Ghost Into The Mirror 1 Yin Yang Shoes Read Online

In the school where my friend Lin used to study, there was often such a legend. There is a dilapidated dormitory on the east side of the school, and anyone who sees that pair of yin and yang shoes in that dormitory will die.

A few seniors and sisters once ran to explore without believing evil, only to find them all dead the next day by the tree on the east side of the school. The facial expressions are distorted with fear. Senior A and Senior B are a couple, and B will go with him because B naturally loves excitement and likes adventure. That day, the senior mysteriously said to Lin and them, let’s organize a death squad to explore the dormitory tonight.


Although Lin was very afraid, he was afraid that people would say that he was a coward, so he had to go with them. By the time they finished freshening up that night, it was already 8:00 p.m. In order to prove their boldness, the group went to the dormitory. Coming here, 8 of them were divided into 2 groups. Everyone walked into the dormitory with their phones and flashlights.

A and B, C, D, a few seniors in group 1, Lin and a few bold male classmates in their class in group 1. After forming a group, they each went up the stairs of the dormitory. As they walked up the third step of the stairs, a gloomy wind blew in Lin for a cold war. Since Lin Tian is in the bottom 2, there are people in front and back to reduce the sense of fear.


They walked, but when they reached the second floor, something strange happened. Their flashlights flashed and flashed suddenly. The leader of their group shouted to the seniors who had already gone up to the third floor: “Hey! Our flashlight is broken, can you take one and borrow it for us? But they did not respond to Bing’s words, and Bing’s shouted again, but there was still no response.

As if they were missing, the soldiers couldn’t help but curse. Several of them still moved up, but Lin’s psychology was shrouded in an inexplicable fear, which made Lin unable to breathe, and Lin Zhen regretted loving face. At this time, the ghost entered the mirror 1, and the door of the room on the second floor creaked open, and they were all taken aback.


The soldier who took the lead shouted: “It’s okay, don’t scare yourself.” We went in hand to take a look, and the classmates with the lighter turned on the lighter. Lin had to follow in, and there was nothing inside. The dilapidated windows were no longer windowed, and a cold wind blew and was overcast. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and they continued to move on, and their destination was the third floor.

We were walking hand in hand, when suddenly something fell from the stairs, and the soldier used a lighter to take a closer look at a black cat that had just died, and the blood and flesh all over his body were disgusting. Lin and Gaga behind both wanted to vomit, and the others also began to be afraid and uneasy to enter the mirror1, but they were embarrassed to say to leave for the sake of face.


Lin and Gaga told the soldiers that it was better for us to go, but the soldiers said that they could not at least wait for the seniors to come down. At this moment, all 4 of them received text messages on their mobile phones at the same time. When they opened it, the terrible words should be in front of their eyes: “Whoever sees the yin and yang shoes in the dormitory will die.” “But when they tried to find out who sent this horrible text message, they saw all the numbers they saw 4444444444444444444.

It’s terrible, they can’t care about their own lives. They ran desperately in the direction of the downstairs, and there seemed to be a miserable scream behind them. When they ran back to their dormitories, they found that there were fewer soldiers. Looking back, I saw the soldiers picking up a pair of scissors and stabbing them in the stomach, and they called the emergency number in fear. But the mobile phone could not be called, and only a miserable scream was heard.


They couldn’t take care of the soldiers and ran desperately to the training office. Running, running, and finding that the other two classmates who went with him did not follow and disappeared, only Gaga and Lin were left. Kogaga suddenly shook off Lin’s hand and rushed to the entrance of the dormitory staircase to crash into the wall and die, bleeding all over her face.

Lin fainted on the spot, and when Lin woke up, he was already in the hospital. Parents, the teacher looked at him worriedly and asked him what happened, but Lin did not dare to say. Just ask the parents to go through the transfer procedures immediately. A few days later, the bodies of the seniors and their four seniors were found under the tree on the east side of the school. Lin still thinks that he may be lucky not to see the yin and yang shoes if he didn’t die.

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