly. After finishing their lunch in the office, several people left Dachang City one after another.

Although we will meet again in the future, I am afraid that the chances of all of us getting together will be few and far between. Zhang Wei is still optimistic. He is now obsessed with the axe in his hand and cannot extricate himself. He polishes it in his hand every day and studies it. He is not sad at all about the separation.

In the afternoon, Yang Jian's office was deserted again. Wang Shanshan also returned to her old residence in Guanjiang Community and stayed with Gui Tong. Zhang Wei went somewhere with his axe and a group of his subordinates. Jiang Yan also returned to her office and started working. Zhang Liqin also ran around in the company, busy with something.

Everything is back to normal. Does the matter of wishing ghosts need to create a new file and keep it at the headquarters? "Liu Xiaoyu came up from downstairs and asked about yesterday's matter. She got a general idea from Lao Ying, but only Yang Jian knew the details.

Yang Jian waved his hand and said, "The hidden danger left by Zhao Kaiming this time has now been completely resolved. Just write a few words in the file."

"Okay, do you need to review the file after it is finished?" Liu Xiaoyu said.

"No need." Yang Jian said. Liu Xiaoyu nodded, then turned around and prepared to leave, but when she reached the office door, she hesitated for a moment, then stopped and asked, "I heard that you are planning to get married recently?" "Who told you that?" Yang Jian asked.

Liu Xiaoyu's eyes were evasive: "Some gossip, could it be a rumor? If it is a rumor, do you need me to clarify it for you?" "It's not a rumor, it's just that my mother urged me to go on a blind date. You know, this business is very risky and you may die at any time. If I get married early, there will be someone to help me deal with my funeral and take care of my parents. It seems not bad if I think about it carefully." Yang Jian said casually.

"You are too pessimistic." Liu Xiaoyu comforted him, "You are the captain of the law enforcement team now. You will definitely live a long life in the future."

"Who knows about the supernatural world?" Yang Jian said calmly. Liu Xiaoyu asked curiously, "But you don't even have a girlfriend, who are you going to marry?"

"That's why we need a blind date. When did you become so gossipy?" Yang Jian asked.

"No, it's okay. I just asked casually, just think of it as a casual chat after work. If you don't want to say it, then don't say it. I'll go downstairs to work now." Liu Xiaoyu explained hurriedly.

Yang Jian said: "It's not that I don't want to talk about it, but I think this is just a small matter. I didn't expect it to arouse the curiosity of so many people. But I don't want to talk about this topic today. Let's talk about it another day."

"Okay then." Liu Xiaoyu nodded, and without staying any longer, she returned.

"Take a few days' rest, and then go take a look at the supernatural incident of the black umbrella." Yang Jian sat on a chair, looking at the city scene outside the floor-to-ceiling window. He planned to live as a normal person for a few days and not be involved with supernatural incidents every day.

He also needs to stay alive, otherwise over time he might be corroded by the spirit and lose his humanity.

So Yang Jian stayed in the ghost dream world at night, and during the day, as long as he was not working, he tried his best to live like an ordinary person to avoid being out of touch with others.

However, just when Yang Jian solved the ghost wishing ghost incident and was about to take a few days off, another thing was happening.

Although it is daytime now, it is still night on the other side of the world. This is an ordinary city abroad. In an alley full of graffiti in the city, the dim lights are flickering at this moment, as if disturbed by some mysterious force. The mice foraging next to the trash can seem to have sensed something terrible and fled immediately, quickly getting into the sewer. The alley is a dead end, but at the end of the alley, in the darkness, a man in a windbreaker and a cowboy hat suddenly appears.

He looked as gloomy as a dead person, and his gray face reflected in the dim light made the air around him seem to drop several degrees.

The man who suddenly appeared from the darkness did not stay for long. He stepped on the puddles on the ground and walked quickly out of the alley.

The dull footsteps echoed, yet revealed a hint of urgency. However, when the man was halfway there, he suddenly stopped.

The road leading to the outside of the alley disappeared. This seemingly short alley seemed to be infinitely stretched at this moment. The end could not be seen at all. There was only bottomless darkness. On this endless road, a terrifying figure was walking from the alley, approaching at an incredible speed.

How can the evil ghost survive? How can the evil ghost survive? How can the evil ghost survive?

In just a few seconds, an old woman in an old European dress suddenly stood in front of him.

The old woman's face was full of wrinkles and age spots, and she exuded a decayed and dead aura, like a corpse dug out of a grave. Her black skirt was also tattered, like a burial object.

"Mr. Zhang, don't leave in a hurry. I sincerely hope that you can stay and explain why you are investigating us? Don't you have any trust in us as your friends? Now is a dangerous time. We who are capable should cooperate. The most important thing now is survival, isn't it?" A voice echoed in the air, making it impossible to tell the source of the voice, but it seemed to be floating around like a ghost.

The man called Mr. Zhang was none other than Zhang Xuan, the only captain of the headquarters operating abroad.

"Hypocrisy." ah123z. The first release on the entire network Zhang Xuan growled: "You people are worthy of talking about friendship and cooperation? You are a group of rotten and degenerate people. The supernatural has corroded your brains. In my opinion, you are nothing but ghosts in human skin. The word crazy is no longer enough to describe your King's Organization. In order to satisfy your selfish desires and interests, you actually plan to implement the Ark Plan. Everyone in your organization deserves to die." Although he was talking, he kept staring at the weird old lady with wrinkles in front of him.

Perhaps the person in front of me is not an old lady, but a supernatural being has made her look old.

"Since you know this plan, you should join us." The voice continued.

"Join you? How can you say that? You have lost all your humanity. I would rather choose to revive the evil spirit than to join you." Zhang Xuan refused outright, not even willing to be hypocritical.

The voice sighed and said, "The time has not yet come to implement the plan. Since you refuse to join us, we can only choose to kill you. In case you leak important information of our King's Organization, it will bring us certain troubles. Now is not the time to cause trouble." "You don't plan to let me go at all." Zhang Xuan sneered, "I just don't know how many important members of your King's Organization have come this time? If it's just the two of you, it's not certain who will kill whom." He knew a little about the strange old woman who blocked his way. She was a very scary ghost rider. He even suspected that the old woman in front of him was actually a ghost and did not have much consciousness of a living person.

Although there was no spiritual revival, the old woman's consciousness had been too deeply eroded by the spirit, and her behavior was close to that of a ghost.

However, this phenomenon is not uncommon in foreign countries. They have many experienced ghost riders who are willing to do anything to survive at the beginning of the revival of the supernatural.

On the other hand, in China, because of the pressure from the headquarters, and even the handling of those lawless ghost riders, many crazy people cannot survive in China, and potential hidden dangers are nipped in the bud as soon as possible. "Don't worry, there are enough guys coming this time." Another voice suddenly sounded, with a foreign accent.

Then, a figure suddenly appeared on the roof next to the alley. There was a thick black fog surrounding this person, and his appearance could not be seen clearly.

It's not just this one person. A black and white person appeared on the wall near the alley. This person seemed to be projected by an old projector. He had no entity, just a picture. However, the person in this picture could affect reality, which was very special.

"Four?" Zhang Xuan's face darkened. It was obvious that the other party was prepared this time. He was not accidentally exposed at all, because the people sent out by the other party were not ordinary ghost riders at all. They were all core members of the King's Organization. If they were placed in China, they would be equivalent to captains.

"No, there are more than four. There are others." Zhang Xuan felt a strong sense of crisis and uneasiness at this moment. The ground beneath his feet was heaving and squirming.

The next moment, the wet ground cracked, and a hand that looked like a mummy emerged from the ground, followed by the second hand, the third hand, and finally the entire ground was covered with densely packed dry hands.

"Let's go." Zhang Xuan originally wanted to kill the opponent alone, but at this moment the number of top ghost riders who participated in the fight was enough to kill him easily, and it was still unknown whether he could escape.

Therefore, he fled immediately without any hesitation. Zhang Xuan's goal was very clear, which was to repel the old woman who was blocking the road and force his way out.

"Can you do it?" He was not sure how the evil ghost Jiangying could survive , but he was still fearless. "We spent a lot of effort to kill you. Do you think you can still escape?

Go ahead and kill him right here." The voice continued to echo, with a touch of cruelty. Suddenly.

A red ghost candle in Zhang Xuan's hand lit up, emitting a gloomy flame. However, in front of so many terrifying ghosts, the flame of a ghost candle was too small.

As the flames collided, the ghost candle burned out in the blink of an eye. However, the instantly expanding flames still hindered the terrifying spiritual attacks around it, and also made the strange old woman who was blocking the way take a few steps back.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhang Xuan wanted to rush out, because he possessed the ghost domain and could slip away as long as there was the slightest gap.

However, the next moment, the entire alley disappeared into the city. The scene changed.

On a nearby street, a down-and-out painter who looked like a homeless man was painting an oil painting on a piece of white paper. The painting was of a dark alley in the city, exactly the same place where Zhang Xuan had been before.

However, in the corresponding reality, the alley did not exist at all. As time passed, about half an hour later, several strange figures appeared beside the down-and-out painter.

One of them was holding a corpse with a deathly pale face, and a rusty coffin nail was nailed into the chest of the corpse.

"Although it took some time, the matter has been resolved. Mr. Zhang's matter has been dealt with. This time, thanks to you, otherwise he would have really slipped away." A foreign man walked slowly over. He was dressed like a missionary and described the result in a light and concise manner.

No one knew what exactly happened just now. But it was conceivable that in just a short moment, the most disparate and top-notch spiritual confrontation took place in the spiritual world.

This was a battle between ghost riders. Unfortunately, Zhang Xuan lost and became a lifeless corpse.

Not only did the opponent come prepared, but he also used coffin nails to end the life of a captain-level ghost rider with one final blow.

"You've taken too long, and the other person is just one person." The down-and-out painter put away his tools and responded in a low voice.

The man who looked like a missionary corrected him, "But the other party is a captain. When there are two people, he doesn't even want to escape. You should know what this means."

"But there are eleven like him. We don't have much advantage. Now that we have dealt with one of them, it means we have taken the initiative to provoke a war. It won't be so easy to succeed next time." said the down-and-out painter.

"That's not something you should worry about." The missionary man said. The down-and-out painter said nothing, but just slowly walked away with his things, disappearing into the quiet street.

"We shouldn't kill him. By keeping him, we may be able to trade our castle back from Yang Jian." Then, a man shrouded in black fog spoke.

The missionary man replied: "That's a good idea, but you're a little late in bringing it up. But we should go now. We have other things to do."

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