Ghost Submarine Full Story Chapter 14 Dragon Up Underwater

"Trident" seemed to be completely sucked by the sea water, struggling in the abyss surrounded by sea walls, but it didn't seem to move at all . We held each other's hands in the cockpit, trying to get from each other. I found some confidence on my face to add courage to myself to face the unimaginable test in front of me, but under the shock of such a huge change in the world, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and no one's face looked better, they were all as dead ashes.

At this moment, the metal roar sounded like a broken steel bar suddenly approaching, a huge shadow slowly appeared from above the water wall, and the wreckage of the front half of a giant steel ship slowly protruded from the water wall, like a ship. The sea ship in the sky drove to the vertical water wall waterfall, and it was about to fall to the lower sea surface.

At this moment, the scene on the sea is completely immersed in a terrifying and boundless desolation. For a moment that is almost frozen, two seas appear on the boat and below the boat at the same time. One sea hangs in the sky, while the other is a "trident" Trying to break free from the sea. In the sea above the sky, there are many things brought up from the bottom of the sea, such as shipwrecks, broken anchors, whale bones and salamanders. Anyway, everything deposited on the bottom of the sea has been turned up. Before our eyes is tens of millions of tons of sea water. Brought to the sky by the rising sea air, it was divided into hundreds of thick water walls hanging above the head. The wreckage of a shipwreck on the bottom of the sea was also pushed up into the sky by the strong updraft. , also like those sea fish thrown out by the sea water, they will slide down from high altitude.

Uncle Ming raised his finger to the air, opened his mouth and shouted hoarsely, but no one could hear his voice, and his ears were covered by the uninterrupted roar. I knew he probably wanted to say: "The shipwreck is about to fall, Right above our heads!" But at this time, the language lost its effect, I waved my hand and pointed to the left side vigorously, signaling to Ruan Hei who was at the helm: "If you don't hurry up, get the boat out. We're going to be over…"

The blue veins popped up on the head of the ship's boss, Ruan Hei, and he turned the rudder desperately. The hull of the "Trident" finally hit a sideways abruptly. The black wreckage of the huge ship fell on the "Trident" like a heavy bomb dropped from high altitude. The whole plot of the ghost submarine on the sea surface where the bow just stopped, the water splashed, and a powerful wave was stirred up. The hull was hit by the raging waves, and it swayed to and fro like leaves falling in the wind.

The wreckage of the falling shipwreck had just landed, and all the water dragons were suddenly pumped into the air, and the two parts of the sea were separated, and the thick wall of water covered all the sky. unrecognizable. After a short period of stillness, suddenly there was a strong wind and heavy rain. I have never seen such a heavy rain in my life. The wind and waves rolled, just like the Milky Way pouring down, and the sea surface was surging. The "Trident" was on the stormy sea. Up and down, being thrown up and down by shocking waves one after another.

In the cabin, we clung tightly to all the fixed things around us, and felt that all the internal organs in our chest were thrown up into the sky by the stormy waves, and fell into the sky at other times, following the boat like a floating weed. The cloud enters the bottomless abyss, and is tossed into obsession. When a person reaches this point, he is completely involuntary and can only resign himself to fate.

Although the sea air has melted away, a hurricane has formed on the surface of the sea. On the raging ocean where the sea is surging and the turbid waves are empty, our only hope is the sea willow boat "Tri-Halberd" carefully refitted by the British. They can withstand this test, but even sea wolves like Uncle Ming and Ruan Hei cannot judge how long this storm will last.

Under such circumstances, the fat man is the one who suffers the most from the salvage team on the ship, especially the fat man who can't stand being swept up into the sky by the waves, and then falls down like a kite with a broken string. On the sky, the sky and the sea were so dark that it was impossible to distinguish the front and back. Seeing this situation, his face was almost green with fright. Although the wind and waves were strong at this time, there was no golden wind whimpering like a dragon's chant in the air. I heard the fat man keep chanting: "The Queen of Heaven blesses you, Goddess of Heaven, come and bless me, and go back to give you old Shangxiang fruit to reshape your golden body… My disciple will give you one first, come and help me…"

I know that the fat man doesn't care about anything, except that he can't pass the fear of heights. Even if he follows the previous method, it won't help if he closes his eyes and doesn't look at it. The huge waves on the sea are coming one after another, leaving no room for breathing , Even he prayed to God and worshiped Buddha, one can imagine how scared he was. I was worried that he would be so frightened that he would roll into the sea from the cabin, so I quickly asked Guchai and Duoling to hold him tightly to prevent him from getting dizzy and having an accident.

Uncle Ming pointed at the alcohol on the sea to strengthen his courage, bit open the wine bottle and took a few sips, but he was much calmer than others. When he heard the fat man begging the Queen of Heaven to come and bless him, he suddenly lost his mind, and in desperation put the mouth of the wine bottle into the fat man's mouth : "Queen of Heaven… God, you big-headed ghost, fat boy, have you made a mistake, and dare to talk nonsense at this time… Hurry up and drink, drink to stop your mouth."

The Goddess of Heaven is a god revered by all people. It turns out that those who have experienced seafaring, when encountering storms and waves, ask for Goddess of Heaven to bless them, and the storm will subside and the boat will be safe. There is a taboo here. The appellation can only be used on land. For example, when burning incense and wishing in temples dedicated to Mazu such as Tianhou Temple, you need to call "Tianhou" at this time. When encountering storms and waves at sea, don't call "Tianhou Empress Blessing". And must call "Mazu bless", as for asking the Queen of Heaven to bless, you can't even mention it at sea.

In fact, "Tian Hou" and "Mazu" are the same thing, but there are almost no people who have been on the boat all year round without superstition. According to the superstition at sea, when encountering stormy waves and the danger of capsizing the boat, if the people on board shout Tianhou Empress help, although Tianhou Empress will definitely come to rescue you, but you must first arrange a guard of honor. It's cold, unless the words are tired, the crew and boat passengers dare not shout Tianhou for help anyway.

When encountering an emergency at sea, one must shout "Mazu Blessing", so that the Queen of Heaven can dress lightly and immediately appear at sea in the posture of Mazu to rescue those in distress. Empress Tianhou quickly gagged him with wine, and then took the lead in shouting hoarsely in the wind and rain: "Mazu has appeared."

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