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Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire

There was a young man named Zhang Cailiang in Kaifeng, Henan. He had a handsome face, a slender figure, and was handsome and suave. Many women fell in love with him, but Zhang Cailiang was unmoved and only loved his wife Chen.

Zhang Cailiang is well-read and proficient in medicine. He opened a clinic a few years ago. Many people come to him for treatment. Any difficult and complicated disease can be cured by him.

One day, Zhang Cailiang returned home very late and met a monk on the way. The monk was crazy and laughed loudly when he saw Zhang Cailiang. Zhang Cailiang was very surprised and was about to avoid him. Suddenly, the crazy monk rushed over, hugged him, and then pulled Zhang Cailiang's clothes with his hands, revealing a chest. Zhang Cailiang was scared and tried to break free from him, but he couldn't move. The crazy monk stretched out his mouth and kissed him on the chest, then jumped up and ran away laughing. Zhang Cailiang only felt a burning pain in his chest. When he looked down, he saw a red little man tattooed on his chest. Zhang Cailiang was scared and surprised. He didn't care about the pain. He quickly tidied his clothes and went home.

Zhang Cailiang returned home, his wife Chen was waiting for him in the room with food prepared. When Chen saw Zhang Cailiang coming back, she hurriedly helped him to dress and undress. Zhang Cailiang was happy to see the rich food on the table, so he ate with Chen. Chen held her chin with her right hand and watched him eat in a daze. Zhang Cailiang's face was red, and he felt quite unnatural, but he was used to it and was not flustered. Chen asked him why he came back so late tonight, and Zhang Cailiang said that he came back late because the clinic was busy. Zhang Cailiang wanted to tell Zhang about the crazy monk he had just met, but he was afraid that she would worry, so he didn't say it. After dinner, the two went to bed. Chen fell asleep quickly in a daze, but Zhang Cailiang couldn't fall asleep no matter what. It was getting deeper at night, and Zhang Cailiang still couldn't fall asleep. He felt bored, so he got up, dressed, and walked outside for a walk.

Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire

Zhang Cailiang walked and walked until he came to a pond a mile away from home. He saw lotus flowers on the pond, which were extremely beautiful under the moonlight. Suddenly, a breeze blew, and Zhang Cailiang felt extremely comfortable. "Mr. Zhang." A very beautiful voice sounded from behind. Zhang Cailiang was startled and turned around quickly. He saw a girl in white standing in front of him. The girl looked about sixteen or seventeen years old, with a graceful figure, white skin as white as snow, and extremely beautiful, but her face was frowning.

Zhang Cailiang was surprised to see a woman here in the middle of the night, and she knew his name, but he couldn't figure out who she was, so he was about to ask. But the woman spoke first and said, "Mr. Zhang, hello. My name is Xianglin, and I came to ask you for something important." Then she bowed down. Zhang Cailiang hurriedly reached out to help her up and said, "Miss, there is no need to be so polite. I wonder why you want to ask me for help?" Xianglin said, "My brother suddenly got a strange disease a few days ago and was absent-minded all day. Xianglin has heard that Mr. Zhang has excellent medical skills and can bring people back to health, so I came to ask you to treat my brother." Although Zhang Cailiang was puzzled, he saw that she looked pitiful and didn't seem to be lying, so he said, "Where is your brother now?" Xianglin said, "My home is in Xuande Lake, 50 miles away from here." Zhang Cailiang felt that she was not human when he heard her say that, and he suddenly became scared. Karin suddenly knelt down, grabbed his right hand and said, "Don't be afraid, sir. I dare not hide anything from you. I am not a human being, but a carp spirit in Xuande Lake. It's because my brother has contracted a strange disease that I came here to ask you to cure him. Please don't worry." As she spoke, tears streamed down her face.

Zhang Cailiang saw such a delicate woman coming to him late at night to ask him to treat her brother. She was in tears and looked very pitiful. Zhang Cailiang was usually very kind-hearted. Although he was afraid, he saw that she had no intention of harming him. He could not bear to refuse her, so he helped her up and said, "Your brother is sick, I should treat him, but your family lives in the lake, how can I get in?" Seeing that he agreed, Xianglin jumped up happily, stretched out her hand to grab Zhang Cailiang's hand and shook it constantly, saying, "Great, if you are willing to go, my brother will definitely be saved." After a pause, she said, "Don't worry about this, I have something that can keep you away from the lake." As she said this, she took out a piece of clothing from her arms, which was crystal clear, and shook it, wanting to put it on Zhang Cailiang. Zhang Cailiang's heart was pounding and his face was red when she grabbed his hand just now. How could he dare to let her put clothes on him, so he took the clothing and put it on himself.

Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire

Xianglin looked at Zhang Cailiang carefully, and Zhang Cailiang became more and more embarrassed. Xianglin took his hand again and said, "Let's go!" Zhang Cailiang felt his body lighten and flew up, with the sound of wind whistling in his ears. Zhang Cailiang was scared and did not dare to open his eyes. After a while, he felt his feet touch the ground and opened his eyes. He saw a vast lake in front of him, sparkling in the moonlight. Xianglin grabbed Zhang Cailiang's hand and jumped into the lake. Zhang Cailiang fell into the lake, kicked his feet and paddled with his hands, but felt his breathing was smooth, as if he was on land. Xianglin took his hand and swam in front. Zhang Cailiang saw the azure water in the lake and the fish swimming around. He had never seen such a scene before and was curious. Zhang Cailiang, who was not afraid of fire , saw a white palace in front of him from a distance, with bubbles coming out of the palace. They swam to the front of the palace and just as they stepped foot there, they saw the gate of the palace suddenly opened and two women in green came out. The two women in green bowed to Xianglin and then bowed to Zhang Cailiang, then welcomed them in.

They walked into the palace, which was splendidly decorated with embroidery and various rare treasures, such as pearls, agates, and corals, which sparkled. Zhang Cailiang was dazzled, but he was not impolite. The woman in green led them to a room, where a young man was lying on a glass couch. He was wearing a silver dress, which sparkled, his eyes were closed, his lips were pale, and he was laughing and talking nonsense. When Xianglin saw her brother, she was very sad. She quickly asked someone to bring a stool and asked Zhang Cailiang to sit on it. She also asked the two women in green to get needles and thread.

Zhang Cailiang stretched out his hand to feel the pulse of the young man for a long time, and Xianglin hurriedly asked about the situation. Zhang Cailiang stood up, paced a few steps, and said: "There is a miasma in your brother's chest. You must first take a decoction made from peach wood, and then use a needle to pierce the Shenzhong point on his chest to release the miasma before you can cure it." Xianglin heard that it could be cured, and hurriedly asked someone to find peach wood. After a while, the peach wood was found, and Zhang Cailiang ordered to boil the peach wood into a decoction over a low fire. The woman in green boiled the decoction, and Zhang Cailiang gave it to the young man to take, and then used a silver needle to prick his Shenzhong point. A wisp of black air spurted out of the young man's Shenzhong point, and the black air became more and more, gathering above the young man's chest and not dispersing. Everyone was shocked when they saw the gloomy black air.

Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire

Xianglin was horrified when she saw the black gas condensing together, so she asked the woman in green to go to her room to get the colorful shells. The woman in green brought the colorful shells, Xianglin took them, opened the shell mouth and aimed at the black gas, and saw the black gas being sucked into the shell little by little, and finally all of it was sucked in. After Xianglin saw that the black gas was all sucked in, she hurriedly closed the shell. As soon as she closed the shell, Xianglin felt her hand sink and the shell fell to the ground. The two women in green saw the colorful shells falling to the ground and rushed to grab them. Suddenly, there was a "bang" explosion, and the shell broke into several pieces. The black gas in the shell floated out and suddenly turned into a woman in black. The two women in green were blown to pieces, and blood and flesh splattered all over the ground. Zhang Cailiang and Xianglin were horrified. Zhang Cailiang collapsed to the ground, and Xianglin hurriedly drew out the sword hanging on the wall and slashed at the woman in black. The woman in black stretched out her two-foot-long tongue from her mouth, which was dripping with blood, and wrapped it around the sword. Karin tried to pull the sword back, but it was impossible to pull it back. The woman in black raised her right foot and kicked Karin in the abdomen. Karin hit the wall and fainted. People outside heard the noise and rushed over to see what happened. The woman in black grabbed Zhang Cailiang, who was sitting on the ground, and disappeared in a gust of black wind.

Zhang Cailiang was in a daze, and felt that he was lying on a soft bed. He slowly opened his eyes, but it was pitch black in front of him and he could not see anything. Zhang Cailiang fumbled around and suddenly heard footsteps. Then his eyes lit up and he saw a woman in red standing in front of him, holding a sparkling bead in her right hand. Zhang Cailiang recognized her as the woman in black, and was horrified. He turned around and wanted to run away. The woman in red hugged Zhang Cailiang's body and put her face against his. Zhang Cailiang felt that her face was unusually cold, as cold as a corpse. Zhang Cailiang hurriedly pushed her away, but the woman in red hugged her so tightly that he could not push her away. Zhang Cailiang's heart was beating violently at this time. The woman in red said, "Sir, do you think I am beautiful?" Zhang Cailiang did not dare to answer and had to close his eyes. The woman in red said again, "I want to marry you, sir, are you happy?" Zhang Cailiang was shocked and pushed the woman in red to the ground.

The woman in red fell to the ground, but she was not angry. Instead, she got up with a smile and said, "Sir, how can you reject me like this?" Zhang Cailiang did not dare to look at her. The woman in red suddenly stepped forward, kissed him on the cheek, said "little enemy", and turned away with a smile. Zhang Cailiang realized at this moment that he was in a wooden house. The house was wide and tall, with a bed, a table and several stools. The walls were covered with murals, and a sparkling bead was suspended in half of the room. Zhang Cailiang tried to open the door, but it was nowhere to be found. He also wanted to find a window, but the wooden house did not even have a window. He shouted for others to let him out, but no one responded to him.

Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire

Zhang Cailiang was scared, panicked, irritated, and hungry. The door opened with a sound of "Ya", and two women in white came in, both with their faces covered with white cloth, holding cakes and tea in their hands. They put the cakes and tea on the table and asked Zhang Cailiang to come over to taste them. Although Zhang Cailiang was scared, he was very hungry, so he didn't care whether he was scared or not. He grabbed the cakes and ate them. He asked where he was, but the women in white didn't say anything. The two women in white saw that he was full, picked up the plates and teapots and were about to go out. Zhang Cailiang jumped up and rushed out. Just when he ran to the door, two more women in white suddenly came in from outside. Zhang Cailiang rushed too fast and couldn't stop, and he bumped into the two women in white. The things in the hands of the two women in white fell to the ground. When Zhang Cailiang looked, he saw some red clothes. The two women hurriedly picked up the clothes and pushed Zhang Cailiang back into the room. The two women in white who had brought cakes and tea took the plates and teapots and went out, closing the door.

The two women who came in later said, "Young Master, please change your clothes." Zhang Cailiang saw that the clothes were wedding clothes, and thought that the woman in red wanted to force him to marry her, and he was horrified. One of the women in white suddenly waved her hand at Zhang Cailiang, signaling him to be quiet. Zhang Cailiang didn't know why, so he didn't dare to speak. The woman whispered, "Young Master, don't panic, we are here to rescue you." Zhang Cailiang was overjoyed and whispered to her how to save himself. The woman whispered, "The woman who kidnapped the young master is actually a female ghost. The female ghost has done many evil things. Two years ago, she killed all my family members and hooked the souls of my sister and me to be her maids. All the people here were hooked by her to be her maids. She beat and scolded us if we did anything that did not meet her expectations. My sister and I endured it and served her sincerely, in fact, just to find a chance to get rid of this demon, avenge our family, and avenge all the innocent souls killed by her." Zhang Cailiang was not surprised to hear them say that the woman was a ghost, but he was surprised to hear that they were forced to be slaves. The woman said again, "Recently we know a way to get rid of this female ghost, but we can't get close to her, so we can't get her." Zhang Cailiang heard that the female ghost could be gotten rid of, and asked what the method was. The woman said, "The navel of the female ghost is her life point. If you can poke her navel with a jade hairpin, her soul will fly away. She wants to marry you now, so you can get close to her. As long as you poke her navel with the hairpin when she is not prepared, you can get rid of the female ghost." Zhang Cailiang was full of energy and said, "If I can get rid of this demon and avenge the fire, I will be willing to die, but it is difficult for me to marry the female ghost." Seeing that he was hesitant, the two women knelt down and kowtowed to him, begging him. Zhang Cailiang thought about it and agreed. The two women in white changed his clothes for him.

The two women in white went back to tell the ghost that Zhang Cailiang had finished changing clothes, so they personally invited Zhang Cailiang to another house to get married. After worshipping heaven and earth, the ghost took Zhang Cailiang's hand and entered her room. Zhang Cailiang smelled the fragrance in the room and his muscles and legs were weak. The ghost pushed him to the bed and called "husband", which made Zhang Cailiang feel uneasy. Zhang Cailiang said, "Madam, I am very happy that you and I are married today. How about we drink some wine to adjust the mood?" The ghost was happy to hear this, and opened a box by the window and took out a jar of wine. After opening the mud seal, the aroma of wine overflowed. Zhang Cailiang hurriedly poured a large cup for the ghost, and the ghost drank it all. The ghost girl also filled a cup for Zhang Cailiang. Zhang Cailiang took a sip. The ghost girl laughed and said, "My husband is really not bold. He only drinks such a small sip!" Zhang Cailiang said, "I can drink a small amount of wine, unlike you. If you don't mind a ghost who is not afraid of fire , please drink my glass of wine." Seeing that Zhang Cailiang was not afraid of her and was affectionate to her, the ghost girl was happy and took the glass of wine and drank it all. The two drank for a long time. Zhang Cailiang always persuaded the ghost girl to drink. The ghost girl was drunk. Zhang Cailiang lifted her arm and helped her to the bed. He said, "My wife, let's go to the bridal chamber now. Come, I will undress you!" He put the ghost girl on the bed and took off her coat, revealing a red bellyband.

Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire_Ghost that is not afraid of fire

Zhang Cailiang saw the ghost's belly button at once. The ghost was drunk and had no defense. Her face was just full of happiness. Zhang Cailiang took out the jade hairpin that the woman in white had given him from his arms and poked it into the ghost's belly button. The ghost screamed "Ah" and rolled off the bed, her whole body twitching and in great pain. Zhang Cailiang struggled on the ground, feeling scared, and he didn't dare to go up to get rid of her. The ghost struggled for a while, and suddenly showed a hideous face, with a green face and fangs, eyeballs protruding out of the frame, and a tongue sticking out half a foot long. Zhang Cailiang was so scared that he ran away. The ghost pounced on her fiercely. When her claws were about to grab Zhang Cailiang, two swords suddenly slashed at her diagonally, and the ghost quickly retracted her hands. It turned out that the two women in white who had just changed Zhang Cailiang's clothes were waiting outside. When they heard the noise inside, they thought Zhang Cailiang had succeeded, so they hurried in to help. When they came in, they saw the ghost grabbing Zhang Cailiang, and they hurriedly drew their swords to slash at the ghost.

Although the ghost girl was stabbed in the navel by Zhang Cailiang's jade hairpin, Zhang Cailiang was panicking at the time, so the stab did not pierce the ghost girl's navel, but only injured her. When the ghost girl saw the white-clothed woman chopping her with a sword, she was furious, and her tongue spit out from her mouth and rolled towards one of the white-clothed women. The white-clothed woman saw the tongue rolling over and swung her sword horizontally, but the ghost girl's tongue was flexible and she quickly dodged when she saw the sword coming. The white-clothed woman's sword missed, and she swung another sword, but the ghost girl's tongue rolled up, entangled her arm, and threw her to the ground. The other woman saw her sister being thrown to the ground, and took advantage of the ghost girl's tongue before she could pull it back to chop it down with a sword. The long sword was still half a foot away from the ghost girl's tongue. The ghost girl quickly floated over, stretched out her right hand, grabbed the long sword, twisted it hard, and the sword broke into pieces. She raised her left foot and kicked the woman on the ground away, and then stretched out her right hand and slapped the woman whose long sword was broken against the wall, and she fainted.

The ghost girl shook and regained her beautiful appearance. She floated forward and floated towards Zhang Cailiang. She stretched out her hand and grabbed his neck and said sternly, "I want to marry you. Why do you want to hurt me?" Zhang Cailiang had just seen the white-clothed woman fighting with the ghost girl and wanted to stay and watch, but he did not escape. Now that the ghost girl was holding his neck, he felt difficulty breathing and could not speak. The ghost girl shouted, "I wanted to marry you, but I didn't expect you to come with others to hurt me. Well, let me see if your heart is black." She tore open Zhang Cailiang's clothes and wanted to dig out his heart. Suddenly, a golden light flashed, and the ghost girl stepped back in fear. The red man on Zhang Cailiang's chest jumped up, jumped to the ground, turned on the ground, and turned into a golden-armored god the same size as an adult, holding a scroll in his hand. When the ghost girl saw the golden-armored god, she fell to the ground and trembled all over. The golden-armored god shook open the scroll and showed it to the ghost girl. With a "click", the ghost girl was instantly absorbed on the scroll screen and turned into a portrait. The golden-armored god put away the scroll, shook his body, turned into a golden light, and disappeared in an instant. Zhang Cailiang was stunned. A woman in white got up from the ground, woke up her sister, and came to thank Zhang Cailiang for saving her life. Zhang Cailiang hurriedly returned the greeting, and the two women in white called other women in white to thank Zhang Cailiang. When the women in white heard that the ghost girl had been taken away by the golden-armored god, they were all overjoyed.

The women in white thanked Zhang Cailiang for saving them. Zhang Cailiang was anxious to go home, so the women in white escorted him out. It turned out that Zhang Cailiang was taken to the ground. Zhang Cailiang said goodbye to the women in white, asked for directions and was about to go home. He saw a woman in white in front of him, who was Xianglin. Xianglin saw him and hurried over to meet him. It turned out that Xianglin learned that Zhang Cailiang was captured, so she made up a story to find him, but she didn't expect to meet him here. Zhang Cailiang narrated what happened. Xianglin said that his brother's illness had been cured, but the two maids died because of it, and he was very sad. Zhang Cailiang comforted her for a few words and was about to say goodbye and go home. Xianglin cast a spell to send him back.

When Zhang Cailiang got home, he saw his wife Chen crying. After asking, he learned that he had been missing for three days.

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