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Afterwards, police officers investigated Boss Zhang's whereabouts and confirmed that he indeed had evidence of alibi that night. This bizarre secret room murder case became an unsolved case. What Li Yin couldn't let go of was that it wasn't until Xiaowen's tragic death that he learned that two girls before Xiaowen had died inexplicably like this. The corpses after death were horrific, bloody and covered with teeth. mark.

The tragic deaths of the three girls were witnessed by witnesses. However, these witnesses did not know what they saw. In addition to howling blindly, they also screamed and laughed, and they were all mentally disturbed. In other words, the horror of what they saw was obviously beyond their nerves' ability to bear, and they were frightened crazy. No more help can be provided to solve the case.

Li Yin said: "Until now, I still don't know who the murderer is. How did he enter Xiaowen's room? How did he leave in full view of everyone? Also, why was he so cruel? . In any case, what we encountered is a perverted and crazy ogre. If we want to catch him, we must be fully prepared."

"Three girls died mysteriously and violently one after another. That boss Zhang has a suspicion that cannot be wiped away!" Li Yin continued: "So I tried my best and finally got into this company to work. Boss Zhang is willing to hire me. Because the salary I want is very low and the work I do is very heavy, otherwise I can't keep an eye on him nearby. I waited for two full months, and finally you are here, Lingzi, you are as beautiful as Xiao Wen, and you are as beautiful as Xiao Wen. Just like Xiao Wen, Boss Zhang is salivating over you. More than once, I saw him peeking at you from behind, constantly stuffing his fingers into his mouth and making lewd gestures. When he acted like this tonight When I forced you to stay in the name of working overtime, I knew that what happened to Xiao Wen would soon happen to you. Since you refused to agree to Boss Zhang’s undue request, Boss Zhang vowed not to let you go. your."

"Then what should I do?" Lingzi was stunned: "Will Boss Zhang come to kill me at night?"

"It will definitely come," Li Yin said with certainty: "He has been patient for a long time, and he has long been unable to restrain himself and wants to attack you. It's just because the causes of the mysterious deaths of the three girls in front have not yet been found out, so he dare not for a while. He moved lightly, but his patience has reached the end today, so I conclude that he will definitely come tonight."

"I…I want to call the police, I want to request personal protection." Reiko's face turned pale with fear, and she took out her cell phone in a panic. Li Yin interrupted her: "You called the police? What's the reason? Just because your boss invited you to a meal? Don't bother, no one will believe your explanation except me."

"Listen," Li Yin finally ordered: "Tonight, when you go to bed, make sure to close the doors and windows. At the same time, turn on my mobile phone. If you find something is wrong, call me immediately. I will be on your phone." Wait downstairs, if you're lucky, maybe that perverted ogre will throw himself into the trap tonight."

At this time, Lingzi was in a state of confusion. She nodded mechanically and did as Li Yin said.

That night, the frightened Lingzi didn't dare to sleep at all. She screamed at the slightest movement. However, until dawn, she didn't see any perverted ogre come in. Instead, she was Li Yin squatting beside the tree wall downstairs. All clothes were soaked with dew.

It was a false alarm, and Li Yin was confused as to why the perverted ogre didn't come. Lingzi felt a little resentful. After careful consideration, she found that there were many loopholes in Li Yin's words and she couldn't justify them at all. She was very tired after working overtime yesterday, and she frightened him with his bluff, and she ended up believing his nonsense. Now it seems that it is true that a girl in the company died mysteriously and violently, but the matter may not be as mysterious as Li Yin said. Who knows what the hell this guy was trying to do with her?

Feeling that she had been teased, Lingzi was very angry and ignored Li Yin when she came out. She walked to a breakfast shop and had breakfast before going to work in the company.

When she arrived at the company, she saw Boss Zhang sitting alone in the office with a gloomy face. When he suddenly saw her, Boss Zhang's eyeballs suddenly bulged out, with a look of surprise and astonishment on his face, and his mouth opened wide. Looking at her, it seemed as if she had seen something weird.

Boss Zhang's weird look made her a little panicked. She thought something was wrong with her and stretched out her T-shirt. She wanted to ask: "Mr. Zhang, why are you looking at me like that?" When she looked up, she suddenly saw Boss Zhang's big mouth. In surprise, she couldn't help but let out an exclamation, took two steps back hastily, and her eyes bulged out just like Boss Zhang. He pointed a finger at Boss Zhang's mouth, but he didn't dare to speak.

Boss Zhang suddenly realized his gaffe, shook his head, shut his mouth, and rushed into the bathroom without saying a word.

Lingzi's eyes were still chasing behind Boss Zhang. The open mouth she just saw shocked her, and her brain almost fell into a blank state where she couldn't think.

What shocked her was the teeth in Boss Zhang's mouth. His teeth were different from those of ordinary people. They were not arranged in two rows up and down, but one in the east and one in the west. They grew very randomly, and one of them was long. There are two in the inner cavity of the upper lip, two in the lower lip, and the most outrageous thing is three in the tongue.

Oh my God! A man with teeth on his tongue!

Lingzi blinked her eyes in confusion. She was not sure whether she had been deceived just now. It must have been the case, but no matter what, it was an indisputable fact that Boss Zhang's teeth were messy. It's no wonder that when he speaks, his voice rises and falls, his tone rises and falls, his mouth twists and turns, and he always looks weird.

After there was a splash of water in the bathroom, Boss Zhang walked out with a serious face. When he passed Lingzi, he stretched his neck, opened his mouth wide, and yawned widely. He deliberately opened his big mouth to let Reiko take a closer look.

Lingzi took a sneak peek and was surprised to find that the teeth in Boss Zhang's mouth were actually arranged in a very orderly manner, with two rows up and down, one next to the other, and there was not even a gap between the teeth. Seeing this mouth, Reiko believed what she just saw with her eyes even more.

If there was nothing wrong with the teeth in Boss Zhang's mouth, why would he deliberately open his mouth so that she could see clearly?

This matter bothered her for almost a day. On this day, Boss Zhang came to her desk from time to time, chatting about nothing, asking where Lingzi lived, who she lived with, and who she lived with. parents? Or with your boyfriend? Or does she live alone? Lingzi hummed in response, remembering what Li Yin said last night, she couldn't help but feel nervous.

Could it be that Boss Zhang wants to find out her situation so that he can take action?


Teeth are very important organs of the human body. In addition to the basic function of chewing, they are also used for emotional expression.

Humans are social animals, and it is very important whether a person can be recognized by the surrounding environment. Some people have a natural affinity. They are good at expressing their emotions with smiles and making people around them relax their vigilance and wariness, so they can easily succeed. Smiling uses more facial muscles, but teeth are also a critical factor. If a person has crooked teeth in his mouth, the effect of his smile will be greatly reduced, giving people the feeling of a sinister smile, a weird smile, a fake smile, and a superficial smile that is not smiling at all. The little boss named Zhang smiled like this, and Reiko hated this fake smile from the bottom of her heart.

Lingzi had just graduated from college half a year ago and applied for a job as a clerk in a company specializing in import and export trade. The smiling man named Zhang was the boss of this small company. Boss Zhang is a man with a very vulgar appearance. He has rat eyes, monkey cheeks, a bald head, and a garlic nose. His thin lips are always pursed nervously. When he looks at people, his cheeks squirm from time to time, as if he is chewing something. thing. When he looked at women, his eyes were like a snake, greedy and cold, making no attempt to conceal his eager and dirty inner desires.

Working under such a person, Reiko felt unspeakable annoyance. If it weren't for the difficulty of finding a job now, she would definitely not have accepted the position.

The strange thing is that this boss Zhang has an extraordinary ability. Although every customer will frown in displeasure when they see him for the first time, or even walk away, they still continue to work with him inexplicably in the end. , so Boss Zhang’s small company is making money every day in the fierce market competition, and its business is booming.

After Lingzi arrived, Boss Zhang appointed her to sit at a table in the general manager's office, facing Boss Zhang diagonally. In this way, Boss Zhang could work while unscrupulously admiring her beautiful goose from the side. Egg-shaped face and slim figure. Boss Zhang's greedy and insidious gaze made her feel unspeakable. The gaze was like a caterpillar secreting venom, and like a cold snake, squirming on her body, crawling along the collar of her clothes. Get close to her body, crawl to the most sensitive part of her body, and probe there, trying to penetrate into her body. The real squirming feeling of snakes and insects on the surface of her skin made her hair stand on end, and she even thought of running away from here a few times.

There is also a guy named Li Yin in the company. He has an obvious scar on his big dark face, which makes him look very vicious. For this man, Lingzi felt scared whenever she heard his thumping footsteps, and she didn't dare to look at him. She felt that this guy might have been a murderous and swindling bandit in the past, and somehow got here.

Moreover, Reiko heard that a beautiful female employee of this company once died tragically at home for no apparent reason, and the case has not been solved so far. She was very suspicious whether this guy Li Yin did this. Look at his appearance, he is born to be that kind of cruel and bloodthirsty murderer! But this bandit also likes to get close to Reiko the most. When he sees Reiko, he is like a locust smelling the delicious smell of blood, and he comes closer shamelessly.

Fortunately, Li Yin was just a porter who did rough work. Sometimes the boss Zhang would call him to move goods, but most of the time he was not allowed to enter the office building. In this way, it was not convenient for him to pester Lingzi, and Lingzi felt a little better. Get settled.

All in all, although this company is small, it makes Reiko uncomfortable everywhere.

Sometimes, Reiko feels that she is too sensitive and suspicious, and tries to convince herself to adapt to the company's environment. But a few days later, the feeling came back again, stronger than it had been at the beginning.

That day, she was typing up a contract in front of the computer. Boss Zhang was sitting a few meters away from him, flipping through a pile of customer files from time to time, making a clattering sound. The sound was very annoying, so she tapped hard. Keyboard, suddenly something hit her neck hard. She oomphed, lowered her head and looked back. There was nothing behind her. Boss Zhang was immersed in a pile of papers, and he was so busy that he looked over here. He didn't even have the time to take a look.

Lingzi murmured in her heart, laughing to herself that she was neurotic, but when she was concentrating on typing, she clearly felt that something had actually got into her clothes, like a bean, hard, she was shocked He jumped up wildly and shook the T-shirt on his upper body desperately. He felt that the sentient bean-shaped beetle fell to the ground, bounced crisply on the marble floor, and rolled to an unknown place.

She checked her clothes again in shock, and then looked at her surroundings. She couldn't figure out how the beetle flew in. She felt angry and aggrieved, and had a desire to cry. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of Boss Zhang's red and cold eyes, and she felt scared. She sat down to type again, looking back from time to time while typing, for fear that something would fly over again.

When she was about to get off work, Boss Zhang suddenly came over and asked her not to leave after get off work, and to work for another two hours to deal with some things. To be honest, Lingzi feels like working here is like a year. She is looking forward to the arrival of get off work every minute. When she heard Boss Zhang's request, she felt a strong resistance in her heart. What should I do if she has dead muscles ? He dared to contradict this ugly boss in person, so he had no choice but to silently hit the keyboard harder.

The job that Boss Zhang gave her was completely meaningless. Lingzi knew in her heart that this guy just wanted to keep her, nothing more. That's right. Boss Zhang pretended to be busy for a while, and after seeing that it was almost time, he proposed to treat him to a restaurant outside. Lingzi had no reason not to agree, so she went with him to the restaurant.

This meal was very unhappy. During the meal, Boss Zhang ordered a lot of expensive wine and food, many of which Lingzi had never heard of. He drank two glasses of wine and kept talking with red eyes. Come, implying that if Reiko is willing to be good with him, this kind of life will be Reiko's daily life in the future.

It cannot be said that Boss Zhang's words did not tempt Reiko at all. In fact, Reiko longed for this kind of high-quality life. But there was one thing. When Boss Zhang was talking, his voice was high and low, his tone was heavy and soft, and his mouth was crooked and twisted. His strange look made Reiko stunned. She was dating such a strange man. It’s scary just thinking about it!

Lingzi pretended not to understand what Boss Zhang said and wanted to go home after eating. Boss Zhang hesitated and didn't want to let her go. However, Lingzi took advantage of Boss Zhang's moment of confusion and quickly jumped on a bus, flying away. went. Looking at the bus going away, Boss Zhang had a lewd expression on his face and grinned.

If Lingzi saw Boss Zhang's mouth here, she would definitely faint from shock.

Boss Zhang's mouth was pitch black, like a bottomless black hole. There wasn't even a single tooth in the mouth. It was like the mouth of an eight hundred-year-old man. That kind of oldness and shriveledness made people feel… A terrifying visual impact.


Reiko got on the bus, found an empty seat and sat down. After the bus started, a beautiful professional woman with elegant temperament and well-dressed came over and asked Reiko if she could sit on the seat next to her. Reiko felt that this woman It was strange. There were so many empty seats, but she had to sit there. It was really inexplicable.

The woman sat down, chatted with Reiko for a few words with a smile on her face, and suddenly said: "Oh, I'm at the station, get off." She got out of the car in a hurry and left. When Reiko was about to get home, she accidentally touched her Kun bag and was surprised to find that someone had cut it with a razor blade at some point. The wallet inside was missing. Also disappearing with the wallet was her identity. certificate. Only then did she suddenly realize that the seemingly elegant and noble woman was actually a thief!

Reiko was indescribably disappointed and got off the bus angrily. When she was approaching the door of her home, a motorcycle suddenly caught up with her and stopped in front of her. The rider took off his helmet, revealing the hideous scar on his face. He said hello to her: "Hello, hello."

Lingzi turned around and saw that this person was actually Li Yin, the company's porter. She didn't have a good impression of this person at first, so she said hello coldly and turned to leave, but Li Yin stopped her from behind: "Lingzi, I know you are a little afraid of me, but I can tell you that tonight I’m here to save you. Do you know that you are in extreme danger now and your life is seriously threatened?”

Reiko was startled: "What do you want to do?"

Li Yin gave a bitter smile: "It's not what I want to do, but what you should do. Do you know? There were three girls in your previous company. They all went home that night after being treated to a meal by Boss Zhang. Just died."

Lingzi was even more surprised: "How could this happen? You're not lying to me, are you?"

"Why should I lie to you?" Li Yin sneered: "Among the three girls who died, my girlfriend was included. The scar on my face was left to protect her. , this time I just hate that I failed to save her. But I swear, I will catch the murderer and avenge her!"

"What's your girlfriend's name?" Reiko asked.

Li Yin said a name. Reiko was silent. She had seen the girl's name in the company's information, and knew that Li Yin was not lying, so what he said was probably true. He asked Li Yin: "Then why did you come to me?"

Li Yin replied: "I came to you for two purposes. One is to save you, and the other is to find out who the murderer is. If possible, it is best to catch the murderer."

"Find out who the murderer is?" Reiko was confused: "What on earth are you talking about? Can you explain it more clearly?"

There was a bitter expression on Li Yin's face. It wasn't that he didn't want to explain it clearly, but that he couldn't explain it clearly.

His girlfriend's name is Xiaowen, and he was a playmate who grew up with him. When he was still in middle school, he often fought with others in order not to allow other classmates to bully Xiaowen, so he had a bruise on his face. It left a scar that will last a lifetime. But his relationship with Miss Xiaowen was also consolidated in this way. Later, the two of them came to this city together. Xiaowen applied for a job as the front desk of Boss Zhang's trading company, while Li Yin went to a construction site. The life of working as a security guard forced the two to temporarily break up. Li Yin lived in a dormitory, while Xiao Wen shared a building with three other girls. Only on rest days did the two of them meet briefly.

Xiao Wen had mentioned it to Li Yin several times. She said that Boss Zhang was a sinister person. When he looked at her, his eyes were like a caterpillar, seeming to have got into her clothes, which made her tremble. Reiko also feels this way, which shows that this is not an illusion of any of them.

But Li Yin did not take this matter to heart, because Xiaowen was beautiful and often encountered the coveted gaze of men. This kind of thing happened so often that Li Yin thought it was just the little boss coveting Xiao Wen's beauty. He didn't pay attention to Boss Zhang, but he had some worries in his heart, worried that Xiao Wen would not be able to withstand the big city. The temptation of prosperous material life turned away from him. But he couldn't express this worry. Fortunately, Xiaowen's still gentleness and attachment made him feel relieved. Both of them had a feeling that after being baptized by the wealthy material life in the city, the relationship between them became more sincere.

But what makes Li Yin heartbroken is that he never imagined that the breakup between the two of them that day would become a farewell forever, and the tenderness like Xiao Minshui would become a dream in the world of mortals.

That night it was Li Yin's turn to be on duty. He sat idle in the pavilion at the construction site to prevent anyone from stealing the construction materials. He couldn't explain why, but as soon as it got dark that day, he always felt frightened. , restless and restless. At about ten o'clock in the evening, he couldn't hold on anymore, so he said hello to his colleagues, hailed a taxi and rushed to Xiaowen's place.

Halfway through the car, he seemed to hear Xiaowen's cry for help. The voice was so real that it made him almost crazy. As soon as the car stopped, he jumped out and ran towards the building. He ran to Halfway through, he heard a crash high in the air, and the glass on the window of a room was broken. He looked up and took a closer look, and it was the room where Xiaowen lived. In an instant, he howled and ran up the corridor.

Rushing upstairs, he heard the shrill screams in the room through the tight security door. Li Yin was so anxious that he shook the door desperately and shouted Xiaowen's name loudly, but no one opened the door for him. Only the horrible wailing sound continued, getting louder and clearer.

The screams in the room and Li Yin's desperate shouting finally alerted the tenants on the same floor. They opened the door nervously and asked what happened. Li Yin didn't bother to explain to them. He just asked them to borrow a set of metal wrenches that could pry open the steel security door. After waiting for a long time, someone found such a wrench. He picked it up and smashed it with all his strength. , the lower half of the security door was twisted, so he pulled it open with his hand. The hard metal scraped the skin of his hand, but he didn't even feel the pain. There was only one thought in my mind, if I rush in earlier, Xiao Wen's safety would be guaranteed.

The security door was finally pried open, and he kicked the wooden door inside and rushed in.

As soon as they entered the door, they saw the three girls who lived with Xiao Wen wearing only underwear. They were squatting on the ground with their hands on their heads. Their faces were full of fear and their pupils were scattered. They were howling at the top of their lungs. When they saw Li Yin come in, they also There was no response, only a constant scream. The pitiful wailing sound echoed in the night sky, which was indescribably terrifying.

Li Yin ignored them and rushed to the bedroom. As soon as he entered the door, he closed his eyes in despair.

In the bedroom, a bloody corpse lay on his back.

Blood gurgled outwards from the countless wounds on the corpse. It was bright red and dappled with orangutans. Li Yin sobbed and walked closer to take a closer look. He would never forget the tragic scene of the corpse. He could no longer find any intact flesh and skin tissue on this corpse. All the organs seemed to have been chewed up by the teeth of some animal. The clear teeth marks were shocking.

What frightened Li Yin the most was that the tooth marks were clearly human teeth marks.

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