Ghost Blows Out The Light Author Mental Illness Ward No. 7

Hospitals have been places for saving the dying and healing the wounded since ancient times. They are also the places where people believe that the most "ghosts gather". Some earthly people who have died of hatred after a long period of treatment are unwilling to leave the world, so they always like to stay in the place where they died before their death, and continue their final wandering there… If the hospital is built in an extremely cold and gloomy place, then there will undoubtedly be the most problems. If the hospital is surrounded by cemeteries and ghosts lingering around, then you can imagine whether such an environment is good or bad for the patients. My mother is nearly 70 years old and has suffered from cerebral infarction for many years. Her left arm,

Hospitals have been places for saving the dying and healing the wounded since ancient times. They are also the places where people believe that the most "ghosts gather". Some earthly people who have died of hatred after a long period of treatment are unwilling to leave the world, so they always like to stay in the place where they died before they died, and continue their final wandering there…

If the hospital is built in an extremely cold and gloomy place, then there will undoubtedly be the most problems. If the hospital is surrounded by cemeteries and ghosts are lingering around, then you can imagine whether such an environment is good or bad for the patients.

My mother is nearly 70 years old. She has suffered from cerebral infarction for many years. Her left arm, leg, and eye are not working well. It is difficult for her to take care of herself. Recently, I don’t know if it is due to delayed medication or some other reason. She can’t stand up on her other leg. This scared us, the "filial sons and grandsons". We rushed to send her to a big hospital for a follow-up examination. The final result was: "The old disease has relapsed and she needs to be hospitalized immediately!"

After a thorough reexamination, the attending doctor began to negotiate with us: "Look, the old lady's previous illness has relapsed, but it's not too serious. After the relevant examinations, there are no symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage. It's cold this day, and it's far from home. In addition, there are many cases during the Spring Festival and there are no idle wards. I will prescribe some medicine for you to go back to the local hospital for infusion!"

When my brother heard this, although he was reluctant, he had no other choice. So after taking some "security" measures, we immediately "went back home". After a lot of trouble, we finally arranged for Mom to be admitted to the XX Hospital, which was the nearest to home.

The old man was weak and sickly to begin with, and he was tiring from the bumpy journey and vomiting all the way. By the time he arrived at the hospital, he was already unrecognizable. We were so anxious that we found a replacement to give him an IV overnight. Just like that, slowly, everything calmed down temporarily!

My elder brother is a filial son. He has been taking care of my mother at her bedside day and night for the past few years. It seems that we, the daughters, are not very affectionate. But then again, everyone has his or her own family. Apart from occasionally going home to visit and help my mother with the laundry, we have almost no free time to go back home. If it weren't for my mother's relapse, we four sisters would hardly have the opportunity to reunite in a year. My eldest sister is nearly 50 years old, with a large family of children and grandchildren. In addition, she is in poor health and has been relying on medicine for many years. She basically stays at home to recuperate. My second sister is fine. She lives closest to home and is very considerate in taking care of my parents. She is the most tired but also makes me feel most at ease. In this way, I don't have to run home all the time. I can just go back every few days. The third sister is the most distinctive, with a chic look and unique temperament. However, I don’t know what has stimulated her in recent years, and her depression has become more and more frequent. She is unusually cold to everyone and refuses to utter a word. Even when she stands close to my mother, her eyes are clearly concerned, but she is unwilling to express it in words. We all know her illness, so we are not surprised except for being caring for her. The only one left is me, the youngest sister in the family. I have been the most beloved baby of my parents since I was a child, but I am also a clay Buddha crossing the river and I can’t protect myself. I fall down every three days and every two days. I have an "indissoluble bond" with the disease. But then again, I am still young after all, and I may live a long time, so after I learned that my mother was ill, I temporarily abandoned myself and went to my mother's bedside to pay my respects.

My home is closest to the hospital. In order to let my mother eat more nutritious food, I, who rarely "go into the sea", was forced to go into the "river". I put on an apron properly and made some "delicious dishes" that can only be eaten but not looked at.

In addition to delivering meals, I would massage my mother's legs and back in my free time. Then I would go home and read a book. Although I was reading, I was always thinking about the hospital and worrying about my mother's condition.

"Ghost Blows Out the Light", this book was downloaded for me by my husband on the computer. He told me to get in touch with different works and learn from other people's writing styles. I like romance stories and have no interest in fantasy stories. But looking at my husband's expectant face, I could only nod silently and slowly browse the story inside. It was not a big deal to read it. Within ten minutes, I was conquered by the wonderfully conceived story inside. I even didn't want to let go of it when eating and sleeping. The degree of my obsession almost reached "book crazy", and it seemed as if I had a feeling of "being there, accidentally walked into it".

Since I am very dedicated to everything I do, I have suffered a lot in this regard. This is private, so I won’t talk about it.

Besides, I was so engrossed in reading the book that my mind was full of the plots in the book, the most prominent of which was the part about "tomb robbers breaking into a tomb to steal treasures". Tomb robbers needed to light "four candles" at the four corners outside the "tomb owner's coffin" to break into the room to steal treasures. If the candles did not go out, it was fine. If one candle went out, it proved that something strange would happen, which is what the book called "ghost blowing out the light". The tomb robbers had to bow four times respectfully to the tomb owner according to the originally predetermined rules, and then exit safely, otherwise they would encounter "zongzi".

Ghost Blows Out the Light's strange disease_Ghost Blows Out the Light's author's mental illness_What disease does the protagonist of Ghost Blows Out the Light have

This is the plot in the book, so there is no need to elaborate on it here. After some rescue efforts, my mother finally “returned to her hometown”, having escaped this “disaster” which she didn’t know how many times it would happen again!

Because it was a relapse of an old illness, after consultation with relevant personnel in the hospital, it was felt that my mother's condition was not serious and did not require special care, so she was arranged in "General Ward No. 3 on the second floor of the hospital."

The entire hospital building has only four floors. It is located "with its back to the southwest and facing the northeast", surrounded by mountains on three sides and built facing the road.

I don't know which "shit master" pointed out the direction with the compass. The whole hospital never saw the "face of the old man Sun" for a day. The atmosphere of the hospital was weird, and the lack of sunlight undoubtedly provided a lot of convenience for those evil spirits. In addition, (I heard about it later) except for the road in front of the hospital, the other three sides were full of ghostly and gloomy graveyards. However, this did not affect people from all walks of life who came to seek medical treatment, because in this realistic society, everything advocates "atheism!"

Living in the same room with my mother was an old lady and an old man. The old lady was plump and looked wealthy. She was a nice person, but a bit nagging. She kept complaining about her miserable life and that she had been lying in bed for a long time without anyone bringing her water. She envied my mother for having so many children and grandchildren. Yes, for three or four days, although we didn't stay with her, we visited her three times and were very attentive. The old lady's children all said they were busy with work and didn't even see her. But the old lady was "very considerate". She said that her children all had their own careers, and although they didn't come, they kept calling to ask about her. She wasn't the kind of person who was "terminally ill", so there was no need to "move a large number of people" to trouble them. When she said this, I clearly saw tears flashing in her eyes, which really made me sigh deeply, thinking to myself, "Old age is hard, and it's hard to say!" If it were my turn, what would I do?

On the contrary, the old man was quite taciturn, probably because he was of the opposite sex and it was not easy to interrupt. However, that was not entirely true. The first impression the old man gave people was that he was a very cultured person, and his words could make a hole if they fell to the ground. He did not look like the kind of person who would talk nonsense with his eyes open.

But one day, all my conclusions were overturned. It turns out that some things cannot be seen from the surface alone, but need to be understood in depth. Haha!

"By the way, was what you said about what happened in 'Ward No. 7' really that evil?" The door of the ward was ajar, so when I was about to push it open, the old lady's question came into my ears word for word.

"What? What happened? What happened in Ward 7?" I suddenly barged in and interrupted them, causing them to quickly shut their mouths. It was obvious that they had never expected anyone to come in at this time.

"No, nothing? Girl, we're just chatting." The old man, who was always taciturn, looked at me nervously and stammered something.

"Oh, it's my niece. I thought it was a nurse. I got scared." When the old lady saw it was me, her nervousness was relieved and she even wanted to continue talking.

I knew she was not a "silent person" and would find excuses to continue talking even if I didn't ask her. So, while I opened the incubator to feed her, I took the paper and continued to wipe the remaining saliva from her mouth.

"Well, you are really your mother's good girl. I am not so lucky as I have two sons." The old lady was making small talk, obviously trying to start a conversation so as to continue her endless speech.

Ghost Blows Out the Light's strange disease_Ghost Blows Out the Light's author's mental illness_What disease does the protagonist of Ghost Blows Out the Light have

"Haha, no, my mother is not as lucky as you. You can tell just by looking at your appearance. Look at how wealthy you are, you are destined to enjoy a life of luxury." I didn't look back, but flattered her. Of course, the reason for doing so was "with ulterior motives". My brother is a grown man, and although he is our biological daughter, there are indeed many inconveniences. In case we are not there, she can accompany our mother to the bathroom.

"This girl is not only pretty, but also has a sweet mouth." The moment I turned around, the old lady's eyes, which were not big to begin with, had already narrowed into lines due to smiling.

"Oh, I wish your mother was well, so she wouldn't have to suffer here. It's hard for you guys." The old lady sighed and shed a few tears out of sympathy.

"You don't know, but every time your mother goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I don't dare to go, and I don't want to wake up your brother, so I have to accompany you." The old lady continued to buy.

I didn't say anything, just smiled slightly. Although the movement was slight, it revealed my infinite gratitude.

"Well, I have to say, that bathroom is next to Ward 7, and it's a bit timid to go there alone." The old lady finally "settled down" and started the topic she had been holding back for a long time.

"Hey, you are so nosy. What if others hear this?" The old man who had been silent all the time glanced at the old lady with some anger, and then said embarrassedly.

"If you hadn't mentioned it first, how would anyone know about it? Really!" The old lady was dissatisfied and complained to the old man. This situation was just like a quarrel between a couple.

"I…ah, it's also my fault. I usually keep my mouth tightly shut, so why did I let it slip at the critical moment?" The old man suddenly slapped himself in the face with a swift movement, and said with some regret.

"What's wrong, uncle, aunt, what happened?" If I didn't speak up to stop them at this time, it would seem a bit inhumane, so when I saw the two of them blaming each other, I immediately stepped forward.

"This is a strange thing. I'm over sixty years old and this is the first time I've encountered it." The old man had a look of confusion and fear on his face, and even his voice was trembling.

"Girl, do you feel this hospital is eerie?" The old man stared at me and asked quietly, while his eyes moved towards the door. I knew he was terrified when he said this, so I went to check outside the door. Seeing that no one was passing by, I quickly locked the door.

"There are so many graves behind the hospital. I heard that they are all 'lonely graves' of girls in their twenties. It's strange, why was the hospital built in this place?" The old man shook his head and sighed.

Ghost Blows Out the Light's author's mental illness_What disease does the protagonist of Ghost Blows Out the Light have_Ghost Blows Out the Light's strange disease

"This hospital doesn't get any sunlight all day, no wonder the atmosphere is a bit weird." I looked up and out the window. It was a sunny day, but the sun seemed to be hiding intentionally and just wouldn't come in. Sometimes it made me so angry that I wanted to fly up to the sky and argue with that old man.

"Haha, so what if it's an isolated grave, sir? Don't imagine too much. We are in the socialist era, and there are no feudal ideas in our minds. As long as you are firm in your 'atheism', you are not afraid of anything." I puffed out my chest. Although my back felt cold, I pretended to be fearless.

"Oh, if I hadn't been as determined as you, I wouldn't have encountered those strange things." The old man had a look of horror on his face and shrank back into the bed. It seemed that what happened back then was enough to terrify him extremely.

"Yes, girl, you have to believe it, otherwise it will really find you. That's why he was chased by ghosts in the first place. Some things are really evil." The old lady who had been keeping silent finally had the chance to interrupt.

"You speak as if it were true. How could this be possible? Uncles and ladies, please stop making alarmist remarks here. My mother has a bad heart and she hates to hear you talk about this." I stood firm, so everyone opposed it.

"Oh, no wonder you don't believe it. This is a bit weird. Not only me, but many people have seen it." The old man seemed to have made up his mind about me, as if he would not give up until I told him the truth.

"Sister, Mom is fine. She's already asleep. Just listen to what they say. It will be good material for your novel." My brother pulled me over and gently instructed me.

"Then I'll listen to what's going on!" After hearing what my brother said, I sat down on the edge of the bed, waiting for the story to develop…

"Did you notice the restrooms? One is locked." The old man said cautiously, with a strange expression on his face.

"So what? Maybe the sewer is leaking and they locked it because they were afraid someone would go in. Uncle, it seems you have read more ghost stories than me. Is the toilet locked because it's haunted? Haha. This is a plot from a ghost movie." The old man looked so solemn that I couldn't help laughing.

"It seems that you will not turn back until you hit the wall. You young people suffer because you don't believe in anything. Alas!" The old man sighed lightly, lit a cigarette, and blew out smoke rings. The wisps of smoke floated in this gloomy ward, making people feel creepy.

"That was all last year. I had a tracheal disease and had to be hospitalized every winter. I was placed in Ward No. 7, which was next to the locked bathroom. At that time, the bathroom door was not locked and people could still go there to relieve themselves. I didn't hear anything at first, so I didn't have any strange ideas. Later, someone said that there was something playing tricks in the bathroom and the faucet would automatically open in the middle of the night when no one was there. I didn't believe it at first and said a lot of things that would make ghosts and gods taboo." The old man took a deep puff of his cigarette, and his trembling hands betrayed all his original persistence.

I stood up and poured him a glass of water, just to ease his mood. The old man was so frightened at his age, no matter what the reason, he deserves sympathy.

What disease does the protagonist of Ghost Blows Out the Light have_Ghost Blows Out the Light's author's mental illness_Ghost Blows Out the Light's strange disease

"That night, I drank too much water, so I got up many times. I didn't think about anything at the time. I just wanted to relax and go back to sleep. The pain during that period tortured me a lot, and I had to make up for it. But when I went to the bathroom for the third time, before I even walked in, I heard the sound of running water. I thought that the bastard must have forgotten to turn off the faucet, so I rushed in without thinking. After relaxing, I washed my hands and wanted to turn off the faucet and go back to the house, but the faucet didn't turn at all. I used all my strength to do it, but it didn't work at all. "It didn't work, so I thought it must be broken. I didn't care about it because someone would fix it tomorrow. I turned around and wanted to go out. At this moment, the water stopped for no reason. I wondered what was going on. Did I just have an illusion? Just as I was about to try again, the faucet suddenly spurted out a stream of water. At the same time, the light on the roof also broke for no reason. I suddenly remembered what they said, and I ran to the house in fear. At the moment I ran out of the bathroom, the bathroom door suddenly slammed shut with a "snap" sound, and a strange cry came out. "

I was trembling and my whole body ached in my dream, but I insisted on finishing the story. I had no other requests. I just asked my friends to throw a few bricks at me after reading it, to prevent me from being possessed by a ghost…hahaha!

After I returned to the room, I quickly got into the quilt and covered myself from head to toe. Oh, I really regretted it. I chose "Ward No. 7" for the sake of peace and quiet. The whole room is quiet, but I am the only one who can vent my anger. Then there will be ghosts. The old man sighed with regret in his eyes, and then he continued…

"Who knew that just as I covered myself with the quilt, there was a noise coming from the corner of the room near the door. The noise sounded like heavy footsteps. I opened a crack and groped for the flashlight in the dark, intending to turn on the light switch. In my peripheral vision, I vaguely found a woman standing at the door. She was dressed in white, with disheveled hair, and her tongue sticking out, "spying" on me with ill intentions. I was so scared that I screamed "Oh my God!" In panic, as the light came on, I looked again, but the ghost disappeared. I was so scared that I broke out in a cold sweat. I didn't even bother to put on my coat and rushed out of the door. After knocking on the door of a patient's room, I quickly went in." The old man wiped the sweat from his forehead, and fear fell in his eyes. But he still continued to say…

"The next day, I rushed home without bothering to complete the discharge procedures. My wife asked me why I came back directly after only staying in the hospital for a few days without calling. I thought that the more people knew, the more scared they would be, so I said that I was almost well and there was no need to waste money on hospitalization. Although this happened a long time ago, the fear it gave me will never go away. Alas!"

After the old man finished telling his story, his sweaty face turned pale and blue, as if he had just experienced a "life-and-death battle". He seemed to be exhausted and could not muster up any energy. As for me, I was like an "old monk in meditation", too frightened to move, especially when he came to the ghost girl. If I had not already sat on the bed and held the handle, I would have been frightened to the ground. But whether it is true or not, this story is enough to shatter my firm position. Even if I don't believe it, I will never promote the so-called "atheism".

Over the next half day, as if they had foreseen it, some old patients came to the ward one after another. They chatted openly, but secretly expressed their similar views. I sighed and was secretly afraid when I heard this.

The sun went down, and in an instant, the whole ward was shrouded in darkness. I was worried about my two "babies", so after making arrangements for my mother, I rode the electric scooter and hurried home. I don't know if it was a psychological effect or because the electric scooter was out of power, but I always felt that the riding speed was slower than usual, and the back seat felt so heavy, as if something was pressing down on me and trying to delay my return home.

After finally getting home, I hurriedly took care of my stomach and sat in front of the computer to browse the web, forgetting what happened during the day. Although my eyes were fixed on the screen, my heart was concerned about the hospital and my mother's condition. After browsing for a while, I felt a little tired, so I washed up and went to bed early. Because it was still early, in order to kill the loneliness in my heart, I picked up my phone and continued to watch "Ghost Blowing Light"…

I have a problem. If I don't look at my phone before going to bed, I won't feel sleepy. But as soon as I look at my phone, I will feel sleepy immediately. Before I can read a few pages, my eyelids start to droop. Finally, after their "intimate" relationship, I was sent into "reincarnation" and met "Duke Zhou" in my dream. I was sleeping soundly in a daze, but a sudden noise woke me up. I was so sleepy at the time that I thought my husband came back and knocked on the door, so I sat up without even turning on the light. Later, when I woke up, I realized that it was not the case. My husband was on night shift, how could he come back at this time? I must have mistaken the scene in the dream for reality. But just as I lay down and planned to continue my date with "Duke Zhou", a louder noise rang out again…

I was panicking . The words the old man said during the day filled my brain in an instant. In a panic, I quickly turned on the light on the roof. Now, with the appearance of the light, all the fears were gone with the wind. But before I could really calm down, the light above my head threw a few "winks" at me and suddenly disappeared.

What's going on? Seeing this, I didn't think twice and wrapped myself up in a blanket from head to toe, just like the old man. But this couldn't eliminate my fear. I thought, could it be that the female ghost followed me, or maybe it was the "ghost blowing out the lights"? Was it playing "hide and seek" with me in this room where I was the only one staying overnight? The more I thought about it, the more scared I became. I was shaking all over… (my husband was on night shift, and the child lived with his grandmother)

"Stop writing Ghost Blows Out the Light, the author is crazy. Those are just things made up by the old man to scare people. What female ghost, ghost blowing out the light, it's ridiculous. My house is not a grave. Besides, everything is electrified. She can't blow it out even if she tries her best. The lamp must be broken. The noise is clearly made by the furniture." Reasons to convince myself not to be afraid kept pouring out of my mind.

Ghost Blows Out the Light's strange disease_Ghost Blows Out the Light's author's mental illness_What disease does the protagonist of Ghost Blows Out the Light have

It was quite peaceful. Maybe the gods noticed me and were protecting me. When I returned to bed, I couldn't help but feel lucky. The rooster had already crowed for the first time. Legend has it that no matter what kind of ghost it is, it must go back after the rooster crows for the first time, otherwise its soul will be annihilated. I looked at the alarm clock on the wall. The long and short hands were at right angles: 3 a.m.! After a night of rest, it was time to have a good sleep. I stretched my body and felt a physical and mental fatigue that I had never felt before.

The next day I told my husband everything. He laughed out loud, then slapped me on the head and said, "I thought you really encountered a ghost story. You are my treasure. There are no ghosts. They are all imagined by the author. Look, isn't this lamp good?" As he said that, he pressed it with his hand, and the damn lamp lit up without even blinking.

"Damn it, you are going to bully a timid woman like me!" I was about to faint when my husband blew a breath towards me. I felt a cool and comfortable feeling at that time.

"Husband, are you…" I shook my head in confusion and was about to continue speaking when my husband interrupted me in a hurry: "Stop, stop, I really can't do anything about you. You are so devoted to everything you do. It's also my fault. I knew you were timid, so I let you read fantasy stories. Wife, you are not afraid of anything with your husband around. I will always be by your side to protect you." Touching my head, my husband's face was full of pity.

"But this light bulb must be replaced. Who knows when it will disobey me and act weird in the middle of the night." I pouted, rubbed my head that was hit by my husband, and said with a firm face.

"You are just a child. Okay, change! Change! Change! As long as you, the eldest lady, don't replace me, I'll do whatever you want. Okay?" My husband scratched my nose, his face full of infatuation.

"Well, it's settled. We agreed that we will never leave each other and will stick together through thick and thin. How could I replace you?" I looked so happy and threw myself into his big arms like a little bird…

Later, when I went to the hospital again, I heard that the whole haunted incident was made up by the old man. I also heard that his brain nerves were a little abnormal, and he had wild thoughts all day long. Although his symptoms had been cured, his entire brain was becoming more and more disordered. Because of this, every time I saw him in the future, I felt pity for him.

The bathroom door was always closed, and Ward No. 7 had been empty, whether due to this incident or other reasons.

As for me, the "listener" of this story, I became a "participant" in the story directly because of my own weak self-control. Does this count as promoting superstition? What's even more ridiculous is that until now, I have been confused whether the coincidence that night was accidental or natural. However, in the end, I understood a fact: that is, "truth" is the "resistance force" of all external evils. As long as the belief is firm, "monsters and demons" will take a detour when they see it.

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