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I didn't have any classes early this morning, so I went to the school cafeteria to buy breakfast and planned to stay in the club room to eat while watching videos online. However, I didn't know that there was already someone in the club room. He was Zong Yu, the president of the card club.

The card club was also my club. The vice president was Zongyu's girlfriend Wanqing, and I was the general affairs officer. Zongyu was writing something on the table. I saw that he was not using the computer, so I casually greeted him and walked to the computer desk.

I went online and heard that Transformers 4 was available on DVD, but I hadn’t watched it yet. When I had just typed a few words into the search bar, Zong Yu suddenly said gloomily behind me, “Sheng Han, you…”

"Hmm?" I sipped my milk tea and continued typing.

"Nothing…" Zong Yu obviously wanted to say something, but he just kept giving me the hint. I kept asking, "What's wrong? What do you want to say?"

"Nothing, just saying…" Zong Yu hesitated as if he was about to say something. I noticed that his expression was different, so I asked him, "What happened to Wan Qing?"

"No, how could anything happen to her? Oh, forget it, it's okay." Zong Yu finally made it clear that he didn't want to tell me.

In this case, I continued to ask but got no results, so I continued to look for the movie, but I couldn't find it after searching for a long time. I had no choice but to watch a few cartoons of the crazy tribe. Breakfast was just consumed. At this time, I remembered that the club general affairs meeting seemed to be held this week, but the student union had not yet notified me. What day of the week was it? What time was it? What was the lunch box dish? The last one was definitely the key point.

I picked up the phone in the club room and was about to call the student union office when Zong Yu suddenly grabbed my hand like lightning and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to call the student union to ask when the meeting is this week. What's going on?" I was confused.

"Yeah… OK, go ahead." Zong Yu let go of my hand, watched me dial the number, and listened to my conversation with the student union. The student union said the location had not been decided yet, so we had to wait a little longer. Here we go again, don't send out notifications the day before the meeting every time.

After I hung up the phone, Zongyu kept looking at me with a nervous look. I couldn't help but ask him, "What's wrong with you? If you have something to say, just say it."

"Who answered the phone just now?"

"Xiaoguai, it's not like you don't know the general affairs officer of the student union."

"Are you sure it was him?"

"What else? I've been the general affairs officer for so long, how could I not recognize his voice? Why do you look so nervous?"

"You want to listen? But you have to answer me a question first…" Zong Yu swallowed, "Do you believe that there are ghosts in the world?"

Ah, what kind of a weird question is this? But judging from my personality of liking to read ghost stories, only people who have encountered ghosts would ask such questions, because they are afraid that others will not believe them, so they must first reach a consensus.

I said sincerely, "Of course, I also believe in the existence of the Loch Ness Monster and aliens."

Zong Yu laughed bitterly: "To be honest with you, before you came just now… I was afraid I saw a ghost."

I expected Zong Yu to say this, so I said, "I can guess this. Can you tell me? Don't worry! We brothers will never disbelieve you!"

With my line that was 100% loyal, Zong Yu then told them what happened to him this morning. He had something to consult the Student Union this morning, so he called them, but he didn't expect that the person who answered the phone was a dull boy.

After becoming the president, even if he was not familiar with the students, he had seen their faces and heard their voices. However, he could not remember a boy who spoke so dullly, so he asked, "Excuse me, is this the student union?" He checked the LCD screen of his phone to confirm whether he had dialed the wrong number. Sometimes a person can press the button skillfully without looking at it, but sometimes the position is wrong.

The boy on the other end of the phone said, "You dialed the wrong number," and then hung up. At the same time, Zong Yu saw the number displayed on the screen. He realized that the number he had just dialed was not the student union's number! It was the number of another club room!

The extension numbers of the internal offices of the school are set according to the building, floor, and room number. Zong Yu recognized it at a glance. The club room number he dialed was only two club rooms away from our club room. No, it would be more appropriate to say that it is a storage room? Because there is no club stationed there at present, the room has been sealed since Zong Yu and I entered this school. But some seniors still tell us: "It used to be a club room, but I don’t know why it was sealed later. It should be used as a storage room by the class supervision team, right?"

But I have never seen anyone from the class supervision team enter that room. How could someone answer the phone in a sealed club room? Just thinking about it is scary. No wonder Zong Yu was so suspicious when I called just now.

"Has a new club been established? So someone is organizing it?" I speculated.

"I can say that I was the first one to arrive at school today. When I arrived, there was not even a sound of talking on this floor," said Zong Yu.

"Maybe you saw it wrong? You actually typed into another club room, for example, you mistook 2 for 5, 7 for 9…"

Zong Yu snorted: "If that's the case, it's better."

I realized that I was actually trying to overthrow Zong Yu, and the words of loyalty I had said at the beginning were suddenly thrown out of my mind. I quickly made amends: "It's not that I don't believe you, I just want to think about whether there is a reasonable explanation."

"Let's not talk about that for now. I'm going to the Student Union." Zong Yu crumpled up the paper he had just scribbled on and threw it into the trash can, then left the club room without looking back.

I know how Zongyu feels, just like when you are lucky enough to meet Jay Chou on the street and take a photo with him, but your classmates say it is a photo of him. But what I don’t understand is, if Zongyu really called that club room, why did anyone answer the phone?

The card club, as the name suggests, is a club that plays cards. As one of the cadres, I have to implement the spirit of the card club at all times, just like now, while I am in class, I am playing big two under the table with Qingjian and Lin Han, two other members of the card club.

I was having a blast when I suddenly remembered what happened to Zong Yu this morning, so I asked Qing Jian, "Chewing Gum, do you know the sealed club room in the club building?"

"I know, isn't it a storage room?" Qing Jian said stupidly.

Lin Han, however, had seen the world and said with a strong opinion: "Fool! Usually the rooms or classrooms that are labeled as storage rooms by the school must have problems with ghosts and aliens !"

Yes, that's what my experience with many ghost stories tells me.

I decided to first tell you about Zongyu accidentally calling the closed club room but someone answered the phone. I thought it was nothing, at least not as serious as playing with the Ouija board but not calling it back. But when Wanqing came to see me after class, I realized that things were even worse.

"Shenghan! What are you doing? Why are you doing that?" Wanqing ran to the classroom door crying and called my name. I was still playing cards at the time. When I heard her call, I immediately threw down the cards in my hand and ran out. When she saw me, Wanqing couldn't control her hysterical tears. All the students passing by and in the classroom glared at me with ambiguous and reproachful eyes. I was afraid that they would misunderstand, so I quickly pulled Wanqing to the top floor stairs where there were fewer people and asked her what happened.

"Why are you pretending not to know? Didn't I tell you over the phone?" Wanqing's voice never lowered.

Call? I quickly took out my phone and saw that there was indeed a new incoming call. It was from Wanqing, and the time… I was playing cards at the time, so how could I answer the phone?

"Wanqing, calm down. I didn't answer the phone. I must have forgotten to lock the keypad, and when you called me I accidentally pressed the answer button." I comforted her and said, "What did you want to tell me when you called me? Speak slowly and don't be impatient."

From Wanqing, I learned that Zongyu had a car accident at noon. Strictly speaking, he committed suicide. According to eyewitnesses, Zongyu was in a daze at the school gate for a long time, and then suddenly rushed to the road like a madman, and was hit by a student driving a car. A friend who had just met in the morning suddenly left me. I suppressed my emotions before I could get angry, and listened to Wanqing's next words about something that really scared me. Zongyu was immediately sent to the hospital after being hit, but there was no way to save him. It was Zongyu's classmates who notified Wanqing. After Wanqing knew about it, she immediately cried in the classroom. After being comforted by her friends and teachers, she called me after her emotions stabilized.

But Wanqing said that when she called me, someone answered my call. It was a dull and gloomy male voice, and the voice asked emotionlessly: "Hello?"

Wanqing thought she had called the wrong number at first, but when she looked at the screen, it was her number, so she asked, "Excuse me, is this Shenghan's phone? Can I ask him to call in person?"

"He's dead, you're next." The man said in a cold tone and hung up. These words made Wanqing's originally calm emotions burst out again, and she came to the classroom crying to find me. No wonder she said those words when she saw me.

"Tell me, you answered the phone and you were playing a prank!" Wanqing said in a trembling voice.

I also wanted to say that I answered the phone, but I couldn't, because I didn't answer her call at all, but there happened to be an incoming call from Wanqing on my phone, and Wanqing couldn't lie now. Suddenly I remembered what happened to Zongyu in the morning. He called a closed club room, but someone answered the phone, and it was a dull male voice… Isn't that the same as what happened to Wanqing?

"Zongyu called me this morning… and said we should go to McDonald's for lunch together… Why why?" Wanqing almost collapsed. I wanted to help her walk back to her classroom, but she refused: "No, I want to… I want to go to the bathroom and be quiet…"

I didn't object, so I said, "Okay, I'll go to the toilet with you." When we got to the toilet downstairs, the people who had just been talking about us saw us coming down, and Wanqing's eyes were obviously red. Groups of people started discussing secretly again, and I guess they wouldn't say anything good. I glared at them and said to Wanqing, "I'm going back to the classroom first. You should think positively. It must be a classmate who used my phone to play a prank. I'll go back and catch that bastard!"

Although I said this, I knew in my heart that the phone was in my pocket just now, and no one had stolen it, but I still said this to reassure Wanqing. After watching Wanqing go to the toilet, I ignored other people's eyes and returned to the classroom. As soon as I entered the classroom, Qingjian, Lin Han and several other friends came over and asked me, "Who was that woman just now?" "Did you dump her?" "Did you ask her to go to the toilet to destroy the evidence? Hahaha…"

Qingjian and Lin Han recognized Wanqing, but she was not as frivolous as the others. Qingjian asked: "What's wrong with Wanqing? Her eyes are so red from crying…"

"Could something have happened to Zong Yu?" Lin Han said shockingly. I looked at him in surprise and nodded heavily. They both exclaimed at the same time.

"A friend just sent me a text message saying that there was a car accident in front of the school gate and someone died. There was a lot of blood at the scene, and it was very bloody. He asked me to go in and take a look. It turned out to be Zong Yu… When I saw Wan Qing's expression just now, I knew it was not good." Lin Han muttered to himself. His voice was not loud, but several people who had spoken rudely just now heard it. Now they all shut up and went back to their seats.

When the bell rang and the teacher came in, Lin Han asked me quietly, "Wanqing just went to the bathroom alone… Is she okay?"

"Don't worry, the Wanqing we know wouldn't do anything stupid," I said.

But I was wrong. I watched Wanqing go to the toilet, and that was the last time I saw her. When the class was over, I was still thinking about Zongyu calling the closed club room and Wanqing calling me but it was a man I didn't know who answered the phone. Zongyu couldn't have committed suicide for no reason. Could there be any connection between these things?

Then, there were screams outside the classroom. I immediately jumped up from my seat, as did Qingjian and Linhan. The three of us rushed out of the classroom at the same time and saw a girl running out of the toilet trembling. I immediately understood what had happened.

I didn't go into the toilet. None of the three of us went into the toilet. The instructor arrived quickly and blocked the toilet. I didn't see how Wanqing came out because I was hiding in the classroom and I didn't dare to look.

I should have accompanied her… I knew very well how the news would report these things. The school said that the male student committed suicide due to excessive academic pressure, and his girlfriend could not bear the death of the male student and also chose to commit suicide… It would be best if it was just that simple. I have a feeling that tells me that their deaths must be related to the phone call that Zongyu made to the closed club room in the morning.

A terrifying food chain-like relationship diagram appeared before my eyes. Zongyu called the club room first and heard the man's voice, and he died. Then Wanqing also heard the man's voice when she called me, and now she also… After school, I decided to go to the club room.

After school, I came to the club room and took some time to pry open the lock. When the door opened, the smell of dust for a long time hit my nose. I waved my hand and walked into this club room that had been closed for who knows how long. I thought there would be at least abandoned desks and chairs, bookcases and the like inside, but there was nothing inside, it was empty, only four walls, floor and ceiling, and billions of dust. I really don't know which idiot said to use it as a storage room for the class guidance group.

Wait…where's the phone? Didn't Zong Yu call this club room this morning? Where's the phone in the club room? I pressed the light switch on the wall, and it didn't light up. So I took out my phone and took a general look at the club room, and found that there was no phone here!

Did Zong Yu call this morning not to this club room? Did he really call somewhere else? Or did he really call here but it went to somewhere else… Standing in this gray club room, I suddenly felt the fear surrounding me like four walls. I took a step back and escaped from this club room.

What was going on? What secrets were hidden in this closed club room? I couldn't figure it out, and suddenly I remembered a person, the administrator of our school forum – Thebes.

Tibes is the school website administrator and a veteran employee of our school. He should know some inside information. After returning home at night, I found his MSN and added him. Coincidentally, he was online. I didn't beat around the bush. I greeted him and asked directly, "Well, I want to ask you a question. Do you know that closed club room?"

"Of course I know. It was spread a long time ago, and I have forgotten a little, but I still have a slight impression of it." Tabis immediately added a long paragraph of text in the dialogue column: "In the past, a student committed suicide by cutting his wrists in that club room, and wrote the four bloody words "The phone is haunted" on the wall with blood, and then sealed it up. One of his classmates said that the suicide had called him before and said that he was bored, so he used his club room phone to call his own club room, but it was a man he didn't know who answered the phone, and then he committed suicide, and wrote the four words "The phone is haunted". Later, his classmate also committed suicide, and then people committed suicide one after another. It turned out that this was a curse. Anyone who heard the man's voice would die. If that person called someone else, it would be that the curse was passed on to another person, but the curse on himself would not disappear. In the end, the curse disappeared because the last person had let it go before calling anyone. If I don't go to hell, who will? The first person to commit suicide is also considered a hero. This story is quite credible. There was indeed a lot of suicide cases in your school for a period of time before, some at school, some at home…"

The more I read, the more shocked I became. Didn't all of what Thebes said happen to Zongyu and Wanqing? Zongyu called the club first, then he called Wanqing and said he was going to McDonald's for lunch, and then Wanqing called me… Oh my God!

"Perhaps my description is a little simple for you to understand. If you want a more complete description, I can spend some time looking through the previous articles. I just copied the message records." Tabis typed again in the conversation box.

What? What does that mean? I quickly asked him, and Tebes replied: "Around 10 o'clock in the morning, someone else asked me the same question. I just checked the records and posted my reply to him. Otherwise, how could I have typed such a long paragraph so quickly?"

I felt like my brain exploded, and I quickly asked again: "Who asked you that question at that time?"

"I'm also a student at your school. Let me see, the account number is fim887. Do you know him?"

He only knows it? That's Zong Yu's account!

Zongyu had asked this question in the morning, maybe he had just called Wanqing at that time… When he knew that he might kill Wanqing, he committed suicide. Wanqing also committed suicide after knowing the ghost and aliens after Zongyu's death.

Is it the devil or us?

If this story is true, since Wanqing called me before she died, then I should be the next one to die?

"I just saw the news and found out there's another suicide case in your school. Could it be that the curse has come out again?" Seeing that I didn't reply, Tabis tried to find another topic.

I ignored him and didn't see what he typed next because I left the computer and went to the balcony.

From the moment Zong Yu heard that man's voice at the beginning, it was destined that this would happen now, right?

Fortunately, I haven’t made any other calls since Wanqing came to see me.

Should I jump?

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